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    NoteNoteNoteNote: Hello! Hi! Just to warn you, I put in a list so if you want you can skip it!

    Pokemon Monochrome
    Chapter One: Making My Way

    "No Zoe. I am not becoming a Trainer. Nor a Coordinator. Nor a Breeder. Or a... What is it... Compost? Craptier? Costplay? Hmmm",I pondered. I knew the profession was somewhat common in a region call Unova. Zoe sighed and rolled her eyes, knowing I had quickly remembered the tricky word.

    "Connoisseur! What.... Were we talking about again?",I forgot, after focusing my train of thought on the word. "Seriously... I forgot.",I attempted a smile after she sighed again.

    "Oh I don't doubt that for a second Ms.Bezarius . You can be a bit hopeless, no offence.",Zoe chuckled. Her mouse brown hair shivered a bit as she laughed. As usual, she wore her short black dress and slightly frilly stark apron. Her hair was short and was held back by a hair thing... Oi.... Called... A..... Hair band! It was matching to her apron. She was the fashionable one, out of the two of us.

    "Don't call me Ms.Bezarius! You know the first reason and the second... It make me sound important. Bleh.",I whined, as we went over this topic near hourly.

    "Yes excuse me, Kat. Sorry. We were talking of your plans of transportation when you become a trainer.",She explained with a parent's voice. If she was trying that tactic... Then that must mean she was covering something!

    "Thank you for calling me my nickname. And no! My awnser remains that I will not become a trainer",I huffed, she was slowly sapping away my patience on that matter. Ever since that stupid dinner conversation, Zoe would constantly remind me of how I should become one. She always quickly shot down my futile tries of defence with reasons that sounded... Well. They sounded reasonable and they ripped my flimsy excuses into pieces without a ounce of mercy. Like our current talk.

    "I can't become a trainer without a pokemon!",I glared and put out a random point. And it was no where near good enough.

    "Dear Arceus, Kat! Your family is filthy rich and one of the most respected families of Kanto! I personally will get you one, if I must!",She was on the roll. Dannnnnnng it.

    "Then... What of my personal safety?",I questioned. How many excuses could be killed with the same stupid reason?

    "By filthy rich, I mean piles. A body gaurd would be of no problem",she argued with hardly any pause.

    "What if I don't like my pokemon?"

    "We will get you a new one. Duh."

    The debated went on for a good 30 more heated minutes until I ran out of excuses. Now let me get this straight.

    I don't hate pokemon. I just want nothing to do with them. I much rather would practice my viola, or take more classes of kendo. Else, video games or books. Listening to music. All that jazz. Something I feel like is worthwhile. Not training pokemon. I prefer to think myself as the solitary type, and I rather it not be disturbed by a little critter who stalks me everywhere.

    I have nothing against pokemon. I have my reasons for not wanting to be along side one. Many reasons and Zoe knew this well. She wanted me to to something with my life. She and Joel were my family, as I never really saw people. I mean that literally.

    I haven't left the Bezarius grounds since I was born. Even my mother didn't leave as she gently carried me in her wonderful tummy. My baby hood was a strange one. I remember hardly anything of it, but just a little bit of it I do. My mother reading me stories and before I learned to crawl or walk... I ran. But the memories of my mother are much more important than those of running. Much more.

    "Miss? Kat?",Zoe waved her hand in front of my face, like a white whirl. I blinked, startled and regained the control over my dazed body.

    "I'm fine. I... I suppose I should take a bathe. Then it is dinner time, yes?", she nodded slowly with concern shining in her mint green eyes and she closed the oak door quietly after walking out. I viewed my room in boredom and went to the side of my huge bed, and sorted through my electronics for my Ipod Nano and earphones. I landed with a muffled thud and I hopped on my bed, the fluffy purple and black satin comforter shifting with the movement. The bed's frame is made of dark, near pitch oak and I closed the black bed curtains.

    I clapped twice and the lights shut off and my eyes traveled with the book light over a old book of a children's tale. Alice in Wonderland. My fingers traced the ink words slowly as my mind slipped from the world into its own fairytale. The music flowed through my ears, Face Down by the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. I didn't like most of their music but this singular song was great. By no means my favorite song or band, but it felt nice to listen to.

    "Hey kiddo, Mrs.Kate started your bath. Dinner will start later than usual so take your time kid. Be down at the dining hall by 8",And with that brief set of warm instructions, exited Joel, my kind kendo teacher. He evilly turned the switch on before he felt, and the bright light flooded my vision.

