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Old November 28th, 2011 (5:49 PM).
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    Hey, I just restarted White and need help with my team.

    At first it was going to be :
    Excadrill (I found a Shiny Drilbur )
    Some flying Pokemon (I traded a Rufflet over in the end)

    But this team has too many weaknesses. So i thought of choosing


    Is this a good team? Do you think I'll have trouble with the E4 and future gyms? (I just beat the 2nd one) I actually wanted a Beartic because I never really use Ice Pokemon lol.
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    Old November 28th, 2011 (6:58 PM).
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      What types of moves do your pokemon have? The only thing I'd worry about as far as coverage is that you have two ground weaknesses (Excadrill and Carracosta), two fire weaknesses (Serperior and Excadrill) and two fighting weaknesses (Excadrill and Carracosta again).

      If you are set on having excadrill on your team, I'd recommend something like Seismitoad or Jellicent if you are looking for a better bulky water. Seismitoad's line in particular is probably the best for beating the Electric gym leader's team.

      I'd also recommend including an electric type somewhere, maybe Galvantula, just so that you could sweep Skyla with one move
      Old November 28th, 2011 (7:31 PM).
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        To be perfectly honest with you, I swept the E4 using only Excadrill at level 47 (initially) holding soft sand. It gained about 5 levels during the fights haha. I simply used Swords Dance and then EQ'd from there with the occasional Metal Claw.
        Old November 28th, 2011 (9:00 PM). Edited November 29th, 2011 by Nugg.
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          Thanks guys! Very helpful. Yeah I was thinking about Jellicent but I heard Carracosta was stronger. The team I suggested would probably have trouble against special walls though. I don't know about Seismitoad since Excadrill is already a Ground type. I also was thinking about Galvantula but I have no idea which Pokemon to use now! Maybe :


          Don't know who to use for the last slot but I need someone that can beat Iris..

          Edit : Okay, I'm happy with this :
          Excadrill (Might switch to Krookodile if I have to.. but I think he can handle anything with Swords Dance and Earthquake.. SHINY EXCADRILL :O)
          Braviary (Should I switch him with Sigilyph (sp)?)

          But I was thinking of replacing Braviary and Haxorus with Latios.. No idea.

          A fighting type can take out the Ice Gym and Haxorus can probably take out Iris.. (Hopefully)
          Thoughts? I might have a problem with the Flying Gym but maybe not since Jellicent can learn Ice Beam and Excadrill can learn Rock Slide.
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          Old December 13th, 2011 (8:57 AM).
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            id throw out serperiour. grass has to much weaknesses, and serperour lacks almost all offensive capabilitys.

            exadrill: shiny, resists all E4, stone move works great against skyla, resists anoying dragon gym. keep in
            rock slide
            shadow claw
            swords dance

            stab earthquake is great. even more when boosted with swords dance
            rock slide to kill off flying type. you resist it, and a single swords dance makes you sweep any flying
            shadow claw. great on psychic and ghost, high crit rate, and again, sword boosted a hell to take down.
            swords dance: great for boosting your offensive even more, to the point of sweeping enitre teams, no matter their type, as long as you dont run into a skarmory, or other rock-resisting bulky flying type.

            look put for: water, fight, fast fire types.

            braviary: great flying type. use as you see fit. i'd advise sheer force+shadow claw and rock slide for powerup carnage.

            scrafty: great bulky fightng type. give him dragon claw. watch out for fight and flying tough.

            NO HAXORUS! its a great pokemon, but hydreigon is even greater. you dont need the dragon type to beat the first league run, an donce he;s a hydreigon he kicks ass. dragon puls+dark pulse+any other special move+healing move=ultimate carnage.

            NO jellicent! its not really a great pokemon imo. chandelure has an enormous special attack, also part fire to increase its power against dark. flame burst+shadow ball is a great combo. add any special moves as you see fit

            replace serpirour with samurott if you can, or get a seismitoad. water is a strong defensive and offensive type. seismitoad also has drain punch to help sweep the dark e4, and increases its own health with it.

            if you want serpiriour however, i'd say replace jellicent with seismitoad and scraft with chandelure, and give exadrill brick break over shadow claw. seismitoad and exadrill together pack quite a punch for anyone weak to figthing moves, and chandelure has a sp attack just to great to discard for me.
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            I agree with Grumphie right there.

            I used a Chandelure in Black and it's so awesome with that mighty Special Attack! Give it Shadow Ball and Flame Burst then once you beat the game, teach Flamethrower and Energy Ball. Energy Ball is great for countering Water/Rock/Ground Pokemon.

            Jellicent is a nice tankish Pokemon, but yeah, Seismitoad and Samurott are better. Both have great Attack and Special Attack, so use either a physical or special moveset depending on the nature of Seismitoad/Samurott.

            Excadrill works great with Brick Break, Earthquake, Rock Slide and/or Swords Dance.

            Rock Slide to take down Flying-types, Brick Break for that Fighting coverage, Earthquake for STAB and Swords Dance to boost its already powerful Attack stat.

            And Hydreigon is definitely best of the Dragon-types cos it learns a lot of good attacks and I use one in the Battle Subway that nearly always takes down a lot of early opponents. Plus, it's so strong too and has Levitate!

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            Old December 14th, 2011 (7:46 PM).
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              Both Haxorus and Hydragon are ridiculously powerful. Either (I've used Haxorus on every one of my play throughs) will murder Iris'/Dryden's team, OHKOing everything in there path. They will both tair through the league as well. Obviously the former is a phisical dragon, the former being more a special dragon.

              I like em both, and you wont be kicking your self over either, however the chances are your not going to be evolving Hydragon's previous evolution until after the league.

              I have both of them on my team lol Ever thought about a Dragon only team? Lol JK

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