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What spinoffs do you want with Gen5?

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Old June 19th, 2012 (3:13 PM).
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    So, like Mystery Dungeon, Rangers or Even Pinball, or a console game, like Gale of Darkness?

    Personally I'd like PMD Pinball and a console version, but maybe Rangers ...
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    Old June 19th, 2012 (3:32 PM).
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    I'd like a Snap 3D or something! I think the way the 3DS works is just perfect for Pokemon Snap. I think the AR Searcher is actually kinda similar in that you take pictures of Pokemon to capture them though? But still, no items or courses or Oaks so ehhh. Not quite there. I'd also love a Colosseum/XD follow-up.

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    Old June 19th, 2012 (3:37 PM).
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    Originally Posted by Sydian View Post
    I'd like a Snap 3D or something! I think the way the 3DS works is just perfect for Pokemon Snap.
    Oh my gosh this would be amazing. x]

    I'd love to see a Gen V Pokémon Ranger. Those are my favourite spin-off games other than Rumble, so it'd be wonderful to see an up-to-date version with all the new faces of Unova. Plus I'm really curious as to what certain Pokémon would be used for. It's almost certain that they'd bring in new battle moves, new field moves, etc, so some Pokémon could hopefully gain some really interesting abilities!
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    Old June 23rd, 2012 (1:58 PM).
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      I would kill for a 5th gen Mystery Dungeon! I freakin love the mystery dungeon series. If they came out with a 3ds one, I would buy a 3ds just for it!
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      Old June 23rd, 2012 (8:46 PM).
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      An arcade-style fighting game with a lot of customization! Pokemon seems like it would work really well as a fighting game as long as most of the Pokemon stayed relatively balanced in overall power. It would definitely be a fighting game that required more strategy, at least.

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      Old June 23rd, 2012 (9:25 PM).
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        What with the Harry Potter books and that Sorcery game for PS3, a witches and wizards sort of game in the Pokemon world's past history would be neat. Wonder if it should Harry Potter the wands though, like with a "yew with a Rapidash core". Spells could be Pokemon attacks and obstacle clearance.

        Another spinoff if I'd like to see is a pure Pokerus and would play like an Advance Wars Pikmin cross on a Pokemon flesh battlefield. The type of Pokemon you are on (Jolteon, Slugma, Muk, etc) would have hazards (random sparks, popping gas bubbles, teleports). The Pokerus themselves would be in different colors (how many, not for me to say me thinks), different types (more like the ALIGNMENT idea of Earth, Wind, Water, Fire, Heart (LOL), Dark, Light).

        Show us what the Pokerus looks like, Game Freak. I'm tired of thinking of the "Welcome to Wal-Mart Smiley Face".
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        Old June 25th, 2012 (10:44 PM).
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        The only spin-offs I want to see in Gen V are Mystery Dungeon and Ranger. I really loved those games, and I can't help but wonder what their storylines would be should GameFreak choose to make them.

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        Old June 26th, 2012 (9:21 AM).
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          I want another Mystery Dungeon with the same "emotional depth" that the others had before, because they're just so good :) It would be cool to see a Ranger too but I would only really buy it if it had a unique spin to it like riding the Beasts and flying in GS. They already released the spin off Conquest so they might not decide to make another, but it would be cool to see something like Snap as I never played the Original :c

          An-san Rebellion, I think it said somewhere that Pokerus isn't actually visible ("microscopic life forms"), and I don't think there would be anything to see because it's not really a sickness as it doesn't harm the Pokemon.

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          Old June 26th, 2012 (1:06 PM).
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          XD/Colosseum sequel. The other spinoffs can go the way of the dinosaurs for all I care. But Colo/XD had a sinister plot, the groovetastic Miror B., and unlike the other spinoffs, didn't forget to include trainers. They're the only spinoffs I would even consider (aside from a Stadium 3-type game, but idk if you'd consider the Stadium series a "spinoff" or not).

