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[Wi-Fi] Come test your battle spirit. (Original challenges)

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Old January 13th, 2012 (10:26 AM).
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I had to tweak it up a bit so that your rules are compatible with my challenge system. Anyways, to the point.

The aspiration of a Pokemon master may take these trials. (In other words, all are welcome)

There are 5 unique challenges.

The 22 Battle Streak:
Players will compete in online battling by attempting to win through all 22 battles. Each one getting stronger than the last. Pokemon will be selected at random, so battle experiences may vary. This is not a contest of who completes this first, but to see how you can manage with ability alone.

You may use any Pokemon you wish. Do note that box 21-22 contains legendaries. Every Pokemon are listed from weakest base stat, to strongest base stat.

The Endurance Challenge:
22 boxes. 4 battles in each one. You get borrowed Pokemon. If you lose, don't worry, you'll only have to start the box over again until you advance to the next one.

Rules: In order to play. I will offer you six Pokemon from a list of 30. Don't try stealing them for yourselves. I'll just disqualify instead. Anyways, they'll be cloned before I trade them for borrowing purposes. You may have them for up to 5 days.

The Endurance Challenge Version 2:
You get to use your own Pokemon for this one, but it's extended to 5 battles per box

Rules: Same applies for above, except you get to use your own team.

Type challenge:
Take on 17 battles against potentially tough Pokemon.
6 Pokemon of the same type will be selected for battle.

Rules for type challenge: Use your own team. Battles will be kept score.

Type challenge version 2:
Choose your type, battle from the weakest Pokemon to the strongest. Say if you chose bug type. It'd be Kricketot to Genesect. Can you complete all the type categories?

Rules for type challenge part 2: Choose your own category. If you lose in that category, you'll have to start over, but not the entire category.

Region filter:
Filter from Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh and Unova!

Filter and play with this option. Feeling mix-y up-y?
Kanto Hoenn Unova?
Johto Sinnoh?
1 region or all?

Another note is that these are hacked Pokemon, but they have normal stats, moves, and abilities.

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