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Old November 21st, 2011 (7:13 AM).
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    So, I've been on PokeCommunity for awhile under different accounts posting about fantasy RPGs I've been "planning" on making. This time; I'm serious about it though. This is the thing I've always wanted to make. I'm planning on a game with a deep storyline and BEAUTIFUL graphics. I know what a lot of spriting/mapping looks like nowadays in most RPGs with the release of the improved graphics from BW, and I want it to look like that except even better. I want it to have more vibrancy and uniqueness and I want it to feel more like the real world. I want the whole game to feel like...well, when I was playing SoulSilver and went through the entire game with all of its bland looking backgrounds, routes and forests, then first entered the path leading to Bell Tower; I almost peed my pants it was so beautiful. The colors just really struck me as beautiful and it felt like they had put a lot of work into getting you hyped up for your battle with Ho-Oh. (Sorry for rambling, I just wanted to attempt to try and explain my thinking.) I want the whole game to feel like that. :)

    So, Pokemon Seasons was born. I want to release it in seven parts: one for each of the world's continents, showcasing each of their own special environments and natural beauty. Holo is a region made completely of ice and snow encompassed by ice-cold water and floating glacial islands. Of course there's still lots of caves and forests and even a volcano. Even though it's based off of Antarctica/Northern Canada/Greenland, I don't want every pokemon to be water or ice type, so there'll actually be (almost) completely evenly distributed types. I already have a lot of ideas for fakemon done and drawn and almost have a regional pokedex completed. :)
    So here we go...


    You are walking up a set of glorious steps leading to a throne sitting upon a wave of pure black pearl. A man stands at the top with his arms outstretched. As you approach, you see that a velvet pillow lies upon his hands and a crystal crown rimmed with spectacular rubies and sapphires sits upon it. You reach out to accept the crown, but the world suddenly tips and you lash out with your arm in your attempt to stay afoot and the crown is knocked off its pedestal. The man grins when it falls to the ground, almost in slow-motion, and shatters in a ripple of gem shards. The world keeps tipping and you loose your footing again and start to fall as the sky begins to glow an unholy black and lightning streaks down like slashing daggers. The throne is split in half by a particularly close strike. The people surrounding the throne, who you hadn't noticed until now, scatter in panic. Just before you hit the ground, a huge shadow descends over the scene and a screech signals the arrival of a pair of enormous, piercing blue eyes. Your head connects sharply with the ground and you loose consciousness.

    You wake up from the dream with a start. It's the same dream you've been having a lot lately since the return of Team Phantasm in Holo. The family Skitty is swiping at the curtains, causing blades of morning sunlight to slice across your face. You jolt out of bed, it's your thirteenth birthday today! That means you can receive your first ever pokemon from Professor Pine! You pull of a set of clothes in a rush and streak down the stairs. Just as you're about to shoot out the door your mom stops you by shoving a newspaper in your face. You stumble and stare at the article she must be meaning for you to read. The title reads, 'Team Phantasm Strikes Again; Another Poke Farm Robbed This Week.' Below is a large black-and-white photo of a Poke Farm you've visited once or twice before, but not since you were a child. You always thought it was kind of dirty anyway...
    "I'm not scared of Team Phantasm, mom." You say boldly. Actually, you've always kind of revered them; they were the classic bad guys with black outfits and scary pokemon.
    "I just want you to be careful, hun."
    "Don't worry about me, that happened miles away."
    "It was that close?" She asks, more worried then ever. She looks over the article again.
    The old excitement spurts through you again. "I'm going to go get my pokemon from Professor Pine, mom!" You explain, opening the door and starting to head out.
    "Please be careful..." She warns while you get on your bike and adjust your helmet.
    "I'll be fine!" You hop on and wave goodbye to her.
    "Come back for cake and presents afterwards!" She calls as you pedel down the driveway and across the street.
    You set off on your journey in the world of pokemon...

    ~New Features~

    *80 New Pokemon, 120 Known Pokemon*
    *New Moves and Abilities*
    *An All New Region to Explore*
    *And more!*

    I'll update as often as possible, and I'll upload spriting and mapping whenever I get it done. :)
    Grimsley <3
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