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Do you know about PO(Pokemon Online)? If not, read inside!

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Old May 21st, 2012 (12:42 PM).
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I am sure that alot of you here in CBC know all about PO, but something tells me there may be a small group of you that have NO clue what we're talking about.

Pokemon Online (Henceforth known as PO) is a battling/chat client, where you can create your own teams inside each of the different metas and battle each other. As well as spectate other players battling!

We have a group of people in there at many points in time throughout the day. But we're looking to become more active! Especially with whats coming up!

With the fact that alot of people are a little on the bored side with Gen V tiers, more specifically OU/Ubers, Anti and others have decided to create a NEW metagame for us to get involved with, this is where YOU come in!

With this new Meta, comes new competition! And WE WANT YOU! So before it gets off and running, come join us in PO so you can be there for its launch!

You can download the client here (100% safe download)

Create your user name, and join the PokeCommunity Server in the "Server List". You can also "Register" your name, and create a password so only you can come back to using that name!

We await your presence, and can't wait to get to know you guys even more! As well as compete with you all!

See you there!

Chris AKA Poke Viper

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