    "Okay. And thank you so much for that",I grumbled to myself sarcastically. I huffed with stubbornness and gracefully bounced off my bed. I set down the weathered book on my bedside table carefully and trudged out of my room and I went down the left hall. I spared a glance at the familiar scenery, the hallway a light tan and the floor some darkly colored wood. The lights gleamed homely and I opened the door to the bathing room.

    "Um...Mrs.Kate?",I called with dislike. She hated me. I hated her. She worked well for my family. My family paid her well for her work. She readied the families baths and cleaned all the bathrooms and did the laundry, but I silently called her Mayor Blue, something not very nice. She always acted as if she knew everything, but I knew she didn't. She couldn't read ancient manuscripts and hieroglyphics could she? No. That son of a... Daughter of a scarlet did not. I use literal colorful language as I find certain words distasteful.

    "Your bath is ready for you to bathe",she informed, I don't think she talked. She screeched. A Squirtle followed her, her work assistant.

    "Thank you very much,Mrs.Kate. You may take off duty for tonight and go down for dinner",I nodded, at least grateful for her services. People should thank others if they have done them some good. I knew how to draw a bath, but she did it and I did not. She did it for me (and cash) and I didn't so I must thank her, no matter how much I may hate her guts. She left me in peace as I stepped in and locked the door for privacy's sake.

    I stripped myself bare and put a toe in the water. It was perfect. I loved hot water, but I loved it extremely hot to where it burned a little. My skin buzzed in delight and I cleansed myself with no added hurry.

    I hummed a cheerful tune as I dressed myself in a lavender silk shirt and pitch black bottoms made of matching materials. I fought with my tangled rat nest after declining help from Miss Invelk. My dark blue hair finally ran down my head, this time like the surface of water. I touched my silky hair and picked my glasses from the shelf. My eyes were a cold black. Many people were unnerved by my eyes so I usually wore blue contacts at house parties which my family held often. Banter their wealth a lot, they do. I slung my hair in a ponytail, because I had no idea of how to braid and stuff like that. I honestly never really cared for it. I stepped into the hall and walked slowly to the dining room.

    The room might have fit Godzilla plus his entire family and more. The room was plenty tall, made of more dark oak and the walls were wearing a shiny deep red wine color until they met halfway down to go back to near black wood. The chandelier shined its glass, no excuse me... Diamonds and glass proudly. There was a single large window with black curtains and the kitchen door matched the floor.

    Speaking of kitchen doors, it flung open to Mr.Crapapple holding the dishes on freakin gold platers and a Machop not far behind him in a matching black suit.

    "You've outdone yourself again, Richard. As always",I complemented Mr.Crapapple sweetly. "Oh Ms.Kat, please don't comment it so til you've tried it",the old man chuckled and smiled and he set down my soon to be empty plate and plate cover.

    "Oh but Richard, there's been nary a dinner that anyone at this table has yet to not enjoy",Joel chuckled along and they had a small conversion as Mr.Crapapple handed out the food on gleaming platters.

    "Now you may eat",He gave the word and all eighteen staff and I ripped off the platter top.

    "Yum! Looks great Mr.Crapapple! Your famous Veggie Soup!",Zoe said after eating half her meal in a slurp from her spoon. The entire table, including me agreed. I pathetically tried to attack some delicious looking defenceless broccoli. It did nothing to defend itself, nor did it attack with payback. "Ms.Kat, you look upset. Why is that?",Joel asked, slight worry setting in his chocolate eyes and wrinkled skin.

    "Oh... I guess I'm not hungry. I apologize, Richard your dinner looks as great as always. I'm not feeling up to par tonight. I'll excuse myself now and get some early rest",I left silently after my farewell and I knew tonight would be sleepless with nightmares so I went down a diffrent hall and set of stairs to my kendo practice room.

    It was actually outside. So really, not much of a room but small area. A small network of hollow bamboo pipes lead water into a pond that clinked loudly, or it seemed. Since it was silent as usual it seemed like it sliced through the air with a calming ease. Short grass grew, a deep green and a wooden set of posts made a fence. Some rocks worked as steps towards the pond. The moon gleamed earnestly and fully against the unfathomable night. I picked up the black slim bag that my bamboo sword laid in, waiting eagerly for use.

