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Hosted by Kip and Forever

This is indeed a solemn moment - for it is the moment when this little side-event has kept going for a whole year.

365 Days

Eggs have been traded, many have been overwhelmed with joy and wonder at the sight of a mystery Pokémon hatching. Sure we've had our ups and our downs, but this event is fast becoming more of a tradition than just an event - and it's all thanks to you guys coming to participate. There's no denying it; we were one of the most successful events this summer in GT8 (most views, most posts, most participants), and we even had outstanding support when it wasn't a Get-Together back in Easter, proving that this event can easily stand on it's own.

And now, we're back where we belong. On New Year's day, look at your egg hatch and remember - we kicked ass. A toast to our success and many other years to come!

Thanks guys. x

Welcome, one and all, to PokéCommunity's fourth Great Egg Swap!

How Does it Work?

1. Breed ONE egg. It can be absolutely anything you like - the more unusual the better!

2. Register your name here. Use the registration form below to register you name and friendcode. It will appear in the participant list and you will be assigned a number. You cannot begin swapping until you've been assigned a number.

3. Get swapping! Swap your egg with someone using the standard Wi-Fi trading system, then swap that egg with someone else. Keep swapping with as many people as you can and earn points. The person with the most swaps at the end of the event wins a shiny new emblem (and second and third too, but only not as shiny). We would prefer if you asked another person to swap via. VM or PM (their names will link you to their profile).

4. Report it. Once you have completed your swap, post here using the report form below detailing who you swapped with. You need to do this to claim your points. 1 swap = 1 point for each participant.

You can start swapping on the 29th December and once you have received a Participant Number. The swap will end on the 1st January (New Year's Day) (the exact time tends to vary depending on how the event plays out - we will give you a time closer to the end). You can register all throughout the event, but bear in mind that the sooner you do it the sooner your name gets on the list, and the more swaps you can do!

And of course, after it has finished, be sure to post which Pokémon you got!

A Few Rules...

1. You may only breed ONE egg yourself. Once you have traded that egg, you cannot breed another. Once you have traded you must ONLY use that egg to trade with - you cannot switch it out with any other eggs.

2. You may only use one game to swap. You cannot swap eggs using multiple games.

3. The swap is open to Generation V games only (Black & White). No Generation IV games (Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold and SoulSilver) are allowed. However, you are not restricted to just Generation V Pokémon. Breed whatever you want from any Generation!

4. Your swap points will only be counted when both users post to report the swap. Kip and Forever have final say on who has what points. Your points WILL NOT COUNT if both of you do not post using this method. If you're still unsure on how it all works, we suggest you have a look through last time's thread.

5. Once you have swapped, you may not swap with the same participant again until you have both swapped with another participant. Try to avoid swapping with the same person - instead swap with as many different people as possible.

6. DO NOT LET THE EGG HATCH. This is essential. If you have to put it in a PC Box in order to prevent it from hatching then do so. Just make sure you can find it again.

7. TRY TO AVOID TRADING TRIANGLES - if you're swapping in a triangle it's just the same three eggs going round and round. Try waiting for others to come online. You may not deliberately exclude participants in order to selectively gain points - this sort of behavior is not only immoral and indecent, but a bannable offense. Anyone caught in a trading triangle pact will be disqualified.

8. NO HACKED EGGS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. You may not use cheat codes or any form of modding software to create an egg that is not legitimately obtainable in the games (e.g. a Mew egg). Anyone caught doing so will be disqualified from this event and referred to a moderator.

Registration Form

Registration has now closed. Sorry.

Username: (Your PC username is required, but you may add a trainer name if you wish. It will appear in brackets next to your name.)



Report Form

If you're the first to report the swap:

Swapped with: (Participant Number) + (Participant Name)

If you're the second, quote the first post:

(Quote of first report)

Confirmed. Swapped with: (Participant Number) + (Participant Name)

Feel free to post comments or discussion points along with the report, just make sure the report comes first so we can keep track of your points.

