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    Hey guys, here, Im going to post my stories of Pokemon Ball Z, my newest fic series. Now, this post will be VERY long because it will include the first 13 chapters of the series. This is a crossover between Pokemon and Dragon Ball Z. Ready? Go!

    Dont own Pokemon, never will.

    Others Author Note: If you see Pokemon Ball Z On a different Pokemon forum, under the name of MrFlare2, that is still me, but just in a different alias. I only reposted my fic series on Pokecommunity to share.

    Chapters 1-13: The Journey Has Begun.

    I woke up, tongue slightly dry. Gah! 1:50! Im late for Professor Pines Lab! Quickly I ate some food and rushed to his lab. Gah, it was 2 miles away, if only I took my bike. Oh well, exercise is exercise. I kept running, hoping all the Pokemon werent taken. His pokemon were especially unique. Oh why oh why didnt i set an alarm! Idiot me! Idiot me. Alright, I am halfway there. Just a little more!

    I finally made it, panting very hard. This was hard without my bike, I should have taken it to note. If only if only. It was then I noticed 2 embarrassing things. One I smelled like, well I smelled like, A very stinky boy. Two, I hadnt even gotten dressed. Oh gee If i do bad now who knows how my journey will be, probably people saying "Hey look at that person walking in his PJ's Haha!" I did not worry about my appearance anymore.

    "Hello professor Pine." I said, nervousness in my voice.

    "Nice to see you, your late, but ever so luckily for you, one pokemon is left. Its Not charmander, Totodile, or Treecko."

    "Then what is it?" I asked

    "Well, since I anticipated you would be late, I saved just one pokemon."

    "Ooh I cant wait to see it!" I said with an excited voice.

    "I'll show him to you, the Pokemon is,," He said with a very vague voice.

    "Eevee!" He finally revealed.

    "Cool!" I said.

    "However, there is ONE catch. This Eevee can never evolve, no matter what you do, I have tested it, yet it does not work. Enjoy!" He said

    "Ah darn it, oh well, come on Eevee, Ill name you E for short" I said, to my new friend.

    "Now as you know, every trainer collects the seven dragon balls and summons shenron with the key given at the 8th gym. The Trainer can wish for any wish they desire, so long as it isn't beyond the dragons power. Now take these pokeballs and Pokedex, just because you collect the 7 dragon balls doesn't mean you don't help me with my research on more pokemon. Now get out of here and head to, Magenta City, the closest city with a good gym battle and pokemon to catch. Enjoy now! Oh and here are some clothes to change into, change in the bathroom and heres a bike since you forgot yours at home. These clothes are from my great grandfather Ash Ketchum, treasure them okay?" He said all at once.

    "Yes sir!" I replied

    I changed into my clothes and took the bike. I jumped on the seat and was ready to go, Pokemon on my belt, pokeballs with it. This journey would be packed with great adventure. I headed into the forest nearby to start my journey and catch some Pokemon to help with my journey.

    The forest, hmm, its name? I looked at the sign and it had said Magenta Forest, a place where people catch their first pokemon.

    "Hmm, well I wonder what Pokemon I can catch here, oh well, I got a BUNCH of time to stop by and see the views, or catch many powerful Pokemon." I thought.

    Finally, I had entered the Magenta Forest. It was so lush healthy and green. Truly amazing! This journey is what I yearned for each birthday, just like him. Gah, I gotta snap out of it, my journey is ahead, and I cant be fooling around, so I hopped on my bike again after the view. You know what, forget biking, I'll walk. So I fit my bike in my Bag and walked through the grass. Soon, a wild Pokemon popped out! This really surprised me, so I sent Eevee out to battle for me. I took out my Pokedex and scanned the wild Pokemon.

    "Butterfree, the Butterfly Pokemon. Butterfrees have a mating season and are popular among forests." Pokedex scanned.

