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[Gen V] (UU) Team Of King

Competitive Team Help Having trouble with your competitive Pokémon team? Be sure to check here if you need any help on it. Any teams intended for in-game and casual play should be posted in the In-Game Team Help sub-forum.

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Old June 6th, 2012 (7:54 PM).
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This is the first team that I really want to work with. I have imported random Pokemon and there move sets onto my games before, and I'd rather just have a bunch of good solid teams to work with.

I'm wanting to be able to do nothing more but to play with people I know, and people who I encounter online. Nothing super serious, but I would like to get into a good start.

A lot of times I tend to work with UU and below Pokemon better, just because they tend to be able to work a lot better in my terms.

I have HG, Plat, and Black in my possession by the way, and to make it easier on myself, I don't know if I'd be using much legendarys.

Nature - Jolly
Item - Focus Sash
Ability - Technician
EVs - 252 ATK, 252 SPD, 4HP
-Fake Out
-Low Sweep

Nature - Careful
Item - Leftovers
Ability - Steadfeast
EVs - 252 SpDef/252SPD/4ATK
-Leaf Blade
-Shadow Sneak
-Drain Punch
-Bulk Up

Nature - Modest
Item - Life Orb
Ability - Natural Cure
EVs - 252SpA/252Spd/4HP
-Synthesis/Toxic Spikes
-Leaf Storm
-Stun Spore
-Sludge Bomb/HP Rock

Nature - Bold
Item - Leftovers
Ability - Marvel Scale
EVs - 252HP/252Def/4spd
-Dragon Tail

Nature - Adamant
Item - Expert Belt
Ability - Solid Rock
EVs - 252ATK/240DEF/16Sp.Def
-Stone Edge/Rock Slide
-Hammer Arm

Nature - Modest
Item - Choice Specs
Ability - Flash Fire
EVs - 252 SpAtk, 248 Spd, 8Hp
-Fire Blast/Flamethrower
-Energy Ball
-HP Fighting
-Shadow Ball

This is a team I have came up with. I did use Smogon to help me pick out where Pokemon stand in terms of offensive and defensive. I was trying to aim for a bulkier offensive like team. I haven't had much experience with creating a full team, normally its I grab a bunch of Pokemon.

Here are my reasoning for Pokemon
#1 - This will be the lead. Fake out anything first go around, and if its something that is known to set up; taunt it. U-turn out if its going to be hazardous, or low kick it if it is something deadly.
#2 - Switch in to a Pokemon it can take on, and do a few bulk-ups, then drain punch for the HP back. You have Shadow Sneak for quick priority and Leaf Blade for coverage.
#3 - This is the more special sweeper, it will slow the things down, heal loss damage, and blast them with Leaf Storms and HP's/Posions
#4 - Milotic will be a pain with the infamous recovery/toxic combo. This thing will be able to take down things down through a game of patience with its blukyness and all. It could also be given HP Fire for coverage over Steel types.
#5 - This Pokemon is used for hitting things hard with Fight, Bug, Rock, and Ground. It will take in a hit, then blast it with rocks in your face.
#6 - Chandelure will take on any grass and psychic types roaming around with a clean one hit or two hit shots from the deadly sp.atk base that it holds.

I hope this is somewhat well made up for a first one ^.^''

Lots of love
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Old June 6th, 2012 (8:10 PM).
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While Taunt is a good option for preventing set-ups, Ambipom could use a more powerful STAB with Return or Double Hit instead because Ambipom isn't really doing much other than scouting.

On Gallade, Leaf Blade is redundant in terms of coverage; it already handles the Rock types that Drain Punch can cover. Replace it with Ice Punch or Stone Edge for Flying Pokemon. Change its nature to Adamant and the EV spread to 252 HP/68 Atk/188 Spe.

Since Roserade is using an offensive set, replace Stun Spore with Sleep Powder (or Grasswhistle if you breed), because sleep can be crippling at the right moment. In the last slot, use Rest/Synthesis for recovery, or Hidden Power (Fire) for coverage on Steels.

On Rhyperior, don't invest in its Defense without first investing in HP. Change the EV spread to 208 HP/252 Atk/48 SDef to make its bulk a bit more balanced. Hammer Arm is also redundant with Earthquake; Rock/Ground/Bug have incredibly good coverage together, so you can use Substitute (to ease prediction and protect against status) or Stealth Rock (so that Rhyperior can support the team too).

Why the 248 Speed EVs on Chandelure? Max out its Speed and put the last 4 EVs into Special Defense so that Download Porygon2 doesn't get a Special Attack boost.

Old June 6th, 2012 (8:17 PM).
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Allright, I was trying to give out some ballance on it, thats all (The EV trained stuff), I really don't want to go back to get Ice Punch, as I hate transforming things over, but I may consider, though Stone Edge is appealing as well.

Ambipom, I've thought about Return, but I can always switch out between the two as they are TMs, I'll see what works the best with that, however the idea of Return is appealing.

With Roserade, I'm not going to give it rest, when Natural Cure and Synthesis are avalible. Hidden Power Fire does sound good as well, a bit better than Posion or Rock to be honest.

Anyways, thank you for the help on this, ^.^
I'm not super worried about specific Pokemon like Porygon 2 just yet, as I'm still just messing around with people I know who just play because they play and don't take it overwhelemingly serious.
~|FC - 2409-6359-0843|~
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