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    Chapter 1: Beginnings

    Jupiter sat in his room silent, thinking of all the memories he's had in there. The time where his mom's Persian ate his pants. When Zaos set his room on fire. His friends and him watching pokemon battles. Now it was his turn to be watched. His turn to set stuff on fire. His turn to own a pokemon.

    Jupiter stood up. He wore his yellow Dragons Rule shirt. He slipped on his backpack, and dashed out of the room. Jupiter knocked on Zaos's door. Zaos was his bigger brother.

    "Wait! I'm calling Clay and Tyson." Zaos replied rather loudly. Jupiter heard murmuring, a moan, then a happy "YES!"

    "What is it?" Jupiter asked.

    "Tyson and Clay can come with us." Zaos revealed, "and so can Sam. We all are meeting at the Kadori Park gazebo. So hurry up."

    "I'm ready." Jupiter replied.

    "Then let's go." Zaos said. He was wearing an orange shirt that read "Go Pokemon"

    Jupiter and Zaos said bye to their mom and dad, then left for their adventure. They walked for about 2 blocks then saw three kids sitting down at the kadori park gazebo. They ran over to meet them.

    "Guys!!" "Hey" "Whats up" They passed around greetings as excited as they were.

    "Lets go to Professor McNeil now." Clay stated, stalking down the road. The rest followed. Clay was the shortest since he was 9 but his brother, Tyson referred him to be a minor. That means as long as he's in contact with Tyson, his poke license is intact

    32 minutes later...

    "We're here!!" Sam exclaimed. Clay was on Sam's back. He was too tired after the first 10 blocks.

    "Finally. I want my pokemon, then lets head to Dageuion City." Clay exclaimed, slumping onto the ground, then on his feet.

    The five entered Professor McNeil's lab. Pokeballs with neat labels on them spread out on shelves all across the room. People in lab coats were all around the room. But Prof McNeil was standing in the middle of the room with his staraptor on his shoulder.

    "Hello kids."

    ******end of chapter 1******

    Chapter 2: The Tour

    "You kids are looking for poke license right." Prof McNeil asked.

    "Yes sir." Tyson replied. "We are thinking about traveling together. So can we get the license please."

    "Silence!" The Professor commanded. He held up his hand. Then motioned for them to follow.

    The group silently walked behind the professor. They came in front of a door.

    "Walk inside, follow the hallway, and walk into the door on the far left. This is the automated tour, and should give you everything you need. Let me prepare it." Professor McNeil said.

    Jupiter stopped the Professor. "We get our pokemon right?" He asked. Prof McNeil made a sarcastic face.

    "You walked about 50 blocks, and ask me a dumb question like that. I shouldn't even let you get them." He answered.

    "Forget I ever asked." Jupiter murmured.

    "Okay, once you get their put all possessions in the basket, and keep all hands and feet inside the ride until instructed.

    The gang walked down the hallway jittery about getting their first pokemon. "Tyson, what if we don't make it." Clay tugged on Tyson's arm
    for reassurance.

    "We'll be fine." Tyson said glancing at Zaos. He shrugged.

    They entered the room, and inside was a 5 seated roller coaster car. They put all of their belongings inside the basket, which was vacuumed up by a tube. They got on the car, Clay in the middle, Jupiter and Sam next to him, and Zaos and Tyson on the sides.

    "Hello this is Sue, Professor McNeil's automated assistant. Please keep all hands and feet in the ride until instructed to do so. On this tour you will receive a pokedex, a pokemon, and pokeballs. Starting ride in 5...4...3...2...1...ride commencing.

    The car boosted forward, all head back on the seat. It zoomed for about 30 more seconds the rolled to a stop.

    "Behold, the pokedex." A glass case rolled down a wall inside was 5 pokedex. "These will help you understand pokemon better, and is your license."

    The glass case rolled up and the tour continued. Again they rolled to a stop.
    A pokeball flashed on a screen. On it in bright words said: How to capture a Pokemon. A stick man came into focus. It was holding a pokeball. a nidorino was in front of it. The stick man threw a stick at the nidorino. It fell down. Then it threw a pokeball. The nidorino disappeared in a red flash, the pokeball rolled, then clicked. Then the screen rolled up.

    The ride started again, sending them back to the lab. Once they got off, their stuff plopped onto the table next to them. Once they got their belongings, they walked to the professor.