    Soon, I had decided to scan Eevees moves, Quick Attack, Bite, Tackle, and Growl. Not too shabby!

    "E! Use Quick Attack!" I commanded with enthusiasm for my first battle

    "Ee,,VEE!" Said the Quick One

    Bam! A Direct Hit! I pondered on whether to catch Butterfree or not, hmm, no. I shouldnt, i already know i wont use it, ill let it be free. I commanded my Eevee to use one more quick attack to finish this battle off.

    "EeeeeVEE!!" Cried the ferocious Pokemon!

    Poor Butterfree, it had fainted from exhaustion. I walked over to it and used my Potion. I always kept some with me. Butterfree was soon awake and happy again! It seemed to want to go with me, and I cant deny it, so I threw my Pokeball, and caught myself a Butterfree!

    "YEAH! I got a Butterfree!!" I had proclaimed loudly!

    When i tried to put Eevee in its Pokeball, it didnt seem to want to go. I knew this was unusual, so I just put Eevee on my shoulder. Eevee seemed to really like it, and I sorta did too. Since Eevee, Butterfree and I felt tired at this point, I found a shady tree to go under. I packed some Lunch, and when I got to Magenta City, I'd stock up on some more. A Delicious Peannut Butter and Jelly sandwich! Time to eat! I began eating, but I noticed Eevee was hungry, and Butterfree probably was too. Luckily, I packed 6 Sandwiches, so I sent Butterfree out and gave them some delicious Sandiwches. We Began nomming them down.


    Soon after that, I must have passed out, cause Butterfree woke me up by flapping its wings near my face. I then got up from resting, perched Eevee on my shoulder, returned Butterfree to its Pokeball, and headed on for my journey! It was exciting so far, I had a new companion now. I felt great on the inside. and I was pretty excited. Time to continue the path to Magenta City!

    I got up, placed my Backpack on my back, put Eevee on my shoulder and continued on! Magenta Forest was not even HALF over yet, so I had a lot of walking to do, but I did not mind. This forest is just amazing, so it doesnt phase me that I have to walk a lot. I walked through the tall grass, and a Wild Spearow Attacked! I knew Eevee had its first battle, so Butterfree should battle too!

    "Butterfree! Come on Out!" I commanded while turning my hat backwards and throwing the Pokeball.

    I quickly took out my Pokedex and scanned Butterfrees Moves.

    "Stun Spore, Gust, Poison Powder, Confusion" Pokedex or, Dexter as i now dub him said

    Hmm, not too shabby. I commanded Butterfree to use gust.

    "Butterfree! Use Gust! And Follow Up With Stun Spore!" I commanded

    "Freee! ButterFREE!!!" Butterfree cried out loud. This was one awesome Pokemon.

    I saw as the battle raged on, Butterfree had kept using Gusts i commanded, and Spearow was SLOWLY being worn down.

    "Finish it off with GUST!" I Roared Out!

    "FREEEEE!" Butterfree roared as well

    And just like that, Spearow was down. Butterfree Won! I had a great smile on my face, and returned Butterfree after healing it. I then continued toward the end of Magenta Forest. I would miss this forest, but I WOULD come back someday, to enjoy the sights. I then headed toward Magenta City, and man was it HUGE! I first headed toward the Pokemon Center to heal my Pokemon, potions would not do.


    After waiting a while, my Pokemon were fully healed! I thanked Nurse Joy, and left the Giant Center! I headed toward the Mart, as i needed to buy some Sandwiches, and some other essentials.

    "12 Sandwiches, 6 Soda Pops, and 8 Bags of Pokemon Food!" I ordered.

    "That will be, 1000 Poke Dollars!"

    I Payed the man at the counter 1000 Pokedollars, I Had PLENTY of money, and 1000 Poke Dollars wouldnt hurt.

    I left the mart, and headed toward the gym. It towered over me, and I read its sign.

    "Magenta City Gym! Leader: Maggie and Laggie Certified Trainers: None." I had read.

