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[HGSS] Do you think my team will be okay?

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Old July 26th, 2012 (6:18 PM). Edited October 27th, 2012 by wolf.
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Heya, everyone! I have a rather, err, unusual team for my SS version, and I was wondering if you think it would all be good or if these pokemon are just setting me up for disaster.

Typlosion @ Charcoal
Careful, Sturdy Body
Blast Burn
Sunny Day

Furret @ Chople Berry
Quirky, Hates to Lose
Rain Dance
Focus Blast

Umbreon @ Full Incense
Quirky, Often dozes off
Shadow Ball
Sleep Talk

Vaporeon @Expert Belt
Mild, Alert to Sounds
Aqua Ring
Last Resort

I'm not sure what I'll use on the rest of my team, but do you think these guys are fine for now? Or are there some things I'll need to change?
Oh, I forgot to add, I'm wanting to use Typhlosion, Furret, and Vaporeon as kind of sweepers, and Umbreon to stall if I need to heal my pokemon.

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Old July 29th, 2012 (6:12 PM). Edited July 29th, 2012 by Murkrow.
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If you want to use furret, equip a silk scarf/choicescarf. It should sweep easily, if your furret is happy dont really fancy furret though, but the coverage moves you gave to him/her looks good (although its low Sp Atk doesnt do those moves justice)

give vaporean surf and icebeam too

You might want to get a ground type and an electric/grass (if furret cant cut it). (for the final battle against red's pikachu/lapras/blastoise). actually typlosion can beat lapras, make sure u set up sunny day before his lapras comes out though.

if u use furret its rain dance will help lapras and i dont think thunder can even 3hko it.

Old October 23rd, 2012 (3:19 AM).
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Originally Posted by manutdrule View Post
the coverage moves you gave to him/her looks good (although its low Sp Atk doesnt do those moves justice)
What one ought to give Furret, instead of Focus Blast and Thunder, is Brick Break and ThunderPunch. Don't expect to OHKO many things either way, but the latter pair of moves being physical should mean more effective power. Funnily enough, Furret can actually use all of the elemental punches, assuming you've got the time and willingness to grind BP in the Frontier, which might make an interesting setup with... a Muscle Band, perhaps.
Old October 23rd, 2012 (5:39 AM).
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Quite frankly Ursaring> Furret in every way.

I see what you're getting at with vaporeon but that won't get you very far. Ditch Last Resort and add Ice Beam, Surf and Shadow Ball.

I'd recommend that you get an electric or grass type as manu said. Good choices are Electivire, Magnezone, Jolteon, Venosaur, Vileplume and Bellossom.

Another thing I suggest is a Psychic or Flying type to cover for Umbreon and Furret. Some good options for that are Starmie (although it is part water giving you a second weak to electric), Alakazam and maybe to cover the Grass and Psychic slot and one open eggsecutor. For flying Pidgeot is reasonable but has a poor move pool, Togekiss is awesome, Fearow has a fairly good attack stat and if you want to use legendaries Lugia/Ho-OH are awesome.
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