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RMXP (Poccil Kit): Pokemon Stalagtite version (Latios fans please comment!)

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Old November 2nd, 2011 (5:26 PM). Edited November 2nd, 2011 by KoolKat vs. Lucas.
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Welcome to the world of Pokemon.
You are a rookie trainer (name male default is Jay while female is Kendra) starting your journey throughout the Kqouery region. Your cousin (Razz is Default) is over to start his adventure as well. You watch Professor Bark's speech (intro) and he asks you boy/girl and name. Then he tells you that your cousin is over for a stay and asks you his name (so obviously he's your rival.) When you start, you head for the door, but (let's call your cousin Razz) Razz comes upstairs and brags that he has a Pokemon and not you. You go downstairs and your mom doesn't even notice you leaving. You watch a clip on the TV (from mom's point of view) that shows two trainers battling (Champion and a Youngster) and in the background you see a blue shape (Latios) behind the battlers being pursued by a red shape (hope you caught on, but for idiots it is Latias). Your mom doesn't notice the Eon Pokes (hope you do) and then you go to the outside town (Mapleleaf, hometown) and then before you enter the lab, Prof Bark runs up to you and tells you to come see something. You go and see a wild Pidgey fighting a Rattata. He tells you that wild Pokemon hardly ever fight each other unless they absolutely need to. He advances in and throws a Poke Ball at the Pidgey and captures it and proceeds to the Rattata. Razz comes out of a bush and throws a Poke Ball at it. He catches it and starts jumping around like crazy, saying things like "IM EPIC!" or "OH YEAH MAN!". and while he goes psycho, Professor Bark takes you to his lab and before you enter, he tells you to wait outside. You wait a few seconds and he comes back with a (what appears to be) a Pokedex. He tells you to open it. When you do, it shows you your character's perspective (like in B/W) and the Pokedex projects images of 3 Pokemon (Bulbasaur, Cyndaquil, Mudkip) and Bark tells you to get one. So then you do your journey, defeating Team Fire and the Gyms, then the E4 and the Champion.

Some features are:

1. PokePad (Pokegear, Pokenav, that thing from D/P/Pt replacement) that has these "apps":
Teleport to already-seen place (replaces HM Fly)
Lati-tracker that looks for where the duo is at the moment. You will occasionally see them and Latios will run away, chased by Latias.
Auto-trade (Not sure about this yet) that allows you to trade with random offers at any time they happen to come up.

2. Green Delivery Guy (not a trainer class) is a person who you will occasionally find in Pokemon Centers (about as often as Nurse Joy talking about Pokerus) that if you talk to, he will give you a transport pass to get to other regions, which leads me to....

3. Kanto/Johto access- if you get a transport pass you can get on the SS Ocean or the Air Train, which will lead you to the "Indigo League" Pokemon League, where you can get access to Johto and Kanto. No gyms will be available in these regions, but you will see some familiar faces (Red, Gold, Brendan, Lucas, and (maybe) Hilbert) that are ultra-strong trainers at their greatest heights.

4. (not decided if I'm going to add this) Triple screen, with a side bar and a bottom touch screen, Battle commands on the touch screen and menu on the side screen.


I also have a banner. Here it is-
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Old November 3rd, 2011 (12:57 PM).
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Read the rules, then post this in the Beginner's Showcase.
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