    Well they would have a certified trainer now, I budged the doors open, and was greeted by 1 Trainer. I had to battle, so I sent out Eevee. The Pokemon was a normal type, a Porygon?

    "Porygon, the Pokemon which was programmed, it is very rare to see. Those who see it are lucky." Dexter Said.

    Alright! Time To Battle! Eevee was first, and I Commanded Quick Attack!

    "Eevee!" The Pokemon Said!

    "Eeeeveee!" My Ferocious Pokemon roared.

    "Porygon! Conversion!" Said the trainer of Porygon

    "PoryyGON!" The Program had said

    I had noticed it had become a steel like color, yep, it was a steel type now. Eevees attacks would not work well. I waited for conversion to be used. This time, it turned into a flying type! I had Eevee use all the power it could muster into one attack!

    "Eevee! Use a Full Power Quick Attack!" I cried out.

    "Eeee,,VEEEEEE" The Pokemon Said

    BAM! It REALLY was a powerful quick attack. Porygon was almost down for the count, so I had Eevee use one more Quick Attack.

    "Eevee! Finish it off with Quick Attack!" I commanded

    "EeeeeeeeeVEEEEEEEE!" It had cried out with all its force.

    After that, Porygon was down for the count. I had won against the trainer. I proceeded to heal my Pokemon, and I was ready to fight the gym leader! But i noticed something odd, there were TWO gym leaders, guess I didn't CAREFULLY read that sign. I studied and learned that this was a double battle.

    "Hi" said the first one.

    "We are" Said the second one

    "The Gym" Said the first one again, Ill call this one Maggie, it seems like it.

    "Leaders, and We Think That" Said Laggie.

    "You Want To Challenge" said Maggie.

    "Us" said Laggie

    "Yes, I want to challenge you guys." I blurted out

    "Okay, you'll need to send out both of your Pokemon" Said Both.

    I proceeded to do so, and then the battle had started.

    "Eevee! Use Tackle Attack, Butterfree, use Stun Spore, and Follow up with Gust!" I commanded.

    "Eevee! Use Tackle Attack, Butterfree, use Stun Spore, and Follow up with Gust!" I commanded.

    The two Pokemon I was against were Girafarig and Tauros. Scanning them both in my pokedex, Dexter read.

    "Tauros, the wild Pokemon. Tauros are very powerful with their two horns and their power's limits are almost unknown."

    "Girafarig, the long neck Pokemon. Girafarig are psychic-like, and the tail on their rear-end seems to be the power source"

    "Alright, now, Eevee! Follow up with Quick Attack!" I had strongly commanded.

    "Ee, Ee, EeeeeeeVVVVVVEEEEEEE!!!!!" The little fur ball had cried out, while hitting Tauros. A Direct HIT!

    "Butterfree, Stun Spore on Girafarig as well! Then hit it with Gust!" My voice had commanded the flying bug.

    "Freeeeeeeeeeeee!!!" it said as it rained little yellow fluff-balls onto Girafarig.

    Soon after, Butterfree had got in position for gust, but what was strange, was that it didn't use gust, but it used a flurry of whiteness. Checking on Dexter, I had learned Butterfree knew SILVER WIND!

    "Girafarig! Use Confusion on Eevee!" Maggie Said

    "Tauros! Use Headbutt on Butterfree!" Laggie Said

    As both pokemon struggled to move or do anything, I would take the opprotunity to use Silver Wind and have a Full power tackle used by Eevee.


    Suddenly, both paralyzed pokemon had gotten up, and Confusion had hit my eevee, and butterfree was butted by the head.

    "Now! Rock Tomb!" Laggie said

    "Psybeam!!" Maggie Said.

    Both attacks impact were hard, but Butterfree and Eevee had a strange white glow now. Dexter had said their abilities, BiPower and DoForce had been unlocked, so their attacks would do 2x as much. Amazed, I took the opprotuinity to attack with all my might.


