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Post Thread

This thread is for posts regarding the Roleplay Olympics. Remember to refer to the rules in the RPO sign up thread before posting. Submit your post here, with a title displaying the category the post falls under, as well as a rating for the post. You may list ratings in the style displayed in this link. A rating and title with the event name must be included in your post in order for it to count. There is a one post per event rule, meaning that if you signed up for 3 events, you should have three different posts in this thread. If you signed up for a single event, there should be only a single post by you in this thread. If you are working with another person, there should still be a single post between the two of you, with both of your usernames in the post title.

From today’s date, you will have until Friday, August 24th at 11:59pm (GMT) to post all of your RPO event posts into this thread. Any posts made after that time will not be counted. If you do not post for an event you are signed up for, you will be disqualified from the event. From between Friday, August 24th and Friday, August 31st will be the deliberation period, where judges will rate all RPO posts and come up with a score for each one. Scores will be tallied, and winners should be announced on September 1st (although this is subject to change).

Here is some additional information about a few events. The other events should have been self-explanatory in the Roleplay Olympics Sign-Up Thread. As always, any questions may be directed to the creators of the event: Supervegeta, Raikiri, or The_Original_Raitan, or the Moderator of the Roleplay Corner, Skymin.


Because of complications with the Battle! event, the option to be randomly paired has been added. This means that if you have not found another person to participate in this event, you may select the person whom we have randomly selected to be your partner. This pairing is, of course, entirely optional, and can be declined if you do not wish to utilize it. However, if you do decide to participate with another partner besides the one selected, it must still be someone who has signed up for the 'Battle!' event. Here are the randomized pairings:
  • Necrum Warrior + The Mega Champion
  • Baker’s Bulbasaur + Elite Killer
  • heretostay123 + 徳清アキオ
  • 1ninjadude1701 + SkittishHeart


You wake up to find yourself in a small room. You have no recollection of how you’ve gotten there, or any memory of what happened to you recently. The room looks metallic, as if you are on some sort of underground base. You notice other made-up beds in the room, but not other people inside the room but yourself. In fact, the entire area seemed awfully quiet. You notice that your are sweating profusely. Checking on the thermostat you notice upon the wall, you see the temperature at 95 degrees Fahrenheit, or 35 degrees Celsius, and rising steadily. Then for the first time, you see a window at the end of the room, and walk towards it. It is then you realize where you exactly are.

Your are on a ship in space. From the look of it on the outside, it looks considerably damaged, though you do not quite know the extent of its damage based solely upon observation with your eye. You notice another bright object in the distance. A star, and it appears to be getting larger. Or the ship appears to be getting closer. You comprehend the gravity of the situation as you realize that this spaceship is on a collision course with the star. By the distance of the star, you have about 20 minutes before you and the derelict ship burn to a crisp. Your mission: Escape.

Like with all other events in the RPOs, you will have much creativity in this event. We merely have provided you the starting point, and from there, you may take this into any direction you want. The only real objective here is to escape by any means necessary.

Rescue Mission

Oh no! Your mentor and friend Professor Oak has been kidnapped by Team Rocket! It was a near flawless operation, leaving few witnesses and fewer hints as to what exactly happened. The only solid facts so far is that the kidnapping happened in Oak's lab late at night and for whatever reason left the lab in shambles. You, a trainer who received his/her first Pokemon and have developed a relationship with him since then, have found out over the news and immediately head to Pallet Town to investigate what happened and hopefully find a breakthrough to rescue Professor Oak from the clutches of Team Rocket.

Of course when you arrive, you are not allowed to enter the premises being that the local police force have closed off the scene of the crime. Sneaking into the lab that night, you commence your investigation finding a hint that the evil base of Team Rocket is located somewhere in the Safari Zone. You prepare yourself to rescue the poor professor.

Like with all other events in the RPO, you will have much creativity with this event. We have merely provided to you the starting point, and from there, you may take this into any direction you want. The only real objective is to rescue Professor Oak, but the means by which that is achieved is entirely up to you.

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          Brian was sitting on the ground in an open, empty, grass field in the middle of the route between Slateport City and Fortree City in Hoenn. Vaporeon was several feet in front of Brian, watching the surroundings like always. Meganium was to Brian's left, sleeping calmly in the grass and curled up. Typhlosion was leaning against the tree as well to Brian's left, keeping Brian company.

          After awhile, Brian stood up and walked a couple more feet past Vaporeon and started practicing to fight with his hockey stick, just in case. You never know. After awhile longer, Brian and Vaporeon seemed to sense something simultaneously. Brian turned his head a bit to the left to try to see the tree behind the tree that Typhlosion was leaning against with the corner of his left eye. Then, Brian moved his head back forward and closed his eyes.

          "What do you want George?" asked Brian

          "Geez... just as good as always I see..." remarked an unknown voice.

          Out from the tree behind the one Typhlosion was leaning against came out a boy the same age as Brian. His name was George Sakic. George Sakic had black hair, brown eyes, and white skin. He wore a white T-shirt, had a white and gray backpack with him. He wore blue jeans and black shoes. He had his hockey stick with him, but not in a case like Brian did. He was also the son of the great Colorado Avalanche player, Joe Sakic.

          George approached Brian. When George walked past Brian's Typhlosion, Typhlosion glared at George.

          "Well? What do you want?" asked Brian

          "Heh... what do you think?" asked George as he rubbed the back of his head with his right hand

          "Tch. My dad sent you to come get me?" asked Brian

          "Bingo. The Yzerman family told me to get you by any means necessary." informed George

          "I see. But why you?" asked Brian

          "Good question. I asked myself that. I'd say it's to enrage you and you'd go back home of your own free will and go back to playing hockey" answered George

          "It would work... for a normal person anyway. But for me? Nope, I won't allow it." announced Brian

          "Oh... I see..." remarked George

          "Do you even care? With me gone, you're on top, right?" asked Brian

          "That's true, and since you've been gone, I've enjoyed being in the spotlight" replied George

          "Right. Can't you just leave it be and leave me alone?" asked Brian

          "Afraid not. But, I'm not going to listen to them. I'm going to make sure you never play hockey ever again!!" declared George

          Brian said nothing and got serious. He jumped backward and now was several feet away from George. Vaporeon and Typhlosion stood up and made their way toward Brian and stood behind him. Meganium remained asleep.

          "Shouldn't you wake your Meganium up?" asked George

          "No. That's okay. These two will be enough." replied Brian

          "It's three on two then!!!!!" shouted George

          "It won't matter" remarked Brian

          ((Que: ))

          George sent out a Raticate. Brian's Typhlosion stepped forward.

