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Battle between generations

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Old January 6th, 2012 (1:52 AM). Edited January 6th, 2012 by Nobololol.
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This is how it works. I need 5 players to play one for each generation 1-5. Every One gets to choose 3 legendary pokemon from the generation they have. Every pokemon have's 1000 hp at start. I'll send the pokemon moves to you. You can request moves for your pokemon if you want to have some move.
Then example how the battle goes. Every round players send pm to me and tell what generation they are attacking, what pokemon they use and the move they use.
Generation i attacks to generation 3 with zapdos thunder bolt. Generation 3 player is using kyogre that round so zapdos attacks to kyogre.
Damage depends on few things:
1. Attack power 10-100.
2. Strenght and weakness (example water does double damage against fire and fire against water is half damage)
3. luck i throw a dice and the number multiplies with ten and is added to damage

example of damage (i don't know if this is the final strenght of attack)
hydropump against moltres
hydropump is 70 damage i throw 3 with dice. that makes 100 water is double damage against fire so the final damage is 200.
that's how it goes.
After every round i'll post the progress and hp of every pokemon. To keep this
simpler there will not be burns, parlyzes, confusions, sleeps... Game will start when we have enough players

edit: players can choose any pokemon appearing only in the generation they have. don't have to choose only legendary pokemon but you can't take example pikachu in later generations than 1
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Old January 6th, 2012 (2:41 AM).
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ASB is pretty cool. I wish we had a board for it, though.

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Old January 6th, 2012 (12:30 PM). Edited January 6th, 2012 by wolf.
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Yeah, this forum is for actual Pokémon battling using the games or battle simulators, so Anime-style battling isn't allowed unfortunately. I suggest talking with one of the Pokémon Trivia moderators and see if it's allowed there.
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