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Old January 28th, 2012 (7:58 PM). Edited January 29th, 2012 by Digimon Kaiser.
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    I already raised these guys to LV 100, and my strategy ONLY involves all-out attacks.

    I need Item help.

    Adamant Nature
    277 HP
    229 Attack
    213 Defense
    171 Special Attack
    225 Special Defense
    275 Speed
    Aerial Ace, Giga Drain, Dragon Tail, Leaf Blade

    Adamant Nature
    316 HP
    225 Attack
    225 Defense
    247 Special Attack
    244 Special Defense
    179 Speed
    Flash Cannon, Blizzard, Bulldoze, Surf

    Serious Nature
    332 HP
    244 Attack
    264 Defense
    190 Special Attack
    208 Special Defense
    183 Speed
    Earthquake, Crunch, Rock Slide, Giga Drain

    Hardy Nature
    278 HP
    234 Attack
    173 Defense
    249 Special Attack
    176 Special Defense
    279 Speed
    Mach Punch, Flamethrower, Punishment, U-Turn

    Docile Nature
    283 HP
    212 Attack
    187 Defense
    248 Special Attack
    190 Special Defense
    271 Speed
    Focus Blast, Shadow Claw, Heat Wave, Fly

    Bashful Nature
    335 HP
    289 Attack
    182 Defense
    176 Special Attack
    187 Special Defense
    235 Speed
    Crunch, Earthquake, Brick Break, Sludge Bomb

    I cannot change the natures or stats, as I caught them long ago, and now they are lv 100.

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    So by wifi you mean random matchup or just with friends? Because the former is more competitively based, while the latter isn't really. But either way I'll still help you out so these guys are at least at competitive standard, though you might want to consider replacing a few, since there's many weaknesses there, which I'll cover.

    As for Serperior, having both Leaf Blade & Giga Drain kinda wastes a spot, and since you have higher attack, there's really no need for Giga Drain as you'll get lower damage anyway. But you can still make use of having Leaf Blade by teaching it Light Screen & Reflect, as well as Taunt, and giving it Light Clay. With that, you can extend the turns of the screens to 8, and prevent other Pokemon from setting up with Taunt, considering it's your lead. Then if you're taunted or it has served its purpose, it can attack with Leaf Blade w/ boosted due to STAB and its Adamant nature. While a +speed nature would've been nice you can still make use of what you've got, so it works out.

    Empoleon specialises in Special Attack, so having Bulldoze is not a great thing. :( With Blizzard, go with Ice Beam instead because you have a greater chance of it actually hitting. As for Flash Cannon, despite it being a STAB it doesn't really... do... much. You could always give it Scald over Surf so it has a chance of burning the opponents (aka ones who work physically that is). Instead of Bulldoze, go for Grass Knot so you can stand a chance against other water types. Considering you need to go back a generation for SR, Roar won't really work well, so you're best off just keeping Flash Cannon really. Considering it's in there to "last", the best thing you can probably give it is Leftovers.

    On Torterra you appear to be lacking attacks :x

    For Infernape, instead of Punishment, go for Close Combat (aka move relearner). You already have U-turn to attack Psychic Pokemon and Ghosts don't really have a need to go in against Infernape, so Punishment isn't really needed, while Close Combat is a strong STAB, and considering your nature (pretty much perfect for this set), your Attack isn't affected so you can still make do with it. Overheat is generally preferred instead of Flamethrower, because after you attack, you can just switch out w/ U-turn or stay in with CC or Mach Punch, without your Attack being harmed at all. As for item, Life Orb is preferred but if you can't get one that's fine but it'll lack power as a result.

    On Charizard, considering there's not much you can change, go for Fire Blast > Heat Wave. The lower accuracy makes up for the power. Also, Air Slash > Fly, because you're setting yourself up to face a Pokemon that is barely hurt by Fly, whereas Air Slash isn't a two-turn attack, as a result meaning you can attack what you intend to attack.

    Finally for Krookodile, EQ and Crunch are perfectly fine, though adding in Stone Edge and Pursuit can really help you as you can attack the Psychic types that switch out, and Stone Edge attacks the Flying types you'd have issues with otherwise. As for the item, Choice Band or Choice Scarf definitely would be best on it to heighten its already-good Attack or Speed.

    As for weaknesses, starters aren't really the best Pokemon to be making a whole team of. You've got basically double weaknesses (typing-wise that is) which would probably be corrected with other Pokemon. Just without seeing Torterra it doesn't really help your team since you already have Serperior and you don't need another weakness to fire. :x If it were up to me I'd probably keep Serperior for screens/Empoleon for burn chance/Infernape for sweeper and Krookodile for the other sweeper. But yeah you'd definitely be better off with other typings rather than just starters + Krookodile. :(

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      instead of blizzard for empoleon give it ice beam, and instead of fly for charizard give it air slash
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        you gotta mix up your team a lil more have more variety in it get a good ground type and all out attack teams dont work well unless you have a good plan
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          Sorry, but I prefer all out offense, like I said.
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