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    Pokémon: Holo started much like the majority of other game ideas. As a kid I was obsessed with Pokémon and in particular; creating Fakemon and new regions and having battles using said Fakemon with my sister, who is also an avid PokéFan. This particular game has been breeding exponentially in the back of my head and all over the pages of maybe twenty or thirty notebooks throughout the years. In the last couple years, I've tried my hand at spriting and mapping, neither of which I'm particularly good at but still enjoy doing nonetheless. But anyway, this is an idea I've been working on for a very long time and I've finally decided to take it to the next step. So here is my brain child; Pokémon: Holo.

    Features and Ideas

    As the name denotes, this game is centered in the region of Holo; a region based off of real-world Greenland, Antarctica, Alaska, and Northern Canada. These are separated into two main islands: Boreas and Notus. (Named after the Greek gods of the north and south winds.) Boreas is inhabited by the native Eskimo and Inuit people and features many of their distinct methods of living and hunting, and is widely populated. Notus is predominantly inhabited by American explorers and includes very few towns because of its extreme conditions. The islands are separated by an ocean, but travel is made easier due to a cruise-ship service. A large portion of the game focuses on braving the water surrounding the islands to discover new areas full of Pokémon exclusive to some of these tiny, remote biomes; such as a volcano and an underground lake. Other featured habitats include frozen forests, glacial mountains, and icy caves. And there are many secrets to be discovered in this unique region.

    Some of the features I plan to include in this game include the dramatic return of Team Magma and Team Aqua along with the addition of new admins and leaders. Team Aqua's intentions are actually justified in this game. They plan to refreeze the melting ice around the Holo region to save the declining populations of some of the Pokémon living there, while Team Magma has an evil plot to melt the ice covering the majority of Holo to increase the range of their power. There are many new attacks and abilities, as well as completely redesigned move sets and known abilities. There will be original sprite work for ALL Pokémon, as well as some original mapping which I hope looks as breathtaking as it does in my mind. There will be no HMs in this game, instead Pokémon who would naturally know these abilities can use them outside of battle without having to learn the attack move. These abilities include: Fly, Cut/Incinerate, Surf, Waterfall, Dive, Whirlpool, Defog, Rock Climb, Strength, Rock Smash, and Flash. TMs are again reusable. You have the ability to run from the beginning of the game (why shouldn't you be able to run without running shoes?) Many real features from the Arctic will be used in the Holo region to create more of a sense of realism as well as real Eskimo and Inuit traditions. And one of my favorite features: selectable responses to NPCs. :) These responses may either increase or decrease a character's disposition towards you.


    The story? You are a fifteen-year old American teenager who has traveled to Holo with your family to escape the war that's recently broken out in your home country. It is the day after you finished moving into a small house in Crispmint Town, a friendly, snowbound village on the north-most tip of Notus. One day, while you are walking out to a nearby lake with your older brother (Chris) to go ice-fishing. Upon approaching the edge of the forest path that leads towards Lake Clarity, a booming roar halts the two of you. A group of Sentret and Furret rush past you in fear, and the shadows of Hoothoot and Noctowl pass quickly over head. Your brother advances boldly to see what the source of the noise was. He throws a PokéBall and his impressive-looking Ursaring named Honeypot comes out, a Pokémon he had caught previously in America as a Teddiursa. You have no Pokémon yet to defend yourself with but you rush ahead anyway right behind him because you're curious to see what the noise could have come from. Upon approaching the lake, another roar shakes the ground beneath you and a huge geyser explodes from the center of Lake Clarity and a huge shape erupts upwards in a glorious cloud of mist and ice shards. Your party retreats a few steps to admire the sight, but your amazement quickly turns to fear as the shape comes down upon you, another roar knocking you flat on your back and everything turns white.
    You awaken under the cover of a tree near the lake. Chris and Honeypot are gone, and there are no Pokémon in sight either. The lake looks calm, as though nothing has happened. You rise in a daze and rush back towards your home to make sure your brother's okay. Leaving the path you arrive back in Crispmint Town to see that the town has been destroyed. Leveled almost to the ground and burned to a crisp. You step through the remains of your front doorway and see a message sitting on the remains of the kitchen table with a PokéBall on top of it. The note says that Chris looked for you for hours around the lake but couldn't find you, and upon returning home found everyone gone. He has left to find your family and the rest of the population of the town. In the PokéBall is a Pokémon that varies according to the total personality points achieved through the limited responses you've given so far. (High: Misletot, Medium: Pyrogue, Low: Punktank.) After obtaining your Pokémon, you decide you need to find your brother and the other citizens of Crispmint. And so you head out to the southern end of Crispmint Town that leads to Route 1. You are aware the path will be difficult, but you are determined to find your family.


