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Melody Eumelia Wakana
Route 11
Bugging out man, I really am.
< Battle Time? >

"Come back here!" Melody yelled as she chased after the figure. "I demand an apology! Did you not hear me? I DEMAND AN APOLOGY!" Melody raised her hands in exasperation, still running. "How dare you ignore me after being so very rude?" The figure chuckled, only quickening its pace. "YOU LITTLE CRETIN! YOU DON'T DESERVE TO LIVE!"

. . . 5 minutes earlier . . .

"Ah, route eleven," Melody sighed, content. "Full of Combee from bee farms. Good thing they don't keep Beedrill around."

"Paaaaaan sage," Reed nodded in agreement.

"Not very polite little things," Melody observed as a few Combee flew past. "Just flitting about, not even taking enough notice of you to mutter a greeting. Hmph. They should learn some manners. Although, I suppose they're not as bad as Carnivine," Melody stopped, appearing lost in thought.

"Panpanpanpan sasasage! Pan~sage," Reed exclaimed, pointing out the various flora of route eleven.

"Yes, yes, very nice," Melody muttered, thinking. "I hear those Carnivine sometimes enjoy biting people on the head. How very rude! If you spot any Carnivine anywhere, do not tell me for I do not wish to look upon their rudeness! Teach them to bite my head," Melody paused. "Wait a second. . . . Perfect!" She whirled around and got eye-level with Reed. "If you see any Carnivine, tell me immediately! I shall teach them their manners! This is of the utmost importance, and you cannot shirk this duty less the world fall to barbaric ruin! Do you understand?"

Reed nodded his head, although whether he did so out of a sense of duty or to appease his mentally unstable trainer is not clear.

"Good! Now that that's settled," Melody twisted round to stand up, and as soon as she did something hit her in the face. "Oof!" Melody stumbled backwards a few steps as her attacker flew off.

"Moooooooooothiiiim! Theem! Motheem," the little moth pokémon taunted.

"Excuse me? You get back here right now!" When the Mothim showed no intention of returning, Melody began to pursue it. "Come back here!"

After a few more minutes of running and yelling, Melody was almost caught up with the Mothim. Jazz and Reed ran behind her, struggling to keep up. Jazz shook her head in exasperation whilst Reed held his arms in the air and screeched like a madmonkey.


“I. WILL. GET. YOU!” Melody screamed as she lunged at the Mothim. All the Mothim did was chuckle and fly a few inches higher, causing Melody to completely miss him and do a very graceful face plant in the dirt.

“Excuse me! May I ask why you are terrorizing my Mothim?” Melody raised her head, spat out some dirt and saw a boy, maybe around fourteen years old, standing next to the Mothim.

“I,” Melody said as she stood and brushed dirt off of her clothes, “demand an apology from that vile, wretched, disgusting knave you call a Mothim.”

“What? You want an apology from my Mothim?” the boy asked, incredulous.

“Yes! It is a vile creature and oh-so-very rude,” Melody crossed her arms and lifted her chin, appearing as if that explained everything perfectly.

“O-okay? Burmis,” the boy stammered as he turned to the Mothim, “apologize to . . . this person for . . . whatever you did.”

“Moth. Im. Mothim.”

“Very good,” Melody stated, looking back at the boy. “Now, I demand to meet your Mothim on the field of battle.”

The boy looked even more confused. “A battle? Right here? Now? With you?”

“Yes, a battle. Right here. Now. With me. What, did you think I meant a ballet on the moon next week with a Magikarp?”

“N-no. Um, okay, fine, a battle it is then.” The boy took a few steps back, highly exaggerated just so that he may further the distance between him and the psycho. Melody did the same, although with far less exaggerated steps. “Burmis, you’re up.”

“Jazz, time to make sure this Mothim remembers his manners.” Burmis and Jazz both took their positions on their respective sides of the field. “Let’s start this off with- . . . oh dear, what are your attacks again? Um, perhaps . . . no, no, not that. Maybe it’s . . . no, not that either. Oh,” Melody snapped her fingers, acting as if something obvious had just dawned upon her. “Super rainbow tail of death!”

Jazz face pawed while the boy stared at Melody with a confused look.

“Oh . . . that’s not a move, is it? Oh well, I suppose we’ll have to go with Tackle.”

“Burmis, counter with an aerial Tackle of your own!” The two Pokémon ran, or in Burmis’s case, flew, towards each other. They collided in the air, creating a massive explosion that ripped trees from the ground and sent the boy hurtling into outer space. A mushroom cloud as tall as a mountain erupted from the ground, and the world literally shook from the force of the impact. Or, at least, this happened in Melody’s mind. The real thing was far less exciting.

Burmis spiraled towards the ground as Jazz twisted in the air, landing on her feet. “Now, while it’s down! Hyper Beam! Giga Impact! Tackle!” Melody yelled, pointing at the moth Pokémon. Jazz gave a sigh as she ignored the first two commands, jumping onto the Mothim in a full-body Tackle. “FINISH IT!”

“Bug Bite!” Burmis twisted under Jazz and clamped his jaws around Jazz’s paw. Jazz yelped and leaped back a few steps, giving Burmis enough breathing room to take flight once more. “Sunny Day!” Burmis tilted his wings towards the sun, began to glow for a moment, and then launched a beam of energy into the sky. The sun’s rays seemed to intensify.

“Fire Blast! Aeroblast! Hydro Blast! Tackle Blast!” Jazz decided to interpret the meaning of the last command as ‘Tackle,’ although she wasn’t too sure what was truly going through her trainer’s mind. In any event she charged forward and lunged at Burmis.

“Solarbeam!” Just as Jazz was tomake contact, Burmis began to take sunlight in on his wings. They began to glow, and at the very moment that Jazz made contact Burmis released the energy from the supercharged sunlight. There was a flash of white light, a sound of an explosion, and a rush of air as the blast of energy blew outwards.

“Eeveeveevee!” Jazz screamed as she rolled through the air, only stopping when she was slammed into a tree.

“Toxic,” the boy stated calmly. Burmis gave a sinister chuckle and then bit Jazz with venomous fangs. Jazz gave another scream of pain as the toxin spread throughout her body.

“Tackle, then Wish!” Jazz pushed off from the tree, kicked Burmis square in the face, and then chanted something towards the sky. A few moments later, while Burmis was still recovering from the sudden kick, Jazz glowed ever so slightly, and Melody could see the difference in her stature. “Now, Roar of Time! Spacial Rend! Shadow Force! Judgement!”

Jazz growled as she leaped through the air. She did not attack Burmis, however, but she instead landed on Melody’s head. She then proceeded to slam the poor, misguided trainer’s face into the dirt. After which she used Tackle on Burmis once more.

“Venoshock!” Jazz rammed Burmis into the ground and continuously slammed him with her paws. Burmis barely had time to catch his breath, much less attack, but eventually Jazz slowed down from exhaustion, allowing the moth to knock her out with a Venoshock attack.

Melody stood up, spluttering and spitting dirt from her mouth, and recalled Jazz. A moment later she commanded Reed to take his position in front of her. “Lick, followed by Scratch,” Melody stated calmly. Reed did as told, running at Burmis with an outstretched tongue and readied claws. As he wrapped his tongue around Burmis’s face, he clawed at the moth viciously. After a few seconds Burmis went down, exhausted from his battle with Jazz.

“Burmis, return,” the boy sighed. “Well then, I suppose it’s time for my trump card. Come on out, Scorpio!” In a flash of white light, a giant scorpion appeared. It took a moment for Melody to identify it as a Drapion. The Drapion, Scorpio, gave a guttural roar before it went completely berserk. It flicked its tail and almost took its trainer’s headoff, and then it decided to walk over to the nearest tree, tear it free from the ground and rip it in half. It then threw the two halves of the tree, and Melody was very nearly crushed by one.

With a final loud roar, Scorpio charged off to wreak havoc upon some other unsuspecting individual. “Damn it,” the boy muttered, “freaking bug never listens.”

“Excuse me,” Melody interjected, “what just happened?”

“Oh,” the boy blushed as he turned towards her. “That was my . . . Drapion. He’s a problem child, to say the least. He was actually a gift from my Dad, but I think that was less for my protection and more for me to prove myself. He probably figured that if I could get Scorpio to listen, I could conquer anything.” He turned and looked in the direction the Drapion had ran. “He was probably right, too.”

“Okay then,” Melody said as Reedwalked around, his tongue still extended. “Would you like some help with capturing him? I mean, before he murders somebody?” Reed climbed onto Melody’shead as she spoke, wrapping his tongue around her face in the perfect glomp! moment.

“Would you, really?” He asked, and Melody nodded. “That would be great, thanks!”

They started to walk, Melody having to recall Reed into his pokéball to stop his weirdness. After a moment, Melody turned to the boy. “Oh! I don’t believe I ever caught your name?”

The boy turned to her, “Nathan. Name’s Nathan."

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@ Miss Doronjo & Fuyu - Very entertaining post! Kathy- I mean Lynn lol, is hilarious on coffee xD And it's nice to read about Maya and Ethan. You also portrayed and used your pokémon well in this post.

- Flareon grew to lvl 15!
- Flareon learned

- Pansage grew to lvl 16!
- Pansage learned
Leech Seed!

- Marill grew to lvl 10!

- Blackie (Umbreon) grew to lvl 16!

@ Nakuzami - Haha, Melody has got quite the character xD Sounds like she needs that enlightening pokédex rather badly... can't wait to see what she'll do in Feborough ;)

- Jazz (Eevee) grew to lvl 13!

- Reed (Pansage) grew to lvl 13!
- Reed learned
Fury Swipes!
paired to a seeker.
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    Lucas "Luke" Wright
    Adventures in Route 11!

    Ten minutes later, Lucas was outside the shop, grinning as he juggled the six pokeballs he had just bought. After about five minutes of arguing, fighing, and blackmailing later, he had finally bought the pokeballs for only 100 bucks. The only deal had been that Lucas never told anybody about this battle. Poor guy, he didn’t know that Lucas had already posted a video of the whole cartoonish situation on the internet before they had made the deal. Lucas decided to keep shut about the video though.

    He tossed one pokeball to Leo, who was perched on his shoulder. Leo caught it and placed the pokeball in Lucas’s bag. The trainer patted his psychic fox Pokemon, who was walking beside him, praising her for her efforts in the battle. “Nice work, Amethyst. You rock! I’m sorry I put you in such a situation though... I should have known that Psychic Pokemon were a type disadvantage against Ghost pokemon...” He cursed himself for not having enough Pokemon knowledge. Even though he had won the battle, he had won it by barely an inch. That was not good enough for him.

    Lucas headed towards the northern route leading out of town. He spotted the huge board in front of him, with “Route 11” written on it in huge letters. He smiled as he passed the board, finally he was going to get out of this town.

    As soon as he was out on the route, his jaw almost fell to the ground. The place was absolutely beautiful. There were small Pokemon flying around, buzzing from flower to flower. There were Electrike running around in the open, jumping from place to place chasing these bugs out. In the distance, he could see few large houses with nets at the back. Behind the nets, were small box like things, with yellow colored Bugs flitting in and out of them.

    “Combee...” Lucas recognized the Pokemon. He had once seen a documentary on those Pokemon. They were used to make Combee honey which are supposed to be very healthy, tasty and rich in nutrients. According to the documentary there were a lot of these bee farms near this Route. Lucas thought about trying to score some honey from one of these farmers, so he headed towards the nearest Honey Farm he saw.

    As soon as he arrived at the Farm’s door though, his way was blocked by a young trainer dressed in a Bug Catcher’s attire.

    “You can’t go through! Not until you battle me!” The kid challenged Lucas. Lucas looked at him as if he was crazy. That was definitely not a way to welcome somebody, and it didn’t look like the kid was about to budge. It was going to be easy experience for Lucas anyways, so he decided to accept his challenge.

    The boy immediately tossed a pokeball on the ground, and a Combee emerged from within. Lucas laughed at this, this was easy. He sent out Leo to quickly end this battle. He waited for the kid to strike first.

    “Combee... uh... Tackle!” The Combee rushed towards Leo who quickly managed to sidestep and avoid the slow attack. The Combee crashed into the ground, but managed to quickly dust itself and rush at Leo once more with all it’s force. This time it managed to connect as it collided with Leo, but the force made it stumble backwards, hardly doing any damage to Leo. Leo looked at it with his head tilted, as if confused whether the Combee was fighting or playing. This probably insulted both trainer and Pokemon, as they flared up, once again rushing to attack. Leo simply shrugged, and without waiting for Lucas’s command, blew a small flame towards the bee.

    The flame attacked the yellow Pokemon as it went down trying to extinguish the flames, but couldn’t manage to survive that attack. It fainted, a confused look on his face, as the trainer kept yelling at the fallen Combee, but obviously nothing happened. He picked up his Pokemon gently, sniffing, disappointed with both his and his Combee’s performance, and glared at Lucas. He eventually calmed down though, and signalled Lucas to come in. Lucas did a small fist pump, and walked in after him, Leo on his shoulder, grinning.

    The first thought that struck Lucas when he walked in was, “Wow... so old fashioned. Yet so awesome!” It seemed like a salon right out of an old cowboy movie. He smiled, as a burly middle aged man dressed in blue overalls approached him. He had dark brown hair, with a thick, bushy mustache on his old, rugged face. He looked at Lucas with a smile, as he said, “So, you’re the kid who defeated my son, huh?”

    Lucas saw the little kid peeping from behind the man’s legs. Lucas nodded slowly, and the man gave a hearty laugh in reply. “Thanks for helping my son out, he’s a shy one. So, what can I do for you?” He said, not letting the smile slip from his face. He seemed to be a cheery one according to Lucas, not one whom he would probably see frowning.

    “Oh, I, uh... just saw the bee farm and wanted to well, check it out.” Lucas said, a bit nervous putting his request forth. The man paused for a moment, then replied.

    “Hm, okay. I can do that. Just be careful outside, I don’t want any trouble, alright?” Lucas nodded, excited to see the farm close up. The man, along with his son, led him to a back door in his house and into his backyard, where he saw a huge open area with those black netted boxes, and bees hovering here and there. The whole area was covered, to make sure the Combee didn’t escape, but there was a small opening at the back, which led into a thick forest of sorts.

    The first thing Lucas noticed though, was a dark grayish Pokemon with a few tufts of bright yellow fur. Also at his feet, lying near the house was another electric blue colored Pokemon, sleeping peacefully. Seeing Lucas’s confused expression, the man said, “That’s Manectric, right there.” He pointed to the Pokemon running in the field, pursuing stray bugs from hurting the Combee and stealing honey. “And that’s Strike, right there.” He turned his finger toward the sleeping Pokemon, whose ear twitched upon hearing his name. “He’s an Electrike. A healthy one at that. He’s the Manectric’s son.”

    Lucas looked at them, dazed. He was pretty curious and excited about everything he was seeing right in front of him, amazing stuff. Everything was so new and so different from the old Januvale town. He felt amazed that he had never seen such things in his life ever before.

    “My name’s Ivan, by the way.” The man said, his arms crossed across his chest. Lucas broke out of his trance, and looked at him, as he introduced himself as well. “Lucas, eh? Well, you are free to roam around. Just don’t cause any trouble, okay?”

    Lucas nodded, and walked away into the backyard. For a few moments, he looked at the Combee and the Manectric, buzzing here and there. A few times, a few Combee would come and hover in front of him. They seemed to smile, but as soon as Lucas would extend a hand towards them, they would retreat and fly away swiftly. The peaceful moment was finally broken by a lady, who looked similar to Ivan. She was probably his wife. She had a small tray in her hands, with a glass of orange liquid in it.

    “Orange juice, my dear. Very refreshing.” She said, and Lucas picked it up, muttering his thanks and gulped it down in a single sip. Meanwhile, the woman looked at the monkey who had been sitting on his shoulder all along. “Oh, and you! Aren’t you a healthy monkey!” She said. “Would you like a small treat?” She dug deep into her pocket, and fished out a rather squishy blue colored berry, and handed it to Leo, who greedily grabbed it. Lucas seemed to find the find the berry quite familiar, and it took him a moment to process what it was. His eyes turned wide, as he yelled out to stop her.

    “NO, THATS--” But he couldn’t complete his sentence. It was too late, Leo had quickly gobbled down the berry, and had now started to buzz rapidly. The woman backed off in surprise, as the monkey jumped into the air with a huge ‘Wheeeeee’ and started yelling, and doing, well... monkey business. He ran everywhere, thrashing the netted boxes, tackling Combee. The Manectric looked pretty surprised as well, as he himself kept his distance, not wanting to pounce on this crazy Pokemon.

    “What is he doing?! STOP HIM!” The woman yelled at Lucas. Now, how could he? Feeding Leo an Oran berry had itself been a big mistake. He ran towards Leo, and pounced on him, only to miss and land right on his face. By this time, Ivan had burst out of the house, hearing the whole commotion. He stared at Leo, who continued on his rampage of the Bee Farm. Ivan signalled to his Manectric, who finally started to give chase to the Pokemon. But as soon as he reached the Pokemon, Leo let out a breath of flame, and set fire to one of the netted boxes.

    It was total chaos by then. Nobody could figure out what was happening when. Ivan and his wife rushed to extinguish the flames, the Manectric tried to control the Combee from running away in their panic, and the stray bugs who had their eyes on the honey finally decided this was the time to act, as they quickly entered the farm, stealing as much honey as they could.

    Lucas could do nothing as he simply stood in one spot at stared blankly at the flames. Leo came back rushing towards him, and Lucas quickly jumped on him, stopping him in his tracks. That’s when Lucas saw it, a flash of red and green disappearing into the forest at the back. He got up, holding Leo in his arms and looked around, noticing that Strike the Electrike was gone. He immediately gave chase, rushing into the forest, while the owners did their best to douse the flames.

    Luckily for Lucas, the path into the forest was a clear cut one. It was straight, and a pathway was easily noticeable, as he rushed straight towards the place where the green Pokemon had gone to. He followed the small pawprints in the damp soil, and finally emerged in a bright glade a few metres away from the farm. The glade was absolutely beautiful, with a small spring in the middle with sparkling water in it. The surrounding would have been calming, if there hadn’t been an ugly battle taking place right in the middle.

    Strike was battling a small bright orange Pokemon, who seemed to have honey dripping from it’s arms. It had huge blue eyes, and was hovering in the air, trying to keep his distance from the Electrike’s electric sparks trying to attack it. Lucas stared at them for a second, and even Leo managed to calm down and look at the battle enfolding right in front of him. Once the Electrike managed to get close, the orange Pokemon glared, and immediately launched a punch aimed right at it’s face. The punch connected well, with bright stars flying as the Electrike fell onto the ground with a yelp. He immediately got back up though, and launched itself at it again, and this time the bug was slow to react. Strike managed to bite hard on it’s wings, and this time the bug fell onto the ground with a thud.

    By then, Lucas had decided. Both of these Pokemon HAD to be his. There was absolutely no doubt in his mind. He put Leo back on the ground, and got Amethyst out of her pokeball. It was probably going to end up as a 3 way battle, but as soon as the two fighting Pokemon saw the human, they stopped fighting. They got up on their feet, not letting the trainer get out of their sight. Then, as if they had been having a silent conversation, they both nodded at each other, and entered a combat stance, looking at the human.

    “Ah. So they think I’m the bigger threat here... great.” So it was 2 on 2, a Double battle. Fair enough, Lucas thought, as he prepared himself mentally for the battle that was to come. He spoke to his 2 Pokemon, “Okay guys... 2 on 2, you’re gonna have to coordinate and fight, alright?” He said seriously, and the Pokemon nodded, ready for anything they were going to have to face.

    They finally turned around, ready to face the opposition. The two opponents decided to attack first, as the bug launched a starry punch at Leo, and the Electrike attacked Amethyst with a Tackle. Leo being a faster Pokemon, easily evaded the punch from the bug, but Amethyst wasn’t so luckily. She got hit directly, falling to her knees due to the attack. The little Electrike was strong, but the trainer wasn’t ready to admit defeat so easily. Amethyst got back up, ready to fight once more.

    “Alright, Leo, Amethyst, both of you attack Strike!” Lucas yelled. He had decided that the electric Pokemon was the stronger of the lot, and deserved more attention. Both his Pokemon pounced on Strike, tackling him and biting him. Amethyst used a Psyshock on it, causing the Electrike to stumble down. The Electrike was unable to move at all, his energy was slowly being chipped away by the two strong Pokemon. Strike cried out for the bug to help him out, but the bug just smiled, and started to hover away from the battle.

    That’s when the Pokemon lost it. He burst out, knocking both Amethyst and Leo backwards, and charged towards the bug. The bug didn’t even come to know as Strike leaped up and cleanly grabbed hold of it’s wings with his jaw. Both Pokemon tumbled on the ground with a loud thud, and the two of them began to wrestle among themselves. This was the perfect moment, Lucas thought, for him to strike and get both of the Pokemon together.

    “Go, give ‘em all that you’ve got!” Lucas ordered, and once again, the two pokemon dashed ahead and collided with the two wild Pokemon. What followed was a mass of flailing limbs, blasts of a few energy and a lot of painful grunts, as Lucas couldn’t figure out who was fighting whom. Finally, as the dust settled down, all four Pokemon were still standing, panting very hard. But it seemed as if it was the Electrike who was the most weakest. The one who seemed the least effected was the bug, who seemed to have not even got a scratch. Both of Lucas’s Pokemon had quite a few bruises. It seemed like Strike’s bite had done a bit of damage to the bug’s wings, which made sure it couldn’t fly. But that didn’t stop him from trying to escape. The bug tried to wobble away, but Strike immediately pounced on him, trying to keep him down, but the bug immediately blasted a starry punch on Strike’s jaw. Strike fell back but Leo got ready, as a he blew a huge blast of fire towards the bug.

    To be continued...
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    @ -DeepImpact- - Well written post! I hope the continuation comes soon, but this post alone deserves some levels.

    - Leo (Pansear) grew to lvl 15!

    - Amethyst (Espeon) grew to lvl 14!

    Area: Route 10

    Setting: In comparison to Route 11, Route 10 is a lot more open. In some places it's pretty flat but in other places there are hills that look like waves through the landscape. There are only some clusters of trees by the roadside, otherwise the whole route - flat or hillside - is clad in farms and fields with arable land. Corn, rice and many other things are sown here and are then sold in Feborough or shipped for production in Marshall City or places even further away.

    In the middle of the route, there is a tiny village simply called Cornside Village with a few houses, a small inn and a flower shop. Being situated rather close to two bigger towns, Feborough Town and Marshall City, it hasn't grown very much and probably never will.

    The pokémon living here are mostly owned by farmers. Mareep, Miltank, Tauros, Hoppip... there are many kinds who thrive here. Trainers on the route include rough farmer kids, hearty farmer grown-ups, fine flower loving ladies and the occasional odd traveler. Of course all farming is done with the help of pokémon rather than with machines, even though some rich farmers can afford them and use them mostly to show off.

    When you've passed Cornside Village, you can also run into some special trainers. They are Knight Guards from Marshall City, patrolling the countryside to keep order. Since these parts of Arcanum are very friendly, it's mostly a traditional thing - as is their clothing. They keep one pokémon each as traditional partners and they are often battling trainers on Route 10, more to entertain than to actually get some exercise out of it.

    Story: At some point on route 10, an Absol suddenly stops in its pace and looks down at the one it's been following, from afar. Absol are rare pokémon, associated with bad luck or tragedies. Just as it seems like the human has noticed the white and brown pokémon, it jumps away and goes back into its stealthy hiding.

    In Cornside Village, there is a teenage farmer's daughter named Kriki Ko who wants to become a trainer. She owns a lot of Miltanks and Tauros that she's been given by her parents, but she wants other pokémon. For days, she's been eagerly asking travelers who come through the tiny village if they want to trade one of their pokémon for a Tauros or Miltank of equal level from her. She's asking for much - she wants a pokémon that has not been captured on route 10.

    Mission: Travel through Route 10 to reach Marshall City, which is the first bigger city you'll encounter and also the first place to have an Arena that you can challenge... if that is something you aim to do.

    You don't have to see the Absol. The important part is that it watches you for a brief moment. You can either write about that or skip it completely.

    Cornside Village is really small so we won't treat it as a town. There is no pokémon center and no things to buy except for food, lodging and... flowers. And there is Kriki Ko. If you want a Tauros or Miltank, you have to trade her one of the pokémon you captured before Route 10.

    The Knight Guards are normally friendly and happy and not at all feared by the people. It was a long time ago since they actually had to stand up and fight for something.

    Pokémon available for capture: (Levels 12-14)
    Their evolutions and prevolutions can be seen but are generally more rare and you won't manage to capture them.

