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Old December 8th, 2010 (7:32 PM).
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A lot changes in 8 years, huh?
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    Hey can I have one?
    Trainer Card colour/background image: Building FR/LG
    Trainer Name: Red
    Trainer I.D.:151251
    Money: 99639
    Trainer Sprite: Pokemon Emerald Male Sprite
    Pokemon 1: Charizard
    Pokemon 2: Feralitgator
    Pokemon 3: Sceptile
    Pokemon 4: Pidgeot
    Pokemon 5: Ampharos
    Pokemon 6: Alakazam
    Badges: 8
    Pokedex: 150/151
    Play Time: 200:59

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    Old December 9th, 2010 (11:07 AM).
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    In it to win it! :D
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    i want mine:
    Trainer Card pink,national park day
    Trainer Name:clare
    Friend code:8888888888
    Trainer Sprite: pokemon black/white girl lyra sprite

    Main Pokemon -
    Pokemon 1: meloetta genderless
    Pokemon 2: shiny female gardevoir
    Pokemon 3: shiny female yorterry
    Pokemon 4: glameow female
    Pokemon 5: shiny mareep female
    Pokemon 6: shiny male latios
    Other 16 Pokemon:all yorterry female
    Badges: all badges

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    PC Family~

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    Old December 11th, 2010 (9:23 AM). Edited December 11th, 2010 by Valmar.
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      oh wow it let me put my trainer guy as a photo of me on my pro,

      here is the other info

      Super Trainer Card
      Trainer Card colour(s) - Black and Dark Green (Default Image)
      Trainer Name: VALMAR
      Friend code: 0000-0130-0000
      Trainer Sprite: (profile pic)
      Main Pokemon 1 - Shiny Charizard (f)
      Main Pokemon 2 - Shiny Ditto
      Main Pokemon 3 - Lapras (f)
      Main Pokemon 4 - Shiny Mew
      Main Pokemon 5 - Shiny Rayquaza
      Main Pokemon 6 - Giratina
      Other Pokemon 1 - Eevee (f)
      Other Pokemon 2 - Vaporeon (f)
      Other Pokemon 3 - Jolteon (m)
      Other Pokemon 4 - Flareon (m)
      Other Pokemon 5 - Shiny Espeon (f)
      Other Pokemon 6 - Shiny Umbreon (m)
      Other Pokemon 7 - Leafeon (f)
      Other Pokemon 8 - Glaceon (m)
      Other Pokemon 9 - Absol (m)
      Other Pokemon 10 - Rayquaza
      Other Pokemon 11 - Shiny Milotic (f)
      Other Pokemon 12 - Empoleon (m)
      Other Pokemon 13 - Shiny Sceptile (f)
      Other Pokemon 14 - Snorlax (m)
      Other Pokemon 15 - Slaking (f)
      Other Pokemon 16 - Shiny Squirtle (f)
      Badges - All
      Old December 11th, 2010 (3:32 PM).
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      Trainer Card Maker
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        Alright guys, I'll get onto these tonight. I will try and get them done within the week.
        Merry Christmas!!

        Do you want a Trainer Card like this?
        Do you just want a plain old Trainer Card?

        Then visit Will94's Trainer Card Shop! Your one stop shop for all things Trainer Card!
        Old December 11th, 2010 (4:01 PM).
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        In it to win it! :D
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        Originally Posted by Will94 View Post
        Alright guys, I'll get onto these tonight. I will try and get them done within the week.
        Merry Christmas!!

        Ok cool and thanks i cant wait till they are made!

        Click 'n' Hover~
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        PC Family~

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        Old December 11th, 2010 (4:58 PM).
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          i have a request =)
          Trainer Card colour/background image: orange/ afternoon National {arl
          Trainer Name: Jesse
          Friend code: N/A (0000-0000-0000-0000)
          Trainer Sprite: Adeku's (
          Main Pokemon - Pokemon 1: Arcanine (male/non-shiny) (not BW sprite please)
          Pokemon 2: Sceptile (male/non-shiny)
          Pokemon 3: Gallade (male/non-shiny
          Pokemon 4: Togekiss (female/non-shiny)
          Pokemon 5: Honchkrow (male/non-shiny
          Pokemon 6: Ampharos (female/non shiny
          Other 16 Pokemon:
          Donphan (male/non shiny)
          Weavile (male/non shiny)
          Lapras (female/non shiny)
          Umbreon (male/shiny)
          Glaceon (female/shiny)
          Heracross (male/non-shiny)
          Scizor (male/non-shiny
          Jumpluff (female/non-shiny)

          Altaria (female/non-shiny)
          Flygon (female/non-shiny)
          Absol (female (non-shiny)
          Luxray (male/non shiny)
          Yorterrie (male/non-shiny)
          Ranculus (male/non-shiny
          Denchura (male/non shiny)
          Goruugo (male/non shiny