    With a thud, my battle was over.

    "We're" Laggie said

    "Both Very Proud of the way you" Maggie had told me

    "Battled, now please take this TM, Rock Tomb," They both had said

    " and the Tactic Badge, for using your tactics." Laggie finished.

    Done with Magenta City, I left to Route 5 to go to the cave that lead to FortPlant city.

    Route 5 was pretty drab for me. It shouldn't have even been called a route because of how small it was. Literally 20 baby steps and your out and into the FortPlant cave. I finished my "long" walk to FortPlant cave. However blocking the entrance was a Pokemon with a bulb on its back..... No way... was it? I scanned it with Dexter and had not believed the results.

    "Bulbasaur, the Seed Pokemon. Its bulb on its back acts as an energy source as it can go for days without eating and use the energy on it's back." Dexter had said.

    A Bulbasaur! Time to catch it! My mind had screamed.

    "Butterfree! Your Up!" my voice roared.

    "Frreeeee!!" the flying bug had said

    "Butterfree! Silver wind on Bulbasaur!" I cried out

    As Butterfree attempted a silver wind, Bulbasaur attempted a vinewhip!

    "Butterfree! Dodge!" I had cried one second too late. Butterfree took a hard hit.

    As i watched Butterfree struggle to get up, I cried to encourage it to get up. Then BiPower activated for Butterfree, but it wouldnt be easy with Butterfree in this state.

    Attempting to see if Butterfree knew, I asked for a Sleep Powder. Watching as white fluff balls surround the Seed Pokemon, it had worked! Sleep Powder worked!

    "Saur.... Sau.... Sa...." Bulbasaur had said in all drowsiness. Perfect chance to capture it! But as soon as I got my Pokeball ready, It had worn off! Butterfree was worn out, but had enough "Pow" to fight still.

    "Silver wind once more!" I commanded. It worked this time, and Bulbasaur was weakened. I got a pokeball ready to catch and I was ready and raring to catch this Saur!

    "GO POKEBALL!" was all that was said before the deathly silence started. One shake, Two shakes, three shakes! FLASH! Bulbasaur was caught! Putting another victory in my pocket, I continued on to FortPlant cave.

    Inward of FortPlant cave, It was very hard to navigate. Many people were said to be lost in there and never came out. Proceeding inside with Eevee perched on my shoulder, It was surprisingly quiet. No trainers to bother me. Feeling this moment of serenity, I took a lunch break and everyone just ate their own food. Bulbasaur seemed to be independent, but was nonetheless hungry. Hmm, maybe I can beat him. Its not like hes the worlds most unbeatable... forget it. My mind switched over to why Eevee couldn't evolve. Normally, it should be, but it held no item. Nothing was preventing it and yet it couldn't. Perhaps I'd investigate this perpetually spinning mystery some other time. Recalling Saur and free to their Pokeballs, Eevee followed by leaping onto my shoulder.

    "Ee! Eevee!" The Evolutionless Pokemon heard. What happened? Did Eevee hear something? Mysteries to me and not so much of a mystery to Eevee. Wait, footsteps, and none like my own. I saw someone wearing a uniform with G Printed on it... Yellow and firm. Suspicious... but my suspicions were not lasting long, and the mystery person saw me!

    "Who is this? A Trainer with an Eevee strolling along? Unacceptable! We shall free Pokemon from the grasp of Humans and shape a new universe with NO Pokemon imprisoned! Trainer, battle me and show me YOUR skills of trapping Pokemon!" The mystery man had said. Rrgh, a trainer battle and im halfway in the cave. Oh well. a good timekiller I guess.

    "Eevee! Prepare for battle!" I said to my furry friend.

    "Slowking! Come Forth!" The Mystery Man said.

    "Alright, Eevee, start off with a Quick Attack!" I said. Rushing toward the Slowking at light speed, Eevee had landed a direct hit on Slowking. But, somehow Slowking wasn't affected. It just took the hit painlessly.

