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Old November 5th, 2011 (5:38 PM). Edited November 7th, 2011 by one hundred.
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    Made in RPG Maker XP with Pokemon Essentials.

    Hello! I've worked with RPG Maker for several years now. This is my first time working with Pokemon Essentials. But lets not talk me. Gamegamegame

    The game uses RPG Maker VX style visuals. This will give it quite a different mood to other Pokemon games. Pokemon sprites and items are resized Dream World images. The screen size is 480x320. See the full list in the credits.

    There are some screenshots I've uploaded as attachments, as well as some concept art of what trainers might look like. Go look at them!

    I think its because i'm new, that I can't post them up here. oh well

    A lot of this depends on if I can get some scripting help. Many of these features are ones I don't know how to implement, because I'm new to Pokemon Essentials and don't understand Ruby scripting at all.

    I currently plan on making the game a bit harder than the official games. All gym leaders will have a full team of six pokemon, for example. (Except the first gym leader) Random Pokemon Trainers will have Pokemon with strong movesets, and trainer types will have more element variety.
    Wild encounters will not change in difficulty, as there's no way to really make wild encounters harder in RPGs. And if you did, they probably wouldn't be fun.

    The maximum level will be level 50. It will be expected your "main team" of pokemon reaches that by end-game.

    There won't be post-game content. The game will have a pretty closed ending, that doesn't allow for any more plot afterwards. Things that are usually unlocked post game, like legendary Pokemon, and side-quests, will be unlocked after beating the Gym Leaders instead. This allows you to take the most powerful Pokemon into the endgame the first time, if you choose!

    Spoiler if you don't want to read the "oh I wish my game had this gameplay" list. This is all stuff i'll need a scripter to help me implement!

    I want the game to be entirely double battles. I find them more fun, personally, and they allow players to use more strategy. If you've played the Pokemon games for the Gamecube, I'd like something like that. (But there will still be wild encounters too) Pokemon movesets will be adjusted for this, to allow more teamwork moves and for Pokemon to complement each other better. There may even be some new moves, i'll see how it goes when I start doing the movesets.

    If somebody knows how to make triple battles, those will also appear in the game. But they might not, it depends on if it can be done or not!

    Also, i'd like a limit on how many items players can carry around, and for item stacks to be smaller. I want players to have to think about how to fill their bags before visiting dungeons.

    I'd also like Pokemon to be able to learn six moves. By giving Pokemon some more moves, I want to encourage to change-up movesets that they may usually use.

    The setting is a small island region. (unnammed right now) It is split down the middle by a lake.

    Eight years ago... you were born. You were created inside of place called the "New breed Labs". Previously, this place had been used to research the creation of Pokemon. It's been known that Pokemon have been artifically created before. The New Breed organisation speculates that you can create a Pokemon more powerful than Arceus, with the right method.

    In those eight years, you watch the labs make Pokemon, and fail. They keep their failed experiments, as a record of things they have already tried. Then, one day, the lead scientists come to you. They say that their Pokemon have escaped, and its up to you to find them. You also need to document the impact they have on the native Pokemon.
    (You get the Pokedex here, to do that!)

    They give you two Pokemon. One is chosen out of the Kanto Starters. (Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle) The other one is a Pokemon the lab created itself. (A Fakemon)

    They also tell you that you need to defeat the Pokemon league. They say its urgent. The Pokemon league is new, and nobody has won any gyms yet. The league is giving out a special "first edition" run of badges. New Breed labs tell you that you need to be the one to win all these badges, as they contain a special power.

    The story seems quite typical to the official games, and it is! I like the formula the official games have going. The protagonist has different motives for going on a Pokemon journey though, and will be written with a different mood to it. More SNES RPG style mood. This will also complement the visual style.


    There will be a mixture of official and fake Pokemon.

    It won't contain all the official Pokemon, however. I tried to get a good mix of elements, generations, and those who would work well together in double battle. Also, I individually re-sized all the dreamworld sprites, to make sure the scale was right. It was tedious, and I can't do it for every Pokemon!

    Here is a plain text list. Pokemon are arranged by region. All Pokemon have all their evolution forms, they're just not always listed next to each other.

