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    Hello, this is my second PokemonZelda crossover, This one will go along with the story of Twilight Princess though there will be more plot points and other things that will happen. I am doing this crossover to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Legend of Zelda series and the 15th anniversary of Pokemon.

    Also, here are a few things you will need to know so not to be confused with the story:

    The world the fanfic takes place is called BioStar which is a merged world consisting of Pokearth/Hylia/Avatar the Last Airbender/Earth.

    Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon or Legend of Zelda, only my OCs.

    Credit goes to LMV2003 for the use of her OC Blackfire

    Credit also goes to AlexK2011 as my co author.

    Now enjoy the story.

    This story will be rated M.


    Chapter One

    For the past hundreds of years, the Land of Hyrule has changed greatly. The Hyrulean landmass has moved north towards Sinnoh and combined with it forming a new continent. The Eldin Province borders the southwestern portion of Sinnoh. Hyrule has four provinces: Ordon, Faron, Eldin, and Lanayru. Kokiri village has moved deeper into Faron Woods. The Temple of Time and the old Hyrule Castle Town has fallen into ruins, though the statue of Dialga, the pokemon God of Time, is still intact in Sacred Grove. The Gorons are still in Death Mountain as well as Groudon, the pokemon that raised the continents, also lived there. The movement of the Hyrulean landmass was due to this pokemon.

    The Zoras and Zora's Domain is at the north now, Lon Lon Ranch is still as the same location, and Pokemon are flourishing in the land of Hyrule mainly those native to Sinnoh. They have since bonded with the the races of Hyrule. Hyrule Castle is now at the center of Hyrule with a new Hyrule Castle Town. The Gerudos are still around but the population is at 50. New races of Hyrule have begun to live in Hyrule such as the Rito and Koroks.

    Our story begins on a ranch in Ordon Village.

    At the ranch, we see a young man named Link (who is named after the legendary Hero of Time) working there.

    Link was helping Fado herd the goats at the ranch, when he noticed a mysterious darkness overhead.

    Link wnt to Ordon Spring to see that Ilia was there. As they had their conversation, they were attacked by a green ogre-like creature known as King Bulblin who knocked both of them unconsions. Link woke up later to find that Ilia, his childhood friend, was gone, Link rushed up north and crossed a bridge to a wall of darkness. As he approached it, strange symbols started appearing on it, and as the ranch worker further approached it, a large and menacing black hand suddenly bursts forth from the wall, before grabbing Link and pulling him into the darkness within.

    Link found himself in a completely different realm. Before he could do anything else, a sharp pain doubles through him as he doubled over.

    The triforce mark on his left hand glowed and moments later, he morphs into a black and white wolf with blue eyes and he collapsed while being dragged away by a shadowy monster, before blacking out.

    The next the thing he knew was that he woke up, chained in a prison cell in a dungeon. Before he could try and free himself from the chains,

    A small black and white imp like creature with a headress that seemed to resemble a fragment of a huge mask, appear from the shadows.

    Wolf Link growled defensively at the intruder as she got closer to the cage.

    The imp smiled with a mischievous look on her face.

    The imp's smile widened further as she then used a strange power to destroy Link's bonds.

    Before Link could do anything else, the imp jumped onto him.

    The imp sneers, "I'll help you escape, but in exchange for my help, you have to do EXACTLY as I say!"

    Link growled at the imp indignantly, when she summoned spectral rats to bite him.

    Link got the picture, and decided to do what the imp, who is known as Midna, says.

    Midna and Wolf Link went through the dungeons to a water way that leads to the sewers, while fighting off a few strange shadowy monsters.

    They trudged through the waterways and climbed a tower that lead to the roof of Hyrule Castle

    Midna says to the transformed wrangler, "So we were finally able to get out. And look at that sky! Isn't the black cloud of twilight looking beautiful today?"

    Link merely snorted as he looked around.

    Midna sneers, "That woman over there is the Twilight Princess, who is the cause of Hyrule being covered in twilight."

    The cloaked figure turned around and recognized Midna.

    "...Midna?", gasps the cloaked figure

    Midna giggled mischievously, "Eee hee! You remembered my name? What an honor for me..."

    The cloaked woman then turned her sights to the transformed Link, and said to Midna, "So, this is the one, for whom you were searching..."

    Midna replied, "He's not exactly what I had in mind, but...I guess he'll do", while scratching her chin in thought.

    The cloaked woman went down on one knee to get to face level with Link, before noticing the shackle.

    The woman asks Link, "You were imprisoned?", before getting back upright, "I am sorry."

    Midna started with a sarcastic tone, "Poor thing, he has no idea where this is or what's happened...So, don't you think you should explain to him what you've managed to do? You owe him that much...Twilight Princess! Eee hee!"

    The woman looked down for a moment and started, "Listen carefully. This was once the land where the power of the gods were said to slumber. This was once the kingdom of Hyrule. But that blessed kingdom has been transformed by the king that rules the twilight...It has been turned into a world of shadows, ruled by creatures who shun the light."

    The woman thought back to that fateful day, when the twilight king invaded the castle, and casting Hyrule into the shadows.


    At the throne room, we see Princess Zelda and a group of knights preparing for a battle against some intruders that are invading the castle.

    Suddenly, there was an explosion, and multiple shadowy monsters stormed the throne room. The knights tried to fight them off, and it proved fruitless. In short, they got their rear ends kicked.