    Are kept at farms, but some live in the wild.
    - Tackle
    - Growl
    - Thundershock
    - Thunder Wave

    Are kept at farms, but some live in the wild.
    - Splash
    - Synthesis
    - Tail Whip
    - Tackle
    - Poisonpowder
    - Stun Spore

    Some are kept as pets, but mostly wild ones cause trouble for farmers.
    - Odor Sleuth
    - Tackle
    - Defense Curl
    - Amnesia
    - Lick
    - Charm

    Are generally kind but shunned because of the smell they release when threatened.
    - Scratch
    - Focus Energy
    - Poison Gas
    - Screech
    - Fury Swipes
    - Smokescreen

    Flies about and steals food at nighttime.
    - Peck
    - Astonish
    - Pursuit
    - Haze

    Flies about and steals food at daytime.
    - Peck
    - Growl
    - Leer
    - Fury Attack
    - Pursuit

    Are kept at the farms, but some live in the wild.
    - Tackle
    - Growl
    - Razor Leaf
    - Poisonpowder
    - Synthesis

    Are kept at the farms, but some live in the wild.
    - Tackle
    - Tail Whip
    - Ember
    - Odor Sleuth
    - Defense Curl

    Lives in the ponds that the farmers keep.
    - Tackle
    - Growl
    - Mud Slap
    - Water Gun

    You must post at least once on route 10.

    You may interact with the other players, but only via joint posting (a post that you create together, most often via PM forth and back).

    You can't reach Marshall City just yet, but you may go forth and back to Feborough and Januvale if you wish.

    paired to a seeker.
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      "I accept your offer, Stand-Man." The other kid said to Tai, licking blood from his hand. Then he turned to his Panpour and said. "So, I didn't know that you had a brother?" Did this guy actually understand Pokémon

      “I'm not working with that. That. Wild! Kid!” Kitaru yelled at Tai while the other kid was talking to his Panpour, seemingly understanding his Pokémon completely. “Look he bit me!” Kitaru added showing a bite mark on his left arm. He unintentionally showed off the mark on his wrist to anyone watching carefully, he hastily covered his wrist again and hoped that Tai hadn't noticed. It seemed that he hadn't.

      “Tough luck.” Tai said trying his best not to break out in a grin, this guy was enjoying making Kitaru work hard for a slight discount, most likely because he wanted him to pay full price. Next to him the wild kid had stopped talking to his Pokémon and was looking concerned at Kitaru.

      “What!?” Kitaru asked, then shook his head. “I'm sorry if we are going to be working together we should at least introduce our selves properly. I am Kitaru Chida.” Kitaru bowed after saying his name, it wasn't a deep bow but it was barely enough to not be an insult, formalities were not something Kitaru enjoyed. “Call me Chida.” As with most Arcanians he used his family name apart from when dealing with people who knew him well. “And you are?”

      (OOC: Short post, I'm sorry. I struggle more with making long posts involving heavy interaction, I get stuck on what to do with out bunnying as I enjoy trying to respond to as many events happening as possible. So with your permission(Red) and Mr. Mammoths help could I please make the next post a joint post.)
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        “Knowledge is power but power is nothing but bad politics.”

        Maya’s shopping tendencies over food were only equivalent to fashion divas in the sense that she could smell bargains and bartering. Ethan watched her with amusement, smiling at her natural banter with the Feborough street vendors.

        “And I’m telling you Papaya seeds are spicier than the fruit!” she was shouting. “Haven’t you done Chemistry 1-2?”

        “Don’t you mean Home Ec?” spat the man joyfully. He was laughing, crushing the pulpy spikes underneath his rolling pin “I don’t know what class you took little girl but the seeds are tangy like orange juice, not the peppery flare. You want to make tamales, you need better than that!”

        “I don’t want to make tamales you deaf fart,” Maya practically shrieked, laughing raucously at him. “I need some spice for Mama’s omelets, not a lecture on what you think cooking is. Dear Zekrom can you jabber!” Ethan shook his head and ducked away from the stand, Azea wrapped around his arm with all the strength of a leech. Ethan did not complain. It was better than him sweeping around and stealing berries from passerby. That would be rather amusing though. He didn’t glance twice at Maya, knowing she’d be better off than him. He wasn’t a fan of haggling. His idea was to simply pay the man and go most of the time. Unless it was overpriced of course, then he would have some fun.

        Azea buzzed something in his ear as he wandered the stalls. Kumiho followed the gaze, the look resting on a man showing off bright red devices. He wondered what they were. The man’s voice suddenly boomed over them. “Kid!” Ethan almost screeched in pain, his ears twitching madly and Azea’s grip on his arm tightened. He could feel the circulation in his arm being cut off horribly, making him briefly think of amputation. But the man who had left his stall took no notice of the pair and was instead facing a girl with a smirk on her face. “A pretty face doesn’t replace money,” he commented. “Those are some valuable objects you and your squirts are holding there. Aren’t you going to cough up and pay?” He sounded amused, as if wondering why someone would dare to attempt to take his fine work.

        “Ah shut up Tai, you cheapskate,” the girl barked, a Poochyena at her side growling and barking amusedly at them. “Like these trashbins even work anyhow! You’re just scammin’ us good working people!”

        “Working people?” Tai repeated with a soft, almost predatory smile. “My dear you are doing no work other than steal from these poor souls who have a living to maintain. I do not believe that’s work.”

        “You businessmen do it,” the girl retorted coolly, flipping blond locks back.

        “Excuse me,” Ethan interrupted calmly, strolling in between the pair. “As entertaining as this is there must be a settlement at some point. How about a battle, two-on-two? Winner gets that device. And if I win you return the rest and if you lose we walk.” Ethan was tempted to give harsher conditions, colder ones. But he wouldn’t. The device was probably worthless anyway.

        The girl grinned and Tai frowned. Shrewd was probably what he was thinking about. He wouldn’t win much out of this deal but it was that or nothing likely. “Sounds cool to me kid,” sneered the girl. Looking at her closer revealed her to have been roughly seventeen, dressed in the most outlandishly dark “gang” outfits Ethan had probably ever glimpsed. She reminded him of a priest. “M’ name’s Chiyo. Remember it when m’ Poochyena gets through you. Poochyena Howl!”

        The golden and black puppy charged forward and howled triumphantly, even though the battle hadn’t even started. He launched himself at the floating Azea, who soared up and flew, diving down to tackle the Poochyena into the ground.

        “Raising morale is all well and good,” Ethan murmured. “But does it help our defense any?” Ethan watched for a moment and called out. “Supersonic!” Azea took a deep breath and released sharply painful screeches from his mouth, the shreeing making Ethan cover his ears again. Chiyo winced and Poochyena yowled, moving his head this way and that to ignore the disturbing noises. In his confusion and pain he bit his tail and tumbled to the ground, picking up sand. Azea frowned and yelped as he got hit in the eyes, rolling through the air in pain. Do a barrel roll? Ethan thought abruptly as Azea steadied his flight pattern again.

        “Dia! Diadele.” Nice! I can do better. Poochyena, still disoriented, heard his voice as a garbled mess and growled, leaping to tackle him out of the sky. Instead he was met with a flurry of punches from the hyper Ledian. Poochyena bounced down to his feet, leaping again and successfully knocking him out of the air. Azea bounced and tried to get back into the sky, only to be met with an attack from another Pokemon, a Skiploom. Azea groaned and mumbled. “Dialerele….” Was I just hit by Splash…?

        Ethan grinned at Chiyo, who looked at him in bemusement. “Not fair…” Ethan whined in an almost sing-song manner, taking out Sear’s ball and sending it flying, hitting the Skiploom in the face. Chiyo glowered as the fiery monkey appeared, Sear rolling his eyes visibly.

        “Sear pan pan…” Another battle huh… “Pansear pan!” More people to BURN! Skiploom ignored him, spreading a purple spread of powder.

        “Ember! Destroy the Poisonpowder!” Sear didn’t need to be told twice, letting out belches of tiny flames and barely cartwheeling to avoid the rest. Unfortunately some landed in Azea’s breathing space and the little bug breathed it in and coughed, looking ill. Ethan sighed a bit and looked at the smirking Chiyo with a roll of the eyes. “And I thought I was a trickster…”

        “No one’s as good as I am!” she boasted. “Tackle guys!” The two Pokemon moved, leaping toward Sear now, who extended his claws slightly and began to tear at Poochyena’s face. The pup yelped and whined, nose bleeding. Growling, he leaped again… straight into the weakened punches of a poisoned Azea. Dropping, Azea panted then picked up Sear, flying him up towards Skiploom and dropping him like a hot potato.

        Ethan hesitated, about to command, but shrugged. He had figured for cheap tricks; he enjoyed those, like this. “Supersonic!” Pansear glanced at Ethan in disbelief and slight horror as the blast of annoying sound burst through the air, confusing them all. Ethan chuckled derisively as Sear sent Embers all over the stalls, causing screeches of surprise and fear. Ethan snorted a little and whistled. “Azea grab Sear’s arms and fly up with him! Before the poison gets too bad.” Azea looked at him hazily before nodding and grabbing him, Sear still sending Embers in every direction. Skiploom hit the ground only to get knocked up again by a wild Poochyena. Ethan snorted again at Chiyo’s face. “Okay Azea drop him. Now Comet Punch the Poochyena.” Azea obeyed weakly, dropping the freaked out Pansear on top of Skiploom, who let out a pained cry.

        Ethan sighed inwardly. Blackie has good defense and average offense, Azea great offense but bad defense, and Sear is well-rounded. I wonder who I will find next…
        Azea moved toward Poochyena, the pup snapping at the air in bewilderment and likely a ringing in its ears. “Ledia…” Your friend’s poison hurt… Balling up all six of his fists in a last ditch effort at power, he charged himself forward and tackled him into the air, punching as quickly as he could. Poochyena hit the ground and rolled, fainted. Azea dropped a second later, breathing raspily. Ethan nodded a little and returned him with gratitude, as much as Ethan felt the emotion anyway. He turned back to Sear, who was shaking his head at the oblivious Skiploom, clearing his ears. Sear screeched in irritation, his normally one-tracked but rational brain replaced with irritation.

        “Pan pan pan pan pan SEAR!” Burn burn burn burn burn ALL OF YOU! He swiped at Skiploom, tackled away easily. Bouncing back to his feet, he leaped to burn again, the embers hitting Tai’s stall. The man yelped, reaching to put it out and save his wares. Ethan winked at Chiyo’s angry sneer.

        “Synthesis!” Chiyo shouted. Ethan grinned. Checkmate.

        “Ember!” Pansear leaped to obey as Skiploom began to glow in the afternoon sun. Pansear built up a large fireball in his mouth and sent it flying at Skiploom, who finally reacted, rolling in the dirt and screeching before Sear leapt to scratch at her. Ethan raised his Pokeball and returned Sear. He walked toward Chiyo. “Enough of this,” he commented lightly, sly smile pulling at his lips. “Return them. All of them.”

        Chiyo huffed and prepared to attack him herself, only for Maya to appear from virtually normal, her small yet callused hand resting firmly on the other girl’s wrist. “I don’t recommend that girly girl,” Maya whispered quietly. “I’m not much but I’m pretty sure breaking your wrist is something you can’t afford to fix right?” The two females scowled at each other and Ethan privately thanked Reshiram that he and Maya were set to be married and not enemies.

        The blond stepped back and barked. “Oi, return ‘em!”

        “But boss,” a voice said.

        “We lost! Do it!” For a moment there was silence. Then, reluctantly, children shuffled to place the objects back on the singed cart, supervised by a carefully observant Tai. Chiyo stepped forward and placed the odd device in Ethan’s hand, glowered, then walked away into the market, the others darting off.

        “Anticlimactic,” Ethan muttered before turning and dropping money on Tai’s cart. “For this,” he said simply. “Keep the change.” He walked off to join Maya, who picked up her grocery bag with a smirk. He had to go heal his Pokemon now.

        (I wanted this to be way different but my weekend decided to derp me up. But I figured I'd get these two a new fight at least lol.)
        "Perhaps I misjudged you after all."

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        @ Fuyu - and a good battle it was!

        - Sear (Pansear) grew to lvl 17!
        - Sear learned

        - Azea (Ledian) grew to lv 15!
        - Azea learned Safeguard!
        - Azea learned Light Screen!
        paired to a seeker.
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          Lynn Colthearts

          "So, that was the Colthearts' chosen..." the girl with the traditional kimono chuckled. "Pathetic. Why the title has gone to her, I haven't the slightest idea."

          "Perhaps the main family has slipped," the male remarked. "Their overall stupidity shows that they are not worthy of the title after all."

          "Wait!" called out Lynn, a few feet behind them. Her pokemon followed soon after, as the male and female both turned around, having their full attention towards Lynn. Their eyes were fixated towards each other, as Lynn's pokemon could do nothing but watch. "Nagato... Juagin... what are you doing here?"

          "...Nice to see you too, Lynn," the girl known as Nagato said. "My, and compared to a few years ago... you look almost serious now, don't you?"

          "I said: WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE? Answer me!" Lynn demanded. "Have you come to mock the very ideals that the main family hold dear for centuries?!"

          "I had no idea that traveling were the same as mocking," the boy known as Juagin commented.

          "Scary, scary..." Nagato chuckled. "We're simply here, wanting to... observe you, that's all. Ever since you gave up the title to your younger sister, why... we of the branch family have considered the main family a house of idiots, bowing before a child..."

          "How dare you!" Lynn snapped. "Do not judge the main family solely because of the actions that I have took as an individual!"

          "The fact still remains that you have personally ran away from your duties Lynn," Juagin replied. "And to bear responsibility to a child... How low has the main family have gone towards?!"

          Lynn then calmed up as she looked down. "I-it's true that I didn't accept the responsibility... but t-that's because..."

          "Flareon?" (What's this 'main branch' and 'title' business?) Flareon asked.

          "Sage? Pan, Pansage." (Don't you remember? Lynn is a part of a clan that believes solely on spiritualism! Each time a newborn, they are born with the power of communicating with the spirits of the world, and even the house of the dead.)

          "Marill?" (And Lynn has that power too?)

          "Pansage, Sage." (Indeed, and Lynn was said to have the strongest power in the main family, so the gave her the title: "The Colthearts' Clan Riida", or in other words, the leader of the Colthearts' clan. Or that was until she gave up that title and passed it on to her sister for the time being.)

          "Flare..." (No way... And all this time I thought Lynn was spewing nonsense about 'the fire spirit will turn you into a frog' or something...)

          "Pan, Pansage." (Well, Lynn does exaggerate, but yes, she does indeed have that power to communicate and pass on messages from spirits.)

          "Marill..." (Master is amazing...)

          "Well Lynn?" Nagato continued. "What do you have to say for yourself? What possible reason did you have to neglect your responsibilities?! The main branch passes as a mockery to the clan itself!"

          "It's BECAUSE there are main households a branch families that are the reason!" Lynn explained, as she held her head up high once more, putting one more serious expression. "When I was young, my father left the family, disgusted by the amount of hatred, unsudbelty, and jealously that have brought about by the branch families, because of the passing of the title towards the main house hold. I swore that someday, would find a peaceful solution to our family feud, which is one of the reasons I gave up that title of Clan leader. Another reason is that I am on a journey, by someone who told me that this world is in danger. If I can somehow find a way to protect our town, then I--"

          "And you believe that passing the burden on to your sister is any better?" Juagin interrupted.

          "Of course not, I know this now," Lynn explained. "But if passing the title on to my sister means that she will be safe under the likes of the hatred brought about from this clan, then so be it."

          "You certainly have quite an imagination..." Nagato chuckled as she then turned away from Lynn. She then glanced back at Lynn. "In fact, if I didn't know any better, I'd say that your sister is in more danger than she was before."


          "Hah, but that's what I think anyway. Who really knows?" Nagato said. "Come on Juagin, we'll leave quietly for now." Nagato and Juagin then trailed off, and away from Lynn, as Lynn stood there quietly, seeing them off. Her pokemon sat a few feet behind her, seemingly motionless and quiet as well. The Colthearts clan feud was a dangerous one. Throughout the years, Lynn found out how many of her relatives were killed, tortured, and brutalized solely because of the title that she gained once upon a time. Lynn then clutched her left fist, on remembrance on the people that passed away, and the sole vow that someday, she would fix the broken bonds and fractured love between her family.


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          Chai Tou - Januvale Town

          Chai was led back to a house not far from theirs. She had seen it many times when she walked home from school but she had never really thought about it before. So this was where the grand trainer of Januvale lived... They went inside and she found the house to be very neat and traditionally furnished. Joresh told her to sit down on some pillows by a table while he started walking forth and back on the floor in front of her.

          "That mark..." he begins. "How did you get it?"

          "I told you I don't know," Chai said, blushing. "But I did have a dream... Reshiram was there." She smiled at the memory. It had seemed so alive.

          Joresh Ja nodded. "It's just like with the others, then. Your guardian is calling you... I know how that is."

          "The others? You know too?" Chai asked and looked up, a bit confused.

          Joresh pulled up his on sleeve and showed her an identical mark. Chai gasped. "So Reshiram was really there?"

          "I believe so. I too had a dream some nights ago, telling me to prepare... This must have been what my guardian meant. They wanted me to prepare you." Joresh fixed his dark gaze on the tiny girl. "I don't really know who you are, but you don't look ready."

          Chai blinked. "Ready for what? I just want to go home and tell my grandparents about that boat. They love modernities like that." She put on a worried face. "Do you mean that Reshiram wants me to do something?" She couldn't help feeling like she was asking the god this now. Perhaps she should stop by Januvale's shrine later and talk to her guardian...

          Joresh Ja simply shook his head slowly. "You have to honor your Arcanian ancestry and follow the call. But you won't go anywhere until you've proven to me that you're ready. I know what I'm talking about. You... you need pokémon. A journey through Arcanum is too perilous nowadays without trusted pokémon by your side."

          That made Chai stand straight up. "Pokémon?" She blinked a few times. "Mr Ja, what are you talking about? I have school, I can't... and I'm just 14, I'm-"

          "There are others like you. The guardians most likely called upon several pure souls to help them... with something. To save Arcanum, probably. It's not as unlikely as it sounds. Children are seen as purer than adults and the gods will want pure souls to follow them. The others have already left on their journeys and..." he suddenly glanced down at his belt, where Chai noticed that there was one pokéball missing from the traditional six. "I know from good resources that they are doing very well so far. But you are the last one, you must be. The reason why I've had more dreams."

          While Chai tried to take all this in and tried even harder to believe it, the older man looked out the window. "Down at the docks by the shore, the big ship from the east is still docked. It carried explorers that had been meddling with things in the Arca Islands in the sea to the east. They had to make a stop here because they said something was wrong with their ship. Some believe they are cursed, but I know better... They have picked up some freepassagers. Pokémon from the islands. The Arca Islands are sacred to us, but the eastern explorers do not care..."

          "They entered the Arca Islands?" Chai said with disbelief. "Even everyone in my class knows that that's forbidden."

          "Outlanders do not think like we do. They respect completely different things." Joresh walked up to a shelf, where a lot of different pokéballs were lined up. He carefully chose a normal looking one. "Head back down to the docks and find one of these pokémon. They are probably either roaming the shores, hiding in the storage huts or making mischief on board the ship. If you tell the sailors I sent you, you'll be allowed on board. Bring one of those pokémon back to me here, somehow."

          "Mr Ja... you want me to capture a pokémon? But I don't know pokémon. I've only seen them sometimes-"

          "You know more than you think. Follow your heart and listen to your soul, young one."

          Joresh handed her the pokéball from the shelf as well as another, empty, one and took a deep, serious breath. "I will loan you one of my young but trustworthy pokémon. If you can get it to trust you, and manage to bring back one of the pokémon at the docks before the end of the day... then I believe you are ready."

          "Ready for what?"

          "To leave Januvale."


          "Go now. Time is ripe."

          So without really getting a say in the matter, the confused girl was ushered back towards the docks. After 20 meters, she realized that she had forgotten her bag in Joresh's house. Now she had to go back. She might as well try to do what he asked her to. Or rather, told her to. She looked at the pokéball in her hand. What could this contain, hm?


          It wasn't long before Chai was back near the docks. She stepped onto the pier at the same time as some easterners passed her by. They were a woman in expensive clothing and a male who was slightly fat and they were complaining about something. Chai was a bit surprised to see that they weren't foreigners; their body builds and faces clearly gave away that they were of Arcanian descent even though they dressed in a foreign way.

          "I swear, we should have gone to Augushore instead!" the woman said, malcontent. "Western Arcanum is nothing but farmlands nowadays."

          "It never was anything else," the man said, giving the little girl a hasty look before they passed each other by, as if he quickly calculated if she meant anything to them or not. Apparently not.

          Chai stopped and saw them step onto dry land and head towards the town center. "They must be used to big, clean cities where houses reach for the sky..." she thought out loud. That was something she had only seen on TV.

          She turned around again, only to see something else stand in her way on the pier. She blinked as she tried to realize what it was. The creature had a yellowish fur but its ears looked like emerald green leaves, as did some appendages on its feet as well as its long tail. Its four paws were brown, as was its large, deep eyes that stared bottomlessly into Chai's. The creature reached the girl above the knees so it wasn't just like meeting a little Rattata or something. A slight breeze in the afternoon sunlight made its leaves and Chai's braid sway in unison.

          Several quiet seconds went on like that, before a voice broke through it all. "HEY!" it shouted further out on the pier, close to the modern ship, and snapped Chai out of it. "Don't let that beast go away!"

          The 'beast' in front of Chai turned its head at the mentioning and seemingly snorted, before it jumped away, to where Chai didn't have time to see. A sailor ran up to her, panting. He was a teenager but a bit older than her, and his face was full of freckles. He was a true foreigner.

          "Sorry," Chai said. "I think it went away. What was that thing?"

          "It was... a demon!" the sailor said and straightened up, having caught his breath. "Well, that's what the captain said a few days ago, but now I actually believe it's a pokémon. A Leafeon, to be precise."

          "Leafeon..." Chai tried the word out. It felt nice to say. Then it hit her - maybe this was one of those mischievous pokémon that Joresh Ja wanted her to capture? "Has Leafeon been troubling you?" she asked.

          "YES! Oh my god," the sailor replied in an outlandish way. "It's been stealing food, scaring people, meddling with the machinery... we honestly believed our ship had turned into a ghost ship after our visit to the Arca Islands. I'm so never going back there. But still, it's probably because of this pokémon. I've been assigned with the task of chasing it away for good!" he added with an important look.

          "But it's not on the ship now, is it?"

          "It keeps coming back. I don't know really... what I should do." He scratched his head. "Maybe drowning it is the only-"

          "No! You can't kill it just because it happened to board your ship!" Chai found herself burst out, then quickly regretted it and blushed. "I mean... let me try. I will capture it, instead."

          The teenage sailor blinked under his freckles. "Capture it? Hell, why didn't I think of that? Uh, not that I need a grass pokémon in my work though. Go ahead and capture it if you can. That would actually solve all my problems!"

          Chai smiled. "Great! So, where did it go?"

          "You were the one here, didn't you see it?"

          They searched the pier and the storage houses near the docks for a while without success. The sun was getting lower in the sky and the teenagers were getting bored and tired. Well, bored in the sailor's case and tired in Chai's case.

          "Maybe we should give up and try again tomorrow?" the sailor suggested. Chai slowly nodded. Joresh Ja wouldn't like that though. He would say that she wasn't ready... but did she really want to be ready? A journey aross Arcanum, wasn't that what he had planned for her? That was outrageous. She had only been to Feborough! It wasn't in the nature of most Arcanians to travel a lot these days. Unless you were a trainer, of course. But she wasn't.

          Then she remembered the pokéballs Joresh Ja had given her. She picked one of them up from her pocket and looked it over. It glanced in a metallic way but it wasn't as heavy as you might think.

          "Well, I'm going back to the ship for today. We can meet here tomorrow and search some more, perhaps?" the sailor said.

          A noise behind them on the beach then made them both stir. It was Leafeon! Again, it was staring at Chai with its deep eyes.

          "IT IS THE DEMON! Capture it now!"

          "Alright!" Chai said, doing as she had seen people do in TV. She threw the pokéball towards Leafeon, and as the magical or technological wonder the devide was, it accurately flew towards the pokémon and hit it right in the forehead. Not much more happened for a second though.

          "Uh?" the sailor muttered.

          Then the pokéball opened up and let out a white light. The light whirled around for a brief moment before it materialized between Leafeon and the others. It took the shape of a red monkey, who was staring at its new enemy, the grass pokémon.

          "Huh?" Chai said, surprised. "Oh, I threw the wrong pokéball..."

          "Wrong? You already have one pokémon, that is great! Now make them battle to weaken Leafeon and then you can throw the right ball at it!"

          "Battle..." Chai said, unsure, and looked at her monkey. It glanced back at her without smiling, looking as if it expected orders.

          'That's not my usual master,' the pokémon thought. 'But she holds my pokéball so it's close enough.'

          "Don't you know anything about battles?" the sailor asked and raised an eyebrow.

          "No... not much. I know some simple attacks. But I don't know this pokémon."

          "It's a Pansear, a fire monkey. It probably knows-"

          "Ember!" Chai tried, not wanting to be completely useless.

          It worked. Pansear took a step forward, inhaling massively. It shot out flaming embers at the Leafeon, who jumped to the side just a little bit too late, letting its tail be scorched. Its face took on an angrier look as it turned its focus towards the fire pokémon instead of towards the human girl.

          'You dare battling me?' it asked the monkey.

          'I dare to follow my Master!' the Pansear replied, smiling confidently and fired another Ember at its opponent.

          Leafeon once again jumped away but the Ember burned its hind leg. The jump transformed into something much quicker as the grass pokémon ran around the humans and shot back towards Pansear at a blinding speed. The tackle that hit the monkey was a swift and hard one.

          "Quick Attack," the sailor commented.