          "Raticate, use Hyper Fang!!" shouted George

          Raticate dashed toward Typhlosion, but, Typhlosion easily sidestepped. Without an order, Typhlosion used Flamethrower, scorching Raticate. Raticate fell to the ground, unconscious.

          "What?! But Brian didn't even give it a command......." thought George.

          George recalled Raticate, and then sent out a Dugtrio.

          "Cut" spoke Brian

          "Wha?!" gasped George, it was too late. Typhlosion appeared behind Dugtrio. Dugtrio's eyes widened. It fell unconscious.

          George recalled Dugtrio and sent out a Dewgong. George smirked.

          "You're screwed" stated George

          "Hmph" grunted Brian

          "That's it!!!!!!! You're mine!!!!!!!!" yelled George as he came after Brian with his hockey stick.

          Meganium woke up just in time, as it kicked Brian's case toward him. Brian easily caught it.

          (( Switch to: ))

          Brian quickly opened his case, took out his hockey stick and quickly raised his hockey stick over him horizontally to block George's slashes. Vaporeon quickly smacked Brian's case away with its tail. With the case out of his way, Brian was free to get serious.

          George tried to slash Brian vertically in a north to south slash, but, Brian jumped backward and counterattacked with a quickly forward dash strike and attacked George with a good ground slashing combo, eventually ending with a horizontal left to right slash that forced George backward a couple feet.

          "Typhlosion..." started Brian, but, without another word, Typhlosion nodded in agreement.

          Typhlosion threw Brian toward Dewgong as Typhlosion hit George with a Quick Attack. Brian came at Dewgong to fast for it to react, so, it was struck with an aerial slashing combo ending with a vertical north to south slash that forced Dewgong backward a bit. Then... Typhlosion seemed to come out of nowhere as it struck Dewgong with another Quick Attack. This, combined with Brian's assault, made Dewgong fall to the ground, unconscious.

          End Music

          "You lose. Get over it." started Brian, since George said nothing, Brian continued "Do me a favor and give my dad a message. Tell him that I’m going to be a trainer, and there’s nothing he can do about it. But, also tell him that just because I’m a trainer, doesn’t mean I still won’t play hockey. After my journey, I'll go back to playing hockey." announced Brian

          "Heh. Alright, I'll tell him. You're pretty good. Honestly, you're just as good at pokemon as you are at hockey, which is pretty amazing." complimented George

          Brian smiled. Despite them being rivals, George and Brian were good friends. Brian knew George would give his dad his message.

          "By the way... I've heard an odd rumor, and I just thought you should know it." informed George

          "Hm? What is it?" asked Brian

          "Well... there's a weird rumor going around that the legendary pokemon are weakened or are in trouble or something. I'm not sure. When I overheard it, the person talking about didn't seem to know what they were talking about themselves." answered George

          "I see. Whatever. I don't care..." remarked Brian

          "Oh. That's right... you don't trust legends, or Gods do you?" asked George

          "That's right. You just don't know what they're true intentions are..." replied Brian

          "That's true. Well... I'd best be going and give your dad your message. See ya." remarked George

          "Alright. Thanks again." replied Brian as he waved goodbye to George.

          Brian wasn't sure what was going to happen next, but, he then started to practice fighting with his hockey stick again. Brian couldn't shake this bad feeling he had. He wasn't sure what it was or what the feeling was trying to tell him, but, he would be prepared for the worst.
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            A right for your wrongs (a.k.a. Short Story) (T)

            The air was tense in there, I know that much. I also didn’t know what exactly I had been ‘volunteered’ for. It was just like the other rounds of testing I had been forced to undergo. When I had asked Rupert why they had seemed urgent when they were looking us all over to see who would be testing he just shrugged. We had noticed that the scientists and security staff had also been on edge for the past hour. They had been murmuring among themselves and those who didn’t seem to know what was going on were led to another part of the room and had some words whispered into their ears. Pretty soon they were acting like the others, having shifting eyes and squirming in their seats while they typed. Who were they trying to fool anyway? We could easily read their more than obvious body language, or at least I could. I had a lot of experience with being able to tell a person’s emotional level with just a few seconds of observing them. You needed it in the big house since many of the other inmates could get violent in a moment’s notice, but that could easily be avoided as long as you read their body language. Saved my life a couple of times, I know that!

            Anyway, I had been there with the others, just doing menial work for the time being, mopping floors and such. Then, they came in. A big armed security detail that had us put our hands to the wall and looked us over. For some reason I will never know about, I was chosen. I had enough experience to know to come willingly with them and I left Rupert and the others. I know I should have at least cried out good-bye or something to that effect, but I thought I would be tested on the objects I had already had contact with. Unlike the other objects that the others were exposed to, these were rather safe. I had no need to worry as I was led out of the room, but as I was led down a different hallway, my curiosity welled up a bit. This specific hallway was the only one we were not allowed to go down. If we were caught trying to go down this hallway we would be terminated on sight. Anyway, I was led to a door that had a window on it and I barely realized that it was the light from outside when I was pushed out into the sun’s rays. Many emotions went off there. Feelings of relief, happiness, and I was also comforted as well. None of the other’s had been down this hallway and I was the first! Looking back, I can’t believe how idiotic I was. Was I really going to be let off the hook despite all the horrible things I had done? Still I was so overwhelmed by the simple knowledge that I was being hit by a cool breeze that I really didn’t fight the guards when I was forced into the back of the black van.

            It took me awhile to realize that I was being driven somewhere. The windows were tinted back here from the inside as well so I couldn’t see the way there. There were three armed guards sitting in the back with me. I knew not to ask any questions on account that I would be ignored by them anyway. Two guards were sitting in the front. One was busy driving while the other was talking into a cell phone. Apparently I was being transported somewhere else not to be freed, but to undergo testing once more. I had heard the rumors from the others, of places that acted just like the objects we were forced to test. Places that were even more dangerous than those said objects. I knew no matter how much I fought and screamed that I would be dragged there and forced to test. The guards also looked nervous and despite their training also squirmed on their seats like the staff back at the site had done. That could not be good. If this place even spooked the guards…. did I even have a chance? The car drove for a good two hours before finally stopping. Through the tinted windows I could see the outlines of shapes and hear a lot of voices. Those were a lot of people out there. Suddenly the guards stood up and pushed open the back doors and without much prodding I jumped out and landed on the ground. The shoes I wore were worn out and rather uncomfortable at this point so the landing was rather ungraceful for me.

            The guards marched me over to one of the scientists, yeah they are that easily to identify from the other personnel. I looked around and noticed that there was a lot of security around here. Whatever the Foundation had found, it wasn’t good. The only other time I had seen this much security was when I was in my cell a good two weeks ago. The man was blabbering about how something had gone wrong in that house. Already two security teams had entered and they had not come back out. Furthermore there had been some kind of creatures around the area that had apparently come out of the house. I wasn’t really paying that much attention to the details since I had more important things to do, like actually enjoy the sun on my face and focus on feeling the breeze that brushed against my skin.

