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    Hello everyone! I want to introduce my game that I will soon realease to all flash game portals:

    Pokemon Tower Defence online game. Will be soon distributed on all flash game portals (that will accept it, I am still not so sure about the quality I reached. Some may think it’s still not a good quality for a tower defence game).

    Introduction: I started making it because I like tower defence games (like “Kingdom rush”) and the only one pokemon game that exists in this genre is very old and the author seems to lose interest in developing it further (it is distributed as 90% complete game, author lost interest in project I think). So I started building a simple but good looking fan game. I used standart game-boy game sprites for landscape (from gold/silver version I think.. I played pokemon games a long time ago, now I don’t even remember most of their names) and animated the vector pokemons (the vector is distributed under Creative Commons License as I understand. I used the “official vector artwork” from here ).

    The game has a short plot, because I am not good in understanding the pokemon world (actually I watched only 5-6 episodes of pokemon in my life, with my little sister. I never liked the childish series... “Team rocket” drives me crazy … brbrbrrbr ...) but from what I knew, I wrote this (it’s animated as a short slides-comics-teaser intro):

    Peaceful life in Kanto region, makes HIM restless... he sleeps in an underground cave, 4500 feet underground. His telepathic ability is incredible...
    He can watch through his sleep how pokemons live on the surface. How they fight and train.
    How people make them fight each other, and use them as a pocket toys for fun and competition, without thinking about their feelings.
    No one can help them... My patience is over! I have to teach these people a lesson they will never forget! (and animation how ‘he’ hypnotizes the pokemons on surface from underground).

    And who is this “he” you ask :D lol, I know the plot maybe sounds stupid, but what can I do.. it’s kids game and kids franchise... well, I used ‘Mewto’ as the ultimate evil (he was a bad pokemon in the series, right?) for now... if I’ll not get any suggestions from people who understand pokemon world better .

    Featuring around 100 pokemons as ‘creeps’ (pokemons from 1st season, in next games I’ll use next seasons and next game sprites), and 6 towers: electric, ground, fire, water, grass, psychic.
    Each tower has it’s strength against some type of pokemon. The table of ‘powers’ is provided (where I show what towers have double/triple/half damage against what type). Grass tower fires a web that slows enemies. In each level there are 10-12 waves (I have 7 levels now ready to play, I’m thinking of making 10 levels in this game, each one is long. And I’ll attach each level to a Kanto town). First levels are all fields/grass/trees areas, and after level 5 I added buildings and more stuff, to show that pokemons are approaching towns.

    Tools used: Adobe Flash CS5

    you can see a full level gameplay in the video.

    why I can't attach more than 5 screenshots?

    Please let me know what do you think about this game, and what do you think I can improve or add.

    P.S. The source code will be released here and on other forums later, for any developer to make more versions or updates/changes. After I upload it to flash game portals with my arcade site logo.

    Here is level 1 video (I skipped the intro):


    Why do I need 15 posts to put my video? :O
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    Old March 3rd, 2012 (3:12 PM). Edited March 3rd, 2012 by Lord Varion.
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      This seems good, I may play it in my free time, but it seems you've picked a bad time, Pokémon Tower Defence is already a big hit on the web.

      If it's the one you're saying is outdated, it's not. It gets updated reguraly, just only on it's main site (i forget the name) and to those whom have an account.

      And, Mewtwo was not 'evil'' per se in the anime, he was just mad at humans for creating him for nothing more than a weapon, that he believed all humans did not deserve pokemon.

      Finally, you need 15 posts or more to post videos, photos, images and links, because it's Pokécommunity's many ways of knowing if you're a spam bot or not. I think.
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        Thanks for your feedback Nintendork15, I know that the old pokemon TD is very popular - but the graphics he used makes me cry so I decided to make my own version with more professional look. Also - it's really different here, he used pokemons as towers and animated the 'fire' as moving the sprite towards the target. In my game we have real towers and a lot of interesting waves of animated vector pokemon.

        It looks a lot better, and I think players deserve "version 2" of pokemon TD I'm sure they were waiting to see a better improved version

        Anyway - I am going to contact the first game creator and ask him if he wants maybe to work together on pokemon TD 3, so we can make a version with all 300 or more pokemons and more towers (i used only 6 towers and divided all powers to 6. instead of real 17 pokemon types, i simplified to 6 only. like, 6 base types . In pokemon TD 3 we can make also a good story if we work together coz I'm not good in real pokemon storyline of the series.. I don't even remember character names except ash / misty / brook )

        Well, soon I'll post the first 7 levels on my site, as a beta version so everyone can play and tell me what to improve.