          "I saw that," Chai said, wondering what she was supposed to do. The Embers had hit their target, but if Leafeon kept using Quick Attack, it would be too fast to catch. "What more attacks do you know?" she asked her pokémon. It turned around and blinked at her.

          "You expect it to tell you?" the sailor said in disbelief.

          "No, I... Pansear, when it comes again," Chai said, seeing Leafeon gather speed in the beach sand again, "use a close up attack!"

          'Close up attack?' Pansear said and watched Leafeon storm in. 'I can do that!' It stuck out its wide tongue and let the attack hit it straight on. It hurt like hell, but luckily Pansear seemed to be more durable than the thin grass pokémon. When both pokémon staggered to get up again, Pansear was hurt from two Quick Attacks. Leafeon was badly hurt from two Embers and the recent Lick attack.

          'Paralyze... how clever,' the grass pokémon mumbled to its opponent.

          'I won't let myself get beaten by a plant,' Pansear smiled.

          'And I have said that I won't let myself get beaten by a human,' Leafeon said, looking up at the girl, who was seemingly fetching another pokéball from her pocket, the human boy urging her on. The burns on the back of its body stung and the paralyze made its body sluggish. 'Seems like I'll have to change that...' The girl seemed a bit panicked and not sure of what she was doing. But her eyes met with the leaf pokémon's again, and for a moment, the world around them stopped. Then the pokéball was thrown and Leafeon saw it come closer through the air.

          'Yeah, you're beaten!' the Pansear mocked.

          'I won't let myself be beaten by an unworthy human,' Leafeon said before it closed its eyes and let the red light from the pokéball envelop it completely.


          @ me

          Chai captured a Leafeon! (male lv 10)

          Pansear grew to lvl 11!

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            B]The most dangerous opponents are the ones nobody thinks of: yourself and the blanket you sleep under. Both can actually choke you to death.[/B]

            "So you're heading out?"

            Ethan nodded as he folded his clothes again. "Tomorrow morning," he said quietly. "If I'm going to be stalked through Arcanum, I'd rather not have it be getting you involved." He closed his bag, tossing it to land next to his Pokeballs. Blackie twitched an ear, then closed his eyes again. Ethan shook his head. Lazy creature. He sat back on the bed, watching Maya's eyes flare with sudden misunderstanding.

            "You implying I can't handle myself Ethan?" she asked suspiciously and he barked a laugh.

            "I'd rather you not have to. You're the one implied to have a criminal record." Maya snorted, pulling her hair back into a neat bun.

            "Implied nothing. My father's anything but a saint. That's why I'm stuck with you isn't it? Two disturbing families might produce sanity." She rose, nightgown smoothly falling over her curves. "Doubt it though..." she added airily, heading toward the door. "Let me see you off at least."

            "Yes ma'am," he replied obediently.

            Ethan was gone just after dawn, the liar.


            The thing about this route was that it stank of pollen. The issue with that was that fluff kept getting into Blackie's nose. The Umbreon's sneezing was mildly entertaining, particularly to Azea. Thankfully the ladybug had recovered from his poison. He soared in happy little loops, spinning and soaring and making a general nuisance of himself.

            "umbreon..." Darn airhead needs a leash... Umbreon sneezed again and snorted, padding along. Ethan gave a small, loose smile. He stopped on the path and looked around. He wanted to catch another Pokemon with the Pokeballs Maya had given him. He just wasn't sure what. He wanted something that would be underestimated.

            "Lediadide?" Are you looking for berries Ethan? Azea's chirp was followed by a bored swat from the other Pokemon.

            "Umbre. Breon." Idiot. Not all of us are constantly focused on food. Azea stuck his tongue out at him and flew further, out of sight of either of the two in the long grass. Then there was a frightened, wild buzzing noise and a singed Ledian flew back to them.

            Ethan frowned as the creature hid behind him and a pink, bipedal, slightly sheared sheep walked to face them It took a look at Azea and laughed.

            "Flaa! Flaafy!" You're kidding right? What a loser!

            Azea buzzed irritably. "Ledide!" You shocked me! It hurt! Blackie cleaned an ear and yawned, causing Azea to glare and pout at his lack of sympathy.

            "Breon..." That's a side-effect of getting electrocuted genius. Blackie sighed a little, moving to full height and scowling. Flaffy cackled.

            "Flaffy!" Good luck intimidating me fuzzball! Flaffy moved forward at full speed, electricity sparking from his wool. Blackie tensed, prepared to dodge. Ethan just stared silently. Something told him not to get involved.

            "CHIKA!" HOLD IT! Leaves went spinning through the air, throwing the sheep off balance to roll in the grass. It stood back up to speak but plant creature tackled it back down again. Leaping back the creature swung its leaf again, sending more bladed leaves toward the Flaffy. It growled and struggled to its feet. The Pokemon, a Chikorita now that he looked, posed with about as much elegance as a turnip. "Chika! Chi chi!" Repent! That is the lesson given to cowards like you for preying on travelers.

            "Umbre?" Why do I feel like we've been suddenly thrown into an animated TV show?

            "Ledide..." I think there'd be better animation...

            Blackie snorted in approval. "Breonumbre." That is the smartest thing you have said yet. Before Azea could reply, Ethan sighed aloud.

            "I don't think I desire to get involved in... whatever this is," he told his Pokemon, returning Azea. His team was crippled for now it seemed. Wonderful. He had berries with him somewhere... but best to save them. "Let's go before a plot twist happens." Turning,he hurried ahead down the path, not seeing the Chikorita glance back at them for a brief moment.


            Ethan settled against a tree. It was getting late... He could always go back to Feborough... nah. Maya was probably livid at the moment. a woman scorned... fits her. Sear was up in the tree, probably burning berries or some such. He closed his eyes to the whistling of the wind and his ears twitched lazily. Being able to relax in nature... well it was certainly new and he wouldn't mind enjoying it for-

            He jerked up, Umbreon ears straightened from what had to be tension, the fake fur standing on end. Someone, something was watching him. But from where? And what? Sear didn't react, tossing an Oran up and down and looking at him with confusion and barely concealed annoyance. Ethan sat back and frowned. That was certainly odd.

            "CHIKA!" Hold it! Ethan groaned softly and sat up again to see another -or perhaps the same- Chikorita running full-tilt in the opposite direction from where Ethan himself had appeared. It stopped just in front of them, almost appearing to bark. "Chika! Chi! Chichihi!" Yeah that's right run! Stop bothering innocent travelers before you feel my wrath! You hear me? Whatever he was talking to must have ignored him because the creature made a movement akin to a huff before looking back at them. "Chika! Riri chika!" Hey I know you guys! You guys got attacked by Stormy McFluffy earlier today right?

            Ethan stared. What?

            Sear frowned. "Pan?" Can I roast it?

            The Chikorita frowned. "Chika! Chiriririririri~" That's not nice. I wanna be friends~ His Pansear said nothing, opened his mouth, and released a group of Embers. The combined force sent Chikorita spinning back into the dirt. Springing up, she glowered. "CHIKA!" THAT WAS MEAN!

            "Sear." I'll do it again too.

            "CHI!" Not if I get you first! Chikorita charged.

            Ethan sweatdropped on the inside and walked away. He knew he should keep an eye on Sear... but right now he really just wanted to find some place to stay for the night. Sear watched him go and huffed, dodging the attack. "Sear pansear." Fine I'll do this myself. It shouldn't be that hard to use one of those stupid sphere things...

            (THERE! Part 1 over. was gonna originally combine it but I got sick of looking at this post!)
            "Perhaps I misjudged you after all."

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            ((OOC: Ok, I'll check back and review when you're done :] ))

            Chai Tou - Januvale still

            The sun was setting when Chai knocked on Joresh Ja's door again. A tired girl stood there when the older man opened. She held out two pokéballs in her hands towards him.

            "There, master, I'm done," she said. Calling him master was a very polite thing, but he was considered a pokémon master after all. "Can I go home now?"

            Joresh Ja shook his head and ushered the girl inside again. She didn't dare to sigh, in case he felt offended. She sat down in his living room again while he held out both of the pokéballs she had handed him, and studied them.

            "Did Pansear serve you well?"

            "Oh, yes! It's a very well behaved pokémon," Chai said, shining up. "Was he one that you caught on your travels, master?"

            "Indeed he is. But now I believe he is getting bored, being stuck here without much to do." Joresh Ja then studied the other pokéball more closely. "Indeed... you are ready. I must admit I didn't think you would complete my task this fast, if at all. But it only proves that the guardian gods didn't make a mistake."

            Chai blinked innocently. She didn't know what to respond to that. He was more or less throwing her into something that she had no say in.

            "The pokémon you captured at the docks is yours to keep. You are the human who captured it and thus the human that shall take care of it. All according to the old legends about Reshiram and Zekrom..." the older man went on.

            "Mine?" Chai gasped. "Leafeon is mine?"

            "You captured it," Joresh said and held out the pokéball towards her. She took it with slightly shaking hands and held it firmly against her chest. Her very own pokémon... she had thought that she was capturing it for Joresh Ja.

            "Did you know that they are believed to once have brought all other pokémon to Arcanum, because only humans lived here back then?" Joresh said after having watched the girl for a few moments. "It's said that the pokémon were gifts to the humans, to allow Reshiram and Zekrom live here since they had no other place in the world where they were welcome. But it's also said that if the humans were to name pokémon as their property, they were obliged to always take care of it and do what was best for the pokémon to help it grow stronger. All pokémon want to grow stronger at some point and level. It's in their deepest nature. That is why Arcanum's pokémon trainers exist."

            Joresh then fixed the girl with his intense, dark stare. "You are now a pokémon trainer. This obligation falls upon you."

            "Trainer? No, I have school and my mother wouldn't like me to-"

            She was interrupted by a bright, white light. Joresh had sent out Pansear from its pokéball. The pokémon nodded with a clever smile when it saw Chai.

            "Pansear..." she said.

            'Young mistress,' the pokémon said, but Chai didn't understand that, of course. Joresh Ja did, however.

            "Pansear has not got a very eventful life here with me," the pokémon master said. "I feel that he would be better off traveling with you. Protecting you."

            Both Chai and Pansear froze and stared at the man.

            "But, he's your pokémon!" Chai said in disbelief. How would someone give away their trusted pokémon just like that?

            'Master,' Pansear said, looking at him with begging eyes. 'While I appreciate what you're trying to do, I assure you that I'm fine here. With you.'

            Joresh Ja didn't want to look at his pokémon. "It's for the best. I gave our friends away to the other chosen children as well."

            'I wondered where they had gone...' Pansear said, thoughtfully. 'But all the more reason for me to stay with you! I won't leave you, master.'

            The intensity of the Pansear's chatter made Chai understand what it was saying, even if Joresh Ja seemingly refused to. "Master," she said to him and made the old man look up. Some kind of sorrow was in his eyes. "Just because you let your friends follow the other children on their journeys, it doesn't mean that you have to give away one more friend for me. I'm fine, I have Leafeon!" She held up the pokéball containing the pokémon that she still had not met since their battle. But it would be alright, for Pansear's sake.

            "Your friend doesn't want to leave you when so many others have," she continued, sharing a look with Pansear, who smiled thankfully at her. That convinced her. "He wants to stay with you. Master."

            Joresh Ja finally looked at his monkey. It had actually been the first Pansear that he ever caught. He sighed and made a warmer smile than Chai had seen him do before. "Wise already. I guess you are more ready than I thought. I will keep Pansear here with me."

            The monkey cheered and jumped into the older man's arms. Chai was touched by this, but remembered that her family must really be wondering where she was now. "Joresh Ja!" she said. "I have to go home."

            Joresh put the smiling Pansear back into its pokéball and eyed her for another moment. "Do you remember everything I've said here?"

            "I think so..." Chai said, not sure that she remembered anything at all.

            "You have to set off tomorrow. I sent all the children off on their own, but perhaps it would be better if you worked together. Find them."

            "But I don't know anything about traveling or training-"

            "You will learn. Listen to every lesson you get, even if it doesn't look like a lesson to you."

            That was really cryptic. Chai left the house and walked the last path to the Tou mansion, thinking about what a strange turn of events the last few hours had taken. How would she ever explain this to her parents?

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              Lynn Colthearts - I'm pretty sure this mission involves turtles.

              Meanwhile, at the northern edge of the market, a big black truck that had some sort of a red fox painted on the side of the truck, stood on the opposite side of the street. People gave it strange looks as it passed by; after all, cars and trucks weren't common here, except for some farmers who had machines to help them in their work. Pokémon driven carriages was the normal way to transport things in the slowly moving Arcanum. Guarding the truck were groups of men and women, both Arcanians and foreigners.

              "How boring..." one of the female guards remarked to another guard, as the guards dressed in dark clothes guarding the trucks seemed bored. "You'd think as we got here, we'd be in for some great entertainment."

              "Heh, guess we'll have to make some fun of our own," another guard chuckled, facing the people around that were observing them. Then, with a deep, cocky tone, he asked, "Any of you chumps want to battle?"

              "I WOULD LIKE TO BATTLE!" shouted one of the younger male villagers causing the two guards to flinch at his enthusiasm. "But... I have no pokemon." he added, suddenly depressed. The male guard raised an eyebrow at him; his mood swings were... interesting. Darn kids.

              "If I battle you, do you PROMISE to leave my oranges alone?" Another villager asked. "My oranges have been stolen for 10 years!"

              "You idiot," the female guard hissed. "We just got here; we've had nothing to do with your stolen oranges. Besides; how do you know they were stolen?"

              "BUT-- THEY WERE STOLEN! I JUST KNOW IT!" he insisted, stomping on the ground in his frustrations and stubbornness. "I HAD THEM IN MY HANDS, I TOOK THEM TO BED, I HUGGED THEM WHILE I SLEPT AND NOW THEY'RE GONE!"

              "You fool!" another villager remarked. "Why would you hug your oranges?!"

              "Because he is giving them love, stupid!" another replied.

              "Don't call me stupid, stupid!" the villager demanded. "You're so stupid that in the next 10 seconds when I give you a knuckle sandwich, you'll think it would be delicious!"

              "Maybe I think it will be! What's it too you?!"

              "Shut up!"

              "No, YOU shut up!"

              "Shut your FACE!"

              "I'll shut YOUR face with his oranges!"


              "No stupid, SHUT UP!"

              "I can't believe you don't know how to SHUT UP!"

              "OKAY, EVERYONE JUST SHUT UP!" the female guard ordered, as everyone did indeed... shut up. "Thank you."

              "Let's begin the battles!" the male guard announced.


              Soon, Lynn and her pokemon were strolling through the street, until they all saw a huge crowd. Lynn, being a curious type that she is, decided to investigate. All she heard was the sounds of shouting, and the cries of pokemon. She weaved and squired her way through the crowd,until she saw in a more opened space, a bonsly being knocked around by a squirtle's water gun.

              "Slyyyyy!" (Okay, okay, I'm sorry for making fun of turtles pleeeease stop!) the Bonsly begged.

              "Squirtle!" (Damn right you are! Turtles are the greatest thing ever!) Squirtle hissed, as he continued to use his Water Gun, hosing the Bonsly down. Soon, the Bonsly fainted, as rock pokemon really hate water. Lynn never knew why, in fact, she often wondered how rock pokemon could have baths.

              "No, Bonslyyyy!" a teenaged boy cringed, who soon afterwards, returned his fainted bonsly back into it's pokeball. He soon angrily turned to the man who was dressed in a dark outfit; the male guard. "Curse you! I'll get you for this!"

              The man smirked. "Who's next?" He wondered. Lynn silently looked on, to the battles that soon took place.

              After Konan, the next challenger, proclaimed that his market's products was cheap and had great wagon parking, he sent out his Wooper, a pokemon that loved to dance to please customers. He was battling a female guard with dark clothing, as she sent out a Bulbasaur to counter the Wooper's water attacks. Wooper began it's trademark dancing as everyone in the crowd clapped,being pleased with the performance, Bulbasaur declared that his 'bulb was not amused', and used Vine Whip to try and slap the Wooper silly, making the Wooper jump up and down to avoid the attacks. Everyone thought that this was part of the act, however, that point became moot when Bulbasaur used a Tackle attack the instant Wooper jumped once again, making the Wooper slam right on the ground, faint. The crowd was not pleased as they started to boo, but Bulbasaur then roared that once again, 'I have a bulb; your arguments are INVALID!'

              Next, a challenger was a girl named Miyouri who dragged her seemingly cowardly Poochyena by the tail, up towards the truck. She was battling a male guard who sent out his Charmander from it's pokeball. As soon as Poochyena caught sight of the 'vicious' Charmander, it tackled the girl who dropped a pokeball, as used the tip of it's nose to open the pokeball, sending the Poochyena inside. Miyouri frustratingly threw Poochyena's pokeball, sending out Poochyena again, demanding it to battle. Poochyena caught sight of the Charmander once again, who without any options, growled softly and waved it's tail as viciously as it could. Shortly before the male guard could even order an attack, the Poochyena fainted out of pure fear.

              In the third battle, the challenger was a male named Zack who constantly reminded everyone that he was a Broski. 'You can't beat me because I'm a broski!!' he would shout. Of course, no one actually knew what a broski was, so they didn't really take him seriously. Zack sent out a Magby who loved to fist pump in the air, while the same male guard who battled last time sent out the familiar Squirtle to counter Magby's fire attacks. The Magby, chanting 'Whoo! Whoo Whoo!' as it released it's Ember attack, was only countered by the Squirtle's Water Gun, hitting it square on the face. 'Are you serious, bro?!' Zack said in shock, as the Squirtle, proclaiming that turtles are the greatest, tackled the Magby, causing it to faint. 'Turtles before... Brotles.' The squirtle claimed afterward.

              "Flare," (That Magby was a disgrace,) Flareon remarked.

              "Pan..." (Their idiocy did show now bound...) Pansage added.

              "Who are these guys?" Lynn asked a scruffy looking man beside her, as she glanced back at their truck. "That red fox... I've never a logo like seen it before."

              "Indeed; they just appeared out of the blue," the man replied. "These guys have been challenging everyone left and right, and no one knows why. I've heard that thy are undefeated too."

              Squirtle, Bulbasaur, and Charmander... Lynn thought. I read that in the book: The Tales of Pokemon. Supposedly, far away, you can start out with those pokemon on a journey... hm.

              "We've still got some time to kill," the male guard announced. He soon peered into Lynn's eyes, as Lynn cringed. "You wanna be next?"

              Lynn gulped. "Uh... okay, you're on. Flareon, Marill, Pansage, let's go... where are they?" Lynn then said, searching around for her pokemon.

              Flareon, Pansage, and Marill were all sitting by a fruit vendor, as they saw a teenaged girl and boy, walking by, in which soon they stopped to view the fruit merchandise.

              "Mmmm... These apples look good!" the teenage boy beamed. He picked up an apple from the basket, and took a bite out of it. The vendor was vexed.

              "Sir! You need to pay!" the vendor demanded.

              "...How come I have to pay?" the boy whined.

              "You can't take something from a store without paying!" the girl explained. "This region, or the next; you have to pay for all your goods!"

              "Hey! If you won't pay, I'm going to have you arrested!" the vendor warned.

              "No one said anything about not paying!" the boy grumbled. "So.. how much does this cost anyway?"

              "4 coins per apple," the vendor said. "You've got the money, don't you?"

              The boy then reached for his pocket, got out three coins, and handed them over. However, the vendor coughed, signalling that it was not enough.

              "What? Isn't that all you need?" the boy said.

              "Geez, don't you know math?" the girl asked sarcastically. As she slapped her forehead with her right hand. "If I had 3 coins, plus one more coin, how many would I have?"

              "W-wait, I know this one!" answered the boy. "Three plus that one coin! See? I told you I knew!"

              "Three plus that one coin," the girl repeated, shaking her head with a sigh. "If I added THAT coin to the three, how many would I have?" the girl even hinted at the number four, by showing the boy four fingers, while very softly, yet constantly whispering, 'four... four...'

              "OH YEAH! Uh.. a few coins?"

              "Flare..." (He’s rivaling the two idiots we saw battling before in stupidity...)

              "Marill!" (Mr. Cloud said that guy is winning!)

              "Marill! Pansage! Flareon! Where are you?!" called Lynn's voice, from a few feet away.

              "Sage..." (Time to go back...) Pansage sighed, as he was not looking forward to watching more battles.


              However, much to Pansage's surprise, it was now his, and Lynn's turn to battle the guards. Lynn stepped forward, as she saw that she was battling the female guard. The female guard smirked.

              "My, aren't you a cute little thing," she mocked. "If I'm not careful... you might just eat me up!"

              "Um, I'm afraid the swallow-up-alot spirit has prevented me from doing that," Lynn retorted. "Not that I would resort to cannibalism anyway."

              "Hey idiot, it was just a figure of speech," the female sneered. She then took out two pokeballs. "Since you have three pokemon, why don't we have a double battle? If one of our first two pokemon is knocked out, then we send out the third one. The person who has all three of their pokemon faint first is the loser. Caprice?"

              "Understood," Lynn grasped. "Pansage, Flareon, get ready!"

              "Sage..." (You know, I never did get that payment in bananas for battling...) Pansage mumbled, upon him and Flareon standing ready to battle.

              "Go! Squirtle and Charmander!" the guard cried, throwing her two pokeballs. The first pokeball released a familiar Squirtle to Lynn, rubbing it's shell and stretching before getting ready. It then blinked at the two, Flareon and Pansage.

              "Squirtle! Squirt!" (You two are not turtles! You must DIE!)

              "Flareon!" (Not if I BURN you first!)

              The second pokeball released a cheerful Charmander, as it ran in place, warming up before the inevitable battle. It then did a back flip, followed up with a few head warm ups before it became fully ready.

              "Chaaaaaaarmander!" (Alllllright, dum all over, yes we are!)

              "Sage?" (What?)

              "Charmander!" (Dum all over, near and far!)

              Pansage blinked as he turned to Flareon. "Sage Pan--" (Don't underestimate them. Maybe if we can get the jump on them with some slow, careful strategy, we can get the upper hand to avoid their attacks and we can follow up with a counter--)

              "Flareon!" (Too late, this is more fun!) Before Lynn could issue a command, Flareon started to release his Flamethrower upon the two pokemon,causing Squirtle to Withdraw to his shell, and forcing Charmander to leap out of the way.

              "Ugh, Flareon, I didn't give the signal yet!" Lynn glared, followed up with a sigh. Although at this point, I shouldn't be surprised, she then thought. Well, since Flareon started anyway, Lynn suppose that she could give the first move. "Pansage, use Vine Whip on Squirtle!"

              The sign that Pansage obeyed began as he released it's Vine Whip upon Squirtle's Withdrawn shell. However, unfazed from the protection of the shell, Squirtle soon rose, standing back up.

              "Squirtle, use Tackle on Pansage!" declared the guard after the Vine Whip failure. The small turtle pokemon charged forward towards Pansage, or as quickly as it's short, blue legs with a shell on him back could allow him anyways...

              "Pansage - dodge!" countered Lynn without hesitation. Pansage leaped out of Squirtle's way with ease, causing Squirtle to almost trip and fall from coming so fast, only to miss. "Use Vine whip again!" Lynn ordered, hoping that Pansage's Vine Whip would do more damage this time, however, before the attack could hit, the Squirtle withdrew to it's shell again, blocking the attack.

              "Charmander - Ember on Pansage!" the guard commanded. Charmander took a deep breath, chanting on how dum everyone is, and blew out sprays of volcanic ember swarms.

              "Flareon - counter with Flamethrower!" ordered by Lynn. Flareon blew his red hot Flamethrower, blowing away Charmander's ember with ease. Flareon continued his Flamethrower maneuver, as an attempt to scorch the Charmander. Charmander was able to jog, skip, and hop out of the way, even at one point where the Charmander was in front of the crowd as people had to duck to avoid Flareon's misfire. Soon, Flareon stopped.

              "Flare...Eon," (Pretty fast for a lizard...unlike that turtle there,) Flareon taunted, trying to provoke Squirtle to slip.
              "Squirtle, Squirt!" (Hey, that's rude! You are pretty rude!) Squirtle shouted as it recovered.

              "Flareon!" (And turtles are pretty ugly!)

              "SQUIRT?!" (WHAT?!) Squirtle shrieked. "Squirt--" (What did you just say--)

              "Pansage," (He said that turtles are ugly,) Pansage said calmly as he rubbed his ears. "Sage, Pan." (If I may add that you certainly are not going to be much faster - or prettier with that big shell on your back.)

              "Tle - Squirtle!" (You - Charmander, help me out here!) Squirtle asked, upon turning to his teammate.

              "Charmander, Char!" (Don't worry Squirtle, I think turtles are dum!) Charmander happily said as an attempt to complement Squirtle. However, it was soon rewarded with a infuriated Squirtle's Water Gun straight on the face, knocking it out on the spot. It's last words, was Water is dum.

              "Wh-?! NO MY FLAME LIZARD!" the female guard shrieked. "Damn it, Squirtle! What have I told you?!" Lynn could do nothing but blink as the female guard frustratingly sent out her next pokemon: a know-it-all bulbasaur who was obsessed with it's bulb.

              "Bulbasaur!" (You can't beat me because I have a bulb! Your arguments are INVALID!) he declared upon entering the fray.

              "Flare?" (A bulbasaur? Pffft!)

