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Old March 4th, 2012 (5:51 PM).
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    Hello, my fellow PoCo's! Neutrono here with an interesting topic. Throughout the Pokemon series, there have been multiple instances where a Pokemon had to be strengthened in order to keep up with new innovations to future games. There have also been instances where a Pokemon was added to the Pokedex, it was flat-out terrible, and nobody fixed it or powered it up. Who, in your opinion, are the Pokemon who are too strong or too weak from any games? What instances do you know of where a Pokemon had to be weakened or strengthened?

    For example (I'm gonna go old-school for a moment), in Pokemon Crystal, Dunsparce was a terrible Pokemon to have. However, in the later games, Dunsparce became slightly better with the addition of new moves and abilities. But once again, its stats were abysmal.

    A more recent example is the newest Pokemon from Black/White: Alomomola. At first, I thought it would have been a strong Pokemon, considering it could learn decent Water and Fighting moves. From that, I realized that Alomomola was really underpowered, and I associated it with the OTHER incredibly useless Water type (*coughcoughLuvdisccoughcough*).

    So there's my two cents. Now give me your opinions!

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    Old March 4th, 2012 (7:52 PM).
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    Here are a couple good examples of underpowered Pokemon: Wigglytuff and Clefable. Even though their offensive movepools are massive, they don't have the right stats to (ab)use them very well.

    Old March 4th, 2012 (8:30 PM).
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    Moving to Pokemon General since this is about Pokemon, not the games. PS: Don't ever use the term "PoCo's" again.

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    Old March 17th, 2012 (4:23 AM).
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    We'll get to that tomorrow
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      Dunsparce and Stunfisk are underpowered they don't seem to be that worthwhile to train

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      Old March 17th, 2012 (7:57 AM).
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      Meganium is a really underpowered Pokémon. It has terrible moves and it's just overall not as good as its fellow starters. And there are PLENTY overpowered Pokémon, for instance Haxorus, which just about OHKO's everything bar steels.
      Old March 17th, 2012 (8:53 AM).
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        Overpowered Pokemon:
        Those are the ones that i know
        Old March 17th, 2012 (7:23 PM).
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          All i recklon is underpowered is Magikarp,until it evolves that is
          Old April 9th, 2013 (4:53 AM).
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            onix is so underpowered....it's a GIANT ROCK SNAKE THING... that came out wrong
            Old April 12th, 2013 (1:11 PM).
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              I think that Raticate is really underpowered
              Old April 12th, 2013 (1:50 PM).
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                Regional rodents, regional birds (excluding Staraptor), early route bugs, gimmick Pokemon (excluding Deerling), and Pikachu clones are severely underpowered, whereas the majority of Pokemon in OU (Conkeldurr, Scizor, Infernape, etc.) are severely overpowered.
                Old April 12th, 2013 (5:43 PM).
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                Ahh this is about a year old. Why do people revive threads so old? The world may never know.

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