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          Old July 2nd, 2012 (5:55 AM).
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            Originally Posted by Sydian View Post
            I'd like a Snap 3D or something! I think the way the 3DS works is just perfect for Pokemon Snap. I think the AR Searcher is actually kinda similar in that you take pictures of Pokemon to capture them though? But still, no items or courses or Oaks so ehhh. Not quite there. I'd also love a Colosseum/XD follow-up.
            I hadn't actually thought of a new Snap game before tbh, but you're so right! That would be awesome on the 3DS :D
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            Old July 2nd, 2012 (8:01 AM).
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              Seconding Thirding Fourthing Whatevering the sentiments and thoughts for a 3DS Pokemon Snap. I think most people here know of my feelings on the original, so to have an expanded one for the 3DS would be completely amazeballs. And a new Pinball game, as unlikely as it would be also very, very good. Especially considering the accelerometer and gyroscope built in to the 3DS; that there leaves lots of room for nudging and bumping and other stuff. Oh... just describing them is making me want them both all the more! :D
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              Old July 2nd, 2012 (8:50 AM).
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                I'd really love to see a new game with Shadow Pokemon, a la Pokemon Colosseum and XD: Gale of Darkness, be they set in Orre or a new region altogether. These two games remain my favorite spinoff titles to this day with their darker plots and touching of more mature themes. While this seems unlikely, I think it could have some potential connection with Unova, as Orre's topography is based off the American Southwest, which would likely be on the same continent as a region based on the New York Metropolitan area.
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                Old July 3rd, 2012 (1:05 AM).
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                  Pokémon Snap 3DS! A new that isn't Battle Revolution. I'm not sure if this counts as a spin-off, but something like the GB Tower. This would obviously have to be on Wii U (touch screen) but it would be really cool to play the DS games on TV. OR! Console version of BW2, in which we can exchange save data between the console and handheld, so we can play on TV or DS, without just being a direct port. A new Colosseum game would be good too, but I can't see it happening if I'm being honest.
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                  Old July 5th, 2012 (8:22 PM).
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                    I'd love to see a new PMD game. I loved the previous titles and I can replay them. I think it'd be great to see how the new Pokemon are designed for the game. There would probably be updated graphics, too. It could also be on the 3ds with a 3d feature, but if it would take more time, I'd rather just have a DS version.
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                    Old July 9th, 2012 (1:36 PM).
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                      Fixed Pokemon Battle Revolution. Please Please PLEASE PLEASE?!!

                      Yeah, I liked the Wifi battles of BR but it could be SO MUCH better. :3. Just imagine, your Zoroark's illusion disappeared.

                      Nintendo... pweeze fix BR with gen 5?
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                      Old July 17th, 2012 (7:20 PM).
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                        I don't know much about "megaman legends 3" but I do recall something about the gamers helping to design the game by voting in polls and stuff. What if Pokemon did something like this? Set up a forum where players suggest their ideas and Nintendo takes the ones that they like and weave it together to make the awesome new spin off!
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                        On a side note, if anybody can answer the following question right, then they get a mystery prize! *Must have a Gen V game to claim prize*
                        Question: What the heck did Jinora do in the finale?! I don't get it! I know 90% of you won't know what I'm talking about, but I need an answer!
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                        Old July 17th, 2012 (8:47 PM).
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                          Something similar to Coliseum and XD. I liked Ranger, but I mean it's weird having Pokemon and not battling lol. With the gamecube games there was a nice little adventure with an interesting twist in the Shadow Pokemon. I'd like to see that return. Please. Kthnx.
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                          Old July 21st, 2012 (12:44 PM).
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                            I'd like to see a new PMD game come out, with an entirely new plot and all the gen v pokemon.

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                            Old July 22nd, 2012 (12:33 AM).
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                              Probably a new Rangers and another 3D free-roam game like XD.
                              Also, 3D Pokemon Snap.

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                              Old August 8th, 2012 (10:24 AM).
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                              Ive never played pokemon snap. A new one might be a good idea, but id want to play the old one first.

                              I want to see a new colloseum/XD, with an actual story mode. I doubt they will do this though since good games take effort and nintendo is pissing away their effort on a console that no one is going to play and only use for netflix if that... Again...
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                              Old August 9th, 2012 (4:18 AM).
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                                I LOVE Mystery Dungeon. They need to make another, with gen 5 Pokemon in it.
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                                Old August 11th, 2012 (2:37 PM).
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                                  Maybe a crossover game, preferably with something much more well known.

                                  Kingdom Hearts and Pokemon would suffice.

                                  I'm writing a story called Pokemon Kingdoms on the KH Insider forums.
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                                  Old August 15th, 2012 (5:03 PM).
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                                    Mystery Dungeon. Please make another Mystery Dungeon. Sky was so brilliant that I really want another game to play.
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                                    Old August 15th, 2012 (5:45 PM).
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                                      Snap 3D would be a great idea, but I doubt it would happen. I love Ranger and MD, but I'd like to play something entirely new, like Conquest. Maybe a Pokemon fighting game? Something like that doujin game, but official with at least 20 playable characters. The only thing I don't wanna see is Pokemon Kart. Thankfully that period is long over, but in the PS1 era they made a dozen Mario Kart clones like Woody Woodpecker's Racing or Crash Bandicoot Racing (great game though). Maybe a Pokemon Rhythm game like Osu, but with best songs from the whole franchise + some plot from the games in the manner of Osu? The possibilities are endless, and I like it that they are trying different genres and different kinds of games. As a SRPG fan and Koei fan, Conquest was one of the games I was looking for this year. I don't remember when I was platinum excited seeing a new game announced like when they announced that one.
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                                      Old August 15th, 2012 (6:53 PM).
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                                        A spinoff, hm? A game similar to Colosseum an XD for the 3DS would be nice to have, though, I would like to have more wild battles. Doubt it would happen, though.
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