              I guess I can use Flareon's Flamethrower to attack that Bulbasaur...
              Lynn thought. I can also use Pansage to cover Flareon's Water weakness... I think I'm in a good position! Lynn then smirked, issuing her next order. "Flareon - Flamethrower! The fire spirit shall protect you!"

              Flareon, still unable to figure out the existence of this 'fire spirit', still threw his hot-blooded flamethrower towards the bulbasaur and squirtle, causing them both to duck out of the way.

              "Bulba!" (How dare you try to burn my precious bulb!) Bulbasaur yelled. "Pansage - Use Scratch on Squirtle!" Commanded Lynn, as she planned on stacking mor edamage to the Squirtle before giving it the final blow. Pansage started hoping towards it, sticking out it's claws, prepared to deliver a scratch.

              "Squirtle, Water Gun!" the female guard countered. Squirtle released his watery jet move - Water Gun, forcing Pansage to be knocked back, but not enough for a serious hit. "Now - Bulbasaur - Tackle!" she then commanded. Bulbasaur, said to be gaining energy from his bulb, rushed over to the staggered Pansage, hitting it square on the nose before Pansage could move out of the way. Soon Pansage fainted, who didn't even get the bananas he wanted.

              "Return, Pansage," Lynn said, taking out Pansage's pokeball, returning it inside for a rest. Darn, so much for my plan... perhaps Venus has been enlightened and the water spirits are more powerful... Lynn then turned to Marill, who was busy idling nearby. "Marill, I need you!"

              "Flare..." (Oh please, no...) Flareon wished. However, much to his dismay, Marill agreed to Lynn's request, and hopped and waddled her way over towards the battlefield.

              "Mar!" (Mr. Cloud and I are ready!) she announced. Oh boy, this was not going to end well.


              ((OOC: This will be continued soon at another post since it's really late at night. xD))

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              @ Miss Doronjo - Marvelous, what a battle! I've missed your humorous posts.

              - Flareon grew to lvl 17!

              - Pansage grew to lvl 18!


              Chai Tou - Januvale again

              Chai got scolded for coming home too late, but she still came in time for the lovely dinner that her grandfather had put together. They sat in the large dining room, traditionally on cushions on the floor, eating from a very low table. Chai felt calm when she ate like this, compared to sitting on the stools at the high tables in school. She was cheerful and happy as usual throughout the dinner, or at least until she suddenly felt a rumble in one of her pockets and remembered Leafeon. Oh! She had to tell them. But how? Her cheerfulness died in an instant. She had to leave Januvale and train and seek out some mysterious threat. Chai heard the NOOOes coming at her even before she had spoken. But Joresh Ja had seemed really serious and she had already captured one pokémon so...

              Before she cleared her voice, her grandmother leaned in towards her, wrinkled face but kind eyes. "Tell us what is on your mind, child," she said calmly.

              Chai became very nervous and started fiddling with the braid in her hair while stuttering. "It's, um, well, there-there's not really a problem but you will say no and-"

              "What is is now, Chai?" her mother asked with a stern look. She obviously knew her daughter too well.

              Chai took a deep breath and then told them everything about what had happened today. Her parents sat quiet and wide-eyed through the whole story while her grandfather chuckled now and then and her grandmother even cheered when Chai told them about how she had beaten and captured Leafeon.

              "So..." Mrs Tou began.

              "You..." Mr Tou went on.

              "Eh, don't worry about it! I'll just go on a journey through Arcanum, capture some pokémon, save Reshiram and then I'll come home, really. No biggie, right?"

              Chai were told to go straight to bed after that. She lay there, trying to sleep and felt awful. She had really scared her parents, hadn't she? Not only with the dream, but going home with Joresh Ja as well... she had been told not to follow strangers to their home! This was all so weird. She wanted to just... escape it all. Let it be over.

              She jumped from one fluffy cloud to another. It was really easy, maybe she had become really slim from running and swimming after all. Though she was already pretty slim... she looked down and saw that her body was white and furry. And beautiful. She opened her mouth and screamed of joy. A wonderful noise filled the air, but suddenly it got distorted. Chai flew into a dark cloud and when she came out on the other side, there was nothing fun to be seen anywhere any longer. Arcanum lay dead underneath her, burning and crackling. No... had she done this? Why? How!

              "Nooooo!" she screamed as she woke up. Birds were singing outside of her slightly opened window and morning light was streaming gently over her floor. A dream... much like the one she had had when she woke up with the mark. She sat up and looked at her wrist. The mark was warm...

              "Chai? Are you alright?" her father's voice came as he opened the door.

              "I'm fine!" she quickly answered, trying to hide the marking when she remembered that she had already told them about it.

              "Then, come down to breakfast. We want to talk to you."

              The breakfast talk was one that Chai would remember for a long time. Basically, her family said that they allowed her to go on this journey. She was truly shocked when they had finished talking - it wasn't as she really wanted to go. But she somehow felt like she had to... she put her hand on her pocket, where Leafeon's pokéball should be. It wasn't. She panicked and looked around her, when her mother held out her hand with the pokéball in it.

              "I healed him. He needed that," she said calmly, giving her daughter a weak smile. Chai was moved. Her mother didn't want her to go, yet she helped her.

              "It's a him?" she asked, wiping away some tiny tears.

              "You haven't met with your pokémon yet?" her grandfather asked her.

              "No... there was no time. I came home and told you and then I had to go to bed and-"

              "Then go on, take him out!" her grandmother said.

              Chai looked at the pokéball. It didn't wriggle now. What if he didn't want to come out? What if he didn't like her? She had thrown a fire monkey at him... she surely wouldn't like someone who had done that to her. Shuddering but trying to shake off those thoughts, she pressed the button and saw the white light erupt from it. It quickly took shape into the four legged little creature from the beach yesterday. Leafeon. It blinked at her and she blinked back, unsure of how to handle the situation.

              "Well, go on, dear!" her grandmother urged her.

              "Uh, hello," Chai said, sweating. The creature blinked again. It moved closer to her and looked up into her face. Chai was stiff like a tree log, not daring to move. This pokémon could go and Quick Attack her at any moment!

              'So you're the one who caught me,' Leafeon said in his pokémon way. Of course Chai only heard "Leafeon, Leaf."

              "He says hi back, doesn't he?" she said nervously, trying to be positive.

              "If you are that afraid of pokémon, you will never become a good trainer," Chai's grandfather said. He thought hard for a moment, then went out from the house without another word.

              Chai's mother looked worried that the creature would indeed attack her poor girl, but her father looked very interested and her grandmother simply looked calm and happy.

              Finally, Leafeon seemed to be finished with its staring. 'You'll make due,' he said and sat down beside his new trainer. 'As a servant, to this pokémon lord.'

              "Nice! Pat him now!" Chai's father said, earning an annoyed look from her mother.

              Chai did so, and Leafeon didn't seem to mind it too much. Actually, he admitted to himself after only seconds, the touch of a human hand between his ears was quite pleasant. He purred gently and leaned in towards her to be patted even more. 'As long as everyone understands that it is she doing this because I want it, not the other way around. That clear?' He glanced at the other humans but of course didn't get a response.

              After only a few more minutes of Chai and Leafeon trying to understand each other, her grandfather came back. With him, he had a boy about Chai's age or slightly younger, who looked really eager. "I've paid him to have a battle with you," he explained bluntly. "Go battle in the garden, now."

              "HUH?" Chai said, completely surprised. She threw a glance at the boy, who smiled widely. His face was full of freckles, he was wearing shorts and t-shirt and a hat with some foreign sports team's logo on it. A foreigner, clearly.

              "What a splendid idea!" her grandmother said and ushered them all out into the garden. The sun was shining brightly this day as the two young trainers took their places on opposite sides of a large grass field.

              Chai swallowed hard. "Why..."

              Leafeon looked back up at her. 'Have faith, my servant! With me by your side, you will annihilate all opposition! At least as long as no fire monkey comes around.'

              No fire monkey but... a pig monkey came out of the boy's pokéball. "Come on, Mitch, my Mankey!" the boy said in a sleezy tone. "Let's beat these punks up!" He didn't even seem to care about acting nice with his opponent's family around and all.

              And that is how Chai's first battle against another trainer began. The girl herself was completely shocked and didn't know what to say or do. Leafeon sighed and then gave Mitch the Mankey a stern, challenging look.

              "Mankey, use-"

              "I don't even know what you can do!" Chai shouted out to Leafeon, very nervously, even interrupting her opponent's command.

              "Effective," her grandmother said, raising an eyebrow.

              "Did you not fight this pokémon earlier?" her grandfather said importantly.

              "I did, but... I'm not sure what it used... or wait, that sailor boy actually said something..."

              Leafeon once again jumped away but the Ember burned its hind leg. The jump transformed into something much quicker as the grass pokémon ran around the humans and shot back towards Pansear at a blinding speed. The tackle that hit the monkey was a swift and hard one.

              "Quick Attack," the sailor commented.

              "Right! Quick Attack!" Chai said, realizing that if she calmed down a little, she might actually know some of Leafeon's attacks. She had been watching battles on TV like everybody else, after all.

              As if it was an order, Leafeon immediately set off to perform the Quick Attack. Mankey could not evade it and got hit straight on. It tumbled backwards but got up rather quickly again. The boy grinned. "He's not weak, you know," he said. "Mankey, Fury Swipes!"

              Mankey jumped towards Leafeon and started scratching it rapidly several times in a row. Leafeon managed to pull away after a few hits, but seemed roughed up.

              "Leafeon! Are you alright?" Chai asked him. He looked up and nodded silently at her as the Mankey charged again. Chai's face became a worried one; she had known that she might now like battles.

              "Come on, give them a good Low Kick!" the foreign boy said. Mankey readied its leg and jumped towards Leafeon.

              It was as if everything suddenly stopped for Chai now. Of course it wasn't really, but maybe her brain worked faster in this kind of situations. She knew that Mankey was about to kick Leafeon. What could she do? There was an obvious answer.

              "Quick Attack!" she shouted, and the same instant as Leafeon heard her first word, it was gone from the spot and Mankey kicked empty air and made itself fall over.

              Leafeon reappeared on the other side of the grass lawn, near the boy trainer. "Hey, pretty fast. But can you do this?" the boy asked the pokémon. Leafeon raised an eyebrow and looked first at him, then at his pokémon. It was firing itself up, somehow... pumping up with some form of energy that seemed to be glimmering around the pig monkey as it held its eyes closed.

              "Focus Energy," Chai's father said and surprised everyone.

              "You know pokémon attacks?" his wife asked him in a high pitched voice.

              "Take it easy, it's not as if I'm secretly training them or something. I just like to watch when the kids around town are sparring and I guess I pick up a few things. Also, don't we all watch the games on the TV?"

              Leafeon did not care about the mortal humans chattering. 'I cannot do that, no,' he admitted to the foreign boy, who just responded with a "Huh?"

              'But I can do this!' Leafeon charged at Mankey, who was now standing in front of Chai. It looked almost as if they had switched pokémon.

              "Heh. Mitch, Scratch!" the boy called out and Mankey readied his claws, having achieved a greater focus with his last attack. The grass pokémon came closer, Mitch would not miss...

              Then suddenly came a rain of dust upon Mankey's face, both surprising it and causing its big eyes to water. The pig forgot all about its Scratch attack and started frenetically rubbing its poor eyes.

              "Did you know that one too?" Chai's mother ask her husband.

              "Sand Attack," he replied, slightly embarrassed. "Very basic but very handy at times."

              "Haha! Leafeon, amazing!" Chai cheered on the lawn, then noticed that she was actually cheering on him and for some reason finding it strange. It shouldn't be strange, should it?

              'Indeed, I am amazing, my loyal servant!' Leafeon said, looking up at what he didn't really think of as his trainer. 'Now, the final blow!'

              Chai seemed to get that. "Quick Attack!" she said with a smile, pointing at her opponent who had just seemed to have gotten the dust out of his eyes.

              Leafeon had lots of time to deliver the speedy tackle though, and made the pig monkey tumble around again. It got up and readied a Fury Swipes attack on its own accord, at the same time as Leafeon readied another Quick Attack. The two pokémon collided in the middle of the lawn, one of them swinging its scratching paws, the other one jumping back and forth, trying to tackle the other. Their trainers approached the ruckus more and more, cheering and shouting, and the grown ups sitting on the veranda held their breaths...

              Eventually, Leafeon got hit by a Fury Swipe paw that was more like a slap than a scratching attack. It made it tumble over and fall to the ground.

              "LEAFEON!" Chai called out and ran up to him.

              'Servant...' Leafeon panted.

              "Haha!" the foreign boy laughed. "Weakling!" He gave his own pokémon a good smack on its back. That seemed to be too much for the tired out and tackled Mankey, who fell over and fainted instantly. "WHAT? No way!"

              Leafeon got up, being able to stand up without problem now, even though it was tired. 'I believe, my not so good sir, that you have lost.'

              "He fell first!" the rude boy shouted as he recalled the Mankey to its pokéball anyways.

              "Yes, yes, you won. Good job! Now, get home already," Chai's grandfather said and got up from where he had been sitting, walking up to his granddaughter. The boy grinned again, showing all his teeth and ran off, out from the Tou garden.

              Chai felt odd. "Did Leafeon lose?" she asked.

              "No. You most definitely won," her grandfather said, smiling kindly at her. Behind him, her father and grandmother came walking as well, applauding her very first victory against another trainer. However fair or real it really was. Behind them, her mother walked. Chai's eyes met hers and... they gave the girl a relieved look. It was as if they were finally accepting that this was Chai's fate. The girl's eyes almost teared as she smiled back.

              Leafeon was being taken care of by his trainer's mother, who knew a lot about natural herbs and cures. He didn't like how she handled her, but she managed to make him respect her until she had treated all his wounds, nevertheless. If he rested for the rest of the day and then had a good night's sleep, he would be as good as new again!

              "Wouldn't it be easier if they just built a pokémon center in Januvale?" Chai's father asked as his wife came back out onto the veranda, carrying the fresh but rather murderous looking Leafeon in her arms. The rest of the family had begun drinking early noon tea there.

              "Don't you dare begin," Chai's mother said. Chai took the Leafeon from her, who seemed very relieved with being back with its favorite servant again. He was not sure why he liked her so much already. Must be fate or something silly like that. As long as it helped him in becoming the most influential pokémon there is, it was all right.

              Chai looked at her family, chattering friendly and arguing lovingly. How she would miss them... it stung her now, realizing that she was actually going to leave Januvale. Alone. Or, at least with only this little green fellow as company. He seemed nice, anyways. And he could fight. Maybe she would be alright.


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              Leafeon grew to lvl 11!

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                Lynn Colthearts - Mission turtles Continuation!

                To be honest, this is my first time having a battle with Marill, Lynn thought upon her Marill entering the battle field. This was true; she recently caught Marill nearby Max's farm after all, and never really gotten to practice of fully know all of Marill's abilities and moves. However, against a turtle and a semi-dinosaur, it was worth a try. "Marill! Use um... Water Gun at Squirtle, I guess."

                With a agreement symbolized nod, Marill shot out her traditional wet Water Gun, as Squirtle stood by. Of course, due to the water typing, Squirtle was able to block Marill's Water Gun with ease, withdrawing back into his shell, only to be knocked back a few feet. Lynn snapped her fingers, as she forgotten about Squirtle's withdrawing abilities; it was a tough defense to break.

                "Mar...ill?" (Oh... Did I mess up?) she innocently wondered, with Flareon rolling his eyes.

                "Flareon," (Step aside junior,) Flareon inquired. He opened his mouth to release a Flamethrower once more, however, instead of ducking, Squirtle simply countered with a smart Water Gun - which collided with the Flamethrower, resulting a stalemate that created a weak amount of steam in the air for a few seconds. Flareon growled. He always did not like his burning attacks being interrupted.

                "That was a great warm up, but let's turn it up a bit, shall we?" the female guard hinted. "Bulbasaur - Vine Whip on Marill!" she then commanded. Of course, because Bulbasaur obeyed, he sprouted his vines and used them to wrap around Marill's round body. Using the force and durability of the vines, Bulbasaur then lifted Marill of the ground.

                "Maaaaarrrrr! Marill!" (Wheeeeee! Go higher! I wanna touch Mr. Cloud!) cried Marill, seeming to be enjoying the so called 'vine whip ride'.

                "I guess Marill doesn't know she's about to be in serious pain because of the ground spirit..." Lynn said with a sigh. "Flareon, help Marill out with a Flamethrower, would you please?"

                "Flareon, Flare Flare..." (Ugh this mouse; I can't stand her's happiness. Darn herrrrr...) Flareon cursed. As instructed, he did indeed use his flamethrower to burn Bulbasaur's vines. Bulbasaur was flailing in pain before he finally released Marill back on the ground. Marill was able to land on both her flippers, safely.

                "Mar...Ill, Marill..." (Aw... Mr. and Cloud was enjoying that; can we please go again...)

                "Bulbaaaaa!" (Hot, hot, hooooot!) Bulbasaur screamed. Squirtle soon after put of Bulbasaur's flames with a gentle Water Gun.

                "Flareon," (It was funnier when Pansage was burned,) Flareon muttered.

                "Your pokemon aren't too bad," the female guard complemented. "We haven't been this excited for a long time."

                "Tell me something?" Lynn then asked. "What brings you guys to this part of Arcanum anyway? And what's with that red fox? Is it a symbol of Jiraya - the fox spirit that is actually a toad sage but in realit a huge pervert for young beautiful women? ARE YOU GUYS PEDO--"

                "Oh, we're just travelers passing by," the guard answered suddenly. "That's all you need to know."

                That sure is suspicious... Lynn thought. But, I guess maybe they are, and would want to practice the Mystic arts. Hm.

                "Bulbasaur!" (My Bulb is NOT amused!) Bulbasaur cried after his recovery. He then turned to his teammate, Squirtle. "Bulb. Asaur." (Not. Amused.)

                "Squirtle, Squirtle," (This is what you get for not being a turtle,) stated the Squirtle, turning his attention to Bulbasaur.

                "Saur!" (Turtles are idiotic!) Bulbasaur asserted.

                "...Squirt..." (...Your mom is idiotic...) Squirtle mumbled.

                "Flareon, Flare, Eon." (Actually Bulbasaur, I'm sorry about before. Come here and I'll give your bulb a present!) Flareon then suggested.

                "Marill!" (Mr. Cloud and I love presents! Can I have one too?)

                "Flareon." (Be quiet.)

                "Bulb? Bulbasaur," (A present you say? Very well; my bulb adores suck up presents after all,) Bulbasaur accepted, waddling his way over to Flareon.

                "Wait - Bulbasaur where are you going?!" the female guard called, oblivious to Bulbasaur's love for bulbed gifts. As Bulbasaur finally arrived near Flareon, it sat, awaiting the enviable.

                "Bulb?" (Where's my gift?)

                "Flareon, Flare, Eon!" (Yes, I hope you'll enjoy yourself under the soulful sounds of your Bulb reaching about 180 degrees while turning into gray as as it gets BURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRNED!) The trap worked, thought Flareon, using his Flamethrower to burn Bulbasaur at close range. When he finished, Bulbasaur turned grey, completely burned out of it's color, as it fainted right on the spot. Supposedly, he didn't even land on his bulb. What a relief.

                "Um... nice job, Flareon," Lynn complemented, even though she had no idea how and why that happened. She then heard the grumbling sounds from the female guard as she returned Bulbasaur to his pokeball. As she thought of one more thought ran through her mind, All that's left is Squirtle... Squirtle stood tall.

                "Squirtle! Squirt!" (You can't beat me! I'm a turtle!)

                "Marill" (Mr.Cloud and I love turtles!) Marill explained cheerfully.

                "Squirt...le?" (You... love turtles?) Squirtle asked in a softer, calmer tone.

                "Marill - Tackle on Squirtle!" Lynn meanwhile ordered. "The mouse spirit is great this time of year!"

                "Squirtle - counter with your tackle!" the female guard countered.

                "Mariiiil!" (I'm going to hug youuu!) Marill happily called, running her way over.

                "Squirtleeee Squiiiirt...!" (Yessss, hugging turtles for the wiiiin!) Squirtle called afterward, waddling his way over to Marill, opening his fins out in front, in a prepared-to-hug position. However, much to Squirtle's dismay, when they were just a feet apart, Marill tripped towards Squirtle, bumping into him, causing Squirtle topple over on his backside. He was in a position that turtles feared the most - on his back.

                "Great, Squirtle can't get up..." the female guard sighed, as she saw Squirtle struggling. She then turned to Marill. Argh, how did she do that!

                "Marill..." (Sorry...) Marill apologized.

                "Let's finish this!" Lynn announced. "Okay Flareon - Use Flamethrower on Squirtle!"

                "Flareon, Eon!" (Remember kids, the letter K has been brought to you part by eggs. ALSO KNOWN AS BUUUUUUURN!)

                Before the guard knew it, her Squirtle was swamped in flames, until Flareon let it die down. Soon after, she saw her Squirtle covered in ashes from burn marks, fainted while still on his shell.

                "Damn, beaten..." the guard hissed as she returned Squirtle safely inside a pokeball. "You're not too bad!"

                "Thank you," Lynn bowed. "It was a pleasure."

                "My... did you see that?" came a voice from the crowd.

                "Yes, what a match that was!" replied another.

                "Okay, can someone PLEASE give me my oranges now?!" demanded a familiar one.

                "No, because you are ANNOYING!" roared another.


                ((OOC: Abu, shortish... post I'll admit, but finishing up the battle tonight, more curses with pokedexes tomorrow~))

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                @ Miss Doronjo - if that is short, then we really have set a too high standard here ;)

                "Mariiiil!" (I'm going to hug youuu!) Marill happily called, running her way over.

                "Squirtleeee Squiiiirt...!" (Yessss, hugging turtles for the wiiiin!) Squirtle called afterward, waddling his way over to Marill, opening his fins out in front, in a prepared-to-hug position. However, much to Squirtle's dismay, when they were just a feet apart, Marill tripped towards Squirtle, bumping into him, causing Squirtle topple over on his backside. He was in a position that turtles feared the most - on his back.
                Hahahha this is too awesome, really. I'm going to hug youuu!

                - Marill grew to lvl 12!

                - Flareon grew to lvl 18!

                Chai Tou - Route 11

                Chai took her first steps out onto Route 11. She had been here before, on trips with her school class and with her family. It was a beautiful place with a strangely lush environment and small streams and ponds here and there. Following the main path, where she believed eastern cars had probably never gone at all, she passed by several small bee farms. Right... this was a route that had many bugs in it! She didn't really like bugs... once when she was younger, a bug with big scary eyes had crept into her room through the window at night and scared her so that she pee'd in her bed. No, she didn't like bugs. But if she and Leafeon just walked calmly on, they would probably reach Feborough within the day and without any troubles.

                Leafeon... he walked silently beside her now, outside of his pokéball. His emerald, almost turquoise leaves on his ears, legs and tail glittered in the sunlight. She wondered for a moment if he was more like a plant than an animal. Then she saw him yawn and turn to look at her as if to say 'Don't think about me behind my back, servant!'.

                Chai smiled at him and instead took up the map from a side pocket on her backpack. Her grandmother had given it to her. It was rather old fashioned and chances were that some new cities or places had popped up since it was made. But it would still give her an idea of what direction she would go to get forward on her journey. At least Feborough Town had been where it was for hundreds of years. It was probably even older than Januvale.

                She sighed as the thought about her family. After they had had lunch, her father had left home for a while. Chai didn't have school today, but her mother had called her teacher and told her that Chai was going on a trip and wouldn't be able to go to school for a while. Chai was grateful for that; she could see that her mother was still troubled by the idea that her child wouldn't get a proper schooling... well, of course Chai would begin school again when she came back! If she came back... She shook away gloomy thoughts and looked down at the bow that decorated her left leg. When her father had come back, he had been shopping downtown in Januvale. He had a new attire for Chai to wear, as well as some potions and even some pokéballs. Her grandfather had then lectured her in the art of capturing pokémon, even though she had already done it once. He also tried to tell her hints and good things to know when battling, at the same time as her father tried to make her understand how to light up a fire and otherwise make due when you were out in the wild. It had become really confusing for Chai after a while, so she had decided to just leave the same day.

                In the early afternoon, she had set off, and here she was, having walked for almost an hour. It wasn't that far to Feborough, right? She would probably make it before nightfall. Before all the creepy bugs came out. Her face turned pale again.

                Leafeon smelled something in the air and his face did not turn pale at all. 'Honey...' he mumbled. "Leaf..."

                "What did you say?" Chai wondered, noticing that he had stopped.

                Leafeon didn't reply, instead he tiptoed off the road, Chai curiously following. They ended up outside the fence of a bee farm, where there was a hole big enough for Chai's pokémon to squeeze through. Chai tried to follow but despite her being a quite small person, she wouldn't fit.

                "Leafeon! Come back here!" she called out, to no avail. The grass pokémon had his focus set on the honey. And as if the honey wanted him too, he soon found his dream: several bottles of honey standing on the ground near a bee hive, one of which was open! He thanked the heavens for having been able to experience this, before he bowed his head down to indulge in the wonderful thing that was fresh honey.

                "Leafeon! No! It's not yours!" Chai called out, annoyed and worried. She was currently trying to climb over the fence instead of sneaking through it. The result was that she tumbled down on the other side and got up scratching her head. "Ouch..."

