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The Pokémon General Forum Rules

Welcome to Pokémon General, otherwise referred to as PGen. This forum houses all Pokémon discussions that don't already have a forum assigned to them, or discussions that relate to more than one kind of Pokémon media. Sounds great right? It is but there are some rules and enforcements that you have to follow to get the maximum out of this section.

First of all, make sure you've made yourself familiar with the PokéCommunity general rules. All the rules apply here - as they do with every forum - and some are emphasized even more for this section specifically, so make sure you take note of them. You'll be expected to know them in every post you make, but they're very easy to remember!

The rest of the rules outlined are specific to this section only; while some may be similar from section to section, be sure to keep in mind that these are in effect in Pokémon General only.

Does my thread belong here?

Your thread only belongs in Pokémon General when there is no other Pokémon related section to house it.. Keep in mind how this differs from other sections, that have a specific set of topics available to them. PGen is a catch-all and is only restricted by what is already able to be posted in another section.

After you've decided whether or not it belongs here, make sure it's not a poll. If it is, it goes in Pokémon Voting Polls, which houses all post-and-go threads!

The best way to determine if your thread belongs here is to glance down each section in the index and think about whether or not it could fit in any other section. Still not certain? Feel free to send me a PM and I'll be more than happy to direct you!

The Fine line between Pokémon General and Pokémon Gaming Central

There has been a lot of confusion between the PGen board, and the Pokémon Gaming Central board, so, allow me to shed some light on the subject -- Pokémon Gaming Central is a board that discusses in-game specifics. They do not venture into topics discussing the entire franchise. With Pokémon General, it is a board where you can basically discuss the general pokemon franchise -- this includes anime, manga, the games, the TCG, and so on. This board does not discuss about in-game specifics.

For example, if you were to:

~ Talk about particular stats, and movesets
~ Talk about your favourite Pokémon games
~ Talk about in-game mechanics
~ Ask a question about what to do in a certain game

They all should go in the Pokémon Gaming Central board. Keep in mind that this is tolerated up to a certain point - if you're unsure, you're much better off PMing me or the moderator of Pokémon Gaming Central, Sydian.

Be Clear With Thread Names

When you want to create a thread, make sure you make your title relevant to the discussion you are posting. If you have a generic title, most people will not bother reading and replying to your thread due to confusion over what the discussion is about. Also, make sure you don’t have a random title that misleads members. For example, if your title says "My thread about Bulbasaur" but your thread is actually discussing Charmander, the thread will be locked due to misleading members and wasting their and my time, and you may receive a warning or infraction.

One-Question Threads

There are two types of threads that are considered "one-question threads".
  • Threads that want simple help - This encompasses pronunciation questions for one Pokémon and the like. These can be found rather easily via Google and therefore have no place as their own thread in this section.
  • Very specific questions about the Pokémon universe - These threads mostly have a very specific trait of one Pokémon, and then asks members to discuss that highly specific thing. If you want to make a thread like this, broaden it a bit! A thread about why Haunter has weight can easily be translated into Ghost-types in general, for example.
However, both of these threads can also go into the Pokémon General Daily Chit Chat, so use that if you really need those burning questions answered!

Cookie-Cutter Threads

A "cookie cutter" thread is a thread that is nearly identical to another thread, but with the main topic changed. For example, if you're going to create a thread asking people what they think about Kanto, you can't create another thread five minutes later with the same format asking them what they think of Johto. This rule basically boils down to make sure you actually put some thought into your threads before posting them.

Posts about Youtube Videos

Threads made just to advertise Youtube videos are prohibited due to their specificity. If you want to add a video to an existing post to prove or backup your point, feel free to. Otherwise, do not make a thread or a post with no text and just a Youtube video.


While I appreciate you wanting to help out the community, its a good idea to discreetly report threads, instead of posting in a thread where a rule-breaking occurs. That not only bumps the thread to the top for more people to post in, but it also doesn't bring it to my attention any faster and in fact will end with me dealing with the issue slower than if you had just reported it. Reporting sends the moderator a direct notification and is therefore the ideal way to get a problem dealt with. Please use the report button instead: to report the problem to a member of staff.


Original rules by Aegis with contributions by Archuleta Shuckle, Natsuki, and Kira. Edited and rewritten by Serene Grace, Ayselipera, and Miss Doronjo.
If you have any questions regarding the PG rules, you can contact the current moderator, Toujours, via VM, and PM.

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