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In-Game Team Help Can't defeat the Elite Four with your current team? Need help improving your Battle Subway team? This is the place for team help concerning in-game and casual play. Teams focused on the more competitive aspect of Pokémon must be posted in the Competitive Team Help sub-forum.

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Old February 13th, 2012 (6:33 AM). Edited February 13th, 2012 by GodcalledBOB.
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So, I was thinking of a Team for LeafGreen when i thought of My Charmander - Mercury, a Beedrill - Saturn, and something else but i'm not sure what yet

I would like to keep the team at about 3-4 main pokemon and 1/2 hm users (i dont like to call them slaves ).

I need some advice on what to choose, yep, so thanks

changed the team a bitty i'm not using the beedrill anymore and instead i'm using a pikachu :D

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Old February 14th, 2012 (11:50 AM).
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We don't allow threads asking others to make the team for them. However, you may ask for minor team building advice (such as deciding between two Pokémon, etc) in the Simple Q&A Thread (be sure to mention that it's for in-game). I'm closing this, but feel free to post another thread once the team is mostly complete with movesets.
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