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Old February 4th, 2012 (5:13 AM).
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Originally Posted by DealNotTheDevil View Post
Hi, I wanted to check if one can create a new behavioural byte for pokemon emerald,
Because I am attempting to create a "super region",
And I want kanto maps that I port into Emerald to play kanto battle themes and wild encounter themes when I am on those maps!
Yes, you can, if you know ASM...

Anyways, to enable this for LeafGreen, it is the exact same thing as FireRed. Offsets and everything. :D
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Old July 20th, 2012 (10:20 PM).
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Originally Posted by Hackrex View Post
ok for all who didn´t understand it: The Offset you can see on the top are written in ASM.

So the most people don´t know where they can find it in there Hex Viewer....

So here is the "Hex" Offset:
059F34 for firered english
059F34 for firered german (feuerrot) - it´s really rare that the german rom has the same offset than the English

this is the hex code you have to use
00 21 00 06 00 0e 02 28 01 d0 d1 28 01 d1 01 20 00 e0 00 20 00 21 70 47 03 28 f5 e7

here you can see that it works

I have a question: How can I make that I can´t drive with the bike over the really tall grass block?
I've changed the hex code for that offset but nothing is happening.
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Old July 22nd, 2012 (2:44 AM).
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You must change the behaviour bytes on the block on which you want to use the animation.
In Advance Map:
Normal Gras:
02 02
00 01
Tall Gras:
03 03
00 01
Temporarily not available
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Old April 14th, 2013 (5:54 AM). Edited October 19th, 2014 by Spherical Ice.
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The pointers to the frames of animation that appear when you walk in the Ash Grass is located at 0x83A54A0.

28 89 39 08 80 00 00 00
A8 89 39 08 80 00 00 00
28 8A 39 08 80 00 00 00
A8 8A 39 08 80 00 00 00
28 8B 39 08 80 00 00 00
Frame 1: 0x8398928
Frame 2: 0x83989A8
Frame 3: 0x8398A28
Frame 4: 0x8398AA8
Frame 5: 0x8398B28

You can change those pointers to a different sprite to change the animation, which could lead to some interesting gym puzzles or terrain (snow, perhaps?). It uses the palette located at 0x8398FC8, which is pointed to by 0x83A5348 for FireRed.
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Old February 3rd, 2014 (1:08 PM).
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I've been looking for the address of the tall grass routine in Ruby, so I can change it to behave more like the normal grass (it normally makes the player's body priority 3 behind pri 2 graphics, whereas normal grass leaves the player and the animation at pri 2). Would I be able to search for some of those lines of code in the first post to find the routine? What program might I need to find the ASM code?
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Old August 5th, 2014 (9:14 AM).
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I extended the opening post by information about how to backport the micro grass too. Overwrite at 0805A0EC with 0C 30 09 E0. Then assign the behaviour byte 7 to some tile.
Hope you enjoy.
Firered IDA 6.6 DB:
VBA-M with lua scripting support
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Old August 6th, 2014 (5:01 PM).
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Kniz has helped so much with my questions, and even added in the correct Hex Edit for not only adding in the Tall Grass Animation, but ALSO the tiny grass animation; WHich by the way is hard to see unless you really look at the players feet.

This is such an amazing concept and it helped me. I did check the rules, and Hashtag did say:
Originally Posted by Hashtag
The revival limit does not apply in this forum
So...I would like to bump this thread and see what others have to say 3 years later.
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Old August 21st, 2014 (12:09 AM).
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How do I search for the numbers in a hex editor? I'm using HxD. Tried copy pasting into the search and doesn't find it. Even offsets won't work.
Useful hack tutorials I use
-Voicegroups for Inserting Music (Firered)
-Custom Battle Backgrounds(Firered)
-Custom 256/240 color Titlescreen (Firered)
-Animated Tiles
-Overworld insert/size change
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Old October 18th, 2014 (1:51 AM).
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Sorry for being noob

But, does this tutorial works in FR US?
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Old October 18th, 2014 (10:06 AM).
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Originally Posted by Lance32497 View Post
Sorry for being noob

But, does this tutorial works in FR US?
Most ASM research is FR US only, mostly because it's easier to research one ROM rather than a whole bunch of ROMs.

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