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    Hi all, this is my first custom Pokemon set that I created. Custom Pokemon sets are all the movesets created by yourself and hasn't been mentioned on other websites (e.g. Smogon).

    Anyway, here is my set:
    Ambipom w/ Choice Scarf
    252Atk, 252Spd, 4Hp
    Adamant Nature
    Ability: Technican
    Double Hit
    Low Sweep

    Why this set is effective & Strategies

    "Fake Out" is what most people will think when they're facing an Ambipom lead. Predicting the fake out, they will most likely go into their physical wall to absorb the hit, or switch into a ghost type to be immune of it. So, if you use switcheroo right off the bat, it will cripple a physical wall/ghost. If the opponent doesn't switch out, giving them a scarf will cripple their lead, unless it's a trick user, especially if they decides to set up rocks first turn. If they do decide to use an attack; however, just switch to a pokemon to resist it in the next turn. If the match-up is really unfavorable(e.g. against an Infernape lead), just U-turn out into something that resists. Choice scarfed Ambipom will outrun almost the entire metagame, crippling a pokemon or U-turning out to get switch advantage!

    Ambipom is decent offensively, too. It can effectively 2HKO or 1HKO common threats such as Lead T-tar, Lead Machamp, Support Heatran, etc... I also did some damage calcs, and I'll post them here:
    Low sweep vs. Support Heatran = 69.3%(lol)
    Double hit vs. Lead Machamp = 58.8%
    Low sweep vs. Scarf Tyranitar = 97.1-114.6%
    U-turn vs. Calm Mind Latios = 56.3% - 66.2%(2HKO)
    U-turn vs. Standard Lead Azelf = 64.4% - 76%
    Double Hit vs. Special Charizard = 64.6% - 76.8%
    Low Sweep vs. Support Clefable = 58.9% - 69.5%

    Here I've put together a video showing me using this set against random players from pokemon online. Hopefully the video works xD.
    Ambipom SO.mp4

    As you can see from the video, the opponents kept their defensive leads in, anticipating a fake out. But I used switcheroo and locked them into entry hazards. I then U-turned out and got switch advantage, something that is really nice to have.

    That's my custom Ambipom! I hope you guys try it out. Please give your opinion on what you think of the set
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    I get haxed a lot and the hax gods who are the gods of hax hate me I'm sad :[

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