            Before I could ask any questions I was practically shoved toward the house and put a few feet in front of the door. They had me put on a belt that had a small camera on it and was connected to a very long cord that was attached to a big truck. All I had to do was go in, see what happened to the other people that went in there and look where the scientist wanted me to and get out of there when I was to be called back. I just nodded at the words as he put an ear clip on me and quickly tested to see if I could hear his voice. I had to adjust it a bit since the words were practically being shouted in my ear due to the loud volume. They pulled at the belt once more to make sure it was safely and then I was told to open the door.

            I won’t lie here, I was very frightened. Frightened like I had never known before. I had heard from the others that there was some scary s**t that went on around buildings. Some of the others told horror stories of what had happened and some… never came back. I don’t know how long I stood there contemplating whether or not to open the door, but I was taken out of my thoughts when one of the armed men threatened to shoot me if I did not proceed. I just took in a deep breath and quickly murmured a prayer as I walked forward and opened the door and entered. At that moment several things happened. First, the ear piece let out a loud static screech. Second, the camera that had previously been giving off a bright light and recording my steps shut off. Third, the door slammed shut with a loud bam behind me. Fourth, my cable snapped.

            When it happened I just stood there for a few seconds, shocked. I did what any would do and quickly reached behind me and yanked the door open. I wished I hadn’t. The area outside was pitch dark. There was no sign of the scientist or the guards. It was just… darkness. This wasn’t an ordinary darkness, it wasn’t like being in a dark cave. I know what that kind of darkness looks like, but this was worse. I can’t explain why I felt an intense rush of fear but I quickly slammed the door shut and ripped the ear piece out and looked around, really for the first time.

            I was in some kind of living room. There were chairs and a piano off to the side. A television was against the wall and emitting some static. Hesitantly I stepped forward. My eyes had not yet adjusted to the darkness and I cried out as my foot hit something and I fell onto the floor with a thud. I turned to look and paled as I saw a man there. He had a bullet hole right in his heart and just seemed to stare up at the ceiling with a absent expression. In one hand he held a piece of paper with the words ‘READ THIS!!!’ scribbled over it. Hesitantly I reached over and pulled it out of his hand. Sure, I have killed my fair share of people but dead bodies still creeped me out.

            The paper was folded over and so I unfolded it and began to read.

            You’re going to die, you poor dumb f**k.

            Upon reading that sentence my face paled. I turned back to regard the body and felt my fear rise. He was dressed in a black suit and had a special patch on his shirt. That patch was what agents wore. Agents were the top of the pyramid. They were the guys who always shot perfectly at the fire ranges. They were the guys who led field expeditions and were paramount in their knowledge of the different objects that the others and I were forced to test.

            Hesitantly I turned my eyes back to the paper as I sat in one of the chairs.

            This isn't a threat. I'm Agent Barclay. I'm in the middle of this goddamned thing, and I'm telling you, if you're here? You're going to die. I'm probably already dead.

            I felt my muscles tense up, but none the less I continued to read.

            So that's out of the way. Let's get to the containment procedures. There's really only one. Close the goddamned door.

            It turned my eyes to the door. I knew I had already shut it, but it was as if a need to verify that fact rose up in my mind. The note continued on for some time about how important it was that I close the door and then it talked about where I was. It talked about how there had been murder reports and that some kind of creature had been tracked to this location. It said there was a way to kill the creatures.

            Silver bullets, and pray to God as you fire. Literally. For some reason, that makes it work. Doesn't matter which God, but you damn well better mean it.

            I felt my uneasiness rise. It had been a long time since I prayed to God. Sure, I did so when I was like five years old, and sure I went to church with my mom and dad, but it had been so long. I glance over at the fallen agent and noticed he had a gun. Quickly I reached over and grabbed it. I noticed he had some bullets spilling out of his pockets and quickly began to scoop them up when I heard a hissing noise behind me. I paled and turned around quickly. The creature that stood there was… nothing I had seen before. It was a deep pitch black and looked rather like a human. It was built with muscle and had a pair of glowing black eyes. You may ask me how black glows but…. I can’t phase it any other way. They just… glowed. It had clawed hands and was running right for me! I barely managed to dodge the creature but I was smart. I turned my a** and ran like the wind. I opened the door to the next room to see myself in a museum. I didn’t understand it at the time but I also didn’t care. I just ran as I heard the creature take chase. I ran down the hallway that was adorned with paintings and opened another door to find myself in some kind of kitchen.

            I ran, but slipped. I bumped my head against the wall and saw spots for a bit but I noticed the door was pushed open and the creature leapt right at me. I had no idea if that gun had any bullets but by instinct I pulled it up as I dimly remembered the words on that paper and found myself whispering.

            “Please, protect me Lord.”

            I pulled the trigger and the silver projectile flew through the air and hit right into the creatures chest. The beast cried out as it fell to the ground and instantly its body dissolved to some kind of ash. I backed away to the nearest corner I could and after realizing what had happened began to sob in relief. I am not one for crying, but… damn. As soon as I gained control of myself I opened the letter once more and quickly read through it. It seemed that these creatures were born from hearts. I know, it sound silly, but it’s true. The team sent in before was attacked by them. Took one guy’s heart out and put it in some room and a similar creature leapt out of it.

            There was no way out, they had tried before and the doors out led to a place that just cooked you alive! I felt like I was reading some horror story, but what else could I go on? I was trapped here. It was a maze made out of different buildings it seemed. I was so confused by it all and when I read that light seemed to make them stronger, I wanted to puke. I was stuck in this place with all of those things running around, no way! This was not something that was possible! Yet, I knew it to be true. I was here after all, right? I felt my fear rise as I read the last of the letter.

            I've got a few shots left in my gun, but I can't pray anymore, not and mean it. Not after I saw the nest. But you, if you've found this, you've got to be an agent too. Maybe you're stronger than I was. If you can, go in and destroy the nest. Destroy every last heart. If you do, maybe it'll kill them. It's the only thing I can think of. You'll probably die doing it, but you're dead anyway. So what's it matter to you how it happens?

            Me, I'm going to try and get this report back to the living room, which I hope is where you found it. Then I'm going to make sure they can't use my heart to make another one of those things.

            Good luck. Morituri te salutant.

