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The Eldest Scroll - Let's All Play the Elder Scrolls I: Arena!

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Old August 5th, 2012 (4:44 PM).
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    Greetings, brothers and sisters, and welcome to The Elder Scrolls Chapter One: The Arena!

    This is an action role-playing game for DOS, released in 1994 by Bethesda Softworks. In 2004, Bethesda re-released the floppy disk version of the game as freeware. If you want to play along, you can download it here.

    Without further ado, let's read some exposition!

    Who is this? Am I supposed to care?

    Wow, Tiber Septim sounds like a jerk.

    Okay, looks like it is actually time to start the game now. Let's click "
    Start new Game!"

    "Many questioned the decision to appoint a disembodied head as leader of the Imperial Guards, but the Emperor was adamant."
    (Wasn't he Uriel Septim VII a few seconds ago?)

    Can he do that? Is there some sort of Imperial impeachment proceedure he has to follow?

    "Nooo! How could my most trusted advisor betray me!?"

    "Happy birthday, Your Majesty! I bought you a 'vacation!' Mwahahahaha!"

    "This was widely considered a change for the better, as the Imperial Guards' rampant public nudity was becoming an embarrasment to the crown."

    It is finally time for us to create a character. There are two options on-screen: "Generate" will give us a personality quiz and then assign us a class based on our disposition. "Select" will allow us to choose our class from a list.

    There are eighteen to choose from (divided into three broad categories), and I want you folks to pick one out. Here are your options:

    The warrior classes are the best at fighting, but they cannot steal like the thief classes can and cannot cast spells like the mage classes can. They are divided into:

    The Warrior
    The Warrior is a powerhouse who is able to utilize any type of weapon, shield, and piece of armor. They level up quickly and have lots of hit points. Perhaps most importantly, they can wear plate armor, which is the only type of armor that can be enchanted. Having enchanted armor will be
    a huge boon to the Warrior late-game. Unlike most RPG's, Arena's Warrior class has no problem with ranged combat, either. Too bad that they never get critical strikes, ever.

    The Archer
    The Archer sucks. They obviously specialize in ranged combat, but Arena constantly forces you into close-quarters fights, meaning you will have to pull out your melee weapon anyway. True, the Archer can reach an impressive rate of fire and do a lot of damage quickly, but
    late in the game that can become impractical: if the game has a memory leak (it will), your rate of fire will slow down through no fault of your own.
    Getting critical hits with bows can be nice, though.

    The Barbarian
    The Barbarian is a fleshy tank with more hit points and damage output than the Warrior, but no ability to use plate armor. They are also immune to poison.

    The Knight
    The Knight. You know him. Goes around slaying dragons, doing favors for maidens, retrieving holy grails, and generally making the rest of us normal guys feel inadequate. Knights are immune to paralysis, automatically repair damaged equipment in their inventory every once
    in a while, and can wear plate amor. They cannot, however, wear leather armor (that stuff is for peasants!), and thus are vulnurable to attack early on, until you can find chainmail.

    The Monk
    The Monk is a light-on-his feet and agile fighter. Unfortunately, he accomplishes this by never, ever wearing armor. The game won't
    even let you put it on. He can wield any type of weapon, and can make
    critical hits with melee attacks, but honestly, you'll be dead before you have a chance to hit your opponent. Go put some clothes on.

    The Ranger
    The Ranger is a versitile fighter who can wield any weapon, wear any armor (including the all-important plate mail!) can can use any shield except tower shields. As expert navigators, Rangers travel between
    cities faster than the other classes, which is useful on timed missions.

    They cast spells. Damn, that's useful!

    The Mage
    The Mage cannot use any weapons except for daggers and staffs. Mages also cannot wear armor. They have a huge pool of spell points, though, and at high levels that more than makes up for their lack of gear.

    The Battlemage
    The Battlemage specializes in offensive spells to do damage to opponents. They can wear leather armor and wield any sort of weapon. Jagar Tharn, our archnemesis, is a Battlemage, so from a story point of view, being a Battlemage is officially Cool. To kill an evil Battlemage, send a good Battlemage. Makes sense to me.

    The Healer
    The Healer is sort of the opposite of the Battlemage. They are best at defensive and restorative spells, regenerate hit points very quickly, and can even wear chain mail! Basically, the Healer is a damage sponge.

    The Nightlbade
    The Nightblade is a mage/thief hybrid. They can pick locks quite well, and are the only mage class to be able to preform a critical stike with a weapon. They can wield several types of weapons and wear
    leather armor.

    The Sorceror
    This is a wierd one. Sorcerors cannot regenerate spell points normally. Instead, they absorb spells that their enemies cast at them. So, if you are hit by a fireball, you won't take damage, but instead gain spell points. This makes fights against enemy spellcasters laughably easy. However, if there are no enemy spellcasters nearby and you are out of magic potions, be careful! You're likely to run out of spell points, at which point you are pretty much defenseless!

    The Spellsword
    The Spellsword is a warrior/mage hybrid. They can wear leather or chain armor, wield any sort of weapon, and can cast spells. They do not have as many spell points as the other mage classes, though, and cannot preform critical strikes.

    The thief classes are good at picking locks, plus they can pickpocket people and steal items from houses. Unfortunately, stealth in the sense of "avoiding enemies" does not really exist in Arena, limiting the
    practicality of these classes. With the exception of the Bard and the
    Rogue, thief classes can wear only leather armor.

    The Thief
    The Thief is good at lockpicking and stealing. They also have a small chance to preform critical hits in melee combat, and they level up faster than any other class. Thieves can wield any bladed weapon, as well as bows.

    The Acrobat
    The Acrobat is extremely agile, and has the best chance of any class to dodge enemy attacks. They are also fast runners and skilled climbers. Acrobats can wield daggers, swords, and bows.

    The Assassin
    The Assassin is the worst of the thief classes at, you know, thieving. However, they are the best of the fighters, able to wield any weapon and possessing a good ability to score critical hits.

    The Bard
    The Bard is a jack of trades. They can do practically anything (Except, apparently, play music), including casting spells, but excell at nothing. This is your generic adventurer sort.

    The Burglar
    Please don't pick the burglar. Their skills are too situational to be good. Burglars are the best at unlocking doors and containers, picking pockets, and stealing without being detected. Then they get into fights and die almost immediately.

    The Rogue
    The Rogue is a combat-trained thief. Rogues can wield any sort of weapon and wear chain mail. They lack the vulnerability of the other thief classes, and are almost as good at fighting as the warrior classes.

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