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Old April 14th, 2012 (5:12 PM).
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    Hey guys this is my original Fan fic: Pokemon rescue team beta! I hope you like it, and leave comments below!

    Pokemon Rescue Team Beta:
    EP 1: the start of it all

    Scorpio was risen by the conceited twittering of the bird-types surrounding him the tree, nearly deafening him.

    Mind groggy, he stared around in the leafy alcove surrounding him.

    “Ugh.. my head,” he muttered then realized something.

    “Hey, Hoots!” he shouted, “What time is it?”

    Instead of responding, the stubby Hoothoot perched nearby gave out 2 shrill tweets, then a pause, and then five more tweets, then flew off.

    “Holy S#!t” Scorpio shouted “Two-oh-five?! I’m late for the big meeting at the guild!”

    Suddenly, Scorpio was as awake as ever and he ran out the door to his treehouse home and launched himself off. His large, black wings caught the wind and lifted him into the air. He set himself on a course toward the guild, and let his ming wander.

    A smile played across the Gliscor’s face. Today was his first day of being in an rescue team, and he was going to Wigglytuff’s guild to be assigned his partner in his new life of adventure!

    As Scorpio landed at the guild a small, multicolored bird-type shot out of the guild like an arrow, and landed at his feet. you could tell just from the Chatot’s expression that he was severely annoyed at the large Pokemon.

    “And where have you been,” the Chatot asked tartly.

    “Umm.. I sleep late ,” Scorpio said.

    “Hmm” said the Chatot, procuring a notepad from seemingly nowhere and proceeded to scribble on it. “Not--Very--Reliable” he muttered.

    “ Hey!” Scorpio said, “I’m not unreliable, I was just tired, that’s all. Anyway can we get back to the meeting now?

    “Certainly” the Chatot and he ushered him into the guild where a large group of Pokemon were seated listening to the Guildmaster, Wigglytuff.

    Scorpio sat next to a timid-looking Cubone and a flopping Magicarp and began listen to the Guildmaster’s speech

    “ ...And so the guild was created!” boomed Wigglytuff. Scorpio sighed. Wigglytuff seemed to have been talking for ours, and by looking around, you could tell the other Pokemon here thought so as well.

    Finally, however, it seemed things were getting interesting.

    “ OK people,now it is time to get down to business,” the booming voice comanded. “ I will read off your name and the name of your new partner, then, after everyone is paired, you can leave, along with a letter discerning the location of your teams secret base. Now to start with the names”

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      A very short beginning. The only thing that happened was a Gliscor flew to the guild and met Chatot. I suggest you write chapters that are a lot bigger and cover more of the story. Right now it is hard to talk about your story because basically nothing happened. :x But I can see that you are writing a Mystery dungeon story with a gliscor lead. Bound to be interesting I think?
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        Pokemon Rescue Team Beta

        EP 2: Meet the Teammate

        Scorpio sat, every muscle in his body on edge, eagerly awaiting the knowledge of his new partner in his very own rescue team.

        As Wigglytuff started to list off the names, Scorpio found himself scanning the hoard of pokemon surrounding him, wondering which might wind up his partner.

        Maybe the Ursaring? Scorpio contemplated, or maybe that mean-looking Houndom?

        He was jarred back to reality by the sound of his name.

        “ Scorpio,” Wigglytuff boomed, “You will be paired with Icarus. You and your partner please report to the office , where Chatot will give you your adventure badge and pack. You will also register the name of your rescue team.

        Scorpio worked his way out of the crowd and saw a Ledian standing around with a bored expression on it’s face.

        Assuming this must the Icarus Wigglytuff mentioned, scorpio glide over to meet his new teammate.

        “ You must be Scorpio,” the Ledian “ My name’s Icarus, your new teammate! Now let’s get down to the office and register!”

        As Scorpio and Icarus they contemplated names for their new team.

        “What about Team Pokepals?” asked Icarus

        “Nah, too unoriginal” replied Scorpio. ”How ‘bout Team Red”

        “ And your talking to me about being unorignal?” laughed Icarus. “Dude, that’s about as original as dirt. Come on now, think, think!”

        “Ok, how about Team Beta?” Scorpio asked.

        “Hmmm....” said Icarus, contemplating. he cocked his head, “I like it. Simple, but with a lot of subtext beneath. I say go for it!”

        “Great” said Scorpio “cuz we’re here”

        Towering above theme was a giant door. With a golden doorframe and a solid oak door, the mere presence of it made the adventures nervous.