                When she looked for her pokémon again, she saw that he still hadn't gotten any honey. Instead, he was warring with two bees... Combee! Chai had seen those before. She had never really thought of them as pokémon who could battle though. They were just... bugs.

                But battling, they seemed to want to do. One of them blew a strange wind towards the growling Leafeon, which somehow silenced his growls. That was when the other Combee took the chance to strike, by blowing a Gust straight at the grass pokémon, who were blown away like a leaf, hitting another bee hive. That made several other Combee come out and look annoyed. Chai realized that they had started a cascade reaction here.

                "Leafeon, we'd better go now..."

                'Maybe you are quite right,' her pokémon agreed and they both started to back away really slowly from the angry bees, when they heard a male voice yelling from some other part of the bee farm. All of them looked that way instead, the Combee included.

                A middle aged man with a little too much around his belly was running past beehive after beehive, whipping his net trying to catch something. Beside him, several Combee were flying, seemingly angry at something in front of them. Whatever they were chasing seemed to be no easy thing to catch. It made quick turns and changed directions quicker than the farmer or the Combee could. Soon, it was coming straight at Chai and Leafeon. They screamed and made the thief scream as well and come to a halt. For a brief moment, all three of them were standing still in the bee farm, blinking at each other. Then the presence of the Combee around them made itself known by them starting to buzz even more wildly than before.

                "YOU!" the farmer said, having caught up but not quite caught his breath yet. Chai gave him a minute, during which Leafeon was staring meanly at the honey thief between them. Chai gave it a glance as well. It was a really cute pokémon. It was green with an orange little face and eyes that almost seemed to have eyelashes. Its four small wings were fluttering soundlessly and its antennas looked like big, yellow and purple eyes. They were kind of scary though... had she seen them before?

                Finally the farmer came alive again. "Your pokémon stole my honey! Look!"

                Chai looked at Leafeon but he shook his head vibrantly. 'I didn't get a single lick!'

                Then she realized that the farmer must mean the pokémon fluttering in the air between them. "Oh, no! That's not my pokémon."

                "Nice try," the farmer grunted, clearly not believing her. "I knew I should have gotten an Electrike to watch over my property. Combee, Gust!"

                "Wait, no!" Chai yelled and jumped aside along with Leafeon as Gusts of wind flew at them from several directions. They hid behind a bee hive hut, that creaked from the attacks and fell over when it was done.

                "YOU! You broke my bee hive!" the farmer said, very agitated.

                "Huh?" Chai sweatdropped. "Mr Farmer, I think you did that yourself-" she tried to explain weakly.

                "Combee, Sweet Scent!"

                A number of Combee buzzed forward and sent the same strange breeze towards them that had silenced Leafeon before. "I feel... fine..." Chai said, affected by the attack.

                'Me too... who needs honey when one can sit here and have a nice day?' Leafeon agreed. Spooky smiles came over both their faces.

                "Hah. Now, you come here with me and I'll teach you a lesson," the farmer said, tucking up his sleeves and closing in on the two scoundrels.

                All of a sudden, another kind of wind struck him and his Combee. It made his hat fall off and his soul feel like a cold shard of ice inside of him. The Combee started shuddering when the wind was over, feeling like they had just walked on someone's grave. They turned to look to their right. Flying towards them over the bee hive huts was a terrible creature with enormous eyes filled with rage. The farmer and the Combee screamed in terror and ran away.

                The Ominous Wind seemed to not have hurt Leafeon and Chai, only snapped them out of the Sweet Scent's effects. "Huh? Why did he just leave?" Chai wondered, scratching her chin.

                'I believe we have an unexpected ally,' Leafeon concluded, seeing the pokémon from before fluttering in front of them, looking like it wanted to be thanked.

                "Oh! Thank you!" Chai said, smiling widely. Then she thought of something. "Hey... did you steal honey from that man earlier?"

                The flying pokémon looked sorry. It's antennas fell down making them look like really sad eyes.

                "Oh well. As long as you won't do it again... LEAFEON!" She just realized that her own pokémon had finally sneaked off and reached the open honey bottle from before. He looked up, face covered in the sticky semi-liquid. "Oh dear... Now I'm an accomplice in crime. Let's get out of here quickly, before he comes back. I would want to apologize... but something tells me he wouldn't listen."

                Leafeon finally drank his fill and squeezed out through the fence again, while Chai climbed back over with not a little effort. She managed to touch down on the ground fairly unclumsy and then realized that the pokémon from before was still fluttering in front of her.

                "Hey... you again. What are you anyways?" Thinking it might give her a clue, Chai took up her grandma's map, while she and Leafeon started walking down the road again. The map had small notations here and there but nothing more. Unless... She turned the document over and looked at the back. She hadn't noticed before, but it actually had some text on it. Small text, but readable if you squinted. "Route 11 - bug's lands. No kidding," she commented with the Combee in her thoughts. "The bug illustrated on the map is Masquerain," she kept reading. Wait, what?

                She looked at the map again. True, there were small pictures of pokémon here and there. And the one on route 11 was... her face turned pale. It was the honey thief in front of her. "Masquerain... it's... a bug."

                Masquerain giggled, happy that the girl had realized what she was. "But... your eyes... I mean your antennas..." Chai now remembered. This was the pokémon that had crept into her room and scared her when she was little. Not maybe the exact same individual, but definitely a Masquerain.

                The pokémon didn't seem to understand why the girl was suddenly afraid of her. 'Forgive my servant,' Leafeon butted in. 'I believe she has a phobia of insects.'

                While Chai stuttered to herself and silently freaked out, Leafeon leaned his head to the side and looked more closely at Masquerain. 'Say, your attack back there was quite impressive. How would you like to become my servant as well?'

                'Servant?' Masquerain repeated, then giggled again and did a pirouette in the air. 'I'm my own servant! Much more fun that way.'

                'Seems like I have to convince you, then,' Leafeon smiled and then turned to his trainer. 'Servant! We have to battle this infidel!'

                Chai snapped back into reality, where she had a lion in the form of a plant pokémon standing beside her. "What? You want to battle it?" she gathered, from his battle stance facing the green bug, who seemed a little surprised.

                'Didn't you see what I could do?' Masquerain warned and flew higher up into the sky.

                "But I don't want a bug on my team!" Chai complained. "Although... when I first saw that pokémon, I thought it was pretty. Maybe I could... I guess I could get used to it. It doesn't really look like a bug..."

                'Good enough,' Leafeon barked.

                Masquerain released her Ominous Wind again, this time aiming for Leafeon and Chai. The girl squealed when the wind hit them, but Leafeon stood still and strong, although notably affected. 'Darn. It is as if that wind hits your very soul and drains its energy!'

                Chai had calmed down. She was to become a pokémon trainer, she couldn't keep freaking out over small things! "Leafeon, Quick Attack!"

                The grass type shot away, bounced against two trees to reach Masquerain's level and then tackled it before it could maneuver away. 'You may be agile, but not THAT agile!' he leered at her.

                'You sure?' the bug said, quickly countering with a Quick Attack of its own, before Leafeon had even hit the ground again. Now he was slammed into the ground by force. He still got up but was visibly roughed up. The bug giggled again.

                "Ah, Leafeon..." Chai said. Battling was hard. Mitch the Mankey had been controlled by a boy without much talent, perhaps. This was a wild pokémon who decided on its own moves. It might not have as much strategy as all the trained pokémon that Chai had seen on TV, but it was rather fickle instead. Not long ago, Leafeon had also been a wild pokémon. Come to think of it, Chai now wondered why he was following her orders. She, who was so inexperienced and weak...

                Leafeon barked at her. He was waiting for more orders, rather than attacking on his own accord. Chai was moved, and small tears appeared in her eyes. 'Oh, what is it now, servant?' Leafeon sighed.

                Masquerain moved in for another attack however, so Chai decided to be strong for Leafeon's sake. "Sand Attack!"

                Leafeon smiled. 'Good choice.' As Masquerain tried to Quick Attack him, he threw a dustcloud into her face, making her miss him and hit a tree instead. Dizzy, she fluttered away from the tree as quickly as she could.

                "Another Quick Attack now!" Chai called out. She wasn't even thinking about it being repetitive; each attack attempt unfolded differently. This time, Leafeon hit the Masquerain straight on, landing on top of it on the ground. It was more like a Take Down attack than a quick tackle, actually. But it fit well into the situation.

                'Yield!' Leafeon commanded. 'Be my servant!'

                Masquerain shook her head weakly and blew out a Bubble attack into his face. That made him back off, annoyed with the bubbles exploding on his nose, even though they didn't really hurt him much.

                Masquerain fluttered backwards, but hit a stop. She looked up, bending her neck backwards until she was looking up into Chai's face. "Please," the girl said, trying to smile and not be freaked out by being so close to a bug. "I would really like you to come with us. I won't think of you as a bug." The Masquerain gave her a raised eyebrow here. "I mean... I will try not to dislike bugs. If you teach me?"

                The real reason for her wanting to capture Masquerain was because she really fount it pretty and because it was the first wild pokémon she had encountered on her journey, since the Combee had belonged to the farmer. That meant something to her, something symbolic.

                Masquerain sighed. Then she nodded. Even though she didn't know what she was agreeing on. Leafeon was really happy. The bug noticed and gave him an annoying look. 'You may think you're a king, but I won't be your servant. I'll be a princess!' Then she stuck out her tongue at the shocked Leafeon, who growled in annoyance.

                Chai didn't notice though. She took out an empty pokéball from one of her pockets, enlarged it and held it out towards the bug. Masquerain's antenna flew up as if it was quite content after all, which made Chai relieved. The green bug touched the button on the pokéball and was sucked into it as a red energy.

                "Amazing... I caught my first pokémon!" Chai cheered. A slight cough was heard from her feet and she looked down to see Leafeon stare at her. "Oh, sorry. I mean, my second pokémon, of course." Then she patted him behind the ears until he was happy again.

                She put away Masquerain's pokéball for now, thinking that it would probably like to rest inside it before coming out again. The sunlight was getting more orange - it would be late soon. What if she didn't reach Feborough today? She would have to spend the night out in the wilderness... the horror!


                @ me - I think I deserve a lvl 10 Masquerain :3 if anyone doesn't agree when I'm giving myself levels or wild pokémon, please speak up in the OOC thread. Least thing I want to do is being unfair, but I don't want to be unfair towards myself either xD

                - Chai captured a Masquerain! (lvl 10 female)

                - Leafeon grew to lvl 12!

                paired to a seeker.
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                  Lynn Colthearts - Oh how I hate commercials

                  As Lynn with her pokemon, Flareon (since Marill was returned to her pokeball shortly after the battle), strolled away from the black truck they battled nearby. Soon, Lynn stopped as she crossed her arms, surveying he area. She then looked down to Flareon, whom also stopped for her attention.

                  "We should probably get going through the next town over soon," she said to Flareon. "It appears that this town is just about curse free."

                  "Flareon," (The burning of this town seems pathetic as well,) added Flareon.

                  "Hey!" Then came a loud male voice, whom made Lynn jump, even from far away. Lynn and Flareon turned to the direction of the voice, only to see a group of people crowded nearby a storage house. She walked by, only then to see a person walking from inside through the door, shutting it behind him. "Nothing..." the male announced. "Every last scrap of food in the storage house has been stolen."

                  "This has been happening more frequently now," pointed out another male from the group. "Do you think outsiders have been hiding somewhere around here, coming to look for food?"

                  "Or it could be the work of the Dorombo Gang too!" suggested another male. "That damn trio of thieves!"

                  "It's just food," arose a boy, who was coming from outside the crowd. "Would those Dorombo Gang guys really bother to steal it?"

                  "Flareon..." (Oh no, it's that idiot from the food vendor again...) Flareon recognized. It was true; it was the same boy and girl that Flareon, Pansage, and Marill saw just before the battle with those mysterious guards.

                  "Flareon, hush," Lynn warned. The Dorombo Gang... I've heard that those guys are notorious to steal on whatever they could get their grubby hands on. But why here?

                  "Kyle, be quiet!" the girl who accompanied the boy suggested.

                  "But it's just food!" Kyle repeated.

                  "What do you mean 'just food'?!" barked the man by the door. "In this town, food is the most valuable thing there is!"

                  "Oh come on!" said Kyle in disbelief. "So someone stole it -- just go buy some more."

                  "What?!" a man shouted. "We break our backs all year tending these fields!!"

                  "Um, hey, everyone please calm down..." Lynn interrupted,with everyone now paying attention to her. "I'm sure there's a great explanation here."

                  "Yeah? Like what?" the man near the door asked. "So it wasn't thieves?"

                  "It was probably the embodiment of the goat curse," Lynn suggested. "You see, in one instance per year, the goat spirit will consume an unimaginable food for comfort since it has been divorced by it's sheep wife. Until it has been satisfied, it will keep on raiding food stores. So, what I suggest you do is close everything at once, and perhaps perform a ritual for the goat spirit. That has lots of carrots."

                  "Are you stupid?" Kyle asked. "There's no such thing as curses or spirits!"

                  "Oh, yes there is!" Lynn insisted. "I train with them everyday."

                  "That's still a little hard to believe," said the girl near him. "Spirits or not, this town has been victims of food raids."

                  "Hey! I just heard that Margo's place got hit by a food thief too--" yelled a man who came running by, only to stop to have a deep look at the teenaged boy he recognized. "It's you! So, you didn't just steal from me, you were at it over here too, huh?!"

                  "What...?" grasped Margo, turning to the boy. "You're the one who raided my storehouse?!"

                  "The DO say the criminal always return to the scene of the crime..." pointed out another vendor.

                  "Are you calling me a thief?!" Kyle barked.

                  "You tried to steal an apple from me!!" reminded the vendor.

                  "Flare," (Idiot couldn't also count to four,) added Flareon.

                  "That's it!" announced Margo. "I'm taking you to the authorities!"

                  Lynn turned to the girl nearby Kyle. (Uh, is it really okay for this guy to be arrested at a young age?) Lynn asked her softly.

                  (Letting Kyle get arrested here might do him some good...) explained the girl.


                  Soon the boy known as Kyle found himself being dragged inside the storage house. The storage house wasn't that big; you could say it was just a larger version of a shed, in fact. Lynn and the girl followed after them inside. Lynn was thinking that this place could be incredible for a channeling, while Flareon just wanted to burn the windows. This time, he didn't know why; it would please him. Inside they saw a man dressed fairly fancier than the rest of the vendors.

                  "What seems to be the commotion?" the man asked. "My, you lot are putting such serious faces to be driven from your vendors..."

                  "We've got trouble!" explained Margo, dragging Kyle by his front collar. "This guy was the one who's been stealing our food supplies!"

                  "I'm telling you, it wasn't me!" Kyle insisted.

                  "He has got to be with the Dorombo Gang!" another vendor added. "He stole an apple from me!"

                  "He took away all of my bok choi vegetables!" another added.

                  "He stole my oranges! MY PRECIOUS ORANGES!" one shouted. "Make him give back my oranges!!"


                  "He did?" everyone in the room asked.

                  "Nooooo!" the vendor replied. "But are we just going to let him get away with this until he does?!"

                  "I'm telling you people," said Kyle, who escaped Margo's grip on him. "I'm not your damn thief! Do I look like I'm going hungry to you?!"

                  "My, my, what a lively boy," the fancy man inquired. "Let's all just settle down first, alright?"

                  "Yes, everyone, please do!" Lynn repeated. "All of this negativity is all just food and energy for the enraged buffalo spirit! He'll come down to run down all of your houses!"

                  "Flareon!" (Not if I burn him first!) Flareon stated in.

                  "You're..." the fancy man said, as he gazed towards Lynn. "You're the young lady who defeated those guards! My, my, you certainly have a great degree of battling skill!"

                  "Th-Thanks..." Lynn blushed. "But I couldn't of won if my pokemon were so incredible, haha..."

                  "And just who the hell are you two, anyway?" Kyle asked both Lynn and the fancy man.

                  "I'm Lynn," Lynn introduced. "Lynn Colthearts. I'm a trainer from Januville Town. Below is one of my partner pokemon - Flareon."

                  "Flareon," (Those who touch my fur, gets a burn,) Flareon warned.

                  "I am Ahougha Tai," the man introduced. "I've just opened up a new vendor in town." he then turned to Kyle. "Who might you be?"

                  "Kyle," Kyle said sternly. "The guy you idiots are framing!"

                  "I'm Nanaly," the girl who accompanied Kyle then introduced. "I'm traveling with Kyle across Arcanum, actually."

                  "Oh?" grasped Ahougha. "So you're with this boy suspected of being with the Dorombo Gang?"

                  "We're not with the Dorombo Gang," explained Nanaly. "We're just travelers."

                  "I see. It would of been a shame if you were," Ahougha said. "After all, we can't have a band of thieves coming here to raid. It would be a total disrespect on saving money, after all."

                  "What's all this about?" Margo asked. "These guys aren't with the Dorombo Gang after all?"

                  "Apparently not," Ahougha replied. "This lad isn't your thief. In fact, if I recall, as I was busy counting the money income I've received just yesterday, I saw strange footprints of the ground - they didn't belong to a human. In fact, those prints were also with the peels of ripe oranges on the ground too."

                  "MY ORANGES!" the orange vendor shouted.

                  "Then the food thief WAS the goat spirit!" said Lynn enthusiastically. "Everyone! Join hands; we shall purge this curse with the ways of one of the seven Colthearts' commandments -- "

                  "Or it could simply be a wild pokemon," Ahougha continued. "Just saying. I'm afraid your way would cost way more money anyway."

                  "..That too," Lynn admitted. "But the Colthearts' channeling comes naturally; it doesn't cost money."

                  "Hm, so that pokemon did it..." said Margo, crossing his arms.

                  "See?" shouted Kyle, turning to Margo. "I told you I'm not your thief!"

                  "But you did eat that apply before paying," Nanaly reminded. "What do you think would happen once people start suspecting you?"

                  "I think..." Kyle began. "I think... thinking's good."

                  "Huh?" Lynn questioned.

                  "Don't worry about him," Nanaly said. "He's just a little slow."

                  "Hey, I can hear you!"

                  "Well now," Ahougha began as he looked upon the vendors. "I think that takes care of that. I think you all have something to say to this boy?"

                  "...I'm sorry," Margo apologized. "With all the burglaries lately, I've been a little on edge."

                  "I'm sorry for accusing you," the apple vendor continued. "Just because you couldn't count to four, doesn't mean that you're a thief."

                  "Hey, I can SO count!" Kyle corrected. "1 - 2 - 3 - uh... Blue - Applesauce --"

                  "In any case," Ahougha cut in. "What are we going to do about our troublesome our pokemon thief? I'm afraid that as long as it keeps pillaging, serious money will be... 'poored' down the drain." As the rest of the people in the room rolled their eyes on Ahougha's bad pun attempt, Ahougha had an idea - he turned to Lynn. "Say... Lynn, was it? How would you like to purchase a Pokédex?"

                  "A... Pokédex?" Lynn repeated. "Hey yeah! Those pokédexes are cool! Awesome! ...What are they again?"

                  "They are modern, state of art, electronic devices that can help the trainer keep track of their pokémon's health, strength level, evolution, attacks and more," Ahougha explained. "Every trainer going on a journey should have them! It has recognition feature that lets the trainer identify all known kinds of pokémon, after all."

                  "Hey yeah!" said Kyle. "I remember now! YOU'RE the jerk-ass that made those damn pokédexes expensive as hell! All you businessmen are the same - I'm going to run my own business! One that sells one pair of my socks for 99 coins! Beat THAT!"

                  "A pair of your dirty-ol socks for 99 coins," Nanaly repeated with a sigh. "You sure are a natural businessman..."

                  "Damn straight!" Kyle gleamed, completely oblivious to Nanaly's sarcastic remark.

                  "Now, now," Ahougha started. "If you're going for quality work, you'd naturally assume that the costs will be high. Money pays for quality, of course. But tell you what Lynn," he started with a more open smile. "If you can catch that pokemon thief before everyone here goes bankrupt, I'll lower the price to the pokedex to a more... affordable sum for you, and you only. Sounds cool?"

                  "Hey!" Kyle moaned. "That's not fair!"

                  "Be quiet," Nanaly snapped. "You're lucky you didn't get arrested after all. You need to learn to not do things that will make you look suspicious."

                  "Flare!" (And burnable!) Flareon added.

                  Hm, I suppose having a Pokedex will be a helpful to have around, Lynn thought. "Alright Mr. Tai, I accept your offer."

                  "Excellent!" Ahougha smiled. "But please - don't be so formal. You can just call me Ahougha."

                  "It's... a mouthful," Lynn giggled. "But, okay, Ahougha."

                  Then, there came a knock at the storage door. The door then slowly opened as everyone in the room stopped to see who was coming inside. Perhaps the thief was making an appearance after all? That wasn't the case though - an older male who had a white and blue jacket with a black shirt underneath. His pants were also black, with white lining. He didn't look like he was from Arcanum - that clothing style wasn't that familiar was Arcanum's.

                  "Mr. Ahougha Tai?" the man called out, as everyone stepped back to let him through inside. "Er... I am Decus Rei - The guy you wanted to hire? I believe you wanted me to do something??"

                  "Ah, yes, of course!" Ahougha replied as he stepped forward. "Everyone, please excuse me. I have business with the lad here. Lynn, good luck; tell me about your progress when you get back."

                  Lynn nodded as she saw Ahougha and the man known as Decus headed out the door. "Alright Flareon, time to go," Lynn smiled. "We'll catch this pokemon. Even if we have to use the topsy-turvy curse to make it's head hit against the floor."

                  "Oh yeah! I think I was hit on the head when I was younger," Kyle said. "I don't think it had any long term effects though..."

                  Everyone in the room exchanged glances.


                  Meanwhile, outside, Ahougha and the man named Decus were having a short conversation.

                  "So if I do this, you'll promise to lower the cost of pokedexes for me, right? Decus asked. "Man, you really know how to slap a couple of zeros beside something."

                  "Yes of course," Ahougha coughed. "You see, there were two black trucks with odd logos some time ago, and they're still there at the northern edge of the market. I would like for you to just spy on them, and... ... ... ..."


                  A minute later, Lynn and Flareon found themselves nearby the food storage, searching for clues. She wagged at her finger at Flareon not to burn any evidence they would find, so Flareon blew his Flamethrower towards a vendor carrying a basket of oranges in frustration. The vendor cried for a few seconds under the painful despair of his oranges now being all burnt.

                  "Aha!" Lynn finally said, as she found a footprint on the dirt. She then saw a st of a few more heading off towards the opposite direction. And they seem to be coming this way... she then thought, following the trail.

                  She and Flareon both found that the tracks were heading off towards a wider plain - in which the nearby sigh read 'Route 10, brought to you part by AQUAMAN! ...We don't know why he's a superhero either.'

                  "Looks like the perpetrator waddled off in here..." Lynn said. "Okay Flareon, let's go!" With that, they both walked inside together.


                  ((OOC: Yes, I have way more time to post now~))


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                  @ Miss Doronjo - and I'm glad you have more time to post :D Lovely dialogue, and I'm feeling generous.

                  - Flareon grew to lvl 19!


                  Chai Tou - Route 11

                  The sky became yellow, and later orange. No sign of Feborough yet. The air around Chai started buzzing more and more with the sounds of nightly bugs coming awake. She was rather terrified when she realized that she would really have to spend the night sleeping outdoors. Oh, why had she never aquired a cellphone? Most kids in Januvale didn't have one, of course, but foreign children often had. Not that they had much need for it in the small town of Januvale but... still... Now she wanted to be able to call her parents. To hear her grandma's cheerful voice and her grandpa's calm words.

                  Leafeon walked beside her on the path... no, in front of her, rather. Having the personality he had, he naturally thought that he should be the one to first encounter any new dangers. Unfortunately he, like most plants, fell drowsy as soon as the sun went down. There was only a glimmer of light above the treetops now and although the forest around them had been scarce and light in the daylight, it was now shadowy and eerie. At least according to Chai. The only thing Leafeon thought about it was that they should find some place to sleep soon.

                  Masquerain fluttered in the air around Chai's head, trying to make the girl less nervous. She dared to touch the bug now, not really being disgusted with it anymore. It didn't look much like a bug anyways, it had no creepy legs or stingers, unless you counted the little horn on its head. And its antennas were rather beautiful once you got used to them, even if they were meant to look intimidating. Masquerain wasn't at all afraid of the forest at night. It wasn't a distinct night pokémon nor day pokémon, so it wasn't as tired as Leafeon was yet.

                  Chai had spent the last hour trying to find out more about her new pokémon. She had, with Leafeon's grunting hints, understood that it was female. Then she had asked the bug to show her what powers it held. The girl was shown a shower of Bubbles, the same kind that she had used when fighting Leafeon before. She also got to see the Quick Attack in action again, although the bug didn't attack anything specific; it only almost bumped into a sour Leafeon. And then the strange, purple whirlwind that seemed to both slap the opponent and make them feel uncomfortable. Chai didn't recognize the move from TV or some other place, so she was just calling it Purple Wind until she knew better.

