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    Secure. Contain. Protect.

    T - for dark themes, horror, language, blood.

    You sit in a dark room. Just a bare amount of light is visible. A very bare amount. You don’t speak, the last time you tried that he didn’t answer your questions and disregarded you completely. The man at the others side of the long table quietly writes something on a piece of paper, every so often looking back up at you before continuing to write. The air in the room is rather tense. The only light source in the room is the window behind him, casting enough light so that you can make out his outline, but his face is cast in shadow. Near the only door out of the room stand two men. They were black business suits and have stoic expressions on their faces. Talking to them also yields no results. Suddenly you hear the pen stop writing as the man turns to you.

    Instead of speaking he pulls out a computer and opens it up. One of the guards grabs it from him and places it in front of you. A video plays and a middle aged man appears on the screen.

    “I hope these agents weren’t too… aggressive with getting you here. You might have come willingly, or you might have been dragged. It all depends on you. My name is simply ‘The Administrator’. Yes, you won’t get my real name, the security risks are too big for that. If you are watching this video you and the others who have watched it come from different walks of life. You could be a brilliant mind that we need. You could be very skilled in your field and not have that brilliant of a mind. Or you could come straight from the prisons. We still need you, all for different purposes.”

    The man leans back in his chair. “Now… we all have fears. Everyone does, no use denying it. We fear what is different. If an alien came down, you bet for hell we would be shooting it before it could speak! Difference is looked down upon, and if the general population can, they will destroy that which is different. This is where we come in.”

    He straightens his back, “What if I told you there was a place where the unusual happened? Where there are…. things that go bump in the night? Things you could never dream of? Things that are made of dreams, and of nightmares? You have a choice now, depending on your situation. If you are a great mind or one of the skilled people we are looking for, you can join our organization or turn down the offer. Turn it down and you will have your memories wiped of this event. You will wake up back home, think you had a crazy dream and continue on with your life. Join us, and you will see things that will perplex you and challenge your mind and you have experiences the common man would die for! If you are a criminal that has been released into our service, you have no choice. You work for us now. Do what we tell you and your records will be cleaned, wiped off the face of the earth.”

    The man smiled, “Now…. once you are signed up you will be taken to one of our secure sites. Everything will be explained there.”

    Two buttons appear on the screen… or maybe only one does, locking you into the choice. Thoughts whirl in your mind. The convicts are forced to choose, but the researchers, the skilled individuals think over the decision and what the man said. You are possibly driven by curiosity, maybe thoughts of grandeur, or maybe the paycheck you were promised before you came in the room that has one or two more zeros than your previous one. You click the button that says ‘agree’.

    The man appears once more. “Welcome to the SCP Foundation new employee.”

    What is the SCP Foundation?
    Many of you might not know about this organization. Let me happily explain! The SCP Foundation is an entirely fan made website that is made up of various articles that detail the paranormal. The first SCP ever made was SCP-173. Yes, scary isn’t it? This article was the catalyst that drove others to make other articles similar to it. At first they were only considered creepy pastas but as time continued and more and more articles were submitted a separate website was established. Here all sort of articles about the Foundation exist. From the various SCP’s they have managed to capture, to organizations that ally with them or wage war against them, to even sites and areas where the SCPs are located.

    The best thing about this roleplay is that you don’t need to sit down and watch tons of episodes or have to download books to read on the background. Many of you probably never have heard of the SCP Foundation, for those who have, great! Now, there are a TON of SCP documents, but you won’t have to read through each and every single one! Since there are so many out there we will only be getting to know a few of them in this roleplay. With that out of the way, let’s continue.

    SCPs themselves
    Ah! You’re the new recruit eh? Well, you will be spending some time around these SCPs so let me tell you about the system we use to catalog them! First off there are those known as SAFE SCPs. These SCPs are either harmless or can cause some kind of harm, but can easily be disabled. For example, SCP-005 is only a harmless key that allows whoever uses it to open any lock! Anything from a keyhole to a lock on a computer! Handy eh? The second type of SCP is Euclid. This is where it starts to get gritty. These SCPs cause harm more often than not and while they are easy to keep in containment, whoever goes where these SCPs are… well, they can end up a dead man like with SCP-087. The last type of SCP is Keter. These are the bad boys. They will kill you. Period. In a variety of ways. There is SCP-682 but… I don’t think I should tell you about him. Too many bad things with him around.