    "So professor. Do we get our pokemon yet?" Jupiter asked

    "Yes, you'll get your pokeee" The Professor started, but the alarms went off. Jupiter looked in all directions, at the old doorway was a bunch of rubble. 10 men stood in the doorway. All with either a Murkrow or Houndour. One man had a Houndoom

    "The Dark Union sends it's regards. Now give us all the pokemon."

    ******end of chapter 2******

    Chapter 3: The First Battle

    "Houndoom, use flamethrower!" The man said. He wore black ninja suit with a yellow U on it. The Houndoom spat out flames all across the room. Everyone hit the deck, as the flames shot over them.

    "Someone, anyone, grab a pokemon and battle. Use the pokedex to learn their moves." Professor McNeil screamed, as he headed towards the safe room with the other scientist.

    However the group stayed. Jupiter, Zaos, Sam, Tyson, and Clay, all stood, ready for all heck to brake loose. The odds weren't exactly in their favor. "10 against 5. We have to have our "A" game." Sam said, diving for the water pokemon. He grabbed a ball, then yelled the line he's always wanted to say.

    "Go pokemon!" Sam chanted, launching the pokeball in the air. In a flash of red light, a star shaped pokemon appeared in front of him. Sam took out his pokedex and scanned the creature.

    "Staryu, the star shaped pokemon. Moves known: Tackle, Harden." Sam's Pokedex informed.

    "Okay, let's try this. Um.... Staryu!" Sam commanded. The pokemon turned towards Sam.

    "Starryuu!" Staryu cheered.

    Awesome, Sam thought. "Staryu, use tackle on that Murkrow." He commanded. The Staryu started spinning towards the bird pokemon.

    Clay was fighting a whole lot better than the others. The Aipom he was using scratched down a Houndour, and was working on the next Houndour. "Your awesome Aipom!" Clay raised his fist in triumph.

    Tyson's Vulpix rolled to the side, as the Houndour's bite attack missed. "Vulpix, use ember!" Tyson ordered. The flame creature's mouth opened, flames shooting out. The Houndour flew back, and fell limply to the ground. Tyson, and Vulpix tried to celebrate, but a Murkrow attacked.

    Zaos was having some trouble. The Leafeon he chose, wasn't fighting. It was actually flirting with the other pokemon. Zaos was ticked. "Come on, Leafeon! Use tackle!" Zaos complained. The Houndours sat, obviously liking this pokemon.

    "What did you do kid?" A Dark Union member asked.

    "It's not me, its the pokemon." Zaos sighed. He whipped out his pokedex, and scanned Leafeon.

    "Leafeon is opposed to war. Moves known: Tackle, Tail Whip, Attract." Zaos's pokedex stated.

    "I'm sorry, but you should just call back your pokemon mister. My Leafeon's using attract."

    "Aw man. This was going to be my first battle won, but nooo! Some stupid pokemon move ruins it." The man mumbled as he trudged away.

    Jupiter's Dratini used thunder bolt. It's body arced with electricity. Electricity shot out of its eyes. It was truly amazing. One Murkrow landed with a thud. It pulsed every 5 second or so. The last pokemon was the man's houndoom.

    "You chose a strong pokemon kid. But not as strong as mine." The Houndoom man pointed at the Dratini, "Flamethrower!" The Houndoom rolled its head, letting fire burst out. Jupiter's Dratini flew back. For a second, the pokemon stared at Jupiter. Then Jupiter yelled, " Wrap, now!!!!!"

    The Dratini shot at the houndoom, wrapping it up with it's body. The Houndoom tried to escape, but it made Dratini's grip tighter. A few moments later, the houndoom fainted.

    "Staryu, tackle." Sam said. His Staryu spun towards the man. The guy flew out of the window.

    "I think this battle is over." Clay laughed, as his Aipom tickled him.
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      The section's rules state that you shouldn't post your chapter unless it's finished. You can use any one of the numerous word processing programs available (WordPad, Google Docs, OpenOffice) to save your work to your computer so you can work on it at any time. There's even the ability to PM yourself here on the forums, so you can work on the chapter that way if you're unable to use a separate program.

      Please don't post any more unfinished chapters here.

      The prologue begins now! Before you start to run
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      Sadly, these are things I'll never become

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        yes sir *salutes* sorry i'll finish it right away
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