                  At last, Chai's slight fear of the dark was too much for her and she hurriedly allowed herself to be led to a good camping spot chosen by her pokémon. Leafeon curled up, looking like a little yawning pile of leaves, and didn't want to seem to help making dinner or anything. Masquerain helped finding some wood though, so that Chai could lit a fire with her lighter before the last daylight went out. The girl learned a lesson; next time she had to sleep outdoors, she would stay and make a camping spot before it got dark. She told herself that Masquerain would defend her if anything jumped out from the darkness at her, while she took her micro-tent out from her backpack and pressed the button on it. Instantly, the tent unfolded itself and became a decently sized thing where she could crawl in and unpack her mini-sleeping bag. Both of these very helpful things had been handed to her by her father, who apparently owned them since before but hadn't dared telling his wife about it. Oh, dad... Chai silently thanked him for loving new technology now.

                  She ate the little dinner she had brought and checked so that she had breakfast for tomorrow as well. She would have to buy new food in Feborough, she thought. And some pokémon food... she hadn't thought of that at all. Masquerain ate some of the girl's food now, instead. Leafeon was already asleep so he didn't seem to want anything. Perhaps he lived off water and sunlight, like other plants?

                  As Chai then packed her stuff together and went inside the tent to sleep with her head close to the opening so that she could see the campfire, she heard a twig break in the forest near Leafeon. She froze and Masquerain flew up from where she had been lying next to her trainer. She looked ready to send a Purple Wind at anything that would appear...

                  "Hello?" a voice said. A boy's voice. Chai's tensed muscles relaxed slightly.

                  "Yes?" she said.

                  A boy did emerge from the shadows behind Leafeon, and beside him walked a pokémon that Chai had never seen before. It was brown with four legs and a big brown nose. It had big, golden antlers and a round sort of tail.

                  "Hello," the boy said again, smiling. "My name is Carl and this is Suzuke, my Stantler." The pokémon gave off a small grunt as the boy gestured towards it. "We saw your fire and wondered if we could sleep here tonight."

                  Chai blinked, lying in her tent. She had still got all of her clothes on and it probably wasn't that late, but somehow it felt like being ambushed in the middle of the night by a stranger. Like a bug in her room... she shuddered. No, nothing like that, of course.

                  "Um, yeah, I guess," she said. The boy smiled thankfully towards her and put out a micro-tent of his own. While hers was a dark blue color, his was orange. He placed it on the other side of the fire and accidentally startled Leafeon with it.

                  The grass pokémon jumped up and growled at Suzuke, who just snorted, unimpressed.

                  "Leafeon, calm down! He's just here to sleep," Chai assured her pokémon, who didn't seem to believe it, but walked over to her side of the fire with a dignified look and curled up as a ball next to her tent instead.

                  "So," the boy said, sticking out a head through the opening of his tent, just like she did. "You're just passing through this route or are you a pokémon trainer?"

                  Chai realized that she hadn't introduced herself at all. "Um, my name is Chai Tou! I'm a trainer, actually. Or, I will be." As if to encourage her, Masquerain sat down on top of her head. That made Chai smile a little. She was glad that such a friendly pokémon was the first one she captured.

                  "You seem like a good trainer already," the boy said.

                  "How would you know?" Chai asked, not meaning to sound rude.

                  The boy just gave her another smile. "Your pokémon like you."

                  "They..." Chai looked down on them. Leafeon slept again, already. But he was laying close to her tent, as if watching over it. Masquerain had moved from her head to sit on her shoulder and blink at her trainer. "Maybe they do. I like them too!" she said, strangely reassured by the boy's words. Carl, was it?

                  Carl's hair was brown and rather long, falling down in bangs around his face. His eyes were green and calm and he seemed to be of Chai's age or even younger. Suzuke, the Stantler, had lied down beside Carl's tent much like Leafeon had with hers. Only, not curled up like a ball.

                  "Are you a trainer too?" Chai asked.

                  "Yes. Or at least I have some pokémon who I travel with. But I'm not challenging any Arenas, like many other trainers do. I'd just lose." He snickered strangely. "I'm no winner. But I like my pokémon. And I know they like me."

                  Suzuke licked the boy's cheek when he had just said that, surprising him a lot. Chai couldn't help laughing a little. Carl blushed slightly but then laughed as well.

                  "Well, maybe we can talk more over breakfast? I usually wake up as soon as the sun goes up. It gets weird when you get back into the urban areas, where people go to bed after nightfall and wake up after dawn, haha."

                  Chai listened but didn't quite know what he meant. She guessed that she might learn it at some point.

                  The night went on without troubles. Chai slept like a log, despite being afraid of darkness and bugs and despite not having a comfortable mattress underneath her. She wake up to the sweet smell of grilled eggs. Poking her head out of the tent, she found that Carl had been making eggs for breakfast. They ate together, sharing what food they both had. After breakfast, Carl suddenly suggested that they should battle with their pokémon. He doubted that he would win against another real trainer but he still thought it was good practice.

                  Chai then admitted that she was a completely new trainer, only starting from Januvale yesterday. Carl was a bit surprised to learn that Masquerain had only known Chai for less than one day, yet already seemed to enjoy her company so much. Now he really wanted to battle her. Chai was sure that she would lose.

                  Leafeon felt fresh and vivid in the morning sunlight, even if the mist lay over Route 11 even after they had finished breakfast.

                  "It's still early," Carl said. "People in Feborough and Januvale won't be waking up for another hour or so. But people on the countryside do what they feel like. Eh, Suzuke?" The Stantler nodded with its usual boring look.

                  They went out onto a relatively open grass field between some trees, just near the road. Chai was nervous but her pokémon seemed ready and eager to fight. If she would just remember their attacks and think calmly about what would be good in what situation, this would go well. No matter if she won or not. Maybe that wasn't the most important thing.

                  "Since you have two pokémon, I'll use two pokémon as well. First one to make the opponent's both pokémon faint has won!" Carl announced and let Suzuke step forward.

                  Chai wondered what pokémon would be best to use against the Stantler. It was bigger than both of hers together. Leafeon might get crushed by its hooves... but Masquerain could probably fly away, right? Leafeon stepped up in front of them, ready to battle.

                  "No, wait," Chai told him. He looked back at her with a hurt look. "Don't look at me like that... I just think that Masquerain would be better to use now." His face got even more displeased. "I'm saving you for the finale later, ok?" Chai desperately said. That seemed to be good enough for him. As he walked back to stand by her side, Masquerain flew past him and stuck out her tongue at him playfully, which made him growl quietly. But he kept his control.

                  "Alright, I say that... I have the first move! SUZUKE, GO!" Carl shouted, suddenly seeming as if he had completely changed his personality around. His before so calm eyes were burning with a green fire now and his rather boring, half-long hair looked as if it was standing straight up in some places. Chai backed away a step or two - was this how fired up some trainers got when they were battling? She was so weak compared to that.

                  Masquerain beeped at her in its strange, bug-like way, and made the trainer snap out of her thoughts. "Right... we're ready!" she said.

                  "Suzuke, use Astonish!"

                  "Masquerain, Quick Attack!"

                  Chai shouted out a counter attack as quickly as she could, before her brain had even registered what kind of attack Carl had commanded. Wait, Astonish? That was... Suzuke didn't move. It stood still as Masquerain came flying very fast towards him. Then he suddenly jumped and squealed in a horrible and loud way. It startled the bug majorly and made it loose its focus, sway from its flying path and miss Suzuke completely with its Quick Attack. As Masquerain spun around and flew back to its trainer, Chai worried about what she had just done.

                  "Don't panic in battles!" Carl advised her. "Think before you act! At least until your thoughts and actions become one."

                  "What does that mean?" Chai said, but then saw that Suzuke was ready to attack again and shaped herself up. Time for pondering things later. Now she needed to only focus on the battle. And think... before attacking.

                  "Masquerain, Bubble!" she said, and her bug sprayed its attack out. Suzuke tried to avoid the small, exploding bubbles, but they were too many and hit him rather easily.

                  "Don't just stand there, burst through those bubbles with a Tackle!" Carl shouted.

                  The Stantler pushed forward and hit the bubbles harder than they hit him. The Tackle hit Masquerain, who fell down onto the ground briefly before jumping up into the air again. She wasn't too badly hurt, but she hadn't managed to hurt Suzuke much yet either. The bubbles did seem to affect him somewhat, though.

                  "Tackle again!"

                  Suzuke closed in.

                  "More Bubbles!"

                  The bug blew out more bubbles while flying backwards to put distance between herself and the Stantler.

                  "Even more Bubbles, and follow me!" Chai said, having gotten an idea. Masquerain threw a glance at her before blowing out even more bubbles and following Chai backwards up onto the road. Stantler pushed on and on and managed to smash the bubbles and only being slowed down a little. But he was still hurt by them as well.

                  "Ah, stop that now!" Carl said, and Stantler turned back, running away from the bubbles instead. It was very loyal to its trainer, Chai noticed, keeping up the attempt to Tackle Masquerain, even if it hurt it. A thought struck her. Did she really want her pokémon to do that for her.

                  Masquerain attacked on her own now, coming up towards Suzuke with a Quick Attack.

                  "Stomp!" Carl shouted with a smile, and the Stantler turned around quickly, aiming with its rear hooves to kick the bug when it made contact.

                  The battle seemed to slow down... just like it had done in the Tou garden back in Januvale. Chai saw as if in slow motion how Stantler turned around after the command, and how Masquerain was too close to be able to stop in time...

                  "PURPLE WIND!" the girl screamed.

                  What then happened was Suzuke tripping over its own antlers, almost falling over Carl as it was pushed back by a sudden gust of purple wind. It struck Carl as well, and as he got up from the ground and looked up, he saw two large, mean eyes approaching, the air around them shining with purple energy.

                  "Aaaaah!" he screamed and Suzuke joined in.

                  "Wait, wait!" Chai called out and ran up to Masquerain, grabbing a hold of the pokémon to make it stop the attack. Carl and Suzuke quieted down and blinked, looking at each other, at Chai and at the cute little pokémon in her arms.

                  "What just happened?" Carl asked. "Purple wind?"

                  "It's... an attack of hers," Chai explained, slightly embarrassed at the effect it had had. "It seems to be a gust of wind that hurst physically as well as mentally. But you're feeling fine now, arent' you?"

                  "Yeah... I guess," Carl said, then turned to Suzuke. The Stantler lay fainted beside him now. "Ah! Oh... I guess that means that you won this round." He sent the pokémon back into its pokéball.

                  "We won? We won!" Chai and Masquerain cheered.

                  Leafeon nodded from where he had been sitting, watching the whole thing. 'Well played. Now, for my part.'

                  "I think that attack has another name though," Carl said as they went back to their previous battlefield. "I hadn't experienced it before, but I've seen it. Ominous Wind."

                  "Ominous? I'll remember that," Chai said and Masquerain nodded.

                  "I'm just wondering... how were you able to see and change your mind so quickly?" Carl said. "I've been using the Stomp counter technique many times; since Stomp isn't usually used that way, not many have seen what Suzuke was about to do."

                  "I don't know," Chai said, scratching her head. "It was as if... as if the world suddenly slowed down."

                  Carl smiled with his green eyes. "You have a battle sense," he said simply.

                  "A what?"

                  "Never mind. Round two begins!"

                  Leafeon took the stage. 'Finally.'


                  @ me - So, I'm not giving Leafeon any level here, with the hope that I can give Masquerain two without anyone objecting.

                  - Masquerain grew to level 12!
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                    Lucas "Luke" Wright
                    This battle ain't over yet...

                    The blast hit the Bug directly, as it toppled back onto Strike, which made the two of them even more enraged. Strike, still out for his revenge hit the bug hard once again, and this time didn't let go. He was determined to tear this traitor into shreds, and was working really hard to do so as well. He kept pulling the bug back towards him as both Leo and Amethyst kept tackling the two Pokemon. But Strike didn't even seem to bother with the two, as he was focused on the bug only. The Pokemon was getting weak, but that wasn't going to stop him from doing exactly what he wanted.

                    Lucas had no idea what to do now. What was he supposed to do anyways? It was chaos in the forest clearing, the fight among the four Pokemon was slowly gaining intensity as the Electrike was out for the kill. Lucas wasn't sure whether his own Pokemon were fighting the Electric Pokemon just to help Lucas capture him or to save the life of the Pokemon. The two Pokemon's attacks were not having any effect on Strike, and Lucas's mind was racing about what he was supposed to do.

                    "Ugh... Those kids in those shows never had to deal with all this crap..." He mumbled, as he cautiously approached the small cluster of Pokemon. He needed to make the Electrike get off the bug, and he got near him slowly. His own two Pokemon backed off seeing him approach, but stayed as near as possible, to make sure nothing happened. As soon as Luke touched the Electrike, it didn't do anything. He guessed that it was probably still thinking it was his Pokemon attacking him.

                    "Come on now, leave the bug alone!" Luke yelled, as he pulled Strike back. As soon as Strike heard the trainer's voice though, he left the bug and immediately his jaw latched onto Luke's hand.

                    "AHHHHH GOD LET GO OFF ME!" Luke yelled as he pushed the Pokemon off his hand. He quickly examined his hand, he noticed he had a deep cut on his right hand. It was bleeding, and hurting like hell too. But Luke couldn't turn back for bandages now, we would lose both Pokemon. He closed his eyes, this was the first time he had been hurt this badly... it was usually his mother who took care of these wounds.

                    He opened his eyes to see where Strike was. He was just a few feet away from him. growling, with the bug still on ground, probably still feeling as much pain as Luke. Luke wanted to kick the Pokemon, to get his revenge, but it seemed like somebody else got to it before him. Luke saw a huge purple energy beam smash right into Strike's side. The Pokemon was knocked off it's feet and landed on it's side, and this time he could feel the pain, judging by it's expression. Luke sat down on the ground, grabbing his hand. He saw Amethyst approach the downed Pokemon with a murderous stare. How many of those had he seen today? The shopkeeper, the beekeeper, Strike, and now Amethyst. This was insane.

                    Amethyst approached the Pokemon without a care in the world. As soon as she was near though, she literally unleashed hell on him as she brutally smacked him with all she had. She seemed to be angry about something... it Luke quite a few moments to realize that she was so angry about Strike attacking him. He had never really realized that she was such a protective Pokemon. His focus drifted back towards the battle, and Amethyst was really dominating.

                    She kept attacking him merciless, and it didn't look like she was going to stop. Strike tried to fight back, but she would knock him back and force him to try and retreat. The bug, meanwhile, thought this was the perfect distraction for him, as he started to try and crawl away right before Leo's flames got him. He once again collapsed, now too tired to get up... or maybe it was just acting. Leo rushed towards Amethyst and Strike, and he himself started to attack Strike with all sorts of moves, the two of the Pokemon forming their own combos.

                    Eventually Strike was overpowered, as he collapsed on the ground. But he still didn't give up. He covered himself with electric charges, that shocked anybody who came too near. To this, both Leo and Amethyst just laughed as they both launched their ranged moves at the downed Pokemon. The hits merged upon striking the poor Pokemon, and a bright white explosion later all that remained was an incredibly weakened Strike, whose adrenaline rush seemed to have worn off. He closed his eyes gently, and Luke immediately reached for his pocket. He took out the small Pokeball, and immediately tossed it at the Electric Pokemon, who was engulfed in a white light and then absorbed into the Pokeball. But Lucas didn't focus on the pokeball now, the battle wasn't over yet, the bug was still left.

                    Both of Lucas's Pokemon turned around to face the lone bug that was still struggling to escape. The bug now realized it's mistake, it had betrayed it's lone companion that would have helped him stand a chance against these rather hyperactive foes. The bug Pokemon raised it's hands, as a sign of surrender.

                    Luke was truly surprised. The Pokemon... had actually surrendered? What was going on? He simply shrugged, perhaps the Pokemon had in fact decided to travel with Luke. It was a logical decision after all, who wouldn't want to travel with Luke? Proudly, Lucas reached for another Pokeball and chucked it at the bug. That's when he realized his mistake.

                    The bug smirked as it deflected the red and white ball right back at Luke. It smacked him right on the forehead, leaving him with a nasty red bump on his head. "Argh! What is it with you Pokemon hurting humans?! You're supposed to fight your own kind!" He yelled, grabbing his forehead. Once again, his Pokemon rushed to his rescue as they attacked the bug. But unfortunately, this fight wasn't as easy. The bug was quick, dodging all moves efficiently, and immediately counterattacking with Starry Punches. Both his Pokemon struggled to fight, and without orders from the trainer it was even more difficult.

                    Lucas's mind on the other hand, was racing. With the pain on both his hand and his forehead it was getting difficult to think too hard. He tried to formulate some sort of strategy, but it was too difficult. He tried to go with a simple one he had seen on TV a few days ago.

                    "Amethyst, tackle!" He yelled, and his Espeon obeyed immediately. She tackled, and as usual the bug swiftly dodged. The bug only looked weak, but it was able to hold it's own in battle. As soon as it dodged though, Lucas immediately yelled another command.

                    "Leo, now hold him tightly!" The monkey tilted his head for a second, as his brain processed this information. Once he finally understood the order, he grabbed the bug from behind firmly, not letting the bug go. It struggled, but in vain, as the trainer's two tame Pokemon waited for further orders.

                    "Sorry Leo, this is gonna hurt a bit..." Lucas thought, gritting his teeth. But he had to do it. "Amethyst, Psyshock, now!" Leo's eyes widened with shock and fear. His trainer knew he was going to get hurt too, but he had to trust him... he was his trainer after all. He closed his eyes and braced himself for the attack to come.

                    Amethyst was a bit delayed because of similar thoughts as well. She couldn't help but wonder why he was so ready to sacrifice Leo like that. That's when she realized that it was better letting one Pokemon get hurt rather than both, and let all their hard work up to this point go waste. She charged the psychic beam, and launched it towards the Pokemon that was locked in a grapple. The blast hit it directly, as the two of them were knocked back, both letting out a loud cry.

                    Both Leo and the bug crashed into a tree, and unfortunately Leo passed out immediately. The bug was now as weak as Strike had been when he'd thrown the pokeball, so this was the ideal time for the bug too. Lucas threw another pokeball, this time in the bug's direction and the bug was absorbed by the pokeball as well. And once again, he didn't have time to see whether he had successfully captured or not. He rushed towards his poor fire monkey, who did look rather hurt now. He cradled the Pokemon in his arms, wondering what to do. He hadn't though about what he was going to do once Leo had been hit... what was he going to do? Was there no way to revive him?

                    "... MASTER LUKE! RUUUUUUUN!" That was the voice that broke the calm of the forest. Amethyst and Luke both looked in the direction of the noise, and saw Jenkins arrive from the small path he had come from.

                    "Jenkins?! What are you doing here?!" Luke yelled. He then asked him in a suspicious tone, "Were you following me all this time?"

                    "No time, sir... huff... beekeeper... puff... coming to get... huff... revenge... puff..." Jenkins panted. Oh great, now the old man was coming for him too? This was ridiculous. But then Lucas understood that he'd almost destroyed his farm back there, he probably deserved it. Or maybe Leo did, but he wasn't exactly in the state to withstand some punishment.

                    "You must leave! I'll distract the keeper!" Jenkins said. Lucas's first thought was how he was exactly going to do so? Then he thought that he should do exactly like he was being told. He was about to leave when suddenly he remembered.

                    "Wait, what about Leo? How do I help him?" He asked as he put both Pokemon back into their Pokeballs.

                    "Go to the Pokemon Center in Feborough, you'll find help there! Now GO!" Jenkins yelled, and the beekeeper finally emerged from the forest. He pointed a dirty finger towards Luke's direction and kept muttering what kind of things he would do if he got his hands on him.

                    "GO!" Jenkins yelled again. Luke turned around and started to run when he once again remembered something that made him stop.

                    "Wait... my Pokemon!"

                    [OOC: Ugh... it's been so long since I wrote a post this crappy ;; Sorry if this is a pain to read, I know I screwed up in this... totally understand if I don't capture the Pokemon. I'll make sure my future posts are better than this :( ]
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                    @ -DeepImpact- - Maybe a bit confusing post at times but not as bad as you seem to think :3 I'm glad that you finally posted :p Was it a Ledian?

                    - Amethyst grew to lvl 13!

                    - Leo grew to lvl 14!

                    - Lucas captured a Ledian! (lvl 9 male)

                    - Lucas captured an Electrike! (lvl 9 male)


                    Chai Tou - Route 11 still

                    Leafeon stepped up into the grassy clearing in which the two trainers stood ready. Carl from Marchall City and Chai from Januvale Town. Their eyes stared at each other; Carl with an intimidating sense of eagerness that was pretty different from the calm self he had shown before the battle; Chai with a sense of nervousness mixed with a certain thrill of just having won her second trainer battle. And her first battle where she was leading the newly caught Masquerain that was now fluttering above the battle, trying to get a good view.

                    "So, it's Leafeon's turn," Carl said. "You will be sorry. Zaraku!" He called out the pokéball while he lifted it's pokéball towards the sky. The pokémon which came out was a white and orange striped one with fierce red eyes and giant claws on its front legs. It first stood on its hind legs, seemingly showing off beside its trainer. Then it took a battle stance on all four.

                    Chai was impressed, actually. "I've seen that... one of those strong people on TV have one of those! They are very swift and have strong attacks..." Her confidence wore down with every word she said.

                    Leafeon sighed. 'But he has only got a mediocre defense, my servant. You can clearly see that from his reckless battle stance. If I can withstand some attack from him and come close enough... he'll be out.'

                    That didn't calm his trainer down, since all she heard was: "Leafeon, leaf leaf, leafeon."

                    "A Zangoose," Carl explained smugly. "And that is correct. They aren't often found in Arcanum, but this one is rather special... it's a foreign one, and thus differently colored than Arcanian Zangoose! Ready to fight, Zaraku?"

                    Chai was trembling but Leafeon barked at her and she shaped up. He was a strong pokémon too, this would be no difficult match! "Ok, Leafeon, go!" she said.

                    Carl's eyes glimmered dangerously as he uttered his order. "Swords Dance!" Zaraku started performing a series of complex movements with his arms and claws on the spot, dancing on his hind legs.

                    "How cute!" Chai couldn't help calling out. Leafeon barked and got her to get a grip on reality. Then she saw. With every move Zaraku did, his claws seemed to leave some kind of aura in the air after them. "He's... powering up!"

                    'We can stop it!' Leafeon barked again.

                    "Use Quick Attack!" Chai commanded and her pokémon did so. It struck Zangoose rather easily and it fell down onto the ground backwards.

                    'You didn't even have a better defense than that?' Leafeon asked it, curiously.

                    Zaraku smiled and got up though. 'Sometimes ya have to take a beatin or two,' it said in a horribly foreign dialect.

                    "Zaraku, Slash!" Carl commanded and the Zangoose shot forward, claws ready, to strike the grass pokémon. It hit a log and cut it in two. Leafeon's Quick Attack had saved it once again.

                    Now the grass pokémon was standing, panting, in front of its trainer, who marveled at Zangoose's strength. 'HEY! Servant! You're supposed to be rooting for me!' Leafeon said.

                    Chai snapped out of it again as Carl laughed. "It's not a good idea to try and come close to Zaraku again," he said.

                    "In that case... Sand Attack!" Chai said and Leafeon kicked up a dustcloud in Zangoose's direction.

                    "Slash!" Carl said and some kind of game went on for a while where Zangoose tried to hit Leafeon with its Slash while Leafeon used Sand Attack to further confuse it and then escaped with Quick Attack.

                    "Alright then, you begged for it," Carl said darkly. "Zaraku, Pursuit!"

                    A dark gleam was seen in the Zangoose's eyes and suddenly it followed Leafeon much more smoothly than before. 'Dark energy is pursing me!' Leafeon said, sounding like a knight of the light. That was when a dark punch hit his back and slammed him to the ground.

                    "The Pursuit attack has done its job," Carl said, crossing his arms.

                    "What a creepy attack! Leafeon!" Chai yelled.

                    Leafeon turned his weary head back to look at his attacker. Zaraku was standing above him, readying a Slash move. It was the end! Unless... unless he used his special weapon of light. Chai didn't know about it because he hadn't wanted her to know. It always made him so tired to make it; he would need to sunbathe for a whole day to replenish the solar energy he would consume now.

                    "Leafeon! Sand Attack!" Chai's voice came from somewhere. Leafeon smiled a little. He would listen to her still. He shoved some dirt up into Zaraku's staring eyes and then headbutted it in its belly. That made it lose its breath for a few seconds. It was enough. Leafeon got up and started gathering its energy.

                    "Zaraku, Quick Attack!" Carl said, anticipating that something was in the happening. Chai blinked and looked at her pokémon. What was it doing. Masquerain's fluttering above the battlefield became more intense.

                    'Quick Attack... I may not have enough time after all,' Leafeon realized as he saw the mongoose come straight at him at a blinding speed. Leafeon's leaves glowed white.

                    Chai saw everything slowed down again. It was so strange, would she ever get used to this? Zaraku the Zangoose had leaped towards Leafeon, who had opened his mouth. The scene would make a wonderful painting or photo, if only Chai wasn't so worried for Leafeon. Why did she make him battle? Pokémon shouldn't battle, no one should... But then again, Leafeon seemed so alive when he did it. And Masquerain seemed to think it was fun. Maybe it was in the nature of pokémon to battle and grow stronger?

                    Something was unlocked inside her mind. A memory from not too long ago.
                    "... But it's also said that if the humans were to name pokémon as their property, they were obliged to always take care of it and do what was best for the pokémon to help it grow stronger. All pokémon want to grow stronger at some point and level. It's in their deepest nature. That is why Arcanum's pokémon trainers exist."

