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Old March 15th, 2012 (8:00 PM).
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Let's Long Play the one game I am good at! Super Mario Land!

Okay now that I have your attention, I am the same person that is making the Vietnamese Crystal LP that is on hold until I have time. But I made this video a while back about Super Mario Land. It isn't that long of a video (Less than 30 minutes) and my best time was less than 20. Anyways, here is the video. Below, I have my personal opinions on each of the levels in the game. Pardon the quality of the video and the audio sync. I might make a second video that has not only better playtime, but better quality too.

Le video:

My opinions on the levels...
1. Birabuto Kingdom

Level 1-1 isn't anything special. It's mostly linear except for one point (About 15 seconds in) where there is one stubborn block I cannot get. Other than that, nothing is particularly special about this level.

Level 1-2 isn't easy and it's annoying having to jump over all the massive gaps the level has. The great thing about this level is I can be a damn ninja when it comes to jumping on the various enemies the level has. Also, the hidden box at 1:12 is always nice to get, although I have no idea how I missed that heart. :[


Level 1-3 is easy. First thing I always do: Hit a sharp left and get all the coins. It can get me a 1-up at times. And I need that powerup for later on. I hate attempting the longjump.

3:00: Dude y u so pathetic?

And we make it out of the Birabuto Kingdom! :D
Now to chase after the princess. Again.
2. Muda Kingdom

Anyways, 2-1 is a pain in the derièrre because you can't shoot the fish jumping out of the water. Which is a pain or else I could showcase moar of my ninjaness.

4:02: Pwned.
4:29: Mine please.

2-2 is more of 2-1 really. Nothing special, although if I were small, those hidden blocks would be rather useful.

4:55: ._________.'
5:11: dat lag

2-3 THANK GOD THERE ARE ONLY TWO LEVELS THAT ARE LIKE THIS COZ IT IS A PAIN IN THE ARSE. gosh. Anyways, 2-3 is a pain because of the auto-scroll and the jellyfish shooting crap from them when I hit them enough times. The boss is also a pain because you have to multitask to beat the dumb thing. Although if you position yourself correctly, it isn't hard at all.

6:04: I wanna run underwater. *drowns*
7:00: MARIO ;_______; I missed three damn coins.
7:13: I'll take that. kthxbai
7:20: Beeotch pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaase.
7:38: I went through the damn wall. wtf.
7:49: You're frigging kidding right?

3. Easton Kingdom
This kingdom isn't that bad but is tedious. Especially 3-2 and 3-3.

Okay back to what we were talking about.
3-1: The level is mostly a simple plain level that has a lot of platforms and long jumps that are annoying to make. As well, the spikes near the end and the bullet bills make this level particularly annoying. Usually during this level, I hit 1 000 000 points, but in this playthrough I didn't bother for perfection, rather getting to the end the fastest.

8:49: I love doing that. Who doesn't love free coins?
9:05: Go away no one loves you.
9:13: Bonus! :D
9:20: You're making me jump on that? You be nuts.
9:27: I always tend to screw that up. NOT THIS TIME DAMMIT.
10:20: See everything shift back a little? IT IS SO ANNOYING AND IDK WHAT CAUSES IT. D:
10:24: That is the first time in this playthrough I have done this.
10:39: Not shabby. 14 lives :D

3-2: This level isn't the easiest of them, and the end of it is tedious. There is an interesting oversight in this level, however. I'll mention it when it comes up.

11:00: At this point in the level, in the rightermost pit, there is a koopa. Thing is, it just plummets into the pit, making it useless. THE MORE YOU KNOW.

11:06: See? I'm so ninja. The Superball comes in so useful :D
11:43: Ah so what you're failing anyways. lol

3-3 is a tad confusing and tedious (I overuse that I know) but the boss at the end I tend to ignore because it's soooooo annoying.

12:55: 1 UP YAY I AM NOW AT 15
13:09: Oh s*** where did that come from.
13:18: This I call the free craps department. MAKE THAT ANOTHER ONE UP :3
13:32: Bumpity. You're there :3
13:37: I HATE THIS PART. I am a ninja though so I can time this well.
13:50: run run run run run run I don't want to have to do with this.
13:57: uggh I hate this boss. Let's do this the long way.
14:35: I swear to god this had better be it I am sick and tired of you not being you gosh.
14:42: I effing give up.
14:52: Not shabby. I've needed more of those.

4. Chai Kingdom
OKAY OH MY GOSH THE MUSIC HERE IS AMAZING. I play through this game just to hear this because I like it so much. Okay enough about me and back to the game.

4-1: This level is long and annoying with the Pinopis in the level. The only ways to rid of them is to hit them with a Superball or lure them offscreen. Or else they will come back faster than before. Uggh so annoying >_>

14:58: OH MY GAWD THAT MUSIC *jams*
15:05: Oh HELL no.
15:18: You're mine. No questions asked.
15:31: Screw this I'm not waiting.
15:38: Not again >_>
16:10: Screw this I'm not getting all of them.

Did I not say that mushroom is mine?
16:54: ^_^
17:07: Oh.... Hell.....
17:08: -_-'

4-2 isn't that bad of a level but the last half is such a pain. You'll see why.

17:45: F***. Yes. I am in heaven.
18:03: I can't get all of them. I did get most of them though :3
18:10: Dat fish looks like he be singing.
18:30: Here comes hell.
18:55: MINE PLOX
19:14: Koopa there be shufflin.
19:42: DENIED.

4-3 is the final level in the game. Yes. Not even 20 minutes in and we're on the last level. It's a long autoscroll level and it has enemies coming out the ying yang.

20:27: Denied.
20:34: :3
20:44: o.o mine
20:58: More points for me! More Continues for me! Not that I'll need them though lol
21:04: ... ... ... No opinion
21:10: All dem coins. It's coin heaven again. :3
21:38: I've wondered why those spikes are there. It's impossible to reach them anyways.
21:43: I'll take that.
21:50: PIPE PAWNCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111!!!!!!!!!
21:56: You look innocent. Pathetic for a final boss. Pffffft
22:05: Okay... You're gone now. Gimme my princess.
22:10: Oh shi....... You don't look like you're screwing around.
22:12: Oh crap.
22:16: FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF That hasn't happened in like ever.
22:25: I'll need that.
22:35: YOU again. go away.gif
22:47: Uggh great.
23:07: Beeotch I own you.
23:24: You squeezed a life out of me now make me a sandwich and I'll have it back.
23:30: Thanks tips.
23:33: LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL That life is stuck in the roof. *Poke it with a stick!*
23:37: Since when did Mario have a spaceship?
23:49 And you get to watch the credits! :D The End!

So yes, that is me playing Super Mario Land, launch title for the original Gameboy. The TAS of this game isn't that much less- 12 minutes. And this is the first Long Play that is completed here on PC so thanks for watching- and reading- this LP! :D

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HAAH! Good form!

I really enjoyed reading through the commentary, but it is nice to just relax and watch an LgP! :D
Old March 16th, 2012 (12:26 AM).
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    Ooooh, I love it!
    I remember having this game a very long time ago. I liked it because it the cartridge was grey instead of black :3
    ^ Clicky here for let's plays :D ^

    Old March 16th, 2012 (7:41 AM).
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    You played it better than I could've xD
    I enjoyed the commentary, and how you called pretty much every boss pathetic
    Old March 16th, 2012 (12:10 PM).
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    Originally Posted by Clacla View Post
    You played it better than I could've xD
    I enjoyed the commentary, and how you called pretty much every boss pathetic :P
    It's how it is. lol The bosses are rather simple and only require minimal effort to beat.

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