    "Slowking! Psychic attack!!!!!" Mystery Man said. Slowking had lifted Eevee in the air, but something was bothering Eevee. Its fur began to stand up with the Psychic attack. Suddenly, cries of pain were heard from it.

    "EEVEE! COME BACK!" I commanded, using it's Pokeball to return. Something was strange. Eevee never had that happen before, but now all of a sudden it does. It was severe so I returned it to its Pokeball.

    "Bulbasaur! Go!" My voice commanded.

    Scanning its moves, I learned Bulbasaur had frenzy plant on it. I had a sudden urge to use it, and I did. This fiend hurt my Eevee and is probably a criminal.

    "BULBASAUR! FRENZY PLANT FULL POWER!" My commanding voice said.

    "BullllbaaaaaaSAURRRRRRRRRRR!" It cried out. Slowking took fatal damage from the hit, and was knocked out. Serves this guy right.

    "Learn of Team Plasatic and their Ultimate wrath! I must report back to Lord Cyrus and Master Ghetsis. Farewell Imprisoner Of Pokemon! We shall meet again!" Mystery Man said.

    At that moment I didn't care. I returned Bulbasaur to its Pokeball and ran to the exit of the cave. My Eevee sustained fatal damage, and is possibly still suffering from after-effects. I ran from each trainer and avoided everything. Each boulder in my way I punched and ran through. I needed my smiling, cheery Eevee back and now. Seeing the light of the exit of the cave, I ran to FortPlant's pokecenter.


    "After we X-Rayed your Eevee, it appears to have a mysterious stone inside of it. What exactly happened out there?" Nurse Joy asked in a caring voice.

    "Well, I met a Mysterious Man in the FortPlant cave. We battled and I sent my Eevee out, but he had his Slowking, and it used Psychic on my Eevee. After that, Eevee was acting strange and was in a lot of pain. So I rushed to the Center." I calmly explained.

    "Hmm, the only stone that could react with pain to a psychic attack, is... an EVERSTONE!" Nurse Joy had figured out.

    "Your Eevee needs to be operated on immediately. However, if you choose not to operate on it, your Eevee could die." Nurse Joy continued.

    "I'll take the surgery. How much will it cost me?" I asked Nurse Joy.

    "Free, as you were caring as a trainer to not mind Eevee and continue on." She had explained.


    Okay, Eevee. We need you to eat this pill. It'll make you sleep so you don't feel anything during surgery.

    "E...vee.." The Pokemon in pain cried in response. Eating the pill, instantly it was knocked out.

    "Okay, make an incision right here, near the stomach area. This is where in the X-Ray the Everstone was seen." Surgeon 1 Said.

    Carefully making the incision, the Everstone was seen. It was a bit deep inside, but the Surgeons could get it out without harming Eevee. They took a tool that was used to carefully pull the Everstone. After removing it, they taped the area where the small incision was. They then proceeded to use a healer and the skin where the incision was made was healed. Removing the tape, Eevee was good as new again.


    "Your Eevee is ready to be seen!" Nurse Joy said in her caring voice.

    As i walked toward my Eevee, it seemed to be better. Wait, didn't Professor Pine say it couldn't evolve? Well, if Eevee had an Everstone inside of it, then shouldn't it be able to evolve? Nah, its probably not. Although it WAS mysterious. Eevee was so sound asleep it didn't see my worried look.

    One Day Later....

    Eevee was wide awake, and ready to rumble! We'd take the gym on and win our badge! Yeah! Eevee pounced on my shoulder and look as good as new! It had no pain as of now, but Nurse Joy told me to give it some pain killers if it had felt pain during battle. Then i'd have to dismiss Eevee and return it to its Pokeball. Following her advice, I left the Pokecenter and climbed a ladder which let me view the entire FortPlant city.