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        Old March 5th, 2012 (8:41 AM).
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          I'm a real Tower Defense fan : ) so this is a game I'd love to play.
          Scripting Level: Advance

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          Old March 14th, 2012 (7:12 AM). Edited March 14th, 2012 by
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            Ta-da! The game is ready, I'll just add couple music tracks (already chosed 4 tracks) and it'll be published on my site and then on mochigames (if will be accepted) and a lot of flash portals. Also will be translated to russian and published on russian sites.

            If someone knows japanese / chinese / thai / korean / etc. you are welcome to help me translate the game and publish it on foregin portals, for more kids to enjoy the game!


            BTW, I want to ask the moderators why the game cannot be in showcase? why is it in "beginners" showcase? is it THAT lame? or what? showcase is only for RPGs made with game maker? thats totally not fair guys! my game is pretty professional, tha gameplay, the interface, everything is a good quality.

            Please move me to showcase! Thanks!
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            Old March 17th, 2012 (12:55 AM). Edited March 17th, 2012 by
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              Hello everyone! The game is published and can be played here:

              (crap, I can't post URL's, need 15 posts... well, the game is here: )

              I want to hire someone to distibute the game to flash portals - if anyone interested, PM me please or leave a comment there on the game page.
              The payment is 1$ per website, you get the screenshot / flash file / thumbnail / description of the game, and upload it to many portals, then you give me links of approved game (published on the portal) and get 1$ for each link!

              I think it's fair, you can have between 40 to 70$ easily. Payment by paypal.

              Sorry for the music bug... I know everyone who tried the game had difficulty to even shut down the sound, the music track started 5-6 times simultaneously.. The bug is fixed!

              Pokemon Tower Defence 2 !

              Pokemon Memory game
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              Old March 19th, 2012 (6:06 PM). Edited March 19th, 2012 by Athermes.
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                I only made an account just because I saw this post. It pissed me off. The Other Pokemon Tower Defense, the Real one, is 1000 times better than your rip off. He, Sam, has updated the game almost every week on the week according to our thoughts on his blog. The website is on Sam and Dans blogspot. Why would you make a game about something you only watched six times? Something you think is childish? His 'bad graphics' are from FireRed and LeafGreen. They are the maps and the routes from the original games. Yours is just random crap through together and dosen't at all look 'Professional'. Why would you use pokeballs as currency...? I only played a little of your game, but enough to know it was nothing that i had hoped. You took what little you knew about the franchise and tried to make as amazing of a game as Sam. You failed. Your towers are too... Normal, and you just called pokemon 'creepers'. You obviously are not a real fan of Pokemon and what attracts people to Sam's game is his story, how the Pokemon are really there... Like we are a part of the original game which is being thrown back together, even better than ever. Plus, the franchise keeps making new while Sam brought back a twist to the old. I'm sorry but your poor excuse for a game will not attract many Pokeman fans, only the generic Tower Defense fans. Sam should never work with you to make a game, he should just continue on his own. PTD 2 will be best from him.

                Ps. Didn't intend to sound so angry, just a little mad. Sorry if i offended you.
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                Old March 20th, 2012 (8:39 AM).
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                  Originally Posted by Athermes View Post
                  Ps. Didn't intend to sound so angry, just a little mad. Sorry if i offended you.
                  np. you have your point, thats ok and I accept your critics. I also renamed the game (I had couple negative replies on NG for naming it with number 2, like, trying to steal his popularity :D , actually it was just for SEO, because I also want to be found on keyword "pokemon tower defense", he 'captured' this name first - thats true. but i was sure his game is old and will never be updated or sequel made. but i mailed the guy - he said he's actually making a sequel, so I'm renaming the game to "pokemon defense: kanto" , i still want my game to be found on those keywords. i just didnt bother do reupload/rename the game on couple forums that i posted it for showcase and testing)

                  btw, i had also 40-50% good scores and good comments so people liked it (the players who are not hardcore poke-masters :D like my game more than his.)

                  i'll still make my sequel too, 'pokemon defence 2: johto" , despite im poke-noob :D and not a fan-kid. i know my game is a good quality (not exellent, 7/10 score, ok?) and there will be couple thousands of people happy to play it, so i'll work and make a second one anyway.

                  thanks for sharing your thoughts. again, im open to any critics, you guys can tell anything that you feel or think will be useful for the game, thanks to everyone.

                  Pokemon Tower Defence 2 !

                  Pokemon Memory game
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                    I to am i Pokemon Tower Defense player.....

                    Right now im kinda stuck on chapter 4 trying to beat snorlax. I could easily just go to youtube and get some help.... but then im not the type to cheat on the game.

                    The third chapter was really intense celerbi was a bad sucker... everytime it comes out just hide your pokemon if not then you'll get PWND.
                    Bigest Nintendo fan

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