    Then came the king of twilight, Zant, accompanied by two shadow beast guards.

    Zant demands, "It is time for you to choose: surrender or die."

    Zelda thought as Zant demanded again, "Oh yes, a question for all the land and people of Hyrule...Life? or Death?"

    Zelda abruptly dropped her sword, signifying that she surrendered, for the sake of her people.


    The cloaked woman then explained what happened next, "Twilight covered Hyrule like a shroud, and without light, the people became as spirits. Within the twilight, they live on, unaware that they have passed into spirit forms...All the people now know is fear...Fear of a nameless evil...The kingdom succumbed to twilight, but I remained its princess...", as she then took off her cloak, revealing Princess Zelda.

    Midna replied, "Don't look so sad! We actually find it to be quite livable! I mean, is perpetual twilight really all that bad?"

    Zelda warned to the shadow imp, "Midna...This is no time for levity. The shadow beasts have been searching far and wide for you. Why is this?"

    Midna replied snidely, "Why indeed? You tell me! Eee hee hee!"

    Zelda warned, "Time has grown short. The guard will soon make his rounds."

    With that, Wolf Link and Midna left the room and jumped out from an open window.

    Meanwhile, at the peak of Mt. Coronet, there is a majestic palace known as the Hall of Origin high above the peak of Mt. Coronet. Inside there is a meeting chamber near the entrance. The floor is white marble with gold markings. at the the wall farthest from the main entrance is Arceus and Star's room, Pillars line the hallways and entrances to a section of the palace. In the hallwasys are rooms where the legendaries that live at the palace sleep. Also there are bedrooms for Lucas, Dawn, Baulderlaire children, and the Potters. Also on the first floor is a infirmary, a garden, kitchen, dining hall, and a library. On the second floor is an observatory, storage, bathrooms and a power supply room that provides electricity for the palace. There is also a nursery for female legendaries to give birth. There is also a lounge area in the first floor as well as stables for the horses.

    Arceus was lounging with Star, Shyla, Cora, and Aqua, when he suddenly doubled over in pain.

    Arceus is a white equine like being with a gray underside and a gray face. Arceus has green eyes with red pupils, he has a long mane flowing backwards at the same direction as his tail, a golden crosswheel around his abdomen, and golden hooves on each of his four legs. Arceus also has a faint scar on his left side from his shoulder to his hind leg. Other old scars can be seen on his body though they are hidden in his white fur.

    Star gasped and asks Arceus with worry, "Dear! What's happening?"

    Star is one of Arceus' four mates. She is 9'10" and weighs 680 lbs, had cream color fur with a gray underside, blue eyes and a silver cross wheel around her abdomen. She is the same species as Arceus.

    Arceus replied with a cringe, "I don't know, but I have a feeling that something bad will happen with the Jewel of Life!"

    Then without warning, the Jewel of Life came out of Arceus and broke into 16 shards before scattering, and he screamed in pain from it. Moments later, shadowy monsters appeared at the Hall of Origin, and Arceus had everyone evacuate. "Arceus! I don't want to leave you!", whined Shyla as she swatted a shadow beast away with one of her wings. "Shyla, you and the others must flee! Now GO!", ordered Arceus as he groaned in pain, "Don't worry about me!". Shyla, thought reluctantly, evacuated the Hall with the others. It is then that Zant came foward, sneering, "Without that Jewel of yours, you won't be able to stop me from plunging Sinnoh into twilight, just as I have done to Hyrule!"

    Arceus was then warped away and now found himself unconscious near a spring in the Ordon Province.

    At the same time, Wolf Link and Midna have just appeared back at Ordon Spring, not knowing of a certain white poke-god nearby.

    Midna was about to say something snidely when she sensed a presence.

    She turned around fast to see Arceus' prone body.

    Midna gasps, recognizing the poke-god, "Do you who THAT is?"

    Wolf Link came up to sniff Arceus though he has not met him. "You don't know who this creature is, do you?", asks Midna, "It's Arceus, who created the universe at the beginning of time! Boy does he look terrible!"

    Arceus groaned as he slowly opened his eyes

    He was looking around at his surroundings as he thought, "Ugh...I lose the Jewel of Life, and the Hall of Origin has been taken over by a new villain with dark ambitions!"

    He then noticed a wolf and a shadow imp in front of him and asked, "Who are you?"

    Midna replied, "Hold you horses, your honor. No need for hostilities."

    Arceus calmed down but asked again, "But still, who are you?"

    Midna replied, "The name's Midna, and may I ask how the heck you got here?"

    Arceus replied, "The last thing I remembered is when I was at the Hall of Origin, lounging with my mates, when suddenly, the Jewel of Life came out of my body, shattered into sixteen pieces, and scattered. Moments later, a group of shadowy monsters took over the Hall of Origin, and the man leading them had the whole of the Sinnoh region succumb to twilight."

    Midna said to Link, "Zant must be getting more ambitious than we thought. Seeing as Hyrule is connected to Sinnoh, he decided to plunge it into twilight as well, to expand his rule."

    Wolf Link nodded with agreement. Midna says to the transformed wrangler, "Anyways, I'll turn you back to normal, there's still some people you have to save."

    Wolf Link and Midna went to Ordon Village to get a sword and sheild while Arceus waited at the spring. After returning, the trio crossed the bridge to the wall of Twilight.


    End of Chapter

    So what do you think? Please review. Also, I would like a beta reader for this story.
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