    Walking carefully across the bridges that had houses perched on the sides... I somehow was able to manage making it to the ladder that lead down the steps, leading to the gym. As I skimmed through the sign, again... NO CERTIFIED TRAINERS! What the hell is wrong with these people!!! Oh well, they'd have to certify ME cause I ain't leaving no gym till I got the badge! Pushing the gigantic doors open... giant vines closed the doors? O...kay????? Creepy stuff, but just as I walked ahead, more vines greeted my legs. I only knew of one way to deal with this.

    "Bulbasaur! Cut these vines away with YOUR vine whip!" I called out as I sent the Pokeball out.

    "Bulba, Bulbasaur!!!" The Seed Pokemon said.

    As Bulbasaur and I continued through the viney gym..... we were greeted by a trainer.

    "Letssss Battle!" The hyperactive trainer said.

    "No" i replied.


    "Hell, To the way... No..." I replied yet again.

    "Screw you! We're battling whether you like it or not! GO BELLSPROUT!" The annoying idiot called.

    "Fine fine, Butterfree, just use confusion and finish this off." I boringly commanded as I sent my butterfly Pokemon out.

    "Freeee! FREEEEEEEE!" called the Butterfree. As soon as It used ONE confusion, Bellsprout fainted. I had realized I got so overconfident and it was like I was trapped in a new person with overconfidentness.

    "Good battle I guess" I had said while continuing on. There didn't seem to be a long way ahead, so continuing on, I finally met the Gym Leader.

    "Welcome young trainer, my name is... Bupla!" she had greeted me.

    "Hello! Let's battle!" I excitedly said.

    "Why of course! Treecko! Come out!" Bupla commanded.

    "Alright, Bulbasaur, you ready to fight?" I told my bulb pokemon.

    "Bulbasaur!" it cried.

    "Alright, you make the first move." She told me.

    Firstly taking my pokedex out, I scanned Treecko.

    "Treecko, the Tree pokemon. It always keeps a twig in its mouth and is very agile" Dexter said.

    "Alright! BULBASAUR GO!!!" I commanded

    "Bulbasaur! Tackle Attack!" I commanded my bulb Pokemon

    "Bulba Bulba Bulba BULBBBBBBBBBBBBBAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!" It cried upon hitting Treecko.

    "Awesome job Bulbasaur! A Direct hit!" I told my Pokemon.

    "Okay Treecko, POUND ATTACK!" Bupla commanded her tree Pokemon

    "Treecko,, TreeeeeCKOOOOOOOO!" Treecko cried out.

    Upon impact with Bulbasaur, Treecko took some damage as well. Hm, this was interesting.

    "Bulbasaur Use SolarBeam!" I cried, hoping Bulbasaur knew that move.

    "BuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuulllllllllllllllllllbaaaaaaaaaaaSAUR!" It charged all of its energy up and released it into one perfect solar beam. Directly hitting Treecko, Bulbasaur was almost finished up with Treecko.

    "Bulbasaur! Finish it off with a T-" But i didn't get to finish my sentence as I saw someone familiar, was it that "Team Plasatic" People? It had to be. The roof was smashed as they approached by jumping off their balloon, landing on the ground.

    "Hello young trainer... Master Ghetsis and Lord Cyrus have been informed of your doings and are infuriated! They sent US to beat the hell out of you." They said.

    "Rgh, not you people again." I said.

    "Oh yes us people again, we are Team Plasatic elites! We are!"

    "Jessie!" Jessie had said.

    "James" James had informed.

    "And Seviper!" A... SEVIPER?!?!?!? THAT COULD TALK?! What the...

    "Seviper go! Poison Fang attack!" Jessie had called out

    "You too Houndour! Fire Fang Attack!" James had said.

    "Eeeeveeeeee!" my furball Pokemon had said.

    "Bulbasaur!" My seed pokemon cried out.