    001. Vulpix (Fire)
    002. Ninetales (Fire)
    003. Stunky (Poison/Dark)
    004. Skuntank (Poison/Dark)
    005. Spheal (Water/Ice)
    006. Sealeo (Water/Ice)
    007. Walrein (Water/Ice)
    008. Mareep (Electric)
    009. Flaaffy (Electric)
    010. Ampharos (Electric)
    011. Sentret (Normal)
    012. Furret (Normal)
    013. Hoppip (Grass/Flying)
    014. Skiploom (Grass/Flying)
    015. Jumpluff (Grass/Flying)
    016. Hoothoot (Normal/Flying)
    017. Noctowl (Normal/Flying)
    018. Geodude (Rock/Ground)
    019. Graveler (Rock/Ground)
    020. Golem (Rock/Ground)
    021. Azurill (Normal/Water)
    022. Marill (Water/Normal)
    023. Azumarill (Water/Normal)
    024. Buneary (Normal/Fighting)
    025. Lopunny (Normal/Fighting)
    026. Onix (Rock/Ground)
    027. Steelix (Steel/Ground)
    028. Piplup (Water)
    029. Prinplup (Water)
    030. Empoleon (Water/Steel)
    031. Shellos (Water)
    032. Gastrodon (Water/Ground)
    033. Minccino (Normal)
    034. Cinccino (Normal)
    035. Pidove (Normal/Flying)
    036. Tranquill (Normal/Flying)
    037. Unfezant (Normal/Flying)
    038. Psyduck (Water/Psychic)
    039. Golduck (Water/Psychic)
    040. Magby (Fire)
    041. Magmar (Fire)
    042. Magmortar (Fire)
    043. Elekid (Electric)
    044. Electabuzz (Electric)
    045. Electrivire (Electric)
    046. Rhyhorn (Ground/Rock)
    047. Rhydon (Ground/Rock)
    048. Rhyperior (Ground/Rock)
    049. Pineco (Bug)
    050. Forretress (Bug/Steel)
    051. Sneasel (Dark/Ice)
    052. Weavile (Dark/Ice)
    053. Teddiursa (Normal)
    054. Ursaring (Normal)
    055. Staryu (Water)
    056. Starmie (Water/Psychic)
    057. Wingull (Flying/Water)
    058. Pelipper (Flying/Water)
    059. Nosepass (Rock)
    060. Probopass (Rock/Steel)
    061. Castform (Normal)
    062. Krabby (Water)
    063. Kingler (Water)
    064. Oshawott (Water)
    065. Dewott (Water/Fighting)
    066. Samurott (Water/Fighting)
    067. Cubchoo (Ice)
    068. Beartic (Ice)
    069. Pachirisu (Electric)
    070. Snover (Grass/Ice)
    071. Abomasnow (Grass/Ice)
    072. Buizel (Water)
    073. Floatzel (Water)
    074. Slugma (Fire)
    075. Magcargo (Fire/Rock)
    076. Growlithe (Fire)
    077. Arcanine (Fire)
    078. Chinchou (Water/Electric)
    079. Lanturn (Water/Electric)
    080. Skitty (Normal)
    081. Delcatty (Normal)
    082. Torkoal (Fire)
    083. Seel (Water/Ice)
    084. Dewgong (Water/Ice)
    085. Delibird (Ice/Flying)
    086. Stantler (Normal)
    087. Snorunt (Ice)
    088. Glalie (Ice)
    089. Froslass (Ice/Ghost)
    090. Corphish (Water/Dark)
    091. Crawdaunt (Water/Dark)
    092. Meditite (Psychic/Fighting)
    093. Medicham (Psychic/Fighting)
    094. Cottonee (Grass)
    095. Whimsicott (Grass)
    096. Golett (Ground/Ghost)
    097. Golurk (Ground/Ghost)
    098. Bronzor (Steel/Psychic)
    099. Bronzong (Steel/Psychic)
    100. Sigilyph (Flying/Psychic)
    101. Carvanha (Water/Dark)
    102. Sharpedo (Water/Dark)
    103. Wailmer (Water)
    104. Wailord (Water)
    105. Shellder (Water/Ice)
    106. Cloyster (Water/Ice)
    107. Sableye (Dark/Ghost)
    108. Mawile (Steel)
    109. Eevee (Normal)
    110. Vaporeon (Water)
    111. Jolteon (Electric)
    112. Flareon (Fire)
    113. Espeon (Psychic)
    114. Umbreon (Dark)
    115. Leafeon (Grass)
    116. Glaceon (Ice)
    117. Lapras (Water/Ice)
    118. Absol (Dark)
    119. Swablu (Flying)
    120. Altaria (Flying/Dragon)
    121. Lunatone (Rock/Psychic)
    122. Solrock (Rock/Psychic)
    123. Tentacool (Water/Poison)
    124. Tentacruel (Water/Poison)
    125. Zubat (Flying/Poison)
    126. Golbat (Flying/Poison)
    127. Crobat (Flying/Poison)
    128. Remoraid (Water)
    129. Octillery (Water)
    130. Bidoof (Normal/Water)
    131. Bibarel (Normal/Water)
    132. Clamperl (Water)
    133. Huntail (Water/Dark)
    134. Gorebyss (Water/Psychic)
    135. Numel (Fire/Ground)
    136. Camerupt (Fire/Ground)
    137. Smoochum (Psychic/Ice)
    138. Jynx (Psychic/Ice)
    139. Mime Jr. (Psychic)
    140. Mr. Mime (Psychic)
    141. Vanillite (Ice)
    142. Vanillish (Ice)
    143. Vanilluxe (Ice)