            And here I am now. I keep looking back at the door and sometimes one of those creatures comes in and exits. They can’t see me in the shadows. I look back down at the words. I took Latin once… a long time ago. I thought I had heard that phase back then, but I can’t remember what it means now. I look at the gun I hold and tighten my grip on it. I had seen things that others wish they could see. I had seen this nightmare as well. No one needed to see this. I place twelve bullets back into the gun and slowly walk to the door. I’m going to die anyway, right? Might as well go out with a bang, right? I pushed open the door and slowly went through the museum hallways and head back to the living room. No creatures are there as I placed the paper right where I found it and left. I took the next door I found and ended up in a coffee shop. There was a creature there, but this time I didn’t run. I aimed my gun as it ran at me and whispered softly.

            “Watch over me Lord.”
            (Some background flavor)
            It went down quite easily. I reloaded and continued forward. I ended up going through a hotel room and then a warehouse. I encountered five more creatures on the way and shot them dead, although one managed to slice my knee up pretty badly. I found some cloth and wrapped it up as best as I could. Blood still drips from it, but it doesn’t matter. I know I’ll die in here. I go through a classroom, a hospital ward, and what seemed to be a elementary school. All the time I reloaded and shot. I am lost now at how many I have killed. I know it’s been a lot.

            I am on twelve bullets now but I have something that can help. I managed to run into a armory. It was stocked so I assumed that the other teams didn’t get there. I have three grenades now. I’m taking out that nest. I know I am not just saying that and will wind up hiding in a corner hoping they don’t find me, because I’m right there.

            The room is huge, that much is certain. It’s also well lit. What that agent had said in the letter was also true, about the lights. They have a ton of lights down here. It’s so bright that when I first came in I was blinded. I had been in the darkness too long and had to blink to get my eyes focused again. I see them there, and that… heart pile. I vomited when I first layed my eyes upon it. They were still beating and there were shadows trying to pull away from the hearts. The creatures seemed to dance around it. I knew my fear was great, but I had come this far. I cannot quit now.

            Still shaking a bit, I come from behind the wall I was hiding behind and murmur some words as I shoot three of them. I was good now. The three bullets slam into their chests and they become piles of sulfer. The other creatures scream as they run at me, but I continue to shoot. Four more bullets leave my barrel and slam into four of them. There is still some distance between us, so I figure why not? The last five bullets in my gun leave and take down four more. There are so many when I look around, but I ready my first grenade and pull back my hand.

            “Bless this Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch my Lord!” I cry out as I throw it as hard as I can. I remember that show when I watched it with my parents a few years back. It had come on television and I had laughed. I always thought God had some humor in him. Figured he would enjoy a chuckle with that performance. Before I could toss another they were upon me, slashing and ripping my flesh. I feel one push its clawed hand into my chest. I close my eyes, but before he can pull the grenade goes off. Immediately the beings surrounding me scream as they fad into ash. This is my chance. I toss another grenade with a prayer into the pile. The other creatures cry out as they too fade to ash and I look at the pile. More and more of the hearts explode and the shadow anchored to them lift into the sky. I realize that the ceiling is coming down around me now as more of the creatures fade away and now I know realize what those words meant. Those who are about to die salute you. Funny, I had never been salu-.

            The guards near the farm door quickly ready their weapons as the door slowly creaks open. A few minutes pass without any movement. One walks up and pushes the door open. Inside there is no foreboding darkness. There are bodies of dead agents inside and the team quickly goes inside. It takes only a few seconds to declare the area safe.

            Doctor Maulin leaned against the table as he looked over the paper they had found, “So, I guess she managed to do it huh?”

            The guard chuckled, “Yeah.”

            “What was her name?”

            The guard shrugged, “We wipe the records of all D-class personnel when they work for us. She was…” He flipped through some papers. “D-14134.”

            The doctor nods, “A Foundation medal then?”

            “Indeed.” The guard replies. “Too bad we couldn’t find her body.”

            The doctor nods, “True. Apparently the areas these creatures took must have gone back to normal. There will be a lot of confused people when they open a room and see several dead bodies there.”

            The guard just chuckles and walks off.

            The bus driver looked at the woman, “Alright, but it’s a rather long journey there miss.”

            The young woman just smiled weakly, “I know. Just somewhere to start off fresh, you know?”

            The man nods, “Well, it will be three hours till our next stop.”

            She just nods and gets on the bus. There is some loud noise as the bus finally heads down the dirt road leaving behind the town it had stopped at. The woman made it to the back of the bus. She wore a long sleeved blue shirt that was a bit large for her with a strange symbol on the left sleeve, some tan pants, a belt, and some very worn out sneakers. As she sat there, if one looked closely they could see the very tip of something green sticking out of her pocket.

            (Credit is due here for inspiration.)
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              Aloin flashed a grin up toward Lisanna as he stepped into the coliseum ring. Lisanna sat atop the highest balcony with her father to watch the competition, looking as beautiful and radiant as the goddess of beauty herself, her hair fluttering in the wind as she grinned back down at Aloin in reassurence. Her father remained as stoic and steely eyed as ever--Aloin had no idea what he thought of him. He could only hope that the man just didn't hate him.

              Aloin's opponent walked into the coliseum then, flexing his own muscles as he happily acknowledged the crowd's applause. Aloin frowned as he watched him bow once toward Lisanna's father and look at the girl hungrily. He saw her more as a prize than a person. Rather than trying to win her hand, he wanted to win the perks and riches she came with. Aloin couldn't allow someone so materialistic to win--he just couldn't. He didn't mind if he himself wasn't the one fit to marry the most beautiful woman in all of Orre, but he would be damned if he allowed someone even less fit ahead of him.

              "The semifinals begin!" Lisanna's father, Lucius, spoke grandly as he stood up, spreading his arms wide to quiet the cheering crowd. They fell silent as if unplugged. "Aloin, the traveller all the way from Hoenn, and Pallas, a man from our own desert country of Orre, shall fight to be the one to wed my daughter! Only one shall continue from here and challenge the other finalist! Amorous trainers, begin!"

              "Breloom," Aloin said shortly, and Breloom glanced back at him calmly. Seeing the resolved expression on his master's face, the mushroom nodded once, tilting the large toadstool atop its head slightly as it braced its legs, clenching its claw-like fists. Pallas' Eelektross slithered forward as its master took the initiative of calling the first move.

              "Let's get this over with quick, Eelektross! Zap cannon!"

              Eelektross fired a flurry of yellow orbs of pure electricity at Breloom relentlessly, attempting to land one of the hits. Breloom raised its arms in a boxer-like stance and easily hopped from side to side, evading the orbs as he moved forward swiftly. Aloin knew that so long as Eelektross was only firing randomly and hoping for a lucky hit, getting in close wouldn't be a problem.

              "Dynamic punch!"

