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Old May 8th, 2012 (3:34 AM). Edited May 8th, 2012 by seeker.
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    Hello, I have been working on this game for the past few months and I could really use some help with it.

    Planned features:
    1. All 251 of the Gen I & II pokes obtainable (only starters/legendaries from III, IV, & V)
    2. 50 brand new pokemon (more than 3 starters, new Eeveelutions!)
    3. A Mexican rival (David)
    4. A "Master" for all types (e.g. gym leaders/elite four)
    5. A whole new region to explore!
    6. all Gen V moves and (hopefully) triple battles
    7. HMs exist but are not needed to advance the story (only for side Items/legendaries)
    8. Relatively small map sections so it will run fast on even the worst computers (like mine)
    9. Possibly the ability to face other regions Gym leaders/E4 after u beat this region?
    10. Time-sensitive events

    Well, it's kinda simple but you start in a new region and your goal is to become the League champion of the region while catching as many Pokes as you can to try and complete your dex. Team Rocket will be the main villains (Giovani returns!) I will also try and add some legendaries with their own stories and stuff. Lugia will play a big part in the story.

    I am also going to update the Pokemon sprites (not overworlds) but can't decide if I should do Gen IV or V sprites

    I'm open to any suggestions as well

    I need someone to make the fakemon sprites, I can't make any that look decent


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