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Old January 7th, 2012 (7:39 AM). Edited March 1st, 2012 by wolf.
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T&E Rules
Ahoy mateys! This thread lists clan specific rules, as well as active clans. Any discussion regarding clans in general (and not any specific clans) can be posted here. This includes suggestions, feedback, and questions; which are very welcome. Additionally, clan wars must be scheduled and held here for the sake of organization and convenience. Clan wars that are currently running will be listed here, along with the bracket.

— Only discussion regarding Pokémon is allowed.
CBC is a Pokémon battling forum, and should be treated as such. For now, this rule only restricts discussion to Pokémon, but if threads get out of hand this may be changed to only Pokémon battling talk.

— You may only join one clan.
Clans are teams of battlers; if each clan had the same members, they wouldn't be very distinctive.

— No clan hopping.
As in, don't join and leave clans consecutively. Join a clan and stick with it. Of course, it's fine to leave a clan once due to whatever reasons you may have, but don't do it excessively.

— Server channels may decrease activity in your thread.
Server channels for clans aren't harmful by any means, but it's recommended that all clan discussion should stay in the thread unless it's off-topic or private.

All clans are listed here, excluding clans that have been closed or haven't been posted in for one month. If you're the owner of a clan and want to add or change a logo of yours, simply post it in this thread saying so. Bear in mind that the max dimensions are around 400 x 200 pixels (just don't make it huge).

(better format coming soon)

A clan war is where two clans battle each other to decide the winner. Usually, it is only one clan vs. one clan, but it's possible to have two vs. two and other variations. To start a clan war, a clan owner has to challenge another clan via private message, clan thread, etc. Once both clan owners have agreed, they need to post in this thread stating so, as well as specified battling rules and deadline. Naturally, there are a couple rules that all clans must follow for wars.

— Both clan owners must agree to hold a war.
Simple enough. A clan shouldn't start a war without the other knowing.

— At least five members from each clan must participate.
Otherwise it wouldn't feel very much like a war. Additionally, try to keep the total amount of clan participants an odd number to avoid ties.

— All wars will follow the standard rules unless stated otherwise.

current wars: uhhhh nope

coming soon

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Old May 9th, 2012 (9:37 AM). Edited July 9th, 2012 by wolf.
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Posting to say that clans are officially closed and we don't allow them anymore. Simply put, they didn't work and CBC isn't active enough for them. Clans were largely pointless anyway, considering they were primarily being used to post battle results and nothing more. Even if there were competitions made between clans, the clans themselves would stay inactive. Not only that, but leaderboards and tournaments within clans (to make them active individually) were redundant when we have the actual forum for that. Meaning, clans would be taking activity away from the PC ladder and tournaments, because they already host them in their threads. However, this doesn't mean the concept of clans won't be used again; it's possible that we can consider reviving them or something similar when the time comes (as in, when we have more activity). I went into more detail with this post if you would like to know more.

Edit: I will allow clans considering they're almost identical to leagues, so there is no point in banning them.

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