              Breloom thrust its fist forward as it shot forward with a single hop, closing the remaining distance instantaneously. Pallas, however, grinned as Eelektross swiftly dodged the attack as it flexibly moved its slender body out of the way, allowing Breloom to pass over it.


              Eelektross' arms wrapped around Breloom's body tightly, forcing Aloin's Pokemon to stand still on the ground and pin its arms to its side.

              "And now zap cannon!"

              Eelektross fired blast after blast at Breloom point blank and Breloom cried out in pain as the attacks landed each time, sending shocks of electricity through him each time. It pained Aloin to see this, but he knew he had to be patient...

              A collective gasp went through the crowd as several people pointed upwards, though Pallas ignored them. He was focused only on the victory coming closer and closer within his gasp. So he could blame no one else but himself as hard shelled seeds rained from above, slamming into Eelektross' body, throwing it off of Breloom as it was covered in bruises from the "seed bomb" attack. Breloom hopped back several paces before falling to one knee, in pain from its wounds.

              "Throwing up seed bombs to hit their mark when we're distracted..." Pallas muttered. "That's a shameful blow!"

              "You just didn't notice." Aloin ignored Pallas' whining. What difference did it make how the attack was dealt? He should have been paying more attention. "Breloom, can you use dynamic punch?"

              Pallas laughed as Breloom struggled to stand and winced once more in pain. "As if he'd be okay! Those attacks left him paralyzed so badly, he can hardly move!"

              "Oh, he can move alright." Aloin assured as Breloom suddenly shot up to its feet and shot forward, ramming one fist into Eelektross' face that sent the eelfish Pokemon flying back. "It just took a moment for it to recover enough energy."

              "What--how?!" Pallas roared with fury as he saw that his Pokemon was completely knocked out an unable to battle. "There is no way that could have happened! I call foul play! Automatic disqualification for unfair advantage!"

              "There was no foul play." Lucius said firmly as he stood up, and the crowd, which had been mumbling about the ending, fell silent once more. "Breloom had not been paralyzed because it was already 'suffering' from another ailment, am I right?"

              "Yes." Aloin nodded as he motioned to Breloom. Breloom held up a sphere of pure mauve up for everyone to see. "Breloom was holding a Toxic Orb, which poisoned him. With the ability, Toxic Heal, Breloom recovered health, rather than lose it."

              Lucius nodded. "And so I rule the manuever completely legal. Pallas, you have lost. Aloin, I praise you for your talent."

              "Thank you, sir." Aloin bowed his head respectfully as Pallas continued to seethe furious, glaring at Aloin.

              "Don't think for a moment that you're getting away with this." He warned quietly, so that only Aloin could hear. "No one gets away with cheating me."

              "You lost fair and square." Aloin murmured back with an exasperated sigh. "Try to save some face."

              "You'll regret this." Pallas promised before turning away haughtily, heading toward the exit to the arena. Aloin and Breloom watch him leave, unsure of what to make of it. Had someone just sworn vengeance against them?

              But Aloin couldn't dwell on it. He noticed Lisanna and Lucius whispering to one another and saw the girl's blue eyes flicker toward him a few times, alight with interest. This instantly made him feel better. Maybe he really had a fair shot after all.
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              Extraterrestrial Escape

              Rated: T | Event: Escape | Character: "Andrew" | by: Meganium90
              This is impossible.

              Andrew, not long after he awoke from his slumber, glanced at the white object that’s coming towards him. How he ended up here is something he’d like to ask himself, but there wasn’t any time to answer any questions. It was more of a dormitory, in terms of his current location. He glanced at the metallic table, then the beds surrounding him. He even glanced at the thermostat beside the door. It was 95 degrees…too hot to be here, and he’ll slowly kill himself if he remained inside.

              He spotted a white dot coming right towards this location. Maybe he’s in a building, Andrew had thought. Getting up off the floor, he walked towards the window and peeked outside. His heart sank at what he saw. This was no ordinary night. It was SPACE. Andrew isn’t in a building, he was inside a SHIP.

              He noticed fire right outside the ship, panicking a bit. He quickly thought of a way to get out of this dormitory. He still doesn’t quite remember why he came here in the first place. Did some people throw him in there? Was he kidnapped? Kidnapped was one word Andrew had kept inside his mind, as he tried to open the window with his knob. Hesitantly, he stopped. He can’t get outside without an oxygen tank or something, not even a suit. If he wanted to escape, he needed protection. Searched for each and every single cabinet inside the room, he finally got to one that had an extra suit inside, metallic silver with a round glass helmet. There was also an oxygen tank next to the suit, as Andrew thought of something, that would involve putting that suit on.

              After he puts the suit on except for the helmet, he cracked open a glass box that contained an axe inside with his right leg. Retrieving it, he stood towards the door. Taking one deep breath, he stormed his way towards the door, lifting his arms with the axe, and throwing the blade right at the locked doorknob. He threw the axe a few times, until the lock fell to the ground. The door was finally open, and Andrew smiled at himself.

              There wasn’t any time to call it safe just yet. The door pushed Andrew back inside the heated room. The he heard a roar from the other side of the door, a tall, green, chubby alien (click for similar pic) with three eyes, long nails, and holding a small green laser pistol (click for pic) came slowly inside. Andrew gasped at the horrendous monster. He’s the one that kidnapped me? He thought to himself. It was impossible indeed. He hesitated to get up from the floor again, with the axe far away from him. It was hard to reach him, as the alien starts to shoot laser pellets right at him. The pellets had melted parts of the bed, as well as it shot the thermostat and broke the window glass. Andrew grabbed the axe as soon as he got his helmet and oxygen tank while the alien tries to reload its gun.

              Andrew puts on his helmet and places his tank behind his back. He breathed the oxygen that came from the tubes behind his helmet. He eyed the alien, still reloading his gun. He stared at the beds with blue blankets and white pillows, neatly made. Andrew made up an idea…and he had to do it quick. Rapidly, he jumped up to the beds, jumping one by one. With the axe on hand, he swung the backwards part of the axe at the alien’s hands, letting go of the reloading gun.


              Andrew scattered back from the alien, holding the gun and aiming at it. The tension inside his body was making him sweat, but it wasn’t the oxygen that was cooling him off…the temperature was rising up very fast after the thermostat was shot. Suddenly the Alien runs fast towards Andrew, unleashing large claws from both of its hands. He starts to shoot at the Alien’s leg multiple times…having a direct hit. Andrew gets up and jumps on the other side of the room’s beds, going around the alien and exiting the room. He then shoots the alien multiple times again using the laser gun, putting the Alien into a slow, painful death.