    I slipped the bamboo sword out and vividly imagined foes everywhere with my eyes closed, allowing no one to gaze at my little world, or I liked to pretend. My sword acted as my arm and weapon, as a friend and tool. I sliced the air until my lungs won the war for sufficient air. I wiped the sweat off my brow and cleaned my bamboo sword with a cloth. I put the bamboo tool up and my feet carried my barely awake bag of bones to my room. I didn't bother to clap my hands before my mental light switched off, under my covers that felt like a wonderful cloud hugging my body.

    "Kat wake up!",Zoe shook me awake and I bolted up so fast our heads met, painfully.

    "Owwwwww",We both moaned in unison, rubbing our sore heads as I sat in my bed. "Well. I'm up",I stated, wondering just why the purple would she wake me up this early. Colorful language, eh?

    "I... I see that, Kat",she giggled as I pitifully glared, demanding to know what's wrong or get more sleep. "Don't be so grumpy. I have wonderful news",she spoke in a singysong voice and twirled around. I glared. She giggled. I wanted to slap her away and melt back into my sleep of dreams and ponies.

    "Fine, fine. You are becoming a pokemon trainer!",she cheered and I drifted into bed, a shell with my soul wavering out my mouth. My heart got caught in my throat and inflated. I couldn't remember how to speak and everything felt dull. My eyes started to well in frustration and irritation, of being stripped. Of something, through I doubt it has a name.

    "But.... I.... But.... I don't.... Why?",I mumbled, regaining the will to speak but not coherently. Zoe handed me a open letter. At the back of my working mind that was still sane, I thought ' What in the... She looked through my mail. She looked through my mail. How many times has she done this without me knowing?!'.

    The letter contained the reason. I opened the letter and my heart froze.

    'Dear Daughter,

    Your Mother and I agreed, you need to go on a journey. Both of your cousins have left on theirs and now you. You being bound to the house has caused hindering and could make the House troubled if targeted. Your Grandfather has died also, murdered. You are not safe and must immediately begin your journey. A boat will take you to Twin Leaf of Sinnoh, far out of the way. The reasons you must leave: Safety, for now the Bezarius family has been targeted. And I believe you should have an adventure. Your mother believes this too, and I have already a spot for you for getting a pokemon from Prof.Rowan.

    Your Father.'

    Of course, the actual meaning of his words were sneaky yet clear. I was messing up some of his stupid plans and it would be troublesome for the family name if I was slaughtered. I hated my Father much, but if Mother truly wanted for me to do so, I would become a Trainer and finding my own reason for being one on the way. I stared at the letter for a few seconds, letting the unwanted information settle in my head

    I knew that he had diffrent motives as well, diffrent from what he wrote-through I couldn't tell what those motives were. He was a careful, plotting type of man. He gathered knowledge, then and only then would he make a decision. He hated me. I hated him. Easy as day to understand.

    Through... I just wanted his attention more than anything. For him to notice my hard studying and work. For him just to even have a reason to look at me. I forgot his face long ago, very long ago. "He might consider me to exist if I become a good trainer!",I thought excitedly. It was a very stupid plan, but it was a plan. So, yes, I hated his guts completely but whenever I was lonely I would wish I at least had a dad in my life, who would friggin at least give a moment of silent thought of me at my funeral.

    I realised after pondering a bit, Zoe was trying to capture my attention. She was holding a now empty pail of once water."Thank you. I... Uh... Really wanted you to pour water on me. Thank you",I muttered through clumps of wet, dark blue hair. Zoe just giggled and threw a black towel to me. I pathetically attempted to dry it and gave my hair to nature to dry. I brushed my hair and put it right back in a ponytail. I felt Zoe's lingering concerned gaze on my half wet back.

    "Zoe? Something wrong?",I pondered out loud and she blinked, spooked from her thought train being broken.

    "Well Kat... You've denied that you've would be a Trainer and then you get a letter from your father... I can tell you're going... Please don't do it for your father. Do it for yourself, or anything else",she begged with pleading in her eyes. She knew of my desperate relationship with my father and she wished I wouldn't want HIS attention.

    "Zoe I can't keep that promise. I won't make a promise I can break. But... I'll try to enjoy myself. As for you...",I smirked evilly and she whimpered. "You are also going on a journey in Sinnoh. I'll provide you with a pokemon, but I know you want to. Think of it as my last gift to you as my personal servant",I added with my smirk becoming smug.