    1.Bulbasaur Grass/Poison
    2.Ivysaur Grass/Poison
    3.Venusaur Grass/Poison
    4.Charmander Fire
    5.Charmeleon Fire
    6.Charizard Fire
    7.Squirtle Water
    8.Wartodile Water
    9.Blastoise Water
    10.Pikachu Electric
    11.Raichu Electric
    12.Eevee Normal
    13.Flarion Fire
    14.Joltion Electric
    15.Vaporeon Water
    16.Chansey Normal
    17.Ditto Normal
    18.Hitmonchan Fighting
    19.Hitmonlee Fighting
    20.Nidoran Poison (Evolutions will be Fakemon)
    21.Mew Psychic
    22.Onix Rock/Ground
    23.Dratini Dragon
    24.Dragonair Dragon
    25.Dragonite Dragon/Flying
    1.Espeon Psychic
    2.Umbreon Dark
    3.Pichu Thunder
    4.Blissey Normal
    5.Unown Psychic
    6.Tyrogue Fighting
    7.Hitmontop Fighting
    8.Wobbuffet Psychic
    9.Smeargle Normal
    10.Delibird Ice/Flying
    11.Shuckle Rock/Bug
    12.Skarmory Flying/Steel
    13.Steelix Steel/Ground
    14.Gliger Ground/Flying
    15.Sneasel Dark/Ice
    16.Misdreavus Ghost
    17.Sentret Normal
    18.Furret Normal
    19.Phanphy Ground
    20.Donphan Ground
    21.Chinchao Water/Electric
    22.Lanturn Water/Electric
    23.Pineco Bug
    24.Fortress Bug/Steel
    25.Dunsparce Normal
    1.Castform Normal
    2.Plusle Electric
    3.Minun Electric
    4.Lunatone Rock/Psychic
    5.Solrock Rock/Psychic
    6.Wurmple Bug
    7.Beautifly Bug/Flying
    8.Dustox Bug/Poison
    9.Snorunt Ice
    10.Glalie Ice
    11.Illumise Bug
    12.Volbeat Bug
    13.Whynaut Psychic
    14.Nincada Bug/Ground
    15.Ninjask Bug/Flying
    16.Sheninja Bug/Ghost
    17.Kecleon Ever-changing
    18.Swablu Normal/Flying
    19.Altaria Dragon/Flying
    20.Nosepass Rock
    21.Makuhita Fighting
    22.Hariyama Figthing
    23.Zangoose Normal
    24.Seviper Poison
    25.Spinda Normal
    1.Dialga Steel/Dragon
    2.Palkia Steel/Water
    3.Arceus Ever-changing
    4.Giratina Ghost/Dragon
    5.Uxie Psychic
    6.Mesprit Psychic
    7.Azelf Psychic
    8.Leafeon Grass
    9.Glaceon Ice
    10.Happiny Normal
    11.Rotom Electric
    12.Froslass Ice/Ghost
    13.Spiritomb Ghost/Dark
    14.Gliscor Ground/Flying
    15.Cranidos Rock
    16.Rampardos Rock
    17.Weavile Dark/Ice
    18.Mismagius Ghost
    19.Drifloon Ghost/Flying
    20.Drifblum Ghost/Flying
    21.Bronzor Psychic/Steel
    22.Bronzong Psychic/Steel
    23.Probopass Rock/Steel
    24.Hippopotas Ground
    25.Hippowdon Ground
    1.Throh Fighting
    2.Sawk Fighting
    3.Zorua Dark
    4.Zoroark Dark
    5.Darumaka Fire
    6.Darmanitan Fire
    7.Basculin Water
    8.Drillbur Ground
    9.Excadrill Ground/Steel
    10.Deino Dark/Dragon
    11.Zweilous Dark/Dragon
    12.Hydrereigon Dark/Dragon
    13.Klink Steel
    14.Klang Steel
    15.Klinklang Steel
    16.Cottonee Grass
    17.Whimsicott Grass
    18.Pansage Grass
    19.Simisage Grass
    20.Panpour Water
    21.Simipour Water
    22.Pansear Fire
    1.Simisear Fire
    2.Cubchoo Ice
    3.Beartic Ice

    Also, there's also going to be Fakemon. There's going to be at least 25. These are important, as they are the escaped Pokemon mentioned in the story.