Remember: If there is not two participant numbers in a confirmation post (1 in the quote, 1 in your post) the points will not count.


If you like, you can advertise the Great Egg Swap in your signature with this nifty banner.

A whole year of swapping - and this is just the beginning. Join us in Holiday Hop right now!

HTML Code:
[SIZE=1][B]A whole year of swapping - and this is just the beginning.  Join us in Holiday Hop right now![/B][/SIZE][/CENTER]
You can change the tagline text in however way you want. Let's see who can come up with the best one!


Here are the emblems you could get!

Get to first place in Swap Points.

Get to third place in Swap Points.

Get to second place in Swap Points.

Participate at least once (have at least 1 point).

There are also some super-secret Emblems, but you won't find out what they are until they're given out!

Previous Winners

2011 New Years Day: Air Pichu • 96 Swaps •
2011 Easter: Impo • 135 Swaps •
2011 GT8: Kenshin5 • 258 Swaps •


With a respectable 188 Swaps!

149 Swaps

118 Swaps

Third and fourth were very close - there were only 3 swaps in it! So an honorable mention has to go to SNOR(es)LAX, with an equally impressive 115 swaps.

Also - if you've participated in every Egg Swap in the last year, get ready for a little extra surprise for sticking with us! :D


This is the official scoreboard which is updated jointly by me (Kip) and Forever.

Participant No. • Participant Name • Game • Friendcode • Swap Points

#001 • Kip • 4513 3357 5461 • 13 •
#002 • Forever • 1549 4617 9979 • 1 •

(We were ineligible to win, but you can still swap with us to earn points!)

#003 • SnowpointQuincy (Zeus) • • 1248 8176 2732 • 31 •
#004 • SNOR(es)LAX • 1205 9802 0996 • 115 •
#005 • ♪Twiggy♪ • 3095 8282 5435 • 188 •
#006 • vaporeon7 • 3568 1488 5586 • 11 •
#007 • Kenshin5 • 0089 1621 6313 • 25 •
#008 • Galukxy0819 7727 5573 (Updated!) • 1
#009 • miakalina • 2022 3383 7254 • 20 •
#010 • Halcyon (Wilson) • • 2365 9298 4405 • 53 •
#011 • Ciax (Matt) • • 1979 0404 8209 • 0
#012 • Mew~ • 2108 2331 6958 • 5
#013 • Chiar • 3138 8031 0126 • 64 •
#014 • Roswell (Tsubaki) • • 2193 6936 3059 • 118 •
#015 • johnny18 • 1377 7399 5716 • 2 •
#016 • Otherworld9) • 3138 9560 5961 • 149 •
#017 • TheFuturePokemon (TFP) • • 4599 0089 1247 • 9 •
#018 • deoxys121 (Josh) • • 3138 9590 9483 • 10 •
#019 • HaloSonic (Hal) • • 4255 4402 9025 • 8 •
#020 • Rednael (AENAR) • • 5028 6689 6389 • 61 •
#021 • Air Pichu (Air) • • 4728 1625 7561 • 0
#022 • Destiny Demon • 5200 2685 0649 • 3 •
#023 • Dieter57 (ASH) • • 1592 7466 6386 • 23 •
#024 • Jolteon* • 2623 6275 8269 • 1
#025 • Para-Dox (Para) • • 5114 2642 9568 • 68 •
#026 • Xeberos (Niko) • • 5114 7339 0534 • 6
#027 • Pokemonkidtotodile • 0132 5685 1141 • 7 •
#028 • Virtual Headache • 2709 4735 4604 • 2 •
#029 • Tails05 • 0905 3968 9334 • 40 •
#030 • PokéSwimmer • 1077 0155 0738 • 0

Current Status

Hatch Time!
Swapping has ended. Registration has closed. You may now hatch your eggs!