                    The words of Joresh Ja. If he said it, it must be true. No... not because he said it, but because she felt it. Maybe it was fate after all, albeit a strange fate for choosing tiny, clumsy Chai to do something important as this. But she would do it.

                    Time started running again and what immediately filled the battlefield was an immensely bright light. When it disappeared and the trainers could see with their blinded eyes again, they saw Zaraku the Zangoose lying with fried fur on the ground and Leafeon lying down as well, with a large wound on his side. Both trainers rushed forward to take care of their pokémon, Carl's battling personality gone in an instant.

                    "A draw, then," Carl said as he returned the pokémon to its pokéball. "Though maybe you won, since you still have Masquerain standing. I mean, flying."

                    "Is that how it works?" Chai wondered and sent Leafeon back into its ball too.

                    "With some rules. It depends. What an amazing Solarbeam your pokémon knew."

                    "Solar... beam?"

                    "Yes, the attack Leafeon knocked out Zaraku with. I admit the battle was a bit unfair to begin with; my pokédex said that Zaraku was a much higher level than Leafeon. Sorry for that."

                    A new attack... cool! Chai thought. She'd definitely try to use it more often if it was that strong. "What's a pokédex though?" she asked Carl.

                    They walked together down the route to Feborough in the morning sunlight, while Chai learned about pokédexes and other things that Carl knew. When he was done, she knew one thing. She wanted a pokédex!


                    @ me

                    - Leafeon grew to lvl 14!

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                      Brought to you by Mr. Mammoth and The Warden.

                      Soul smiled as the kid started to yell, completely opposing the fact that they were going to work together. Soul let out a laugh as the kid showed Tai the bite mark. However, Soul's laugh came to a complete halt and his eyes widened. There! On the kid's wrist, a Yin-Yang symbol was present. It looked like it had been burned into his flesh, much like Soul's own marking. He had found Zekrom's helper! Mission accomplished!

                      Tai seemed to be set on the subject of making Soul and the other boy work together. The kid turned to Soul with a small bow, which the turqoise-haired boy of course didn't return, and introduced himself as Kitaru Chida. Soul looked at him for a while before opening his mouth,

                      "You have no need for my name human." he said bluntly, "But I DO need to compliment you on your battling skills. I haven't experienced a battle where anyone has made me spill my own blood in a long time." Soul looked at the wound for a while and then sighed. "But I guess that you deserve an introduction, after all you are a very important person. I'm Wildboy, the one of the Pokémon."

                      He turned to Tai with a slightly confused look on his face and asked what this job was exactly going to be.

                      Kitaru clenched a fist a the boy opposite him, he was being quite rude and really starting to annoy him. So this guy was a 'Wildboy', there must be one of those here as well as back home then, he certainly didn't look wild but the way he fought and his mannerisms made it believable.

                      “Well Wildboy, of the Pokémon. I hope that we are able to accomplish our task quickly.”

                      “I can tell you some of the places that I know the Kids hang out.” Tai began, Kitaru turned to face the man, the sooner this was over the better. This hadn't been what he had been expecting when he set out a few days ago.

                      “Pan sage sage. Pan! Sage sage pa.” Mischief began talking to his sister again. 'Isn't it a shame that our people don't get along. Oh! Mine gave me the name Mischief.'

                      Soul almost laughed at Chida's comment, it was quite obvious that he didn't like Wildboy. But of course, which human he had the displeasure of bumping into would enjoy his company?

                      Cecilia giggled as her brother told her about his new name,
                      "Big brother Mischief... It suits you really good! Mr. Soul here gave me the name Cecilia! I like it quite a lot!" the Panpour was so happy that she almost couldn't sit still.
                      "You're right. It is a shame that they don't get along... But Mr. Soul dislikes all humans, he can't really help feeling that way though..." she stopped, her mind starting to focus on why her trainer didn't like humans.

                      “I think that your name suits you too,” Mischief said to Cecilia, “it's a cute name!”

                      "Hello Mischief. Pleased to meet you" Soul said and smiled at the Pansage, "As you know, I'm Cecilia's partner. Even though she likes to refer to me by my birth-name, I would like to be called Wildboy. It suits me more than my real name in my opinion!" he laughed.

                      “Holy, Miltank. This one can understand us!” Mischief exclaimed. “You've go a well trained one here. How did you teach him that trick.” He said to Cecilia. Then turning to the Wildboy. “It's nice to meet you too, that is if you have any berries for me.”

                      "Hihihi! Oh brother, you're so funny! Mr. Soul has lived with Pokémon for a long time, so he has learned their language! Well some Pokémon anyway..." Cecilia said with a giggle.

                      "Berries?" Soul said, "Sure, I have berries. Here! I take it that you like Nanab berries, correct?" he gently searched his pockets only to find that he had no berries. Strange, Soul pondered why this was for a while, but then he realized! His old clothes was at his grandpa’s place! Including the berries! He looked at Mischief with a sad smile on his face, "Sorry Mischief, but it seems that I've forgotten my berries. I'll give you some another time!"

                      "What a shame." Mischief responded hanging his head a little.


                      As the two people walked along the way Tai had described, Soul moved a bit closer to Kitaru. Eventually, when there were few people that could see them, Soul gripped Kitaru's hand. His claw-like fingers closing around the other's wrist and with a devilish smile he uttered:

                      "I have finally found you. Helper of Zerkrom."

                      Kitaru was initially hit by a wave of shock. Who was this kid, had someone found out that he was on this quest, were they trying to stop him. That couldn't be it, he pulled and tried to release his hand from the boy's grip but it was too tight. He tried to run, he was forgetting something important. Something that would tell him if he could trust this boy.

                      The Panpour!

                      If he had been given the Panpour by Joresh Ja then he could trust the boy. He stopped trying to escape and turned to face the boy.

                      “You got that Panpour from Joresh too didn't you. So are you like me? Do you have the mark? And by the way I am not this helper of Zerkrom you are looking for, I am helping my guardian Reshiram.” Kitaru said keeping his voice low so he wouldn't be heard.

                      Soul frowned a bit as Chida tried to brake free from his grip, stupid human! He could cause a commotion if he kept this up. Chida eventually seemed to have realized the situation and started to talk. Soul let out a relieved sigh and said:

                      "Yes I partnered with Cecilia at Joresh Ja's house. I figured out that you had something similar happen to you since Mischief and Cecilia seem to be related. I do indeed have the mark bu-" Soul didn't finish the sentence. He had just registered exactly what Chida had said, the part about not being Zekrom's helper and instead being... Reshiram's helper? struck Wildboy's mind. He let out a low growl,

                      "WHAT?! That's impossible! You can't be the one sent to help Reshiram! Because that's MY job!" Soul glared at Chida, his gaze full of primal fury. He then pointed at himself to sort of gesture how he was the TRUE one to help Reshiram.

                      So I'm not the only one helping Joresh or rather Reshiram, Kitaru though for a moment.

                      "Maybe there is more than one person tasked with helping each guardian." Kitaru suggested and thought for a moment "That would mean there are at least two more of us out there." He glanced around, "We should get moving and finish this task we can talk more later if we need too."

                      Soul grew quiet as Chida spoke, even for a savage like him, somewhat good manners are good to have. He submerged himself into thoughts, spiralling downwards as he came up with possible solutions for all of this. The spiral-network of thoughts went deeper and deeper, they ensnared each other more and more until Soul came to a conclusion.

                      "Wait!" he exclaimed, quickly covering his mouth after about a second of realizing his mistake. He looked around to see if any people had heard his outburst and were now possibly spying on them... Although that seemed highly improbable, the possibilities were many. Or at least a few. "If it is as you suggest, then Reshiram must be in GRAVE danger and Zekrom as well. Think about it. If Joresh Ja needs four people to save a Legendary Pokémon, a really powerful being able to wipe out an army if it wanted, then don't you think that the situation of the Legendary is very dangerous?" he continued in a hushed voice, just to be on the safe side.

                      The found the gang of troublesome youths in one of the spots that Tai had said they normally hung out in. It was beyond the outskirts of town, in a small clearing in the beginnings of the woods of route 11. Located on a hill the youths were easy to spot but it meant that they had chance to spot the two boys approaching. Kitaru was all for charging in there but held off until he had at least given Soul the chance to speak.

                      "So any ideas how we deal with them."

                      "Well, I suggest that we create a distraction for them first. Maybe by getting help from my friend here?" Soul said as he took a Pokéball out from his pocket and enlarged it. At least he hadn't forgotten those at Requiem's place. One white burst of light later, a Combee was hovering in front of Soul. She seemed a little confused, almost as if she had slept for a long time and had just been woken up. Needless to say, she was a bit grumpy.

                      "Com, combee, com, com?!"(How dare you wake me up from my sleep you ruffian?!) she said in an irritated voice, blowing a gust into Soul's face.

                      "I say that we send Honeycomb here to annoy those children for a while and then we attack them!" Soul said, his eye almost gleaming with a feeling of war towards a great enemy.


                      Kitaru nodded as Soul stated his plan it was simple enough, the young trainer then released one of his Pokémon, a Combee, and began talking to it.

                      "Right! Go Cinnamon!" Kitaru said releasing his Ledian. The Pokémon threw a punch at him but for once he was ready, with a side step he avoided the attack and caught her fist in his hand. "Please don't punch me any more." He said and threw the Pokémon a berry that it gratefully accepted. "Do you think that you can go with... Honeycomb here was it? And distract those kids."

                      "Ledi! Ledian!" The Pokémon nodded and fluttered into the air with a jumping punch.

                      "Right lets go!" Kitaru said to Soul and the Pokémon

                      Soul quietly watched as Chida let out a Pokémon of his own, a Ledian. Wildboy smiled a little, since the Pokémon reminded him about the meeting with Kumiho. He chuckled a bit as the Ledian threw a punch at Chida, obviously wanting to play. Its body language didn't depict contempt or dislike towards its trainer, which Soul thought was nice. At least this human wasn't mean to his Pokémon...

                      "Okay Honeycomb, let's g-"

                      "Co."(No.) she said. Nope, no way was she going out on this extremely idiotic mission. Besides, there was ANOTHER Ledian here too! She couldn't handle those things! They were just so... annoying.

                      "But Honeycomb, please!" Soul said, they needed to get this done!

                      "Combee, comb!"(Nope, never!) she said.

                      "Pan, pan, panpour, pan!"(Okay, that's it! You do as Mr. Soul says, now! After all, he is the one supposed to help you become a queen right? And a good queen always listens to what her people say!) Cecilia said. She was getting fed up with the Combee's spoiled behaviour, and just to make a point she quickly gripped the Pokémon's wing.

                      "Com, com, com! Bee, combee, com!"(Ow, ow, ow, ow! Okay, I'll do it! Just let me go...) Honeycomb said, she was in fact starting to be a little scared of the Panpour now. But she obliged and flew up to the kids. When she arrived the Combee started to blow a strong gust at the kids, hoping that their attention would be drawn to her.

                      "Led! Led!" Cinnamon, was a bit fed up of waiting for the Combee and urged her on to battle. The Combee started to lead the way and attacked the kids with a gust. Cinnamon joined in unleashing a super sonic attack at the kids.

                      "Now what?" Kitaru asked as he watched the two Pokémon distract the kids. He didn't know how long the two Pokémon would be able to keep them occupied. "Do we attack now?"

                      Soul smiled devilishly at Chida's question. He had wanted to see the kids bumble around like idiots in an attempt to get rid of the Bug-types, but you can't always get what you want.

                      "Yes, while the enemy's back is turned the perfect opportunity for assault arises. Though some might consider it cheap and cowardly to attack from behind, I find it more strategic." he said. Soul wasn't quite sure why he told Chida about his opinion, probably because Chida seemed like one who found it cowardly to attack from behind. Anyway, Soul rushed towards one of the kids who was preoccupied with trying to get Honeycomb away from him. The kid didn't see the figure approaching him from behind at a quick pace, but his mate did. However, before he was warned Soul had already tackled him to the ground and now sat on top of him.

                      "So..." he said, flashing a sharp smile. "I've heard from a certain Stand-Man that you've tried to snatch his wares. Now, although I normally wouldn't give to jacks about you humans this Stand-Man has offered me a deal. To take you in for..." Soul made a small pause before he said the last word, "a prize..." he smiled again. His eye looking straight at the kid with a piercing gaze. The youth was now getting nervous, you could see small drops of sweat coming from his forehead. Who the f*** was this guy?! And who was that "Stand-Man" he talked about?

                      Kitaru nodded in agreement. A sneak attack wasn't his usual method but it would be the best method of attack in this case. Charging in alongside Soul, Kitaru picked his target and tackled him to the ground even as Soul did the same. A shoulder into the rib cage was the first the kid knew of Kitaru's approach. He knocked the air out of the boy and pushed him to the floor before picking another target. They were out numbered which wasn't good but they had the advantage of size and as far as Kitaru could tell in Pokémon as well. One of the kids who was still standing, there were four of them left, yelled to warn his friends of the attack. While Soul was sitting on another boy Kitaru ran at the kid and threw a punch. The boy blocked it and the two of them grabbed a hold of each other and began to try to throw each other off their feet.

                      "Chida. What now?" Soul said dryly as he didn't really know what to do now...

                      "Take them down quickly. Use Your Pokémon if you must just don't let yourself get surrounded." Kitaru yelled as he threw the boy to the floor. Behind him the boy he had taken down earlier tried to get up but Cinnamon knocked him out with a punch to the chin. "Then we get these goods back."

                      Surrounded?" Soul laughed, "Don't insult me! These ones are nothing compared to me." Soul then got up from the boy. He waited for the kid to try and attack him or something, but it seemed as he was too nervous to move. Wildboy shrugged and started to walk towards another boy. He glanced over his shoulder to see Chida wrestle his current foe, or at least they both tried to get the other one onto the ground.

                      Soul looked back at his target, upon their eyes meeting the troublesome youth gave off a small yelp. He had seen how easily Soul had taken down his mate, and he didn't want to be next. So the kid did what would've been the natural procedure for most people of his calibre, he tried to run away like a little sissy. Soul smiled, did this kid really think that he could out speed him? He obviously didn't know who Wildboy was. Although that wasn't too much of a problem, Soul liked to hunt. He was a savage after all.

                      The kid wasn't a problem to catch. Soul was actually a bit disappointed, he had hoped for a longer hunt. Although he could easily toy with his prey, there was a mission involved.

                      "So, I hear that you have some goods that I'm looking for..." Soul asked dryly as if he wanted this to be over with.

                      "I-I have n-no idea what you're talking about..." the boy said. His lie was so obvious that even Soul, who hadn't had much human contact in the past few years, saw through it.

                      "That lie was terrible." Soul said, "Give. Me. The. Goods." he continued and held out his hand as if expecting the kid to gently drop the things in his hand.

                      "Never! Yukkio, get him!" the kid yelled. Suddenly, Soul felt and arm snare around his neck. It was yet another kid, this one tried to choke him however.

                      "Haa... Don't underestimate me!" Soul said. He gasped for air in Yukkio's arm lock, but eventually opened his mouth wide and chomped down on his attackers arm. Yukkio gave out a loud curse and let go of Soul, he then fixed his eyes, now burning with rage, at Wildboy. The turquoise-haired boy simply chuckled and lunged forward at Yukkio. He bared his teeth and his claw-like nails at the boy, much like a panther when it's about to catch its prey. He scratched Yukkio's face, the boy gave off another swear as he staggered backwards while holding his hands in front of his face. Wildboy then rushed forward shouting "Low Kick!" as he then kicked the boy's leg. Yukkio went down with a loud crash and had seemed to have passed out.

                      "Now. Will you give me the goods, or not?" Soul asked the remaining kid.

                      Kitaru looked around at the scene of carnage. The kid's who weren't down on the floor and ran off and Soul was dealing with the last one, Kitaru interrupted before anything went wrong.

                      "Look kid, I'm not going to hurt you just take us to where the stuff you stole is and we will be gone. Otherwise I'm going to let him," Kitaru pointed to Soul and the kid cringed. "make you tell us the way." Kitaru felt kind of guilty for doing to the kid but he didn't let it show. "So will you show us the way?"

                      "Y.. yes..." The kid started to cry, which made Kitaru feel even worse. The kid lead the way and Kitaru followed with Soul. The eventually reached a hollow tree where some plastic sheeting was rapped around a wooden crate. Inside Kitaru was sure that they would find what they were looking for. "We didn't dare let are parent's know that we stole them." The kid started crying again, like a dripping tap that had just started gushing water again. "So we hid them here."

                      "Right let's get these back to Tia, we can leave the boy here he won't be a problem." Kitaru said to Soul pointing at the box.

                      As Soul was about to have some real fun with the kid, Chida quickly stepped in to stop him. Soul made a slightly disappointed face at the interruption, he didn't want the fun to end so soon... Oh well, he had to remember to pay a visit to this kid sometime if he wanted to scare him beyond reason. Anyway, the youth actually started crying, something Soul didn't expect at all. But he still scoffed at the kid's tears, if he hadn't stolen the goods he wouldn't be in this situation now would he?

                      "Pffeh. You're not my boss." Wildboy said a bit irritated when Chida pointed at the crate containing the goods. Yet he still picked it up and started to carry it without any problem whatsoever. He called for Honeycomb who buzzed angrily at him. It was quite obvious that she was very displeased with having to do "The wild ruffian's dirty work" as she so modestly expressed it.

                      Kitaru hadn't meant for Soul to carry the crate himself, he was only stating his intentions but whatever.

                      After a walk back to the market, they found Tai's stand. Soul walked up to it with his head held high and promptly put the crate in front of Ahouga.

                      As the two of them walked back through the market they attracted quite a lot of attention.

                      "There Stand-Man! Here are your goods, now about those Poké... Fl... Dexes." he said.

                      "I shan't ask how you got these." Tai inspected the contents of the crate that Soul had just dropped on his counter, when he was quite satisfied with the delivery he took the create around the back and returned with two of his Pokedexes. Stating his best price he offered Soul and Kitaru a glance at the devices before taking them back and holding his hand out to accept their payment. Kitaru took the money from his wallet but he wondered how Soul would pay, as far as he knew the wild boy didn't have any money. He handed over the money plus enough extra to buy a map.

                      "I'll get a map too." Kitaru said as he spotted Tai smiling as he counted Kitaru's money, the guy's smile dropped and he handed over the Pokedex and a map too. Careful Kitaru put the device into his pack and folded the map away.

                      Soul looked curiously at Chida as he took out something from his pocket and then giving it to the man. He did remember something about it being called "money", but what use it had was completely beyond what Wildboy could grasp.

                      "I seem to have none of this "money"... But ten how do I..." he said quietly but was interrupted by something,

                      "Spiiiii-na-rak!!!"(Deeeeeuuusss-ex-Machina!!!) a flash swooshed by Soul only to hit him in the back of the head a few moments later. As the impact occurred, Wildboy went pummelling to the ground. He rolled around with fury in his eyes, he was going to find this attacker and possibly finish him or her off. Instead of an attacker, Soul found a Spinarak sitting on him.

                      "Spinner!" he said happily. The Bug-type gave off a cheerful cry and started to talk.

                      (Hiya there Soul! Me and mom got finished with your new clothes and Requiem finished the last touches on your mask, I have 'em here if you'd like to put 'em on!) Spinner said and shot out a string of web into a bush. He then pulled backwards so that slowly but surely, Soul's fixed up "outfit" came to its rightful owner. Wildboy put on his mask and coat, letting out a sigh of satisfaction as he did so. But something seemed different with the coat, Soul searched one of the pockets only to find some money in there. Without further questioning where the money came from, he paid for a Pokédex as well as a map. Even though Soul wasn't that fond of maps, he always managed to read them upside down, he still bought one along with the Pokédex.

                      After putting both things in his coat, his grandpa seemed to have added a few pockets, Soul turned to Chida.

                      "I guess that this is where we part Chida. I don't usually say this to humans, but Reshiram chose both you and me for a reason. And that reason is obviously to put our powers together in order to help the Legendaries." Soul made a small pause in his speech before continuing on, "So, I'd like to say that it was nice to meet you and I hope we come across each other some other day." the masked boy then proceeded to hold out his claw-like hand towards Chida.

                      Kitaru took Souls hand and shook it firmly. "I do hope that our paths cross again when our guardian needs us."

                      "Oh, before I forget..." he started to dig around in another pocket for something, "Aha! Here you go Mischief!" he then lobbed a Nanab Berry at the Pansage. "I promised you didn't I?"

                      "Sage sage!" Mischief chirped. "Thank you Wildone!" He said as he caught the Nanab Berry and began to eat.

                      "Good bye Wildboy." Kitaru said before he parted with Soul.

                      "Pan, Panpour!"(Good bye big brother Mischief!) Cecilia said and waved at the Pansage.

                      “Pansage! Sage!” Mischief replied “Bye! Take care!”
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                      @ The warden

                      - Cinnamon (Ledian) grew to lvl 11!

                      - Mischief (Pansage) grew to lvl 15!


                      @ Mammoth

                      - Cecilia (Panpour) grew to lvl 16!
                      - Cecilia learned
                      Water Sport!

                      - Honeycomb (Combee) grew to lvl 12!


                      Great post both of you! I like how Kitaru and Soul get along and it feels like they are onto something here with their theories~
                      paired to a seeker.
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                        After purchasing his Pokédex and map, Kitaru set out onto route 10. It wasn't what he had planned when he woke that morning but he felt like he could do with a change. As the day went by he missed several opportunities to identify new Pokémon with his new Pokédex. So it wasn't long before he stopped to have lunch and took it out. While eating he turned it on and tested it on each of his Pokémon in turn, it seemed to be working well.

                        Packing his stuff up he continued his trek along the road northwards. To either side of the trail were vast fields of golden corn, divided by small hedgerows and fences. There was the occasional tree where bird Pokémon roosted. A blustery wind blew, cutting across the path near constantly, making it hard work to walk with out falling over. Looking up Kitaru could see small pink Pokémon floating high above the ground. His Pokédex identified them as Skiploom.

                        Night was beginning to draw in and still the wind showed no sign of subsiding. The sky to the west was bleeding red and orange. The Pokémon too had changed gone were the birds of the day, they had been replaced by the dark birds of the night. Murkrow. Kitaru didn't need any introduction to these birds, they were rare around Januvale but they were know. He wasn't a particularly superstitious person but still if he was honest he would say these Pokémon scared him, he had heard many tales of these Pokémon and nothing good happened in any of them.

                        He pressed on, quickening his pace a little and put his head down. Then he heard it, the flapping of many wings and the 'caw' of the Murkrow. Turning in the direction of the noise he saw a murder of Murkrow flying into the blood red sky. And his blood ran cold freezing him in place as he saw it. The omen of disaster. There standing proud amongst the fleeing Murkrow stood an Absol. And it was staring right at him.

                        What should I do? What should I do? Kitaru asked himself as he stood staring right back at the Pokémon. By now his brain had completely freaked out and had decided that if it took his eyes off it it was liable to appear right behind him and attack. But before he knew it the Pokémon turned away and dived out of sight. Kitaru caught his breath but waited several minutes before continuing on.

                        It was dark now and Kitaru had yet to find anywhere to camp. He land was too open and the wind would snatch his tent away before he could get it set up. Guided by the light from his flash-light he did his best to follow the trail but had gotten lost. Somewhere he had lost the main track and headed off down a side trail that he presumed must lead to some farm, he was in two minds about whether he should press on and hope to find shelter or try to get back to the main road.

                        “Hey there!” A young female voice came from across the nearest field. Turning to the noise Kitaru saw a flash light waving just the other side of the field. “You lost?” The voice asked.

                        “Yeah!” Kitaru shouted back. He headed over toward the voice, vaulting over the fence and picking a clear path through the field of corn. The wind snatched his breath away as he ran. At the other side of the field he climbed over the fence and was greeted by a girl about his age.

                        “Are you a trainer?” She began by asking. It was quite clear to Kitaru that she was an Arcanian, she had her hair tied back and was wearing clothes suitable for working on a farm. Kitaru nodded in response to her question, still a little out of breath from running across the field in this wind. “Are you looking for somewhere to stay?” She asked.

                        “Yes. I'm lost and don't know where to head.” Kitaru said in response.

                        “Let me ask my Pop.” She said and with that ran to the house. The house was an old one, built in a traditional Arcanian style, with screen walls and wooden support beams. He wasn't surprised he had missed it as it was low to the ground, presumably for shelter against the wind. A minute later she came running back. “My Pop says it's all good. We don't have any room in the house but you can stay in the top of the barn.” The sides of Kitaru's mouth turned downwards, she must have noticed as there was a slight pause before she continued. “Don't worry, it's plenty comfortable. I'll get you some stew and blankets but first I have to finished my chores.” She lightly kicked a bucket of feed on the floor next to her. “Oh and you wouldn't mind helping on the farm a little in the morning would you she asked?”

                        “Of course not.” Kitaru said.

                        “Good, now to feed the Tepiggies.” She exclaimed picking up her bucket and walking off, flash-light in hand. She lead Kitaru to a sty full of Tepigs that were busy rooting around in the dirt. Taking the bucket she poured it into a trough and watched as the Pokémon began to feed.

