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Old April 30th, 2012 (1:35 PM).
AvoKitty AvoKitty is offline
    Join Date: Jan 2012
    Gender: Female
    Posts: 42
    Elo ^_-
    Im interested in your:
    Ryuuta Magikarp
    Doel Deoxys
    Kyocera Bidoof
    Kyocera Starly
    Tom Heracross

    Check my shop for offers ^_-
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    Old May 1st, 2012 (10:58 PM).
    Sydian's Avatar
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    i'm a shapeshifter
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    IGN: Konani
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    cmt for your 10 Anniv Deoxys? I don't have a lot of events or anything, so I'll understand if you don't find anything you fancy, haha.

    challenges | klippy
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    Old May 1st, 2012 (11:03 PM).
    pokemonranger109's Avatar
    pokemonranger109 pokemonranger109 is offline
    Jirachi Know-It-All From Birth
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      I'll take the Southern islands latias and latios my thread located here has some evens some legands a bit of everything I have 11 dw pokemon a female wobuffet
      heres my thread take a look
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      Old May 2nd, 2012 (3:51 AM).
      pokemaster5487's Avatar
      pokemaster5487 pokemaster5487 is offline
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        pm me when your ready to trade i might be on today.
        Pokemon White friend code 3783-2860-3412
        Pokemon White 2 friend code 1850-9611-3696
        Pokemon Y friend code 1864-9714-9085
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        Old May 2nd, 2012 (4:33 AM).
        CrashSG32's Avatar
        CrashSG32 CrashSG32 is offline
        PI...KA...CHUUUUUUU!!!!!! !!!!
          Join Date: Apr 2012
          Location: Spoiling White Spy's plans
          Gender: Male
          Posts: 56
          I'm positive I asked about this before, but I might be wrong because I can't find it :/

          What would you want for the McDonalds Pikachu?

          Wanted Pokemon:
          VGC2010 Eevee --- Any Event Pikachu --- Shiny Deoxys --- Shiny Shinx

          PM me if you can help!
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          Old May 6th, 2012 (3:05 PM).
          SuperSableye24 SuperSableye24 is offline
            Join Date: May 2012
            Gender: Male
            Posts: 1
            Could I have a shiny wurmple FC: 0688-5750-0096
            My offer is a shiny Charmander
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            Old May 7th, 2012 (6:39 AM). Edited May 7th, 2012 by Cordelia.
            KLuning's Avatar
            KLuning KLuning is offline
              Join Date: Apr 2012
              Gender: Male
              Posts: 138
              I would like to trade for a female abra with the dw ability. I have several dw pokrmon already. It's for gen v
              Blazing Victories League
              Psychic Gym Leader
              Record: 5 W - 2 L
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              Old May 8th, 2012 (8:25 PM).
              Arcanine16's Avatar
              Arcanine16 Arcanine16 is offline
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                Shiny Snivy for a shiny Aron?
                White Friend Code: 1077 4040 2278
                Black 2 Friend Code: 4428 3530 0085

                3DS Friend Code: 0774 4548 1730
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                Old May 8th, 2012 (9:21 PM).
                InjuredAngelHeero InjuredAngelHeero is offline
                  Join Date: May 2012
                  Location: Ky, USA
                  Gender: Female
                  Posts: 0
                  Do you still have a shiny eevee?
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                  Old May 31st, 2012 (6:04 PM).
                  Psiiionic's Avatar
                  Psiiionic Psiiionic is offline
                  RNG please ^-^
                    Join Date: Apr 2011
                    Gender: Male
                    Nature: Timid
                    Posts: 26
                    FC 4985 5014 2844

                    Hey Zulosis I haven't been on the forums for a while Realising I missed trade opportunity with you in the past) since I had Uni and stuff but I'm on a break of 4 months now, I have hatched a good few pokes in both my HG and Black and I have leveled then to 100. I have Ev'd them and to calculate their Ivs I have been using the stat reducing berries and checking them on Serebii. I have to transfer the others I have in HG and also have to level up a whole other heap of Level 1s.

