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    Hello, there, once again, I'm here with another FanFiction..., but, I guess this one is only Fiction, considering it doesn't belong into any fandom.
    Rated PG-13 for some minor violence coming up soon.

    The story is called "Era of Neglect" and here's the plot (Warning: Major Spoiler, read under your own risk):

    A new threat showed up upon the citizens of Profectum, a threat no one ever saw coming; a threat from a new era. They all thought they could defeat it with a strong sword and a shield. But this threat adapted itself and easily defeated the strongest warriors of the entire nation. Having no choice, the knights formed an alliance with the citizens of farther lands…, but, will they be able to defeat the threat, after they were already defeated once? Only time will be able to tell.

    If you decided not to read the plot, then I'll give you some small info that is not very spoiler-ish

    -This Fiction is set in a world called Profectum (latin for progress), the typical medieval land as everyone thought it was. Filled with knights, witches, warlocks and dragons.

    -The story will follow the rising of a mysterious threat that employes weaponry that is not possible to replicate, not even with magic!

    -I could keep on going, but I don't want to spoil the story twice in one post.

    So, I now present you a small quote that relates to this whole "knighty-knight" stuff:

    “A true knight is fuller of bravery in the midst, than in the beginning of danger.”
    Sir Phillip Sydney

    And now, the first chapter

    Part One



    Clouds of gray were surrounding the whole place, and a ghostly sound was flickering around. A witch? He thought, quickly burying those thoughts so he could focus on what was going around.
    Debris was all around the field. Most of it was composed of bricks, or pieces of cloth that could form the kingdom’s coat of arms if you were lucky enough to find them all.
    Before what happened, these fields housed a huge castle, but now it seems that there are only remains of bricks. Bricks scattered all around.
    -Such a change. - He said while a small smile formed in his face. But, of course, that’s what he said when he visited the other kingdoms. Sweat began to appear in his forehead, so he quickly began to wipe it away with his right hand. –I’m sure that was the last castle. – He resumed. And he was right, the land of Profectum housed around twenty different kingdoms, each one with its own castle, he ensured all the castles had the same fate even when he hadn’t visited half of them…, yet he was right. Someone or something had done that to all the castles, and for some reason, he wanted to know who had done that. Witches? Dragons? No one can tell, not even him, even when he has learned a lot about Profectum during his travels.
    The sun was beginning to hide behind the horizon. He knew he wouldn’t find anything there…, at least, not yet.
    He yawned, stretching both of his arms high in the air, and closing both of his eyes. His silver gauntlets reflected the sunlight just like a mirror would reflect someone’s face. He took his arms back to their place, and took a deep breath. He was standing there, motionless, and breathing slowly, and his eyes were still closed. The sun was turning his black, bulky hair into orange hair.
    -You need to leave, Lennergan. – Said the young man, as if he was berating himself…, Jonnathon Lennergan.
    And with his visit to the fields coming to an end, he finally turned around and opened his eyes, he finally started to head downhills back to his hometown of Nairon Village, while the sun made the fields look like they were on fire.
    The village was already covered in shadows, but the small houses made with adobe were already illuminated with gas lamps in their insides. The whole conglomerate looked like a bunch of fireflies from the distance where he was.
    Such a beautiful village to live in the kingdom of Norial, he thought.

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