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Old May 29th, 2012 (12:53 PM).
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    This is a Platinum team that from what I know is all legit. I traded for Celebi, Flygon, and Lanturn. So don't murder me about having hacked Pokemon. I just chose my favorites.

    Natural Cure
    Life Orb
    252Atk/252 Speed/4 SpAtk
    Heal Bell
    Seed Bomb
    Zen Headbutt

    This is support. When everyone has rested, it comes in, Heal Bells, then does some other stuff depending on the opposing Pokemon.

    Snow Cloak
    Focus Sash
    252 SpAtk/252 Speed/4 Def
    Shadow Ball
    Ice Beam
    Destiny Bond

    Basically, Froslass comes in, Destiny Bonds, and at least takes out one Poke.

    Inner Focus
    Wise Glasses
    252 SpAtk/252 Speed/4 Def
    Aura Sphere
    Dragon Pulse
    Water Pulse

    Lucario is just a beast. Water Pulse is for those nasty fire/ground types. SPECIAL SWEEPER

    Togekiss Serene Grace
    252 Speed/252 SPAttk/4 Def
    Aura Sphere
    Air Slash
    Thunder Wave

    Togekiss is very annoying. It has Air Slash because it is BORN to abuse Serene Grace. It T-Waves, then Air Slashes and gets crits 60%.

    Flygon Levitate
    Choice Scarf
    252 Speed/252 Atk/4 Def
    Stone Edge

    Lead. He either EQ's or Outrages. Depending on what is out. Physical sweeper. When injured, U-Turn.

    Lantern Volt Absorb
    252 Def/252 HP/4 SpDef
    Aqua Ring

    Special Tank. Sets up Aqua Ring, And recovers 3/16 of health each turn. Switches in when Togekiss is in and someone has Electric moves.

    So, how does it look?

    I need another move for Lucario.

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    Old May 29th, 2012 (8:11 PM). Edited June 14th, 2012 by PlatinumDude.
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    Why physical Celebi? It's better on the special side. But if you're using it physically, at least use this:
    -Swords Dance
    -Baton Pass
    -Seed Bomb
    -Zen Headbutt/Recover/Heal Bell
    Nature: Adamant
    EVs: 4 HP/252 Atk/252 Spe or 252 HP/4 Atk/252 Spe
    Item: Leftovers

    For Togekiss, don't you mean "flinch" for Air Slash? It doesn't cause crits. It's better off with a bulkier spread which doesn't need much Speed:
    -Thunder Wave
    -Air Slash
    -Aura Sphere/Substitute/Nasty Plot
    -Roost (don't use Rest, unless you use Sleep Talk as well, are using ChestoRest or have the Natural Cure ability)
    Nature: Bold
    EVs: 252 HP/188 Def/68 SDef
    Item: Leftovers
    Ability: Serene Grace

    Rest is useless on Froslass; it's too defensively frail to use it effectively. Replace it with Taunt to force the opponent to attack Froslass. Change the item to Focus Sash so that Froslass can attack, survive a potentially fatal hit and KO back with Destiny Bond. If you can afford to re-breed, make Spikes go over Shadow Ball.

    On Lanturn, Aqua Ring is a waste of a move slot because it has better things to do. You can also make Lanturn a parafusionist in case Togekiss goes down:
    -Thunder Wave
    -Confuse Ray
    -Surf/Ice Beam
    Nature: Calm
    EVs: 36 HP/220 Def/252 SDef
    Item: Leftovers
    Ability: Volt Absorb

    Make Lucario a Choice Specs user. Water Pulse doesn't offer much coverage:
    -Aura Sphere
    -Dark Pulse
    -Dragon Pulse/Hidden Power (Rock)
    -Vacuum Wave/Psychic
    Nature: Modest/Timid
    EVs: 252 SAtk/4 SDef/252 Spe
    Item: Choice Specs


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