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Old April 14th, 2012 (8:42 AM).
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Hi guy/girls,

Basically, me and my cousin are going to be having a massive battle royale on leafgreen in a couple of months. There will be 3 matches, 1 month apart (best of 3, could be 2 matches if someone is too good ).

Now, i know that a lot of you have lots of knowledge in regards to what the perfect team is, but i need some serious consideration going into this as the rivalry between me and my cousin is IMMENSE. If he beats me, i will NEVER hear the end of it - as nerdy as that sounds. So i need some good tips.

Of the ORIGINAL 150 pokemon, what is the best 6 pokemon team. This takes into consideration - Techniques, HP, Strategy, Restorative items, ETC ETC ETC. This also needs consideration where if he wins a match, i may need a new strategy/team, SO, i may need a backup 6 pokemon. So really, if you know and AWESOME 12 pokemon lineup (AND SPECIFICALLY WHY) POST AWAY AND SEND ME TO VICTORY!!!

I took a while posting this, so please, do me a favour and give me glory against this creten!

Thanks guys.

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Old April 14th, 2012 (10:12 AM).
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Unfortunately, until you actually have a team, moves, EVs, etc set up, no one can really tell you anything. You need to come up with something, and then try asking in the Competitive Battling Center. Please read the rules there before posting though. Like I said, they require you actually have a potential team listed, along with items, moves, EVs, natures, what have you. Use your brain and don't rely on random internet strangers to do all your dirty work. Good luck.

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