                    These are what I have gotten their stat info on: I can't really remember the exact Evs for any of them but for the sweepers they are generally straightforward. They are level 100. These are my personal pokes so I don't have copies but if you can clone and return the original that is good enough for me.

                    Infernape 31/31/30/1/27/31 Jolly

                    Current stats- 294/307/177/192/346

                    Close Combat/Sword Dance/Fire Punch/Mach Punch

                    Flygon- 28/31/24/27/18/31 Adamant

                    Current Stats-299/328/189/172/183/299

                    Earthquake/Crunch/U turn/ Thunderpunch

                    Garchomp - 11/31/30/31/28/31 Naive

                    Current stats- 337/359/225/196/182/333

                    Swords dance/ Stone Edge/ Dragon claw/ Earthquake

                    Hydreigon- 23/11/30/31/28/31 Timid

                    Stats- 317/203/215/349/213/324

                    Draco Meteor/ Earth Power/ Fire Blast/ Focus Blast

                    Conkeldurr- 22?/31/22/22/31/31 Adamant

                    Stats- 374/416/242/123/166/126

                    Drain Punch/ Bulk Up/ Stone Edge/ Mach Punch

                    Jellicent- 31/24/31/22/14/31 Bold

                    Stats- 402/134/248/197/245/156

                    Will O wisp/Scald/ Shadow Ball/ Recover

                    Excadrill - 30/31/12/30/18/31 Jolly

                    Stats- 360/369/137/121/153/302

                    Swords Dance/ X Scissor/ Earthquake/ Rock Slide

                    If you are interested in any let me know please and I have to check a few others in a bit( stat reducing berries currently in full production at DW).
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                    Old May 31st, 2012 (6:31 PM).
                    latioslegends's Avatar
                    latioslegends latioslegends is offline
                    What worries you masters you
                      Join Date: Apr 2007
                      Gender: Male
                      Nature: Quirky
                      Posts: 710
                      Hey there Sevrah! I was interested in a few pokes you're trading. Could you check my thread for your following? If nothing interests you, I can offer plenty of IVd, EVd, and RNGed pokemon. =]

                      #282 Gardevoir ♀ (level 100)
                      OT: JOHNNY ♂ (Diamond, 21298/20131)
                      Calm - Trace - 31/30/31/31/31/31 - 6 HP/252 SAt/252 SDf
                      Psychic - Thunderbolt - Focus Blast - Calm Mind

                      #12 Butterfree ♀ (level 40)
                      OT: Melinda ♀ (Platinum, 13898/62412)
                      Timid - Compoundeyes - 31/31/31/31/31/31 - 6 Def/252 SAt/252 Spd
                      Sleep Powder - Stun Spore - U-turn - Bug Buzz

                      #376 Metagross ♁ (level 100)
                      OT: Tsujin ♂ (Pearl, 50879/30341)
                      Adamant - Clear Body - 31/31/31/31/31/31 - 252 HP/252 Att/6 Spd
                      Earthquake - Brick Break - Meteor Mash - Explosion
                      Trade thread:

                      D/P FC 4596-6614-8172
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                      Old May 31st, 2012 (6:35 PM).
                      Greenbeans's Avatar
                      Greenbeans Greenbeans is offline
                      Guardian of Le Foret
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                      Age: 23
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                      Nature: Calm
                      Posts: 423
                      hey jw, do you do breeding requests? leme know by pm or vm if you do!!


                      3DS Name: Jericho 3DS Friend Code: 3995 - 6761 - 1080 Old Username: Jerichob10
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                      Old July 4th, 2012 (2:04 PM).
                      scooby1961's Avatar
                      scooby1961 scooby1961 is offline
                        Join Date: Jul 2012
                        Gender: Male
                        Posts: 0
                        I'm interested in the following EV trained Pokemon you have to offer.