    There will be new starter Pokemon. They might follow the fire-water-grass mould, or they might be new elements! (Because I already have fire-water-grass starters to choose from) I haven't decided yet!

    Nidoran female and male are going to become one Pokemon. Them and their evolution lines will be merged, and base stats changed to reflect this. They won't have new sprites.

    There will be a sandstorm Castform.

    Some new legendaries will be available as well! I hope to use unusual elements for them, I have a ton of psychic type legendary Pokemon in my list of official Pokemon included already!

    Some Fakemon will be designed by me. I feel especially, that I should design the new starter Pokemon. But I might use designs from other people. With permission, of course. I haven't made Fakemon before, and i'm not very confident about it. D:


    Ok I can't make this game alone, which is the reason why i'm here. Even one other person to help would make a big difference.
    The big one I need is a scripter. I need somebody who can make all the Pokemon battles into double battles. Read the "oh I wish my game had this gameplay" list for some other things I need.
    I'm sorry if i'm asking a lot! I don't know how much work this is for somebody who knows Ruby, but it's way too much for me. D:

    A spriter would also be a big help. You should be able to match the style already seen in the screenshots. (Which isn't the Pokemon style) I need help making NPC sprites. More info on what I want, if you choose to become a spriter!

    Note: I'm not going to encrypt this game at all when I upload it anywhere. You'd better not be too precious with your creations if you choose to contribute.



    RPG Maker VX RTP
    Hanzo Kimura
    UNKNOWN??? (I forget who all these tiles come from, if you know, tell me!)

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    Old November 6th, 2011 (5:07 PM).
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      Interesting plotline, plus it's not typical to see a pokemon fan game that doesn't use ripped tilesets from the official games.

      I'd personally use something else than the default RPG Maker VX tiles, though. They seem too medieval-themed and they're ugly.
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      Entirely double battles, sounds very intresting I look forward to your progress.
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        I really like the concept of a mix between old and new pokemon. I also think it is very clever how you brought new pokemon in without taking out the old. So far it doesn't look like much of a story, but I think you will fix that. I think that the double-battle idea is fine, but it would be a bit boring, I think that you could defiantly use mostly double battles, but there should be some single battles too. Also, I think that you probably should include an after-game, It's one of the best parts of any pokemon game in my opinion.

        Those graphics are... different. I'm thinking they are from another game, but I could be wrong as I mostly play pokemon. They aren't bad, they are original, but since it is a pokemon fan game I would use a ripped tileset, just my though. Also, I notices that either it is a hi-res game, or you used some sort of vector program for the pokemon and battle sprites, that I think is very nice. Pixelated object, especially animated ones, are quite hart to create, use, and work with, although sometimes results are very nice. Anyway, this is just my opinion, if you want you can compleatly ignore my comments, but I'm only giving constructive criticism. Good luck with your game!
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        Old November 6th, 2011 (10:45 PM). Edited November 6th, 2011 by one hundred.
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          I'm not just using the default RPGMakerVX graphics though. If you check the tileset credits, there are tiles made by different people, and a lot of ones using a modern theme. I've attached a screenshot which shows off a room i've made, which will hopefully show a few of the modern tiles I've collected from around the web!

          Thanks for the support!

          I'll see how I feel about an after-game as I go. Right now though, I want to keep the game on the short side. This is my first game with Essentials, so I don't want to be too ambitious.

          The tilesets are from RPG Maker VX. The Pokemon sprites are resized from the Pokemon dream world graphics. Fakemon and trainers will be drawn by me, in photoshop.
          I happen to like these tiles, which is why i'm using them. There's no other reason, really. But I probably won't switch styles, because I like these ones. I know I should be using Pokemon tiles but i've already started work and don't wanna redo it.

          Sorry if it sounds like i'm brushing you off! I'll keep in mind what you've said about the story, and including single battles somewhere! Thankies for the feedback!
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