    Now, not all SCPs are non-humanoid. Take SCP-347 The Invisible Woman, or Claudia as she prefers to be called. There are others like Claudia that exhibit unusual behavior or abilities. We take them in and keep them safe.

    No matter what shape or form they come in, you must always remember one thing. NEVER FOR ATTACHMENTS. It can be hard, especially for new blood, but many of these SCPs will kill you or try to escape from the Foundation. Use your best judgment and always be on your toes!

    Clearance Levels
    Depending on your clearance level, you can read this piece of paper. Make sure you understand it and if you have any questions, ask me. I don’t want you doing something wrong and getting terminated for it!

    What will you be doing? (A.K.A. What’s the plot?)

    The plot is simple. You are a mix of researchers, general staff, security, and D-class personal. Multiple sites have been breached by the The Chaos Insurgency in a coordinated attack. Fortunately the security teams were able to repel the group, but in the process multiple SCPs had their containment areas breached. Due to the containment procedures many SCPs are now being sent to site [Expunged] in [Expunged], NV. If you are a scientist, continue your scheduled testings or observations of specified SCPs. Security team members are to remain on watch on all times and to be prepared for an attack from The Chaos Insurgency. For other security clearance levels, continue your normal routines. For D-Class personal, testing is to be continued.

    OOC information
    During the first part of this roleplay you will mainly be focusing on getting to know the various SCPs and their effects. Trust me… it will be very important later on. Very important. Depending on your actions you can rise up the ranks and prove your worth… or you could be terminated.

    Also, if you are interested in what kinds of SCPs can exist, look here for the top twenty five rated Safe, Euclid, and Keter SCPs. You will see that there is variety among them.

    SU Format
    Name: Self Explanatory
    Age: 18 and above.
    Gender: Self explanatory.
    Appearance: You can have a picture or a few sentences. I really don’t care how much you write here since I really like emphasis on Personality and Biography.
    Security Level: What security level do you have?
    Personality: Have a good two paragraphs for this.
    Biography: Detail your life. How did you come to the Foundation? Have you risen through the ranks? Are there any SCPs that have impacted you? A SCP you include in here could make an appearance in the roleplay. Perhaps you haven't met a SCP yet and this is your first day on the job?

    For scientists especially you need to have a SCP you are assigned to. Browse through the list I have above or if you want you can here where the SCPs also have their code names available. Just scroll through and see what you like!

    Players – There will only be six spots available at first. Choose whatever security clearance you want. If there is a lot of interest then I may increase the number of spots, but for now six is a good number.




    • I am the GM of this role play; that means my word is law. If you have any disputes with my decisions, please send me a PM.
    • There will be no god modding allowed on any level. If you god mod I will inform you. If you continue to god mod in spite of my warnings then I will dismiss you from the roleplay.
    • Bunnying will only be allowed if you have cleared it with another player. If you do clear it please send me a PM or VM to notify me so I don’t call out the other player. If you do bunny someone without permission I will notify you. If you continually bunny the other players in spite of my warnings then I will dismiss you from the roleplay.
    • Players are expected to post at least once every week. If you have some external circumstance that will prevent you from doing this please PM me. I want to make sure that this RP flows smoothly for all players.
    • This RP is rated Teen. That means that while there will be times where blood and gore will be present, but not too much! For those seeking romance there will be nothing beyond kissing. Cussing will be allowed, but don’t layer your posts with them!
    • Don’t harass or be mean to other players. If I see that kind of behavior on the OOC thread then I will dictate a strike to the instigator. Three strikes and you’re out!
    • No metagaming either! You're character knows only what they have seen or heard. If they haven't met a specific SCP in game then they shouldn't know what it does or how to protect themselves from it!
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