                        Escavlier | Male | Shell Armor | Adamant
                        252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 Spe | Lvl. 100
                        Quick Guard | Iron Head| Megahorn | Pursuit

                        Blaziken ♂ (level 100)
                        OT: Mat ♂ (White, 30160/15781)
                        Adamant - Speed Boost - 31/31/31/31/31/31 - 6 HP/252 Att/252 Spd
                        Protect - Stone Edge - Flare Blitz - Hi Jump Kick

                        Tornadus | Male | Prankster | Jolly
                        4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe | Lvl. 100
                        Crunch | Brick Break | Crunch| Bulk Up

                        Landorous | Male | Sand Force | Jolly
                        4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe | Lvl. 100
                        Substitute | Stone Edge | Earthquake | Fly

                        Conkeldurr | Shiny, Male | Guts | Adamant
                        252 HP / 100 Atk / 100 Def / 4 Spe | Lvl. 100
                        Mach Punch | Payback | Drain Punch | Bulk Up

                        Excadrill | Shiny, Male | Sand Rush| Adamant
                        4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe | Lvl. 100
                        Earthquake |Rock Slide | Swords Dance | X-Scizzor

                        I will offer (all are EV trained, choose whichever you like):

                        Sandslash [nicknamed Knuckles] (M, Shiny) | Level 100
                        Impish | Sand Veil
                        252 Atk, 252 Def, 4 HP
                        Stone Edge, Toxic, Rapid Spin, Earthquake

                        Mismagius (F, Shiny) | Level 100
                        Mild | Levitate
                        252 SpAtk/ 252 Speed/ 4 HP
                        Payback, Shadowball, Power Gem, Grudge

                        Gallade (M, Shiny) | Level 100
                        Steadfast | Adamant
                        252 Atk/252 Speed/4 SpDef
                        Close Combat, Psycho Cut, Night Slash, Thunder Wave

                        Leafeon (M, Shiny)
                        Leaf Guard | Adamant
                        252 Atk/ 252 Speed
                        Leaf Blade, X-Scissor, Return, Swords Dance

                        Dugtrio (M, Shiny) | Level 100
                        Sand Veil | Adamant
                        252 Atk/ 252 Speed/ 4 SpDef
                        Aerial Ace, Sucker Punch, Stone Edge, Earthquake

                        Togekiss (M, Shiny)
                        Serene Grace | Timid
                        252 SpAtk/ 252 Speed/ 4 SpDef
                        Roost, Nasty Plot, Aura Sphere, Air Slash

                        I have tons of other Pokemon to offer. Contact me ASAP so we can work something out.

                        Pokémon White FC:
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                        Old July 6th, 2012 (11:59 AM).
                        Birthday Thunder's Avatar
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                        Venus (Event Archivist)
                          FC: 2766-8490-0653
                          IGN: X&Y: Lady Venus/Evangeline ORAS: Miss Venus
                          Join Date: Apr 2010
                          Location: Charmed Ridge
                          Age: 26
                          Nature: Lonely
                          Posts: 247
                          Hi, I'm interested in your shiny ditto. I can offer a UT shiny rotom, lumineion, biberel or gallade for it. If you don't want any of those I have plenty of EV trained shinies I can offer. Just let me know.

                          3DS FC: 2766 8490 0653 // In Game Names: Evangeline(X) Lady venus(Y) Miss Venus(ORAS)
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                          Old July 6th, 2012 (12:08 PM).
                          Cordelia Cordelia is offline
                            FC: 3840 5669 4340
                            IGN: Toph/Cordelia
                            Join Date: Aug 2011
                            Nature: Sassy
                            Posts: 9,753
                            Scooby, no thread revival.

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                            Old November 9th, 2013 (12:51 PM). Edited November 9th, 2013 by Absol.
                            Sevrah's Avatar
                            Sevrah Sevrah is offline
                            Sevrah Lux
                              Join Date: May 2011
                              Location: USA
                              Age: 23
                              Gender: Male
                              Nature: Relaxed
                              Posts: 652
                              Back from the dead..

                              It's been a while but I'm back! ^^

                              Currently looking for a ditto in the friend safari! :)

                              Willing to trade tons of 5th Gen Pokemon for IV bred 6th Gens. I can accept any competitively viable mons.
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