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Old May 21st, 2012 (7:17 PM).
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menu with a c gear button makes sense but they are not logical people
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Old May 22nd, 2012 (1:52 AM).
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Originally Posted by Rodriguezjames55 View Post
menu with a c gear button makes sense but they are not logical people
Why isn't it logical? I think if GameFreak is smart they will include a menu, I mean why not? u_u Unless you mean GameFreak isn't logical. Well by the looks of these games, I'd say otherwise.

But really, menu plz.

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Old May 22nd, 2012 (3:53 PM).
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Definitely want the C-Gear made into a key item. Like many countless others i prefer the HG/SS schematics for the touch screen. It makes my old man bones go hoppity do! ya know?

What I'd really like to see in the touch screen would be an interactive screen where you could play with your pokemon, pet them, hit them, tickle them, you know kinda like those froofy apps for "pets" and this all would either help raise happiness levels or lower them.

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Old May 23rd, 2012 (7:44 PM).
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Pokémon ain't that interactive. I'm sure you'd be better off getting Nintendogs if you want that. :P

Go that far and you might as well have a separate game. It'd be quite drastic.
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