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Old December 27th, 2011 (3:00 PM). Edited December 27th, 2011 by TournamentCoordinator98.
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Hi I am looking to have a wifi tournament the deadline for registration is December 31 @6 Pm EST please private message me to register. Rules:
A player’s team cannot contain two Pokémon with the same Pokédex number
Each Pokémon on a player’s team can hold an item, though no two Pokémon may hold the same item
A player’s team cannot contain two Pokémon with the same nickname
A player’s team cannot contain a Pokémon nicknamed with the name of another Pokémon
Pokémon may only use moves that have been learned through one of the following methods:
o By leveling up
o By TM or HM
o As an Egg move, through breeding
o From a character in the game
o A move already known by a Pokémon received at an official Pokémon event or promotion
The following Pokémon may not be on a player’s team:
o 150 – Mewtwo
o 151 – Mew
o 249 – Lugia
o 250 – Ho-Oh
o 251 – Celebi
o 382 – Kyogre
o 383 – Groudon
o 384 – Rayquaza
o 385 – Jirachi
o 386 – Deoxys
o 483 – Dialga
o 484 – Palkia
o 487 – Giratina
o 489 – Phione
o 490 – Manaphy
o 491 – Darkrai
o 492 – Shaymin
o 493 – Arceus
Single Battles 6 on 6
No Limit so please join!!!
Winner will recieve a choice of Event Arceus, Event Mew, or Event Celebi all holding a Rare Candy or Masterball!
2nd Prize receives an event Shaymin or Phione!
We will use only Generation 4 games: Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HG,and SS
It will be a Double Elimination Tournament Round one is 3vs3 and once you lose it will be 6vs6 but if you don't lose it will be 3vs3 until the finals.
Please Register THanks!!!

you can also register by saying I'm in with the game you will use, friend code, and time zone Thanks=)

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