    144. Deerling (Normal/Grass)
    145. Sawsbuck (Normal/Grass)
    146. Koffing (Poison)
    147. Weezing (Poison)
    148. Ledyba (Bug/Flying)
    149. Ledian (Bug/Flying)
    150. Swinub (Ground/Ice)
    151. Piloswine (Ground/Ice)
    152. Mamoswine (Ground/Ice)
    153. Corsola (Water/Rock)
    154. Mantyke (Water/Flying)
    155. Mantine (Water/Flying)
    156. Spoink (Psychic)
    157. Grumpig (Psychic)
    158. Chingling (Psychic)
    159. Chimecho (Psychic)
    160. Relicanth (Water/Rock)
    161. Drifloon (Ghost/Flying)
    162. Drifblim (Ghost/Flying)
    163. Gothita (Psychic/Dark)
    164. Gothorita (Psychic/Dark)
    165. Gothitelle (Psychic/Dark)
    166. Ducklett (Water/Flying)
    167. Swanna (Water/Flying)
    168. Emolga (Electric/Flying)
    169. Frillish (Water/Ghost)
    170. Jellicent (Water/Ghost)
    171. Snubbull (Normal)
    172. Granbull (Normal)
    173. Litwick (Fire/Ghost)
    174. Lampent (Fire/Ghost)
    175. Chandelure (Fire/Ghost)
    176. Cryogonal (Ice)
    177. Mienfoo (Fighting)
    178. Mienshao (Fighting)
    179. Pawniard (Steel/Dark)
    180. Bisharp (Steel/Dark)
    181. Rufflet (Flying)
    182. Braviary (Flying)
    183. Deino (Dragon/Dark)
    184. Zweilous (Dragon/Dark)
    185. Hydreigon (Dragon/Dark)
    186. Beldum (Steel/Psychic)
    187. Metang (Steel/Psychic)
    188. Metagross (Steel/Psychic)
    189. Raikou (Electric)
    190. Entei (Fire)
    191. Suicune (Water)
    192. Regirock (Rock)
    193. Regice (Ice)
    194. Registeel (Steel)
    195. Regigigas (Normal)
    196. Kyogre (Water)
    197. Groudon (Ground)
    198. Zekrom (Dragon/Electric)
    199. Reshiram (Dragon/Fire)
    200. Kyurem (Dragon/Ice)
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      Any screenshots?
      But this sounds interestin'. America=Unova+Orre? I refer the regions to their real life locations all the time, so that doesn't bother me. Where in the world is Holo based off of? Europe?
      Edit: never mind, reread the intro, sorry. Oh, and cool, Native Americans in this *interested in Native American history, mythology, and etc.*
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        Haha that's okay As of right now I don't have any screenshots as my computer usage has been very, very limited over the last couple months. I'm working on getting some spriting and mapping completed right now and I'll post whenever I get any work done I guess I forgot to add some things to the features:
        - Pokémon can have up to six abilities. For instance, Teddiursa can have the abilities Hibernator, Honey Gather, Sticky Hold, Gluttony, Cute Charm, and Huge Power. It's evolution Ursaring can have the abilities Anger Point, Hibernator, Thick Fat, Moody, Quick Feet, and Intimidate.
        - There are new items and PokéBall varieties.
        - Pokémon have natural skills that can be harnessed as an alternative to HMs (touched on this in original post) such as Teddiursa's skills: Cut, Rock Climb, Strength, and Rock Smash. These skills are acquired through leveling up however so the player will not be able to surf until a Pokémon that has access to this ability reaches the apporpriate level. For instance, Teddiursa has the base skill of Cut, but won't aquire Rock Smash and Strenth until it reaches Lv. 30, and won't be able to use Rock Climb until Lv. 50 for the sake of fairness.
        - Egg groups have been completely reworked. They are now separated into Mammal, Reptile, Amorphous, Humanoid, Avian, Fish, Amphibian, Plant, Anthropod, Fairy, Mineral, Invertabrate, and Ditto. Teddiursa and Ursaring belong to the Mammal egg group.
        - New held items.
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          Clever idea... But you state you are not very good at spriting although find it fun... This is good in my opinion, BUT... With the way Fakemon are at the moment, you will probably want to make sure you have a quick learning method or have a friend that is very good at that sort of thing! The first town, Crispmint, nothing wrong with it, but I hope you have the tilesets to complete this as I'd love to see how that turns out!

