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Old May 7th, 2012 (9:35 AM). Edited May 7th, 2012 by Eriah.
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    I originally posted this back in February, but lacked adequate permissions to make it proper, nor far enough development to actually show anything. (Still not that far, but I can post something at least...) So now I'm reposting it, but just the one game I'm actively working on.

    - - - - -

    As my profile states, I'm in the process of a story-driven series referred to as The Legacy of Sylver, also noted in my signature. Two stories of which are bring made into games, though one of them is on hold. The one currently being worked on is called Nocturnal Sanction, which was started on RMXP and moved over to RPVXAce. This part of the series takes place in Black City in the Unova region. The plot follows that of the rest of the series, but is also somewhat a standalone, telling the story of Umbros Noctem, rather than Eriah Sylverstone and the rest of the main party.
    So far, I've been working solely on creating my own battle system with the use of no scripts and nothing from the database (stats, levels, enemies, troops, etc) other than animations and some system information. The system will contain solely switches and variables, and possibly some minor scripts if VXAce doesn't have what is necessary.

    The primary plot in this game/story is as follows:

    It is the year 2011 in Black City, an ever-industrializing metropolis
    in the eastern section of the Unova region. This city is the home to the Umbreon,
    Umbros Noctem, and his small pack of dark pokémon known as the
    Umbra Sarcina (Latin for Shadow Pack). Life in this city is vibrant...
    a little too vibrant, however... The laws of the city are slowly becoming
    obsolete, and a rebellion is starting amongst the citizens,
    threatening the very existence of the city.

    The Black Clan, which was formed by a sinister individual

    who had once conflicted with Umbryo and Flaro three hundred years ago,
    now takes this opportunity to go after Flaro's distant grandson, Umbros,
    in order to eliminate the family legacy once and for all.

    But little does he know, a new sovereign power is rising, to be known as

    the Nocturnal Sanction. And it will prove to be greater than he
    ever could've imagined. Rogues will turn to the Umbra Sarcina's side
    in the restoration of the city, and the great conflict against the Black Clan.

    And amongst it all, a long lost family member will return to the living...

    And upon this rebirth, everything will change for Umbros.


    Anyways, if anyone wants to give their input, it would be welcome.
    Also, I've been having trouble with getting resources (tiles, animations, sprites, scripts and the such). My primary reason for working on this game alone so intently is due to the disagreements and expectations from others who would assist me. If I am to have anyone help me, I say that I have no intent on changing the way the game plays. I am open to suggestions and will work on them if I feel they would benefit the game. But since this is my own creation, I plan to follow it as I thought of it.


    Screenshots so far-
    The Legacy of Sylver
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    Old May 7th, 2012 (9:39 AM).
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    Moved to the Beginner's Showcase. The main Game Development section is for discussion about Game Development. Not for game threads. Just make sure you check the rules before posting in future! Anyway, approved and good luck with your game!
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