        After a couple minutes of awkward silence, Icarus finally gathered the courage to knock on the door. befor he could, though the slid smoothly open by itself.
        Inside there was a standard room, shelves covered with knickknacks covered the walls. In the center of the room there was a desk, where the Chatot from earlier sat.

        He looked up at the adventures and gave a sort of impatient sigh.

        “Well come in” He snapped. “We haven’t got all day,you know”

        Stammering, Icarus and Scorpio stepped up the magnificent desk. From the looks of it, Chatot was furiously scribbling down something on a form.

        “Alright, I need your team name” said Chatot

        “Team Beta” said Scorpio

        “Alright” said Chatot,”Your good. All you’ll need is in this pack.” He tossed the team a bag and ushered them outside, where their greatest adventure yet awaited.

        “Okay, let’s see what we got here” Scorpio mumbled as he ruffled through the bag.

        “OK some berries, a map, a couple gummies--Oh! What have we here?” Scorpio remarked “ A letter?”

        lcarus looked up “Whats it say?” he asked

        ”Ahem,” Scorpio started, then proceeded to read the letter

        Dear Whateverthef**kyournameis,
        You, along with a partner, have decided to start a Rescue team! be sure to train and recruit and your team will grow to epic preportions!
        Enclosed within this letter is your rescue badge, used for transporting pokemon back to town, as well as identification of a true rescue team. Also, the location of your secret base witch shall serve as your house for the time being is found at Apple forest, so set of on your epic quest to do good!



        At the bottom of the envelope where two badges. He grabbed them, and tossed one at Icarus.

        “ Well, let’s head out, we gotta get to the base before nightfall” Scorpio said. “ Says here its in ‘Apple forest’, but I’ve never heard of it. You?”
        “Nope,” replied Icarus with a shrug, “but didn’t you ay there was a map in the bag?”

        “Well now that you mention it..” Scorpio said, already ruffling through the pack to find it, “ I did” after a couple seconds, he pulled out the ratty map and began to examine it with probing eye until finally he found the dot labeled Apple Forest and found to his dismay, it seemed to be surrounded by a rugged mountain range, making it quite hard to get to.

        After a quick re-examination, however, he found there was a quicker way inside; a ruddy runt of a cave called Cave Stonecharge which provided an easy access way in and out of the forest.

        Also luckily for them, the entrance to said cave was only a couple miles from their current location, and it wasn’t a particularly hard trek through it.

        Icarus’s wings buzzed as he took off for the short flight to the cave entrance, and he and Scorpio lifted into the air as the low rumble of the storm started in the distance.

        “Sounds like a storms starting up,” Scorpio remarked, just as the rain started to come dripping down through the clouds.

        The two took of before they could be completely soaked by the rain and soon they made it to the cave.

        Cave Stonecharge was an impressive sight, a tower of crystal and stone rose into the sky, giving the impression of a mountain, or a castle. inside, many floating crystals were littered around, but, there were no Pokemon to be seen.

        “Hmm..” said Icarus, “where are all the Pokemon? I’m sure there would have at least been some Zubat or something”

        “Don’t worry,” replied Scorpio “ I’m sure there just further in, now, lets get in.I’m soaked!”

        The two adventurers hurried inside and dried theme self of as they traveled through the cave, although there where still no Pokemon to be seen.

        Outside the storm steadily grew worse , until suddenly, and with epic force, a jagged pale-blue bolt of lightning hit the tower, lighting it up in an unearthly glow, and the glow quickly spread to the other crystals in the cave.

        “DA F**K?!?!” Scorpio shouted. All the levitating crystals in the cave had began to glow, as if filled with millions of tiny LED lights.

        The floating stones then began to circle the duo, slowly at first, but they soon picked up speed , forming a circle of light. Suddenly Scorpio was racked with spastic headaches, and he blacked out

        Scorpio awoke first, to the sight of a face. A human face. Scorpio’s mind went into overdrive as he stared at the face

        A human? he thought. I thought there were no humans in the Poke-verse*? there was that weird portal thing that turned people into Pokemon if they wanted to get here?

        “A Gliscor and a Ledian?” the human asked “ What are they doing in Unova? There not even from the same region”

        Remembering all the facts about humans he had learned in school, Scorpio’s reflex’s kicked in and he grabbed his bag and unconscious partner and, using his tail for propulsion, launched himself toward the exit.

        He was sure when he got out of the cave, he could find a Pokemon willing to help get the human out of Poke-verse and then--

        However, when he got outside he stopped dead. In front of him was a human town

        Toto, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore.

        *this is the name I gave to the rescue team location, since I've never heard it officially named
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