              Finally exiting that room with the rising temperature, Andrew had to find a way out of the spaceship, and escape from getting burnt from an upcoming star. He had to find the spaceship’s garage to find a spare space car to exit. All was heard was fire from the background, from the outside of the ship as well as somewhere inside. He went through several doors, some doors leading him to the same place where he was before, but the temperature was something he cannot avoid. Feeling exhausted from the heat, he felt like he needed to take a short break and rest, but time was running out. He doesn’t know how close the star is from the ship.

              He finally found the spaceship garage when opening the random door, and to his luck there was a small space aircraft nearby the garage opening. Suddenly he looked back and saw a few more aliens running towards them. Andrew starts to shoot the aliens at their chest, roaring with pain as they die. He then shoots at the garage door opening button and the door opens, leading the way out to space. He turns on the space aircraft with a touch of a button, and starts flying out of the ship with no complications.

              As the ship gets collided with the star, it explodes like a nuclear bomb. The force of the explosion increased the speed of the spaceship heading towards a blue planet. Andrew tries to take on the ship and steered it to the left, heading to an unknown place…
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              At Wits End

              Parody | Rated: T

              “The sea...” whispered the lonely Captain from his cell, his hands wrapped around the window’s bars. The men grabbed at his shoulders and arms firmly, dragging the Captain away from his beloved ocean. He kicked and screamed as they went, “Give me back my ship you dirty land-lovers!” The bedraggled man fought and twisted as he was pulled in to the bright white room, strapped down by his arms and legs.

              The spotless room he had been wrestled into seemed out of place, the air here seemed cleaner; the sound of the crashing waves and calling birds was replaced by a gentle humming from above. He noticed a blood-stained cloth wrapped around his arm, he assumed it was his own – yet the only wound he could find was a tiny insect bite. “They must be keeping me for questioning! Those dogs want my treasure!” He mumbled to himself, reaching to his belt, “AR! Not my sword too, mongrels, mongrels,” he shouted this time, rising from his knees and pounding on the heavy metal wall.

              A sudden scraping sound surprised the Captain, he stumbled backwards as a small gap appeared in the door.

              “Jack, please calm down,” the woman suggested in a stern voice, an order from a woman! Thought the Captain, reeling back from shock. Luckily, Captain Jack was a well known ladies man, not a single girl on the open water had managed to turn him down.

              “Kitchen girl!” He cried, staggering back to the door and caressing it with his fingers, “You are certainly the most beautiful thing in this oddly bright chamber, I particularly like that you lock people up – just my kind of woman,” the lady’s eyes levelled with the opening, narrowing slightly.

              The visor slammed shut, the faint sound of a call for help. “Don’t go my lovely!” Jack called after her, his face squashed flat on the steel door, “Come in, I’m wearing a lovely dress,” he flirted, before looking down at himself puzzled.

              “Quite why I wore this today I don’t know,” he muttered, looking down at the white gown, before peering over his shoulder at the open back, “must have got lucky or something.”

              The case-file of Jack Finch.

              On 9th of July 2003 one "Jack Finch" was arrested in L.A., California, for disruption of the peace. The patient was responsible for a minor boating crash, leading to severe head trauma. Since recovering in hospital the 32-year-old has assumed the identify of one 'Captain Jack', despite having no credentials for such a title, in fact the patient is under a strict ban from being in control of any moving vehicle. Signs of the aforementioned character are: ludicrous statements of prowess in boating and/or drinking, obscene and insulting attempts of flirtation and an alcoholism dependent entirely on spiced rum.

              Following over 12 months of counselling, Finch was released to live without weekly check-ups, however in 2006 he was brought in to his local police station after attempting to trade a monkey corpse with a very confused, west Indian girl. The patient claimed that the monkey was 'magical' and 'undead', although police confirmed that the corpse had been rotting for several weeks and showed no signs of movement. Despite appearing in court, the jury sympathised with the patient, leading to a short sentence, being released just two months later.

              In 2007 Finch was arrested yet again, this time for assaulting an elderly man. The patient simultaneously poked the victim with a sharp stick and pulled out the man's stylised beard. When asked why he attacked, Finch replied: "His octopus keeps attacking people, I'm not letting him turn any more sailors into sharks [sic]."

              It was at this point that recommendation for admission to County House was filed.

              Mr. Jack Finch is to be sectioned under code 117, solitary confinement may be necessary in order to protect other patients and work staff.

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              One Liner [T]

              "Cold toilet seats are the worst."
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              A First is a Start

              Rated: K+ | Event: My First Catch | Character: "Alex" | by: Meganium90
              New Bark Town; a small town in Johto where trainers begin their journey. Every now and then, Professor Elm gives a starter Pokemon to each new trainer anticipating to go on a journey as well as compete at the Johto Pokemon League. Coming out of the Professor’s lab was a boy with spikey hair, green t-shirt, blue jeans and black shoes, alongside a Chikorita, a happy and smiling Pokemon coming out of that lab. The boy also had a messenger bag carried around his body, filled with a few Pokemon items Professor Elm had given him…items including the Pokedex, Pokeballs, a Potion, and Pokemon Food for the Chikorita. Both the boy and the Pokemon walked out of New Bark Town and entered the grassy areas outside the town.

              “I am so excited!” The boy, Alex, said to his Chikorita. “It’s a new beginning for us, Chikorita. You and I are going to work together so well.”

              The jolly-natured Chikorita smiled and jumped happily. “Chika!”

              Alex took out his Pokedex to look at information regarding his Chikorita. The Leaf Pokemon; it uses the leaf on its head to scan for warmth and humidity in its surroundings, and loves to sunbathe. He grinned at Chikorita, liking the fact that he likes to sunbathe as well. “Guess we have something in common. We both like the sun. Sun is awesome, isn’t it?”

              “Chiiiika!!!” Chikorita exclaimed.


              Alex and Chikorita were now in the middle of Route 29. The area was quieter than what he expected. He was hoping to see Pokemon pop up out of nowhere, as well as any trainers he might want to challenge, and vice versa. He was starting to get a bit concerned, as well as get tired already. It was getting harder than he thought. Lucky for Alex, he found a tree with lots of shade. He turned to Chikorita, pointing to the tree. “Hey Chikorita, let’s take a quick break, shall we?”

              The Chikorita nodded and smiled. He was also feeling the same way as Alex: tired and mixed about the walk. He ran ahead to the tree and stood there, waiting for Alex to come by. Wind was starting to pick up as he came to it. Leaves from the tree started to fall, as if it was the season of Fall already, but in reality it was Spring. Alex sat down, leaning his back against the tree and sighed, letting all his tiredness come out of him.
              “Chika, Chikaaaa…” Chikorita cuddled against Alex and sighed. He begins to rest beside him.

              “It’s quite a nice day, I must say. I thought you’d be enjoying the sunlight, not be a lazy Pokemon.” Alex mentioned, glancing at the tall grass. In a short time, he and Chikorita were both falling asleep right beside the tree, closing his eyes slowly and peacefully.