    "Y-yes Ma'am! Thank you!",she squealed with sudden energy. I chuckled and looked at the date I was to depart on the tickets in the letter. October Fourth. My birthdate. How ironic. I told her of the date and plans of arrival and soon the day came and began.

    .3. "." %.% "///.///"

    "Miss...?",Zoe asked groggy, terribly confused. Well, that's understandable. The morning roles were reversed. I giggled and pulled Zoe's sleepy form out of bed and searched for some casual clothing. I pushed a black shirt and jeans into her arms and then dragged her to the bathroom.

    "Put these on and meet me at the house front",I instructed her and rushed out of her room and lept to the doors of the house hold. I, the smart girl I am, just realised that being a trainer allowed me to travel around. As I mentioned earlier, I haven't ever been out side of Bezarius Island. It's a small island, not but a 15 minute boat ride away from Pallet Town and a 30 minute ride to Cinabar Island.

    Which I've been to neither. So traveling seemed pretty great to me. Our bags were packed somewhat the previous week and we were ready and all systems were go.

    So... The plan was to take a boat to Vermilion City, which would take a week. Drive to Saffron and take train to Jhoto, another week. Go from there to New bark. A day. Go from there, take a plane to Twin Leaf, a week. By the time I arrived I would be 10. On the day I get there. Today was to first go shopping for everything we needed and then to actually start.

    I would learn to hate shopping as Zoe dragged me from place to place, grabbing something here or there. Honestly, I wished I waited on the boat, to be totally unaware of what horrors lay beyond those retractable glass doors.

    "Okay.... Hmmm... Try this and this and this and this and this on. Oh yeah- that one! No no. Not this one, this one. Done. Go change into them",She commanded me and forced me into oblivion. Otherwise known as the changing room.

    Okay, I'll skip the rest of this cruel and unusual punishment. For you not to have nightmares, and me not to relive the nightmare.

    So story short, we bought stuff. Paid and left. Done deal. With minimal injures, we left the Viridian City shop thing and went back to Pallet Town with the shopping bags. A nice woman let my companion and I stay the night, through I admit I forgot her name. But she had a son who recently became a trainer... Red. That was his name.

    She was so nice... She let me sleep in her son's room, the kindred soul. His room had posters and books everywhere about one thing: pokemon. He had a TV with a NES or SNES or something. I kept to DS's and only that. I could not get the concept of a swirlie swivel stick thing on the PSP and that sort. Anyhow, off of my game banter before I begin to rant.

    His bed blanket was a mild blue base color with pokeballs dotting it with a boyish charm. A singular window let a gentle beam of moon light that softly lit some on the opposing mild blue wallpaper with more pokeballs floating around randomly. I wondered if all boys were as eager as Red, having never really met one before whom hadn't had a governess and wasn't much of a egotistical jerk. They had all but come near the mall Zoe dragged me into earlier, and I could see why. Very clearly.

    I giggled as I tried to image what a young boy version of Joel would look like, holding a bamboo sword. To say, at least, it was a extremely entertaining thought.

    I fell asleep without noticing that I had curled up in covers. No dreams bothered me that night and I woke up to a bird's screeching. I squeaked and fell out of bed- right on my face. Smooth move, I know. "Z... Zoe...",I gasped out, grabbing her foot when she came to check out the noise.

    "Kat is a.... ZOMBIE!",Zoe screamed and I rolled over the floor, laughing. I explained that I only fell out of bed and wasn't a zombie in any way. Red's mother (who never did tell us her name) made a delicious meal for us without us even asking.

    "Thank you so much Ma'am! Your hospitality is astounding. Thank you", I spoke happily, wondering how the heck this woman was comfortable with letting two young girls into her house with no information on us. It was more than a little bit unsettling but if she was giving us a shelter and food, I would always accept with a guilty heart. I silently pondered what she would have said if we were Rockets or a duo of evil scientists.

    The nice lady had dark blue hair and hazel eyes, and somehow she never ran out of red dresses and white and yellow aprons. She and Zoe where chatting about Rattata and Pidgey for some odd reason. Then they started on about a poor little Charmander, abandoned by his old trainer. I spaced out at this point, and couldn't help but be curious of who would do such a evil thing. Sure, I don't like pokemon very much but.... I wasn't cruel or rotten. I couldn't grasp that someone, a trainer of all things, could abandon their friend and comrade. Weren't trainers the good guys?