          Badges: all i guess
          Old December 11th, 2010 (9:41 PM).
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            Trainer Card colour/background image: Tohjo Falls, afternoon
            Trainer Name:Elijah
            Friend code:0004-0016-1998
            Trainer Sprite: Male hero of Isshu
            Main Pokemon - Pokemon 1: Dragonair (Shiny Female)
            Pokemon 2: Jaroda(Male non Shiny)
            Pokemon 3: Umbreon(Male Shiny)
            Pokemon 4: Cherrim(Female not shiny)
            Pokemon 5: Espeon(Female,Shiny)
            Pokemon 6: Charizard(Male Shiny)
            Badges: 8 badges of Hoenn, 7 of Sinnoh and 8 of Kanto
            (if u have the badge sprites for Isshu then can u make it 4 badges?)
            Thnx in advance!
            Fc: 0232-9011-0314
            In game name: Seraiah
            Old December 19th, 2010 (8:05 AM).
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            I am not male
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              May I have permission to use the Super Trainer Card, please? I mean the boxes and things. I will give credit to you, of course.
              Third time's the charm, right~?
              Old January 8th, 2011 (10:47 PM).
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                If you dont mind I'd like to request one.
                Type 1
                Red/Ice Path Morning
                Trainer Name:Chaz
                Trainer I.D.:Request not to have on it
                Money:Request not to have on it
                Pokedex:Request not to have on it
                Play Time:Request not to have on it
                Trainer Sprite: Black/White Male
                Pokemon 1:Enbuoh-Non Shiny
                Pokemon 2:Zeburaika-Non Shiny
                Pokemon 3:Yanakkie-Non Shiny
                Pokemon 4:Waruvial-Non Shiny
                Pokemon 5: Ononokusu-Non Shiny
                Pokemon 6:Gigalith-Non Shiny
                Badges:All/Unova Region
                Old March 13th, 2011 (4:37 PM).
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                  Type two.
                  Trainer Card Black and white/ Ruins of Alph- Night
                  Trainer Name: Mr._Rex[PR]
                  Friend code:N/A
                  Trainer Sprite: Pokemon Black Veteran Trainer.
                  Main Pokemon - Pokemon 1: Ferrothorn-not shinny, Female
                  Pokemon 2: Haxorus-not shinny, Male
                  Pokemon 3: Zoroark- not shinny, Male
                  Pokemon 4: Porygon2- not shinny
                  Pokemon 5: Sigilyph- not shinny Male
                  Pokemon 6: Spiritomb- not shinny Female
                  Other 16 Pokemon: Lucario, Metagross, Salamence, Swampert, Garchomp, Scrafty, Gengar, Dusclops, Conkeldurr, Elektross, Murkrow, Arron, Excadrill, Darmanitan, Chandelure, Hippowdon.
                  Badges: All: Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova
                  Old March 15th, 2011 (2:47 PM).
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                  Best Pokémon Breeder NA 2015
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                    can I have one?, they look super cool
                    3DS FC: 3067-5215-7474
                    My X Safari
                    Type: Steel
                    PKMN: Ferroseed, Metang, Klefki

                    IGN: Ing
                    My Trade Reference Page!
                    My Osu! Profile! (3rd week playing, playing mania mostly)
                    My Crunchyroll!
                    Old March 28th, 2011 (7:27 AM).
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                    Advanced Spriter
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                      Age: 23
                      Gender: Male
                      Nature: Calm
                      Posts: 218
                      Trainer Card colour/background image: Sky Blue
                      Trainer Name Punnag
                      Trainer Sprite: Emerald Hero Sprite
                      Main Pokemon - Pokemon 1: Espeon (Male)
                      Pokemon 2: Ferligatr(Male)
                      Pokemon 3: Misdreavus(Female)
                      Pokemon 4: Ho-oh
                      Pokemon 5: Lugia
                      Pokemon 6: Gyrados(Male)
                      Other 16 Pokemon: Golbat (Male)
                      Dragonair (Female)
                      Umbreon (Male)
                      Joltean (Male)
                      Flareon (Male)
                      Vaporeon (Male)
                      Chansey (Female)
                      Sneasel (Male)
                      Swinub (Male)
                      Pineco (Male)
                      Aerodactyl (Female)
                      Nidoqueen (Female)
                      Nidoking (Male)
                      Pidgeot (Male)
                      Pupitar (Male)
                      Raichu (Male)

                      Badges: Johto All 8 Badges
                      Old March 30th, 2011 (9:10 AM). Edited March 31st, 2011 by chef30.
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                      Great Scott!!!
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                        Hi there will. Do u mind if i order a trainer card?

                        Trainer Card colour/rainbow colors, and if u can't do those, oink plz. background image: National Park.
                        Trainer Name: Chef30
                        Friend code: 3911 6325 3273
                        Trainer Sprite: The girl from B/W
                        Main Pokemon - Pokemon 1: Cyndiquil male
                        Pokemon 2: Hoppip male
                        Pokemon 3: Ekans male
                        Pokemon 4: Togepy male
                        Pokemon 5: Rotom no gender
                        Pokemon 6: Mudkip male
                        Other 16 Pokemon: Chikorita Totodile Squirtle Bulbasaur Charmander Turtwig Piplup Chimchar Treeko Torchick Pikachu Dragonite Lucario Ampharos Flygon Salamence.

                        Badges: all except gen 5

                        Thank u! :D
                        Old July 30th, 2012 (1:16 AM). Edited August 1st, 2012 by google123.
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                          i want a trainer card too
                          i want a morning national park
                          trainer name:google
                          friend code:404125452674
                          trainer sprite:pokemon trainer red (but his clothes color black pleaz)
                          all generation 5 badges
                          female arcanine,male meganium,male hydreigon,male escavalier,male ampharos,male shiny nidoking
                          other 16 pokemon:
                          reshiram,lugia,ho-oh,and rhydon

                          thank you
                          Old August 2nd, 2012 (12:28 PM).
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