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Old March 14th, 2012 (10:16 PM).
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Sounds like a rather philosophical title for a Pokemon fanfiction, but it will make sense before it is all over. This is actually going to be the first entry in what is at least a 3 part series. The plans and details are something I've been hammering out for some time, but I only recently began working on the actual story itself. I'm going to try to have chapter 1 here for you guys sometime very shortly. The way a write is a little weird, and more akin to drawing a picture. What I mean by that is I generally go through, and just writer the basics with little detail and not much display of emotion, similar to a concept sketch. Afterward, I go back over it all and add in all the things that bring it to life.

The characters in this story are all Pokemon - but not how you're used to seeing them. These Pokemon are anthropomorphic. They walk upright and where clothes, etc. If you've even played the video game series StarFox, then you should have a very good idea of what I mean.

You're probably wondering why I made this thread when I haven't completely prepared chapter 1 yet. Simply, I did it to spark your interest. I'm going to post a few short character profiles for you to take a look at in the meantime.

Gender: Male
Species: Houndour
Cerberus is the quintessential cynical retard. He doesn't bother to mind his manners, and always speaks his mind in the most blunt fashion possible. Cerberus is deeply troubled by the absence of his father who went missing when he was 8 years old. He truly loves his friends even if he doesn't show it. His friends often shorten his name to "Cerb".

Gender: Male
Species: Snorlax
Age: 14
Dexter is the gamer nerd extraordinaire of the group and has a knack for anything with wires in it. He is very nonchalant about most matters, unless you touch his custom built laptop which he has named "Fifi" and treats as if it were autonomous. Most of his friends just call him Dex.

Gender: Female
Species: Vulpix
Age: 13
Fina's father is a black belt in multiple forms of martial arts, and has trained his daughter almost from the time she could walk. That being said, Fina is probably about as dangerous as a 13 year old girl could possibly be. She's very serious and mature for her age, but often wishes she didn't have such a strict regimen.

Gender: Female
Species: Pikachu
Age: 14
Rachel is best described as a self absorbed prep; stuck up and popular, even if it's only because of her posh lifestyle. She isn't very confident at all, though you'd never guess with the way she carries herself.

So, as you can tell by their ages, this particular part of the story takes place while the characters are in middle school. The main focus is on Cerberus and the whereabouts of his dad, but there are its of other characters with their own parts to play, besides the ones mentioned here. feel free to ask anything you want and I'll answer as long as it will not reveal spoilers.

I hope this little intro gets you interested, and please look forward to the first chapter! It will simply be posted in this thread.

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Old March 15th, 2012 (2:55 AM).
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Sorry, but the FF&W rules state you need a prologue or chapter in the first post, not just character profiles.
Your first post of your fanfic thread must contain a part of your fanfic.
Do not use your first post for author notes only. Include either the first chapter or your prologue in your first post.
Hence I'm closing - repost the thread when you have the content ready to post, please.
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