    After eating and cleaning our mess we departed, stuffed both in bags of stuff and stomachs wise.

    "Bye! Thank you so much for your hospitality and help! Bye!",I waved along with Zoe, heading to the harbor. A boat came up to the dock, a small white one with a little room in the back of it. A man stood on top of it with brown hair and slightly tanned skin. He actually seemed pretty familiar... Wait a minute. Bill.

    "Hey Bill!",I yelled, remembering him from a few parties my family had thrown. He seemed to remember me as well. That made my spirits lift a little higher.

    "Hey yourself. Aren't you Kat? Heir of Bezarius house?",He asked, amused as I gave him a little childish hug.

    "Yeah, yeah. I don't care much for my family. Anyway, this is Zoe!",I helped her up on the boat after she handed me the bags." Hiya! Well... Yes I'm the fabulous Zoe!",She did a dramatic twirl and Bill chuckled.

    "Pleasure is all mine. Anyhow, what do you girls think of starting up this baby?",He smiled and we all walked over to the steering thing. After a few days and night, we arrived in Vermilion. The days on the boat were fun, but I seriously needed ground that wouldn't wobble left and right if I walked over to the cooler for a bottle of water. But I must admit that the sight was much more compared to my last ride to Pallet Town. I actually had to delete a couple of pictures on my new camera. I had to save the memory so I could make a scrap book when it got 'safe' to go home.

    So when we docked, I did not step on land, nor did I kiss it. I face dived into it. I tripped on the last metal bar and off I went, for a nice fly on to my face. I must say, it certainly was not tasteful. Not that dirt would be, but I haven't ever tried it... Let's just say my curious question of how dirt tasted ended there and also did the question of how diffrent dirts tasted like.

    I washed my mouth out along with my muddy face and I did not kiss the ground, no badly of how much I wanted to. Bill and Zoe wouldn't shut up about it until we reached the blasted city. It was like a diffrent world.

    Sadly enough, my awe didn't last very long. Zoe dragged me as we said farewells to Bill. I got to glimpse of some boys and girls playing, and a really tall dude scaring the pants off them. He had spikey blonde hair and was really buff. He wore army clothing and the little kids cleared out fast.

    I saw a boy and decided... They were adorable. Big scary dude? Nooooot so much. Zoe dragged me into a limo (for some reason people were staring... Did I look that out of place?) And off we drove.

    I haven't ever been in car and I don't recommend it. It's bumpy, too fast, and it made me want to throw up. It took four hours of death till we arrived in Saffron. Sweet ground... Again. I don't want to be ungrateful but... These transportation ways are simply horrid. We got on a train. Oh joy. A godzilla sized car.

    I was correct. A very big car. But no where near as evil. We spent a week on that, with a nice little compartment for everything. Those days past with a blur and once again, only two companions, like at home. But this time it was the hilarious conductor and Zoe. The time was swell and I can't really say anything bad about it.

    We arrived in Jhoto while I was asleep and something carried me, I think because I was out like a light. Which the fact of being carried is really creepy.

    So we reached New Bark as I slept soundly in some... Person's arms. Okay then. Not creepy in the.... Slightest.... Not.... Ugh. Okay, that was a complete lie. It was revolting and slightly making me paranoid.

    Prof. Elm greeted us, the nice man. I remember watching a documentary he made on the evolution of pokemon. It's actually very interesting, dispite it being a documentary.

    "Hello there Kat Bezarius, or am I mistaken?",He asked, looking at me as if I were a little creature Dr. Thunderland Jr. would have been wanting to... Errrrrrrr... Dissect. Okay, all violating and mentally disturbing references aside, he wasn't that bad. He just looked at me.... Let me cleanse my thoughts for a second.... Cha! He looked at me like a interested teacher!!! Say ner to that, Rick Astley!!!!!!!!!

    Uh... Sorry. Zoe gave me some sugar cubes.... Yeah. Not best snack for Kat.

    Zoe nudged me with her rather knife like elbow when I indulged myself in my thoughts. "Oh.... Oh! Sorry, lost myself in... Thought. Pleasure to meet you, Professor Elm. Your documentary was very well made and you put a lot of thought into it",I started to ramble, as usual.

