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    Hey people and here with my first ever attempt at story writing! Please go easy on me as I'm new and I would love to hear from you!


    A cool, soft breeze rushed down upon the thick, lush wilderness, sweeping the evergreen leaves as they waved and quivered in the breeze.
    The recent wind had swept up and drifted in cool, rejuvenating scents and once again resuscitated the hope of the wilderness for the upcoming sunsky.
    Loud, quick thudding of hooves on the ground agitated the earth, and echoed through the lush, thick trees.
    Chasing them, was a beast of extreme hunger for their blood, the monster heaving and claws scraped and scarred the earth as it mercilessly tore after them.
    The prey frantically beat it's hooves on the hard-packed earth, muscles tense as they gave off nervous energy and anxiety, terrified of the raging death tearing and clamping after it.
    It took a sharp turn around the trees, hoping to cast off it's savage and crazy pursuer.
    The paws of the ferocious monster savagely crashed against the solid ground, it's muscles hardened and tense with a mixture of excitement and adrenaline. Harsh and cruel excitement for it's victim's blood to flow down it's gleaming fangs and throat.
    It raged on towards it's prey, each stride of it's long, powerful legs closed the gap the hoofed animal had created, harshly dwindling it's chances of survival.
    Anxiety broke out from it's prey as it twisted it's head to gaze back, only to see the wild, raging terror racing closer to it's hind legs, it's primary weakness.
    The furred terror gaped it's jaws and sent out a rusty growl and laugh as the eyes of it's food reflected back, were filled with pure horror and shock.

    Determined more than ever, the chased animal mightily sprang off the ground and leaped into the air, crashing down to the bone-shivering river, white sprays erupting into the air, as it's chest wildly heaved to breath, exhausted from it's chase.
    The cunning predator had expected this.
    Muscles tense and overflowing with vigorous hunger, the hunter leaped onto the miserable animal, crushed and brought down by the weight of it's massive pursuer. The terrified animal's nightmares came true.
    It madly flailed around it's legs and thrashed sideways to throw off it's predator, hoping it will drown and be carried away by the churning river.
    Sharp claws gripped and dug deep into the hide of the deer, the back claws of the raging madness savagely scratching and making it's victim bleed through the cruel lines of red, water lapping at the deer's hide as it carried away with it it's blood, staining it red.
    The tremendous force of the river drained the deer's energy as the conflict continued, the wild cat raking it's back harshly as more blood sprayed out, the deer is screeching loudly and frantically in pain, it's lifeblood being drained out of him savagely by a formidable, cunning beast.
    The end of the deer came. It's rival, gaped it's jaws, sharp fangs gleaming under the moonlight, and rushed down and sank it on it's neck, making the deer screech more in pain but after a few moments, the frantic yells subsided.
    The ever wild beast held it's head high up and roared in victory.
    The Wild's game had finally ended.
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