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    Author's Notes

    This is something that I've been trying to write for a few months now but I haven't completed the first chapter yet. It's an Original story and shouldn't be confused with fanfiction for I didn't base it off of any fandom. It's set in Medieval Times and follows the prince of a dying Kingdom and his quest to overthrow his father's decaying rule. If you're wondering why the paragraphs are small then I'll be blunt and say that I wrote this up in a composition notebook. It's mainly rated T because one of the main characters swears like a sailor.

    Chapter 1

    Cloud's as black as night rolled in with intensity of a raging river. The echo of thousands of feet dashing across cobblestone pathways could be heard from leagues away as the homeless scurried to find the nearest inn for salvation from the coming downpour. Sad eyes lingered upon the miserable sight with pain reflected in the turquoise orbs as bright as the clear blue sky on a sunny day. Crystalline droplets of water fell all around the figure shrouded in darkness by a dark cloak. With rushed footsteps the cloaked figure sped through the downpour.

    Once placid waters, threatening to flood out onto cobblestone paths, from the canals that divided the Island City into four sections raged and roared with ferocious anger. It was as if the weather was lamenting the misfortune that befell the once proud city despite how ludicrous that statement sounded. The rain looked to be a small stream making it's course down the man's cloak which obscured everything but the man's eyes. A light mist suddenly rolled into the city, blurring the man's destination from sight. Relying on the familiarity of a road traveled many times before, the man continued on his way.

    Through the seemingly impenetrable veil of mist the man's destination slowly became visible. What stood before him was a large dilapidated building nestled snugly between the Forum and the Docks. Sections of the brick walls and the roofing were missing and hastily patched up with planks of oak. Rain trickled down the sides of one such patch job located on the roof and slowly fell inside the abandoned building with syncopated rhythm. A cracked sign made of mahogany wood hung precariously over the oaken door, which was ironically the only preserved thing about the building. Etched in large golden letters on the cracked sign was the word "Library" only it would have been if the "y" and the "b" had not been scratched off.

    "Halt!" boomed a commanding voice.

    Releasing a pent up breath which he didn't realize that he had held in, the cloaked figure lowered his hood to reveal spiked caramel hair framing a pale boyish face. A staccato of metal, grinding and grating against the youth's nerves with each step, berated his ears as a figure cloaked in full body armor approached with quick steps which was surprising considering how much the armor must of weighed. The youth, who barely looked to be sixteen years of age, stroked his chin as if massaging a nonexistent beard. Removing his helmet mid run to reveal neatly trimmed hair the color of chocolate residing itself upon a stern angular face, the proud knight skidded to a halt.

    "Dryden, I'm not going back to the castle." The boy, glaring intensely at the steel tinted with the blue hue of Orachilum Ore, stated with conviction behind his tenor voice.

    "But M'Lord, you're my charge and your father will have me executed if he finds out." Dryden, with his slate green gazed focused coolly upon his young charge, rebutted.

    "First of all, I have a name and it is Alex. Secondly, the King doesn't even care about me... Not since Gabriel died. He doesn't even care enough to save his Kingdom. I don't care what you might say but I'm leaving to get my Aunt's help in this matter and if you insist on following me then call me by my name. Actually scratch that. Call me Silver for lack of creativity at least until we're out of the Kingdom." Alex stated irritably.


    "No buts. You're only my Bodyguard. You can't tell me what I should do." Alex, twisting his right hand around so that the pale skin of his knuckles was facing the door, interrupted with frustration evident in his voice. He had no time to be arguing with the stubborn knight. A vibrant staccato pattern of thuds seemed to resound for miles on end as his knuckles pounded upon the oaken door repeatedly. Just when it seemed as if no one would respond the sound of wood rubbing against wood tickled his ears. Slowly but surely a small sliver of wood slid away to reveal a rectangular hole just large enough to peer through. Emerald orbs as enchanting as the mysterious depths came stared out from behind the door at the two.

    "What do you-?" the emerald eyed man, pausing in mid-sentence, inquired, "****! It's the Prince and a member of the Royal Guard! Don't arrest me!"

    "Suspicious... Open that-"

    "Dryden stop that." Alex, placing his hand in front of the knight's face so that he wouldn't create a scene, stated calmly, "We're not here to arrest you. I just want to talk."

    'I just want to talk' he says. I call ******** on that but I really have no choice. The emerald eyed man, keeping his eyes fiercely locked on the Knight, thought to himself. Despite how grave his situation seemed, the man was entranced by the Knight for some strange reason. It was as if they had met before but he couldn't place his finger upon exactly what it could of been. Yielding under the ever present eyes of the Royals, the emerald eyed man pushed the oaken door open with barely any effort. A slender teen, who was taller than the prince by at least four inches, with strawberry blond hair that curled around his face was revealed under the pale glow of candlelight. Wiping any and all dust off of his blue tunic and brown breeches, the wide eyed youth raised his hands up in defense.

    "Relax." Alex, taking tentative steps inside the seemingly abandoned Library with Dryden following close behind, commanded gently in attempt to sooth the nerves of the youth similar in age to him, "This is where Fall Uprising the Rebellion meets, correct?"

    "Yeah..." the youth, trailing off as he stared intently at the knight, replied distractedly before running up to the all too familiar knight and grasping the armor tightly in a hug, "Brother!"

    "Zane!?" Dryden, clenching and relaxing his jaw in a slow pattern, asked bewilderingly, "You joined a Rebellion?"

    "The same Rebellion I want to join." Alex, ignoring the bewildered look he received from the knight, announced clearly and precisely.

    Really? Why would the prince join a rebellion against his father? Zane, releasing his grasp on his brother's form in shock, asked himself. Should I allow it? Boy, Aria's gonna scream at me for this. Zane, pulling the giant door closed tightly within it's frame, asked himself. Tapping his left foot in thought, Zane listened as the staccato of taps and thuds set his racing mind to a rest. If Aria wanted to scream and rip his head off for this then he would let her. The thought of somebody of influence on their side was enough to send a grin spiraling it's way onto his face. "Welcome to Fall Uprising." Zane, throwing his arms out with a flourish, greeted with a splendor that betrayed the fear he felt previously.

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