              As they closed their eyes, a Sentret was on top of them, standing in a tree branch right above. It grabbed the branch with its long tail and clanged upside down, facing the sleepy trainer. It smiled at him, waiting for him to wake up. “Seeeeeeeeeeeentret!” It shouted, startling Alex and Chikorita. The Sentret snickered at the two, then falls down from the tree, landing on its tail rightside up again. It then jumped up and down, cheering at itself.

              Alex got up, brushing dirt off his jeans and t-shirt. He wasn’t pleased that a Sentret had disturbed his peaceful rest. Chikorita wasn’t happy either. He got so mad, that he decided to attack the Sentret immediately. He ran towards it to tackle, but he managed to miss by just a bit. The Sentret springed up using its tail, dodging the attack. It then clanged on the branch again.

              “Chikorita! Calm down!” Being the new trainer himself, Alex doesn’t know how to deal with this situation. It’s a wild Pokemon encounter, and his first thought inside his mind was to RUN AWAY. “Let’s get out of here!”

              “Chika??” Chikorita shook his head, refusing to leave the area. Was he really that mad? Alex kept thinking about that to himself. He literally had no choice whatsoever but to battle this Sentret, and he had to do so with no battling experience in his resume, but this was the chance to build it up.

              The Sentret jumped up from the branch and twirled its tail directly at Chikorita, aiming a direct hit at him. Chikorita took the hit at his right cheek, drifting him to the tree and falling to the ground. He was able to recover quickly, with Alex having a chance to make his first command. “Chikorita, use Tackle!” He shouted.

              Chikorita jumped up, and ran quickly towards the tail-standing Sentret. Unaware of what this Chikorita was doing, he slowly bent its tail to the back, preparing a jump. Alex got closer to see what was going on. In a matter of seconds, the Sentret jumped up, performing a backwards somersault. Chikorita had to stop, disliking the fact that it had missed another tackle attack.

              Alex wasn’t liking where this battle is going. Only Chikorita knows the move Tackle, and this Sentret is really quick in dodging and evading his attacks. There was no choice but to just go away, but Chikorita wants to take care of Sentret once and for all. Alex realized that his Chikorita isn’t like any other Pokemon. He’s become a competitive battler. Something Alex likes about Pokemon the most: being competitive.

              The Sentret whooshed its tail directly at Chikorita once again, doing a similar attack as before. Then suddenly, Chikorita starts whooshing his leaf on his head, unleashing several leaves from it. Alex’s mouth opened wide with astonishment. “Razor Leaf! Yes!” he cheered. “Go Chikorita! Use Razor Leaf on that Sentret!”

              “Chiiiika!” Chikorita starts to throw sharp-edged leaves from its leaf head, with the Sentret taking most of the damage. The Sentret was now willing to surrender after being twirled back from the leaves. Alex was starting to like where this battle was heading now, since Chikorita finally learned a new move.

              As the Sentret still isn’t willing to give up, it ran towards the Leaf Pokemon to tackle. Alex decides to finish it off. “Chikorita, this is your chance man! Tackle now!”

              Chikorita roared, running as quick as possible at the weak Sentret. As it jumps and directly tackles the Sentret, pushing it to the tree, he jumps back farther away, preparing another tackle just in case. But the Sentret looked weaker than before.

              “Awwright, Chikorita!” Alex cheered.

              Chikorita came up to Alex and “leaf-five’d” him, swinging his leaf and slapped Alex’s hand, like a normal hi-five. Then, Alex felt there was some unfinished business to take care of. He opened his messenger bag and took out an empty Pokeball Professor Elm gave him. He glanced at it for a second, then glanced at the nearly-fainted Sentret. “You put up a good fight with Chikorita, Sentret. Now you’re mine!” He started to throw the ball directly at the Sentret. “POKEBALL, GO!”

              The ball spins as it was thrown, aiming at the Sentret. It felt the ball being hit beside its tail, and opens. The ball’s power takes it inside the Pokeball, closes it up, and falls to the ground beside the tree. Alex and Chikorita witnessed the ball being wiggled, where the Sentret is trying to find a way out.


              The red light of the Pokeball went off, the ball was just standing there waiting to get picked up. Alex smiled at himself, then turned to Chikorita, catching his breath after the battle. He then came up to the tree and picked up the ball. That Sentret who scared him and disturbed his peaceful rest is now his. Finally…his very first Pokemon. He couldn’t wait to train not just his Chikorita, but his Sentret too.

              “Finally…my very first Pokemon. SUCCESS!” Andrew shot his fist up in the air, holding the Pokeball. Chikorita cheered alongside him, happy for Alex’s first Pokemon.

              They both started to walk past the tree, and several other grassy fields. They were almost close to the next city, Cherrygrove. Alex placed the Pokeball inside the bag, closing it tight, and continued to walk towards the next city. He then turned to Chikorita with happiness. “Chikorita, this is just the beginning of our journey together, man. A lot of things could happen, and we haven’t even earned any badges yet! I am gosh darn ecstatic.”
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                The Loudest Makes no Sound

                [East end of Route 116, Hoenn 6:55 am]


                Zephyr sighed as he stared up at the towering rock mass before them. He didn't know if it was necessarily grand enough to be called a mountain, or even a hill, but it was an obstacle nonetheless. Looking at the map, it hadn't seemed nearly as impossible as this. Maybe there was a better way to Verdanturf town, Zephyr began to wonder.

                "Well, what do you think?" Aloin asked as he folded his arms, watching Zephyr's brooding expression with a raised eyebrow. "Can't we go this way?"

                "Unless we fly over it or walk through the walls, it will be far from easy." Zephyr sighed as he knelt down to take the map held in Zigzagoon's mouth. He opened it as he stood up once more. "According to Mr. Stone, they won't beginning developing the tunnel here for a long time, and even then it will be a while until it's finished. If we head back south, there are some sea routes we can take, like near Petalburg..."

                "Way too long." Aloin said firmly as he then looked the rock mountain before us critically. He, along with his Makuhita and Machop, stepped onto the lower rocks first and tested their stability before continuing up. Zephyr watched with wide eyes as they continued to scale up to a dangerous height.

                "You're an idiot." Zephyr muttered with a sigh. "You could get seriously injured."

                "This is where we part ways, Zephyr!" Aloin said with a wave in Zephyr's direction. "This is the perfect way for us to train our bodies, anyways! I'll see you Mauville whenever you arrive!"

