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DearS Sequel: Episode 1- Number 0T35. (Rated ages 15 and up)

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Old April 20th, 2012 (10:08 PM).
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Hello forum!! the following is a fan-fiction of the anime, DearS. I highly recommend watching the series before reading this, to avoid being totally lost. has DearS available to watch in english or japanese. another note is that this is written in stage-play style and is the sequel to the 13 episode series. Enjoy!!!

It’s the middle of the night at the DearS spaceship, and Biter Xaki iswalking among the many corridors. Suddenly Xaki is attacked from the above airvent by an unknown assailant. The assailant is hidden in the shadows, and Xakicannot see his face.

Xaki: “What the……?”

Assailant: “Well,what do we have here? Big strong Xaki lying down on the job?”

Xaki: “Who thehell are you?”

Assailant: “wow you really don’t recognize me….. It’s onlybeen twelve years since you locked me up in that damn cryo-unit.” “My name isAxel….. Xaki-Sensei”

Xaki: “No way….. Youbastard.”

Xaki throws a massive punch, however Axel dodges causing Xaki to puncha hole into the metal corridor wall. Axel kicks Xaki in the face withtremendous power, knocking him unconscious.

Axel: “Fool forgot his own teachings..... Hahaha..”

Axel emerges from the shadows. He’s quite tall and muscular, much like Xaki,and has spikey blonde hair. Axel makes his way to the outside of the ship, andwalks to the edge of the nearest street with malice in his cold eyes. Xakis’trainee biter, Nia, pushes Axel into oncoming traffic. A large truck hits Axeland drives into town with him on its bumper.

Nia: Did Nia dogood? Nia!

Rubi: “….Worthless Zero numbers….. Nia; you and Xaki have a new assignment for you; Find andcapture the defective unit ASAP, Do I make myself clear runt?

Nia is already headed toward the ship. Rubi looks at her with disgustand heads to the ship as well. END OF SCENE ONE.

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