    "Um... Thank you? And nice meeting you and your friend Zoe as well. Your plane is already ready...",he informed akwardly, nearly as inexperience with people as I was! He kindly showed us the way and some nice lady named Skyla took us. We stopped about every 8 hours, thankfully. I wasn't sure of how to walk after the week of flying. I swear, ground never looked better to taste again... Through I wouldn't try my luck. So no dirt for me!

    We thanked her and I got out of the plane after Zoe.

    "AHHHHHHHH!",I screamed before my cries of fright were muffled by my sworn enemy. Dirt.

    "Nice job there, Alakazam. Now here is were we part",Zoe spoke unexpectedly, and I swear, I heard that ripping noise you hear in movies. "... What",I blinked, still not letting the information settle. The only two reasons I accepted this stupid journey were:

    1. Travel and have a good time, maybe get a good job or boyfriend or hobbies or crap.

    2. I was on this journey with a friend. So I wouldn't be alone with a pokemon.

    "Well... You see... Mr. Elm gave me my pokemon while we were in Jhoto. It's a Chickorita and I'm flying back there with Skyla here...",she sheepishly trailed off and chuckled a bit.

    "I. Will. Not. Let. Go",I clenched on to her arm like a monkey with a iron grasp.

    "Oh yes you will. Or do you want me to tell them...?",she gave me a smug smirk and I felt myself pale. "You... You wouldn't",I squeaked, full knowing she would,"Fine. But you better call me". She nodded and we said sad farewells. I waved as she was lifted into the sky, with trusty Skyla to fly her there.

    I felt alone. Alone. Alone. Alone. I held back tears, realising this completely. I was never truly alone on Bezarius Island. Someone was always a shout way, wherever I was on the island. As I traveled, I traveled with my best friend. And basically only one. I knew Bill, and some others from our monthly parties but... Those were more like long distance friends. And really, Bill was my only long distance friend. So only three friends. My servants were okay but we were not ever truly friends. Only Joel and Zoe were.

    I sighed, irritated. I curled up next to a tree and fell asleep, and woke up in a silent scream. It was strange... I also realised that I knew no one in this region... So I would have to talk to people myself... That itself was a nightmare. I actually had a nightmare, through. A huge white and pink dragon like pokemon and a blue and gray dragon like pokemon were fighting and it felt like they weren't supposed to ever have met... Then I tried to run towards them yet I couldn't. And I was in the middle of them. I awoke in yet a dream within a dream, for this time a yellow, pink, and blue pokemon fought a black and white one... It was ironically near identical to my previous dream. That's how I woke up silently screaming.

    I blinked, and happily realised I was back in real life. I shook myself and decided to use inventory check as a excuse to keep a little more time before getting my first pokemon... In Prof.Rowan's lab all the way in Sandgem Town... Oh the joy. I was being very sarcastic there.

    I emptied out my black bag's containments on to the grass next to me and started sorting. I even wrote down a list! Look at me, all organized.


    Shirts(All are black or purple. I refuse to purchase what Zoe thought was clothing for me.) : Ten. Four black under shirts and five black and/or purple regular tees.

    Pants(No skirts. Never. Ever.): 4 pairs of black pants, 2 pairs of caprees, and a pair of shorts.

    Jackets: One black jacket, keep in bag for later use.

    Shoes: One pair 'Running Shoes'(How is it diffrent from tennis shoes?) And a pair of flip flops.

    Hats: One white hat with a purple half pokeball outlined with black.


    Plenty. Many canned food and such are stored in a item capsule.

    Electronics: Ds, Dsi, 3Ds are stored with chargers and games respectively. 1 ipod.

    Books: How to Interact With Pokemon and How to Interact With Humans are stored along with sketch book and Trainer Guide.

    Pokemon Items: 3 potions, 1 antidote, 1 awakining, 4 full cans of Pokemon Food, 2 pokeballs.

    Living Gear: 1 warm blanket and 1 sleeping bag, 1 portable heater, 1 radio, plenty of toilet paper, one poketch.

    Need to buy: Medications, more pokemon items, and a escape rope.

    List thing over and out.

    I curiously slipped on my black poketch over my slim arm with no problems. However, it refused to turn on. Or it hated me as simply chose to drive me insane with suspension of what it does. Whateverrrrr.

    I pondered, lying there for one more moment, wondering how all that could possibly fit in a black duffle bag. I shrugged, rather not to question a positive unknown detail. I tried to get up with my bag on my should and fell, once more, on my face. I declare face abuse and plead the 5th. So very cruel and so unusual of punishment.