          Overall, sounds interesting, I've kept an eye on a few games, but don't follow many after a few updates as the game doesn't show any thing special... Fakemon are not really anything that pull me into window-shopping, but I can't help but want to see these! I do however like saying "PUNKTANK" haha!

          Maybe, this idea is a bit big for yourself, you will probably need a team! Which I hope you do... If you have any progress at all, I would post screenshots because you have to have at least 4 screenshots or 8 or something, I think it was changed... To be in Beginners Showcase (not sure if this applies to "ideas")

          If you plan on making a Pokémon able to use Cut, Strength, Fly and what have you, without HM's, I hope you no something about scripting, it's very little you need to know about this sort of change, but before you go messing with the scripts, it's a good idea to know something in the first place.

          I see you said something about eskimo/inuit, I have no idea what this will do to effect your game!

          This has potential... Love to see screenshots but good job, here's my overall thinking.

          Story and background. [✔]
          Features. [x]
          Region. [✔]
          Starters. [✔]
          Rating. 8/10.

          I say you don't have features, because, Fakemon I don't think are as they are common nowa-days... HM's being unavailable I say is a feature, but still like to see this added before you promise anything... Running from the beginning of the game isn't a feature... I would like to see what attacks you have done, but again, I'd like to see this implemented before you promise... The removal of abilities I've seen this as being a struggle to do, but if there is a way, go for it, although I don't think this classes as a feature... All of these are ideas, until we see proof of these it will be very hard to gain followers! I'd like to see more about this idea here and if you progress to making it, I can always lend a helping hand as would most the community here. Good Luck.