                        “I forgot to introduce my self.” She said, half daydreaming as she observed the feeding Pokémon. “I'm Saitou Kozue.” She said giving her family name first and bowed.

                        “Nice too meet you, I'm Chida Kitaru.” Kitaru said, giving his name in the same fashion and also bowing.

                        “It's nice to meet you too.” Kozue replied after Kitaru had stood up from his bow. “Let me show you where the barn is.”

                        As they neared the barn, they both heard a crashing sound. The barn was dark, and with out electric lights the only light sources they had were their flash-lights. Despite the doors being open they could see only a few feet into the barn.

                        “Who ever you are come out!” Kozue shouted in a clam voice. From the door a pale hand appeared from the depths of the darkness. It was followed by another hand and then a pale body floating a few inches off the floor. “Ahhh! It's a ghost! Ahhh! It's a Haunter come to eat my dreams! While! I! SLEEP! Ahhh!” Kozue began to scream.

                        “It's not a Haunter. I bet it's not even a Ghost.” Kitaru had seen pictures of Haunters before and they looked nothing like this. Calmly he drew his Pokédex from his pocket and turned it towards the shape. “Let's see what you really are.”

                        “ERROR! ERROR! UNIDENTIFIED POKEMON! ERROR! ERROR! UNIDENTIFIED POKEMON!” The Pokédex bleeped in it's electronic voice. Oh c**p Kitaru thought to himself. By this point Kozue was on the floor sobbing and begging the think not to eat her. Then Kitaru's valiant side took over.

                        “Go!” He threw Mischiefs ball and the small Pokémon appeared in a flash of light. “Be careful buddy I don't know what your up against.”

                        “Pansage!” His Pokémon nodded in response and began to eye the shape carefully. A muffled grow came from the shape and it rushed forwards to tackle Mischief. It slammed into him knocking him back.

                        “Attack with Fury Swipes.” Mischief began to lash out with great vigour, tearing pieces off his opponent quite literally. Shreds of whatever it was were littering the ground and whatever it was, it was showing a dark shape under that exterior. The shape ran forwards again, this time a tongue extended out form the darkness and licked Mischief stunning the poor Pansage. The shape then attempted to tackle the Mischief to the floor but some how got caught up in it's self and tripped. Slowly Mischief began to get up.

                        “Right hit it with a Vine Whip!” Mischief whipped out with his vines and tore away the phantom, an empty bag of corn snatched away in the wind. And what was left...

                        “MUNCHLAX! BIG EATER POKEMON!” Kitaru's Pokédex began. Kozue stopped sobbing and began to blush a little.

                        “Let's finish this quickly. Mischief Fury Swipes.” Mischief attacked the Munchlax before it could get to it's feet. As soon as his Pokémon retreated Kitaru threw the Pokéball.
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                          Lynn Colthearts - Not just for crazy people anymore~!

                          "Marill...?" (Are we there yet?) Marill asked the group, as Lynn and her pokemon started to walk through the plains of Route 10. "Mar..." (I really don't like waiting - Mr. Cloud doesn't like it either...)

                          "Flareon?" (Say Pansage?)

                          "Sage?" (What is it?)

                          "Eon, Flareon?" (Fancy I can burn Marill now?)

                          "Pansage," (I suppose as long as Lynn doesn't catch you and there's nothing or no one else in range.)

                          Meanwhile, Lynn decided to stop for a brief moment to check around an opened area. She instructed her pokemon to check around bushes and behind trees to for anything they could find. Her pokemon agreed, which began the search. As Lynn started to look inside the open trunks of trees, Pansage looked beneath the mass of roots and leaves, while Marill looked under small little rocks, and Flareon looking through bushes. Soon, Flareon heard the ruffling of a bush nearby, which made him jump. Soon though, Flareon made a pose as if he was ready to attack.

                          "Flareon!" (You're mine!) Flareon shouted, as he spewed his flamethrower towards the bushes. There was then the sounds of screaming followed up with a repeated 'hot! hot! hot!' Lynn rushed over to where the commotion was coming from, only to find someone familiar - Kyle, rolling around on the dirt, putting out the fire burning on his clothes. Lynn was surprised.

                          "Kyle?" Lynn called out as Kyle stopped rolling at last. "What... what are you doing here?"

                          "Sage, Pansage," (You knew it was Kyle all along before you used Flamethrower, didn't you,) Pansage whispered to Flareon.

                          "Flareon," (Well...)

                          "Hey, I'm not going to start let anyone accuse me of something I didn't do!" Kyle explained as he stood up, brushing off the excess dust from his clothes. "So, I've decided to catch this thief and drag it to the town myself!"

                          "But, uh, I was going to do that anyway," Lynn explained. "Besides, no one is calling you a thief anymore anyway -- "

                          "Shut up! This isn't about logic!" Kyle snapped. "That pokemon almost ruined me! RUINED! So, I'm going to get REVENGE!"

                          "I suppose..." Lynn sighed. "But beware that the spirits won't take too kindly on revenge nowadays."

                          "Oh whatever!" replied Kyle as he started to dart off deeper in the route. "Come on! No time to lose! I saw it's footprints in that direction - It'll get away!"

                          "Marill!" (Mr. Cloud said Kyle is a great detective!)

                          "Sage..." (He is a very strange case indeed...)


                          "AHA!" Kyle suddenly shouted, pointing towards a tree. "I KNEW he was the culprit all along!"

                          However, Kyle's findings only led to everyone else rolling their eyes as they, following the footprints, led to the real culprit - a Munchlax that was chewing on an apple. Lynntapped on Kyle's shoulder, pointing him to the direction of the pokemon, in which Kyle let out a louder 'AAAAAHA!' upon gazing on it.

                          "I believe it's called a Munchlax," Lynn said. "I've read that they are very big eaters, and big sleepers for that matter."

                          "Yeah? Well, now it's going to be MINE," stated Kyle, as he took out a pokeball, throwing it in the air. "GO, BUTTERFREE! Destroy the intruder!"

                          "Free!" (Nectar!) Butterfree cried when it was released. It had a habit of flapping its wings continuously. Pretty soon, it noticed Pansag,e and quickly fluttered towards him. It was too late for Pansage to dodge - as Butterfree landed on him. Pansage tried to sake it off as the Butterfree started to lick him with it's very small tongue. Butterfree latched off of Pansage as it then spotted Flareon.
                          Flareon growled, warning the Butterfree not to go closer, however, foolishly, the Butterfree fluttered closer as then, before Lynn could question to what it was doing, her Flareon used it's flamethrower on it, almost burning Pansage at the process, fainting the butterfree on the spot as it landed on the dirt. Munchlaz wasn't paying too much attention; as it continued to chew and eat.

                          "MY PLAN!" Kyle shouted as he turned to Lynn. "LYNN, WHY?!"

                          "S-sorry..." Lynn could only say. Flareon wasn't as apologetic though. It swished his tail in the air as Kyle meekly returned his burned Butterfree to its pokeball.

                          "It's time for plan B," said Kyle, as he approached the Munchlax.

                          "W-wait," Lynn called out, stopping Kyle as he turned back to her. "Aren't you going to send out another pokemon?"

                          "I don't need a pokemon to handle this," Kyle replied, as he smirked. He soon was near the Munchlax, however, Munchlax did not pay much attention to him - he was still eating. Kyle stepped back a few feet, as he clenched his right first. Then, at the top of his lungs, he started to charge in, shouting, "KYLE SMAAAAASH!"

                          "Flare?! Eon?!" (What?! He knows brick break?!)

                          But, as Kyle ran towards the Munchlax, leaping a few feet in the air to deliver a blow, Munchlax moved slightly to the right, out of Kyle's path, as Kyle then slammed head first onto the tree it was resting on.

                          It... dodged? Lynn thought, only to then see that the Munchlax was only simply rolling on to the floor to have a nap. "Oh dear..." she then said, turning to Flareon. "You better help him out."

                          Flareon nodded, as he then ran and flipped his way a few feet ahead of Lynn, near the sleeping Munchlax. Flareon then gave a small growl, a battle-ready sign, but Munchlax was still asleep. Flareon then released his trademarked Flamethrower towards the Munchlax, however, the effect wasn't that great - it only served to wake Munchlax up and helped him on to his feet again.

                          "Lax...?" (Red frosting Donuts...?) the Munchlax yawned.

                          "Flare!?" (The burn didn't work!?) Flareon gasped.

                          Its like... Munchlax has a extra layer of fat that protects him from heat and cold, Lynn thought, prepared to change strategies. "Flareon - Try Quick Attack!"

                          Flareon then did a Quick Attack ready pose, however, the others looked on to him as Flareon stood still in place. It was... a pretty awkward sight. Flaroen was simply staring at the Munchlax, not doing anything much at all. Pansage wadded towards him.

                          "Marill?" (Mr Flareon, are you okay?) Marill asked.

                          "Sage?" (Can't you do a Quick attack?) Pansage asked as well.

                          "F-Flare!" (Q-quiet!) Flareon instructed. "Eon..." (I'm working on it...)

                          "Pansage?" (Well, what's the matter?)

                          "Flareon... Flare!" (It's just... it's just cute!)

                          "Pan?" (Who?)

                          "Mar?" (Mr. Cloud?)

                          "Eon! Flareon!" (Hush! It's... It's that Munchlax! It's too cute!)

                          Flareon pointed towards the wild Munchlax, as they both saw that the Munchlax gave sort of a baby face persona. It then winked her left eye, resembling in sort of an ultra kawaii ness. Lynn's pokemon gulped, as Marill and Pansage were too effected by this strange... cute nature.

                          "Flareon, why won't you attack?" Lynn soon asked. Flareon glanced back at her, as he then started running towards the Munchlax, lowering his head, prepared for a swift quick attack. However, mid-way, Flareon started to slow down, and thus, when he was finally close enough, he lightly tapped Munchlax on her belly. Lynn was surprised at Flareon's sudden holding back ordeal, as she soon then saw that Munchlax started to lick Flareon on his fur. It was Munchlax's lick attack.

                          "Munch..." (Mmmmm... you taste like a cherry cotton candy...)

                          "Flare! Eon!" (Stop! Unhand me!) Flareon begged, as he obviously did not want to be licked, but he still wasn't motivated to hit the so called 'cute' Munchlax with a strong move. Soon, Flareon was fully paralyzed, as Lynn could order nothing else, except watch as her Flareon became tackled by the Munchlax, after she said that Flareon had lost his flavour. Flareon crashed towards a nearby tree, fainting on the spot.

                          W-what in the....? Lynn realized. Somehow, this Munchlax knows that move - Charm... ugh, which Charm is a move that persuades the opposing pokemon to go lighter on their moves...

                          "WWWWWWAAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGHHH!" Kyle suddenly yelled, as he suddenly rosed back on his feet. He leaned against the tree, as he then shot out running, screaming from the top of his lungs, "KYLE KIIIIIIICK!"

                          However, even though Munchlax has her back turned from Kyle, she managed to dodge Kyle's flying kick by simply bending down to pick up and chow down on a left over apple. Kyle crashed into Flareon against the tree, making the both of them faint. Lynn returned Flareon back into his pokeball.

                          I suppose because of Charm, physical attacks won't work well on this thing, Lynn thought. But maybe I can try special attacks...! It was then that she turned to Marill. "Marill, I need your water attacks!"

                          Marill happily agreed, as she hopped and skipped and jumped over towards the Munchlax, with Pansage closely looking on.

                          "Marill!" (I think your a cutie!) Marill smiled.

                          "Munclax," (Mmmm... I think you look like a delicious blueberry lollipop,) Munchlax replied.

                          "Mar, Marill!" (You're funny! Maybe we can eat cupcakes with Mr. Cloud sometime!) Marill suggested.
                          "Munch, Lax," (Nah, Muffins are better,) Munchlax opinionated.

                          "Marill!" (Silly goose, Cupcakes are 10 times better!) Marill insisted.

                          "Lax," (I'm not joking - Muffins are 50 times better,) Munchlax cleared up.

                          "Mar?! Marill!" (What?! Cupcakes are a GAZILLION times better!) Marill shouted.

                          "Munchlax!" (But Muffins have LOWER sugar content than cupcakes!) Munchlax angrily explained.

                          "Marill!" (But cupcakes have FROSTING!) Marill replied.

                          "Munchlax!!" (Muffins are better!!)

                          "Marill!!" (No, Cupcakes are!!)

                          "LAX!!" (MUFFINS!!)

                          "MAR!!" (CUPCAKES!!)

                          "Pansage. Sage, Pan," (No, Bananas. But... I think I shouldn't interfere here,) Pansage chuckled to himself quietly.

                          "This is our chance!" Lynn gleamed. "Marill - Water Gun!"
                          "MAR!!" (CUPCAKES!!) Marill shouted once more, spewing her cold Water Gun towards the Munchlax, making her tumble and stagger slightly.

                          "Now - Bubble!" ordered Lynn. Marill then released bubbles towards the Munchlax, as the Munchlax, after crying out 'MUFFINS', charged head on, knocking the bubbles away and delivering Marill a clean Tackle attack, making her crash on the ground. "Quick Pansage - help Marill with a Vine Whip!"

                          Pansage did as he was instructed, helping Marill up with a Vine Whip, helping her back on her feet. Pansage then used the vine whip to try and hit the Munchlax, only for them to be caught by Munchlax's mouth.

                          "Muuunnnch..." (Mmmm... these taste like solvent greens...) Munchlax hummed, as she chewed on Pansage's vines.

                          "Sage?" (Why does this sort of thing keep happening to me?) Pansage grumbled, as he tried to pull and tug away, but his efforts were in vain from him becoming out powered by the Munchlax, as the Munchlax chewed and twirled Pansage around, and around, and around. Lynn quickly returned Pansage back into his pokeball before Pansage fainted - or toss his cookies from being spun every where.

                          "It's not a good day for the grass spirit I suppose, Lynn said to herself, as she put away Pansage's pokeball. "Marill! It's up to you - use your Water Gun!"

                          Marill as instructed did indeed let loose her water gun, making contact with the Munchlax as she stumbled over, but it was still not enough to bring her down. Munchlax then stood still, resting her paw on her forehead.

                          "MAR. ILL." (CUP. CAKES.) Marill cried once more. However, Munchlax simply blinked.

                          "Munch...?" (What's a cupcake...?) Munchlax asked, surprising Marill.

                          "Marill?" (Huh? Do you have am... amnesia... or something?) asked Marill in an ignorant tone.

                          "Munchlax?" (Are cupcakes delicious?) Munchlax asked, still confused, and apparently... forgetful.

                          "Marill!" (Of course they are!) answered Marill, as she was still confused that Munchlax has forgotten their earlier fight.

                          "Lax!" (Ohhh I want some!) Munchlax beamed, as Marill gave a smile.

                          "Mar!" (We can eat some later!) Marill replied in a happier tone.

                          That's odd, Lynn, meanwhile thought. Did... did Munchlax suddenly forget what it was going to do? Is this... Amnesia? However, there was little time to ponder - it was Lynn's perfect chance. "Quick Marill - Water Gun!"

                          Despite their new friendship, Marill complied - she released her water gun towards Munchlax at a more point-blank range, which this time, the Munchlax tumbled over on the ground, seemingly knocked out. Lynn took out an empty pokeball.

                          'Spirt ball, go!" she cried. She decided that 'spirit ball' was a better name for 'pokeball', since it'll please the spirits that hold together the sanity of the pokeball... or so she said anyway. In any case the pokeball hit the fallen Munchlax, opened up, and the energy forced Munchlax to be sucked in. The pokeball then shook.

                          Then it shook twice.

                          A third time...

                          Then a fourth.

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                          @ Warden - ok then~ Munchlax for everyone!

                          - Mischief grew to lvl 16!
                          - Mischief learned
                          Leech Seed!

                          - Kitaru captured a Munchlax! (lvl 12 male)


                          @ Miss Doronjo - Hahah, a female Munchlax, eh? She and Marill will make a fun duo. "Spirt" ball lol ;p

                          - Flareon grew to lvl 20!
                          - Flareon surprisingly learned

                          - Lynn captured a Munchlax! (lvl 14 female)

                          - Marill grew to lvl 14!
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                          Chai Tou - Feborough Town

                          At lunch time, Chai and Carl reached Feborough. This town was far more lively than Januvale and even though Chai had been here before, she didn't remember much and wasn't great at finding her way here. She explained to Carl about the rest of her relatives living here but that they seldom visited each other at all so she didn't really dare to go home to them now. Her mother would probably force her to do so if she called her and told her that she had reached the next town though... so Chai decided, against her better reasoning, that she wouldn't call her mother. Yet, at least.

                          Carl showed her to the pokémon center and there they parted ways. Chai let the nurse there heal her pokémon and when the girl was waiting, she nervously looked around. Many trainers were here, even though most of them were kids or looked like farmers. She ventured out and found the market pretty easily since it lay close to the pokémon center. The sun shone down brightly and made the day hot as Chai realized that she still hadn't had any lunch. She felt a bit awkward ordering food and then sit at a table in an open-air café, but she didn't really have anyone to eat with, did she? Even her pokémon weren't here at the moment.

                          As she slowly ate her food and thought about what she was doing and what a crazy adventure she had actually gotten herself into, someone sat down at her table. Looking up, she saw that it was another girl. She smiled apologetically at Chai with her pale skin and bright green eyes. Freckles dotted her whole skin and her brightly blonde hair was braided. Not in one side braid like Chai's hair, but in two that fell down along the girl's back.

                          "Sorry, all the other seats are taken but I just had to sit down for a while and have a coke. Is it ok with you?" Her voice was cheerful and spoke really fast. Chai noticed for sure now that she was a foreigner.

                          "Uh, yes, it's ok. I don't mind!" Chai said and smiled too, even though she was very nervous. She had seldom spoken to foreigners before.

                          "Ah, thanks!" the girl said and took a large sip from her can of coke. She sighed contentedly afterwards and sunk down into the rather uncomfortable chair. Chai blinked and watched her. The girl beamed confidence for some reason. Suddenly she blinked back at Chai and made the Arcanian girl blush.

                          "Name's Erille by the way. Erille Summers!" She stretched out her hand across the table and Chai took it.

                          "I'm Chai Tou, from Januvale," she said, not really sure why she added that last part.

                          "Oh really? I haven't been to Januvale yet," Erille said and took another sip from her coke. "I'm from Johto myself. Fascinating region, this, though. Shiny pokémon and all... I was a trainer back in my own region but me and some friends actually won a trip here on a ship. We left pretty much everything we owned just to come here and capture shiny pokémon haha. That was a month ago..."

                          Erille seemed to drift off into her own memories and thoughts, while Chai sat there and waited for her to tell her more. But she didn't seem to do it so Chai finished eating and then prepared to leave. "Excuse me, I have to go back to the pokémon center and see if my pokémon are healthy now. But it was nice meeti-"

                          "You're a trainer?" Erille burst out with a smile. "Why didn't you say so! Let's battle! I'll follow you to the pokémon center!"

                          Chai didn't really have any chance to object because soon they were back and picked up her freshly healed pokémon. They went outside to a small park behind the pokémon center that was apparently used for battling pretty often. Right now there was only a boy with a Rattata battling a girl with a Ledyba there, so Erille said that it would be fine if they battled here too.

                          "You want to go all out 6-6?" the blonde girl asked challengingly.

                          "I only have two pokémon," Chai admitted.

                          "It's ok! Let's go with two pokémon each! I'll be gentle on you." With that, she sent out her first pokémon. It was a dog who was apparently very eager to get out of its pokéball. It seemed a bit dizzy but very happy. "Herdier!" Erille said, patting the little thing happily.

                          "I've never seen it before," Chai said but was quite interested.

                          "Oh, it's a normal type, if that helps you!" Erille said, clearly not wanting to get any cheap advantage over Chai, for which the Arcanian girl was very thankful.

                          "Leafeon!" Chai said, sending her first pokémon out.

                          The grass type materialized in front of her and opened his eyes slowly and gracefully. 'At your service... even though I still haven't got anything for me to eat for lunch. Sure, they gave me some lunch at that healing place but-'

                          As usual, Chai didn't take the noises he made as anything more than random sounds. Today she was feeling eager to win another battle, just as they had won against Carl this morning. She was going to go all out offensive and win this quickly!

                          "Leafeon, use Solar Beam!" she ordered and earned a raised eyebrow from Erille as well as a malcontent sigh from Leafeon. 'Already?' he said but did as he was told and started readying the beam by collecting sunlight.

                          "Mighty swell," the blonde girl said. "Herdier, Tackle!"

                          Before Leafeon fired the beam, the apparently very fast dog pokémon Tackled him and made him completely lose his aim. The Solar Beam was fired when he stumbled backwards from the impact, and hit the ground next to Chai, who screamed.

                          "That attack isn't always the best to open a battle with," Erille lectured. "It takes some time to charge up and is pretty tiresome for the pokémon. Therefore, it's better to use as a finishing blow when your opponent isn't as fast and energetic as in the beginning of a battle."

                          "Oh," Chai said, feeling a bit stupid. Leafeon sighed again but got up.

                          'Don't worry, I can win this in other ways!' he said to her and shot forward with a Quick Attack. He struck the Herdier rather easily, but the dog was more resilient than he thought and didn't fall to the ground from the Quick Attack.

                          "Retaliate with Bite!" Erille said and Herdier followed her command very quickly. It bit down onto Leafeon's leg and made the grass pokémon scream.

                          "Leafeon!" Chai shouted. What should they do, what should they do? Maybe... "Sand Attack!"

                          With his other front leg, Leafeon kicked up sand into Herdier's face, making it let go of the first leg. "Now, Quick Attack!" Chai said, hoping he could pull it off with his leg being harmed. Herdier was already ready again, however.

                          "Take Down!" Erille said. "Right in front of you!" she then added to help him with his problem after the Sand Attack.

                          The attacks met each other and made the pokémon jump back after the impact. "Bite!" Erille then shouted again and was met with a: "Sand Attack!" from Chai.

                          The Sand Attack now made Herdier bite into thin air as Leafeon had time to put some distance between himself and the other pokémon.

                          "Now, Solar Beam!" Chai said, seeing this as a perfect opportunity to use the mightier attack.

                          "Not quite! Herdier, Take Down to your left!" Erille directed her pokémon, who barged onwards towards the grass type as the attack charged up.

                          In the end, Leafeon didn't have time to fire his attack at all now. Herdier's Take Down hammered him to the ground and made him pass out. Chai ran up to him, pushed the Herdier out of the way and took the Leafeon up into her arms. They had lost...

                          "Sorry. Maybe my Herdier was a bit stronger than Leafeon. Hm. But let's go with another pokémon, shall we? Meowth!" Erille said and sent out a cat like pokémon.

                          "Alright..." Chai said and let Leafeon rest inside his pokéball. Now it was Masquerain's turn. The bug came out, flying in the air and looked eager to... well to exist really. It didn't really seem to notice that a battle was going on.

                          "What a joyful little thing. My princess Meowth is a joyful one too though!" Erille said happily, letting Chai know that her pokémon was also a female.

                          "Alright..." Chai said again, wondering if she shouldn't go all out now, but instead think and be smarter. Masquerain didn't look battle ready but maybe it was just a charade? Telling herself that, Chai motioned for Erille to get the first move now.

                          The battle between the two female pokémon was swift and intense. Meowth used some attack called Fake Out that made Masquerain flinch somehow and get struck by a Scratch attack right afterwards. Erille and Meowth gave the opposing team smug smiles while Masquerain seemed to finally realize that things were serious now and Chai thought that strategy could be the most difficult thing she had encountered yet.

                          "Ominous Wind!" she ordered and her bug flapped up the dark wind that slapped Meowth and made it shudder. Just as Chai had planned. The second after the attack, when Meowth was still crouching and Erille's focus was on her pokémon, Chai ordered her next attack. "Quick Attack!"

                          It worked! Masquerain hit Meowth hard before it could defend itself. It got back up and tried to reach the bug with a Scratch though, but it missed thanks to the bug's ability to change direction abruptly in the air. On Chai's order again, Masquerain shot Bubbles right towards Meowth now, but the cat clawed them up with her Fury Swipes. Then she jumped up and reached the bug with another Fury Swipes that hurt Masquerain badly.

                          "Use Ominous Wind again!" Chai called out but at the same time Erille gave an order.

                          "Screech!" The horrible screech that Meowth now let out affected Masquerain badly and made it lose its focus. Before it knew, the cat was up again with its claws and Scratched the bug until it fell down onto the ground. Fainted.

                          As the pokémon and trainers calmed down and the dust on the battlefield settled, Chai walked forth and picked her pokémon up, silently. She had lost again...

                          Erille walked up to them and put a hand on Chai's shoulder. "Don't worry about that. I told you I was experienced, right? And you were really great for being so new!"

                          Sending back the bug into her pokéball, Chai looked up into the face of the foreigner again and smiled weakly. "Maybe... I'm just not used to losing."

                          "Oh, toughie there!" Erille joked and actually made Chai feel a little better. They walked together back into the pokémon center and healed their pokémon before Chai remembered what she really wanted to do in this town: buy a pokédex.


                          @ me - the battles were intended to be even shorter but :x

                          - Leafeon grew to lvl 15!
                          - Leafeon learned
                          Razor Leaf!

                          - Masquerain grew to lvl 13!
                          - Masquerain learned
                          Sweet Scent!

                          paired to a seeker.
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