    "Bulbasaur! Frenzy Plant! Eevee! Use a Full Power Quick Attack!" I commanded them.

    As Bulbasaur shook the ground with its Frenzy Plant, Eevee had used its Quick attack. It seemed to have no effect, but I wouldn't let that stop me.

    "Bulbasaur! SOLAR BEAM NOW!" I commanded.

    Bulbasaur began glowing white, but not in Solarbeam formation.

    "Ah!" i said in awe. Bulbasaur was EVOLVING! As it grew, it became an Ivysaur! Once it finished evolving, I saw it now learned Sludge Bomb!

    "Ivysaur! SLUDGE BOMB ATTACK ON HOUNDOUR! EEVEE! (who was now glowing white) USE BIPOWERED QUICK ATTACK!" I Commanded strongly as I watched both Pokemon listen. Ivysaur now had an effect on both of them, and so did Eevee!"

    "Alright Butterfree, come out and use gust to blow these goons away!" I commanded my Butterfly Pokemon to use.

    "FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" It cried out, sending the villains blasting off.

    "Alright! You all did an fabulous Job! Take a good rest you guys." I told my Pokemon, pulling the Two other Pokeballs from my belt and a red flash returned them.

    "Shall we continue our battle?" I asked Bupla.

    "We Shall! Treecko! GO and use a Pound attack on Ivysaur!" (who was just sent out again)

    "Treecko! TreeeeeeeCKOO!!!!!!!!" The Tree Pokemon cried with FURY!!

    "Ivysaur! Don't give in, use Treeckos speed to your advantage and sludge bomb the area!" I commanded my Ivysaur

    "Ivy..SAURR! Ivy Ivy Ivy IVYYYSAUR!" It said while kasplurting the entire battle field with sludge bomb. As Treecko still approached, it slipped in one of the sludge piles in the battle field.

    "Treecko! Charge all your energy into a Brick Break attack!" Bupla commanded. As Treeckos arm began glowing white, it had a brick break ready to go. It jumped to Ivysaur and used all that speed to hit Ivysaur directly.

    "Saur!!!" My pokemon cried.

    "Ivysaur! I know you can do it! USE YOUR VINEWHIP TO FLIP TREECKO AROUND!" I commanded wildly. As Ivysaur obeyed, Treecko was helpless against the vine whip.

    "Treeeeeckoooooooooooooooooooooooo!" it said with each impact.

    "Treecko! Use Aerial Ace on Ivysaur just as your flipped upwards again!" Bupla commanded. Treeckos Aerial Ace had directly hit Ivysaur, but Ivysaur now sported a green aura around it. I pulled Dexter out to see which ability Ivysaur was using.

    "Ivysaurs ability is Randomizer. It uses a Random ability each time an ability is activated. This current ability is overgrow."

    As i stared at Ivysaur shocked, I knew I could use this to my advantage. "IVYSAUR! CHARGE A FULL POWER SOLAR BEAM!" I commanded it forcefully.

    "Ivysaur, Saur, Ivy Ivy Ivy Saur! SAUUUURRRR!!!" It charged the solar beam, and with OverGrow activated, AND the solar beam being at its absolute maximum, this was at LEAST 4x more damage than usual.

    "Treecko!" It cried upon impact of the wall, fainting.

    "Good job treecko, return! Go Turtwig!" Bupla said.

    "Turtwig, The Tiny Leaf Pokemon. This Pokemon is considered to be powerful, but sluggish" Dexter said.

    "Ivy... Ivy..." My Grass Pokemon seemed to be huffing. I know I could push it further though. Ivysaur still has a lot of deep energy inside it. Quickly scanning the moves once more, it now knew EarthQuake.

    "Ivysaur! Push Further! USE EARTHQUAKE!" I commanded. Upon doing so, Ivysaur was going beyond it's limits! Once more, it glowed white, and this time evolved into a VENUSAUR! Upon scanning it AGAIN, it had learned Hyper Beam and Leaf Storm!

