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    Liar Game: OOC/SU Thread[T]

    A game where you lie.

    Hello and welcome to the Liar Game Tournament I am The warden and I will be your dealer for the duration of your stay in the Liar Game. In the Liar Game you will compete for massive prizes worth millions of dollars. If you like plotting, scheming and betrayal then this is the RP for you, because that is exactly what the Liar Game is all about. So join in and try to win a fortune. There is just one catch if you lose you must repay your losses, in any way possible...

    The RP will begin after you have finished Round 1 the Qualifier. When your presence is requested the second Round.


    • Abide by Pokecommunity and RP section rules.
    • As GM my say on any matter involving this RP is final.
    • Do not god mod or bunny. This RP needs free character interaction to thrive.
    • Please stay active and notify me if you will be away for any period of time longer that one week.
    • Don't plan ahead with other players. I expect people to plan and scheme In Character but making plans with other players is prohibited.
    • Don't go away and read the Liar Game manga. Want players to form their own plans and look forwards to seeing how you will win the games I present you. I recommend you read it after this RP is finished if you enjoy this RP.
    • If your stuck or confused ask for help.
    • Posts should be of moderate length (3 paragraphs of four lines each) and of a reasonable quality of spelling and grammar.
    • This RP is rated T, mainly because I expect that there could be some strong language. However there will be no violence in this RP.
    • To Sign Up post the following information for your character, along with your character's experience during round 1. This should detail all the relevant actions your character takes from the point of finding the box outside their door to the point of spending their winnings. The most detail should be put into the Round 1 post, do take your time on this I am in no hurry.

    Round 1 – Qualifier

    A little over a month ago you found a black box outside your home, attached to the box was a envelope with your name on it. Inside the envelope was a card, it read:


    You are one of the 1 in 100,000 people
    who have been entered into the amazing

    Being curious you let yourself into your house and sat down with the box. After inspecting it you decide to open it, after all what harm could it do. As you open the box you are shocked to discover it contains a large sum of money. Bundles of cash are neatly arranged in the box, maybe if your paying close attention you note that the serial numbers are sequential. Anyway after counting the bundles you discover that this box contains one million dollars in cash! Unsure of what to do you search the contents of the box and find another card and a slip of paper. First you read the card:

    Thank you for participating in the LIAR GAME!
    By breaking the seal on the box you have formally
    acknowledged your desire to play the LIAR GAME.
    You can no longer withdraw your entry.
    The enclosed one million dollars is to be your MONEY
    for the first round of the LIAR GAME.
    Please take good care of it.

    More than a little unnerved you check the sheet of paper. It seems to be a set of rules, at first you skim it but after you go over it again to make sure you understood it:

    Here are the rules for the LIAR GAME'S first round explained in simple terms:
    [although that being said there are no complicated rules] It is simply a game
    where each player competes for their opponent's MONEY. You may use any
    means necessary. Please seize your opponent's MONEY. Since this is a game of
    mutual consent, you will not be accused of being a criminal for taking your
    opponent's MONEY, so rest assured. This is match one. Your opponent will be
    contacted by us at a later time. Once the opponent has been decided the game
    will last 30 days. The victor is the one who possess the larger sum of MONEY
    at the moment the game ends. After the game concludes official representatives
    will come to retrieve the MONEY. At that time what will be collected is. The
    MONEY that was given to both player at the start of the game. In your case the
    bills totalling one million dollars numbered to
    . We ask that the player return the MONEY the moment
    staff representatives come to collect it. In the event you succeed in taking the
    opponent's MONEY then there will naturally be a surplus. In such a case, that
    will become your prize. In other words, in this round, you can obtain at most a
    reward of one million dollars. However if you have lost MONEY, even if you
    must go into debt, we will have you reimburse us for the loosing’s.

    ..A few days later. You arrive home again to find another envelope with your name on it. You head inside and open it:

    Sorry for keeping you waiting.

    Your opponent for the 1st round of the LIAR GAME tournament has been decided.
    Your opponent is the following player:

    What happen between then and now?

    Guide Lines

    • Consider carefully what you would do if you found yourself in this situation. Would you ask for help or not know who to trust? Would your friends believe you if you told them about this?
    • Would you go to the police? Remember the bills are sequential which could mean they have been stolen.
    • How did you steal the MONEY?
    • What did you spend your winnings on? You probably had some debts that needed paying off or spent it on something.
    • No one may steal more than 100,000 dollars from their opponent.

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