    I trudged on the Route, feeling as if Atlas gave me the world to bare... In a duffle bag. I somehow got off the Route and found myself very much lost. I found a beautiful sparkling lake and a old sign that said: Lake Verity. I saw a girl with the same dark blue hair I had(or somewhat similar) and a boy with fluffy blonde hair. I wanted to make his hair into jacket. Okay, random thought BUT it did look very fluffy in my defence. And my glasses were foggy.

    The two seemed to be studying a brown briefcase very closely.

    "H-Hello...",I trailed, suddenly forgetting every word I was ever taught, every vowel, every letter and how to spell supercalafragalisticexpialidosous.

    "Hi! I'm Barry!",the blonde cheerfully rushed, energetically. "And this is-",he was cut off by the girl with him.

    "I'm Dawn. Hello! Who are you?",she asked me.

    "I-I-I, er, um, uh,er, gulp,urgh, um... Meow",I studdered like an idiot, nervous as a trainwreck. I remembered that cat goes meow and my name was Kat and cat and Kat sound alike and the meaning was the same.... I'll shut up my thought now.

    "-I mean! I'm Kat! S-sorry about that...", I rushed my words before the could react and they both laughed.

    "Don't be so nervous", Dawn pulled my hand towards the brief case. My mind, feet, legs, hands, and face all had differing ideas, through. Because, once again, face abuse attacked. Oh the cruelty.

    "Ah!!! Kat are you okay??!!",Dawn shrieked in surprise and Barry helped me up. "Yep. During these last three weeks ground hasn't been doing any good once so ever for my face. It happens... A lot. Anyway, what's with this brief case?",I mumbled, drawn in to the reason they had beforehand been staring holes into it.

    Barry, probably eager to switch the subject, obliged to my question happily,"Professor Rowan and his assistant left this!!! It has something important in it and we are going to give it to them!!",he cried out, energetically. After that loud statement, we were attacked by a flash of bird. Correction: We were attacked by a flash of Starly.

    "Starrrrrrrrr! Starly star star ly star!",It screamed at me. I said nothing to defend myself. Instead...."Um... Did something make you... Mad?",Both Dawn and Barry facepalmed and Barry opened the case.

    They both grabbed a ball and Barry threw one to me. Or rather... Threw one at my face.

    "Thank you... So much",I hissed as I regained my face's feeling and both of my new...'friends' had their own battle. Barry was fighting with a Turtwig, Dawn was with a Chimchar. Their battles weren't really... Heated but that was because both sides of the fight were dramatically weak. No offence to them personally, they just were.

    While I wondered what was held in the ball I had in my had, the bird flew at me on steroids. Okay... That was overkill discription but it flew at me, its beak was headed for my stomach.

    "Um.... Go.... Thing!",I yelled, and out came a Piplup. It was just as confused as I was but we became allies of war. It understood what had to be done, through not nessesarily why.

    "Use... Pound!",I yelled, hoping I was lucky and it knew that move since its body suggested it was the type to. It did what I asked, surprisingly enough considering my luck.

    "Piplup!",It cried out, determined to beat the bloody pink out of this bird. It jumped with unknown speed and landed right on target with a loud thud. The stupid birdy flew right from under Piplup, heading towards me. I clumsily took out my bamboo sword is had in its case on my back. It turned into a pretty odd situation from there.


    Tomboy:Hello! Call me Tom!

    Kat:They know that stupid.

    Tom:Hey don't be mad at me.


    Tom: Shhh, you'll give away some of next chapterrrrrr.

    Kat:Fine, Fine.

    Barry:Why... Would you give me Turtwig. He is so... Slow.

    Turtwig:I HEARD THAT, YOU... jerk of a tard.

    Kat:Let all your anger out or you'll have to take anger management classes.


    Random Sudowoodo: Beeeeeep! Tecical Difficulties... Beeeeep!

    Did you like? Think was funny? Would you like to make a character in the show? Please PM me or review! It helps a lot so pleaseeeee!

    OC Form:



    Looks Like:




    What He/She Looks in For a Boy/Girlfriend:





    Other?Please if you make a character, you don't have to be as detailed as a horror film but try to get at least the gist of it. Thank you for your submitted and I'll get back to you as fast as I possibly can. :D Also, they won't be in yet for a few more chapters, please bare with me now.)
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