          EDIT: Just read your second post... Those seem like very good ideas too... I do hope you tend to follow up on these and we don't get built up to get knocked down.
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            Not to sound condescending but I absolutely hate Fakemon. Personally, I just believe it to be a bit of a taboo, against the concept of Pokemon we fell in love with. But that's just my personal opinion lol, I don't mean to take away from the project or bash it in anyway.

            With that being said you've got a nice idea, with an intriguing story. I do like the idea of replacing HMs with "skills" or outside abilities. It's always difficult finding a way to work your team effectively with HMs, or the dragging use of HM slaves. Wanting to have all new sprites is certainly ambitious. Redone sprites is something we are trying to do in the MMORPG I'm working on, and its a daunting task. Take into account 250 Pokemon for example, the fakemon and the 120 rough number you've given. An hour on each side (front and back) is 500 hours. Then the shiny re-colors, you're talking about a substantial amount of time for one person.

            I hope you can pull this off, the idea is simply brilliant, overall. I'll certainly play close attention.
            Pokemon: Dawn of Darkness MMORPG Head Game Moderator/Head of Staff
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              Thank you for the support and constructive criticism! I don't have a team right now but I'm going to start actively looking for one soon as soon as I get all of my ideas down on paper. I definitely need one though because I'm not a very good spriter/mapper/scripter, so I will require all of those skills in the near future. I'll take an 8/10 rating any day of the week. If you'd like to know some of the attacks I've created, I've accumulated a little list:
              Attacks: Hiss, Fade Strike, Bee Sting, Life Drain, Pester, Flitter, ChaoticNoise, Psypunch, Mind Shock, Mind Bend, Link Blast, Epiphany, Sweet Spikes, Spike Whip, Barb Storm, Icicle Trap, Frost Wing, Frost Hammer, Ice Blade, Icepick, Freeze Dry, Ice Storm, Glacial Wall, Relic Crest, Rock Grind, Tonnage, Air Scroll, Divebomb, Fog Horn, Mach Breaker, Air Wheel, Air Cannon, Aero Reverse, Pierce, Sandy Wind, Mud Armor, Sand Vacuum, Sand Blast, Mist Spray, Aqua Tower, Aqua Reverse, Aqua Sonic, Water Arrow, Spiral Drain, Hypno Wave, Lure, Ink Blast, Stun Needle, Hydro Impact, Rev Up, ThunderClimb, Storm Wing, Gigavolt, Pikabolt, Plasma, Plasma Storm, Iron Jaw, Armor, Rend, Metal Charge, Metal Surge, Iron Maiden, Metalize, Pulverize, Chant, Misery Shot, Shadow Bind, Gossip, Shadow Fang, Poison Claw, Poisonbreath, Pride Shot, Impose, Bellow, Dragon Fang, Steam Blast, Blaze Buster, Trailblaze, Swelter, Fire Darts, Flare Up, Magma Bomb, Lava Head, Flame Tail, Blaze Wing, Smash Kick, Aura Boost, Chakra Jab, Nerve Jab, Expand, Cheer On, Crush Jaw, and Crybaby. I can add typing and effects if you'd like, I just haven't gotten around to typing them all, they're currently written in my project's progress notebook.
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                So are you just renaming other moves to do what you are looking for?

                Another thing, this project seems too large of a task for someone of your calibre... I agree with Novalis on the Fakemon thing, and also with the graphical changes... Maybe use what's available and instead, focus on everything else you have in mind... I'd like to see this created and become a project instead of an idea.
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                  Well I'm aware this is going to be very difficult to complete, but that's what makes it fun I love challenges. And once I assemble a team, I'll be well on my way to tackling this behemoth.
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                    Well good luck to yourself haha! Keep us updated.
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                      Sure thing, and thank you again for the support! I'll hyperlink entries in the Regional Dex once I get Pokédex entries done since I enjoy doing those.
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                      Old May 19th, 2012 (8:38 AM).
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                        When you get around to making this, would you mind if I do a nuzlocke (+ comic) when a playable demo comes out?
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