    "Venusaur! Use Hyper Beam to finish this battle!" I commanded my Pokemon. Upon the impact of the Hyper Beam, Turtwig fainted, and then Venusaur did something strange. It seemed to glow red this time, and... in the blink of an eye it was a Ivysaur again. Strange, but I'll take it.

    "Well done, trainer. You are worthy enough for the dragon ball and the badge of FortPlant city. Take this with you as well! Its TM 42, Razor Leaf. I hope you put it to good use!" Bupla mentioned.

    Returning Ivysaur to its Pokeball, Eevee perched on my shoulder, I proceeded to get out of the FortPlant gym, and head for my next destination.

    "Alright! I got my Dragon Ball!" I cried in excitement. As i left the gym, I headed for the mart, to stock up on supplies. As i was there I ordered 15 Sandwiches, 15 Pounds of Pokemon food, and 5 Pounds of water. Oh and a tent as well. Paying the clerk the 1200 Pokedollars, Strolling out of the mart, I healed my Pokemon at the center, and I was off. But I seemed to be Tripped by a tail on the way out. It had some brown on it as well. Checking on my Pokedex, it was... a...

    "Pikachu, the electric mouse Pokemon. This Pokemon stores electricity inside its cheeks and releases it from there as well." Dexter said. Hm, a Pikachu... I DO need an electric type, and Pikachu is quite speedy... Sure! I'd catch it! But as soon as my mind was made up, Pikachu was already fleeing the area. My brain told my legs to run after it, and my legs obeyed. This Pikachu would NOT get away!

    Finally catching up to it, I was out of breath. I took a small breather and relaxed my tensed muscles. Pikachu then took off yet again... great... Especially considering its in tall grass now. I trudged and trudged through the tall grass, hoping to find at least a tail... Aha! It was oddly shaped, but I found a tail. I touched the tail but WHOA... Out came a RAICHU! Running hastily away for myself not to be electrocuted, I found a disguise as a tree. Eh, not the best disguise but it'll save my skin from that Raichu. Zipping it on, I found an air hole so I don't suffocate to death. There were also eye holes, and then I saw that same Pikachu. Quickly unzipping the disguise, I RAN to it. Finally! I had gotten its tail! But then... it was electrocution time... WHICH HURT LIKE HELL. Volts surging through my body, attempting to find a way out... OUCH! Finally it had stopped, but Pikachu had run off again.

    "Oh No you don't, Butterfree! Fly up to search for Pikachu!" I commanded my Pokemon. As it flapped its wings, it found something. It looked like a thunder stone, but it had blue pieces and some red, lavender, green, light blue, and black pieces. Meh, Ill pocket it and see what it does later. Right now my priority was Pikachu. Butterfree flapped some more and found PIkachu! I ran and ran until I found it.

    "Eevee, use a Bite attack on PIkachu to get it out of the Grass" I whispered. Upon doing so, Pikachu was rubbing its bottom out of pain because of that bite. Taking the opportunity, I sent Ivysaur to use Sludge Bomb on Pikachu.

    "Ivy...SAUR." It said, Pikachu was covered in sludge now. Now I took the opportunity to throw a Pokeball at it! 1, a 2, a 3,,, BAM, Pikachu was caught!

    As I picked the pokeball, I now had a Pikachu! Sending it out, I asked if it wanted to come along, and it said yes! But it hated being inside a Pokeball, and hopped onto my other shoulder. Great, two of my Pokemon were refusing to go in Poke Balls. As I sighed, I returned Ivysaur to its Pokeball and headed onto my next city, with an adventure of who knows what.

    Authors note: I will add links to music once my post count reaches 15. Til then, just add your own random music.
    The Battle is Never Over, Unless its Over. Also, Charizard's and Pikachu's are Always Epic.

    Also, Visit my Choose Your Own Adventure Thread.
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