Originally Posted by Kip View Post
And now we've drawn to a close on yet another Egg Swap, let's do this...

GO GO GO GO GO! Be sure to tell us which Pokémon you got in the swap! The thread will be open as long as Holiday Hop is.

Thanks guys.

So - good luck and have fun! If there are any questions/concerns/problems please feel free to PM any of us.

Happy New Year!

Special thanks to csc-A7X at deviantArt for compiling fan-made and official Generation V Pokémon overworld sprites. You can find the collection so far, as well as the full list of credits, here.

Relevant Advertising!

Old December 25th, 2011 (10:50 PM).
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    Old December 25th, 2011 (10:50 PM). Edited December 26th, 2011 by Seki.
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      I guess I'll join.
      Old December 25th, 2011 (11:11 PM).
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      Going to be in.
      Old December 25th, 2011 (11:14 PM).
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      lots of fun!
      Old December 25th, 2011 (11:20 PM).
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      Brian - 0089 1621 6313 - White

      Old December 25th, 2011 (11:26 PM).
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      Joining in this again, I loved the GT8 one, so why not?

      Username: Galukxy

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      Old December 26th, 2011 (12:28 AM).
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      Joining. :D

      Username: miakalina

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      Old December 26th, 2011 (2:17 AM).
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        Ooh, this would be my first time!

        Username: Halcyon (Wilson)
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        Pokémon Diamond Team [2nd Run]

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          Old December 26th, 2011 (3:28 AM).
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          I've never tried this before, so should be fun. :3

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          Old December 26th, 2011 (3:35 AM).
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          Always wanted to try this, so let's give it a shot!

          Username: Roswell [Tsubaki]

          Game: Pokemon Black

          Friendcode: 2193 6936 3059
          Old December 26th, 2011 (8:19 AM).
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          Sign me up please
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          Old December 26th, 2011 (8:48 AM).
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          Added everyone! As a note, it'd be nice if you just wrote your exact friend code without "-" for future people signing up, because we're c/ping directly even nicer if you could use our format.

          Oh, and just so you know, you don't need to include your in-game nicknames, some people just wish to do so. :3;

          Your own very Pokémon story is about to unfold.
          You'll face fun times and tough challenges.
          A world of dreams and adventures with Pokémon awaits!

          Old December 26th, 2011 (10:06 AM).
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            Have done this before....won't hurt to slow down now.

            Username: Otherworld9)
            Game: Black
            Friendcode: 3138 9560 5961
            Old December 26th, 2011 (10:10 AM). Edited December 29th, 2011 by TheFuturePokemon.
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              This should be fun.
              Old December 26th, 2011 (12:09 PM).
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              Welcome (and welcome back) to everyone!

              Plus Happy Boxing Day to everyone too - everyone get a lot of shopping done today?

              Trade eggs, earn points! Join us now!
              Old December 26th, 2011 (3:22 PM). Edited December 26th, 2011 by HaloSonic.
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                Count me in! hope everyone had a great and blessed Christmas! :D
                NAME: HaloSonic (Hal)
                Game: White
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                Its either real or its a dream, there's nothing that is inbetween, Twiiiiiliiiiiight
                Old December 26th, 2011 (3:34 PM).
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                [23:02:31] thoughts: shut up christos
                [23:02:33] oocyst: christos shut up
                Old December 26th, 2011 (4:12 PM).
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                Old December 26th, 2011 (5:44 PM).
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                Wow - the list is filling quickly. Early sign-ups means better swaps! :D Hope you're all breeding some interesting Pokémon.

                Remember - we start on the 29th!

                (We'll tell you a time in the next few days.)

                Trade eggs, earn points! Join us now!
                Old December 26th, 2011 (6:15 PM).
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                Old December 26th, 2011 (9:56 PM).
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                  this is my third one hoorah.
                  im actually gona place this round. >:l
                  Black 2 FC: 2581 1037 2587

                  I'M BACK IN

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