                Zephyr didn't wait to watch Aloin dissapear from sight on top of the rocks.
                He returned his attention to the map and eyed it critically. There were definitely only the sea routes left as an option. He could ask Mr. Briney if he could give him a lift to Slateport like the man had done for them to get to Dewford, but it would still take a long time. Assuming Aloin survived the attempt, he'd make it to Verdanturf fairly quickly. Wasn't there a quicker option?

                "Hit a dead end, did you?"

                Zephyr barely glanced back at the girl walking toward him, grinning brightly. She had a Wingull perched on her arm, which held a letter in its
                beak--probably a messenger Pokemon. The girl herself had brown hair that was braided into a curtain that cascaded over her shoulders. Zephyr wasn't particularly interested in making small talk, so he immediately returned his attention to the map.

                "Not a dead end." He replied vaguely. "I'm just considering my options."

                "Did you consider going through the mountain?"

                "Of course. But without a tunnel, it wouldn't be possible."

                "I suppose that's true. But it's an interesting idea all the same. If the
                Whismur near Verdanturf could meet the ones here, maybe they won't be so lonely."

                "I guess that when a tunnel is finally built, that will solve the

                Zephyr glanced back when he didn't hear a reply. The girl had apparently seen that he wasn't interested in talking. He was relieved about that, but at that same time felt slightly guilty. Either way, he knew what to look for now. Whismur didn't typically live in Verdanturf, which meant that they somehow got over there from here, Route 116. Zephyr's eyes searched along the rocks he saw until he found it. An odd looking, but large rock sitting where the grass vanished and turned to hard rock. With a single push, the rock rolled out of the way and revealed a path that headed right into the the mountain.

                "Well what do you know?" Zephyr murmured as he and Zigzagoon crawled in, pulling the rock back to its spot. After a minute or two of crawling, Zephyr felt the cramped space suddenly widen and he took out a flashlight from his pocket. Everything around him lit up as he turned it on and his eyes went wide. The ceiling was low and the walls had dozens of tunnels of varying sizes roughly dug into them. On a closer look, he realized that the tunnels weren't randomly made, but the there were three general sizes. A small, medium, and large, all easily identifiable.

                "Whismur...Loudred...and I'm guess that there's a bigger third evolution." Zephyr murmured as he pointed the flashlight at three tunnels respectively. Just then, Zigzagoon growled in a low voice, which attracted Zephyr's attention. He pointed the flashlight in the direction Zigzagoon was looking and blinked in surprise as he saw that it was a group of three whismur, having just come out of the smallest size of tunnels. In the glare of the light, the three of them began to suddenly tear up and their whispering voices began to rise slowly, but surely. Zephyr could easily guess what was going to happen.

                "Oh dear lord..." He muttered. "Zigzagoon, growl!"

                Zigzagoon did as Zephyr asked and opened its mouth to growl at the
                Whismur. But no sound came out of his mouth. Or at least, no sound could be heard, as the three Whismur began to scream at the top of their voices. Zephyr held his hands over his ears in agony, dropping the flashlight in surprise.

                "Astonish", huh? Zephyr thought as he gritted his teeth as he tried to keep from being knocked on conscious. He noticed that Zigzagoon was more or less unaffected. The piercing shreaks clearly annoyed him as he laid his ears flat, but he wasn't flinching like Zephyr was. Zephyr motioned to catch Zigzagoon's attention and motioned to the ground quickly. Zigzagoon understood immediately, rushing forward and brushing its tail on the ground as it ran. Zigzagoon made several zigzag turns around the Whismur, who stopped using their attack as they backed up toward each other, confused as to what Zigzagoon was doing. The dust raised around the three they winced as it got in their eyes. Zigzagoon was easily able to dodge them as they attempted to attack with "pound" up close, thanks to their lowered accuracy. Zephyr was surprised, however when one of them manged to get a lucky shot up close and hit Zigzagoon hard on the side, throwing Zigzagoon back a few feet toward Zephyr.

                "Don't let them use their voices again." Zephyr said as the Whismur took
                deep breathes once more. "Headbutt."

                Zigzagoon charged forward once more and errantly moved around, knocking its head into the the Whismur and knocking them back, defeated. But only the one that had struck Zigzagoon before managed to survive the attack and hopped back to its feet, openings its mouth as it used "uproar".

                ....Or tried to use "uproar". Zigzagoon stood their, flinching as it awaited
                the loud noise of the attack, but nothing seemed to come out of Whismur's mouth. At least, to Zephyr it didn't. With Zigzagoon's ears, it could hear the faintest of a sound coming from the Whismur's mouth, though barely. Zigzagoon was thoroughly confused as to why this was and was caught off guard as Whismur swung at it with its hands. Zigzagoon dodged the first two swings, but the third hit him on the belly and sending him flying back once more.

                "Whoa!" Zephyr yelped as he dropped the pokeball on Whismur's head after sneaking up from behind. Whismur was sucked into the pokeball, and after a few shakes, was secure. "Are you alright, Zigzagoon?"

                Zigzagoon shook his fur violently to get rid of the dust on him as he stood up and sunk his teeth into the oran berry he was holding. An obvious 'O.K.' to Zephyr, who was looking at the pokeball he now held in his hands.

                "Dangerously high power, but can't make a sound for his life..." Zephyr murmured as he stared at the nervous looking Whismur beneath the red tint of the top half of the pokeball. "You must have been feigning your astonish under the cover of the other two. In other words, you're a problem child, just like me."

                Zephyr grinned slightly. He didn't discriminate from any normal type Pokemon, but this one seemed to have an interesting trait. Working with it seemed like it would be fun.

                "Welcome to the team, Whismur. Or should I say, 'Welcome to the Ghost Busters?"
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                  First Catch

                  Title: Doofus

                  Six pokeballs, a trainer, and aCharmander. These existences were placed right next to a field of tall grass,in a small town not too far away from the trainer's origin.. Thetrainer couldn't have been more than ten, and his Charmander was obtained by acomplete and total accident which involves a hunt for a red gyarados, ablonde-haired hotheaded idiot, a suitcase, and two very angry Starly’s. Butrather than explain that event, I shall explain a different one. Rather thanthe boy’s first pokemon, this is the story of the boy’s first catch:

                  Five of the capsules felt cool, spherical, welcome in the young boy's hands,but they were unusually light. The same applied to the sixth capsule, which washeavy at first, but right as the small flaming monkey was expelled from it, itbecame light as a ping-pong ball as well. The boy enters the grass, thattickled his legs. He prays for a wild pokemon to capture, his mind inventingvarious scenarios on what this new addition to the team could provide. Whatpokemon would it be? What would it look like? Sound like, feel like? Now, thisgrass was rather tall. And as the boy pondered the possibilities, a certainfire monkey got lost. The boy was just fine before a hard object slammed intohis left leg, sending him down to welcome the soft dirt that caught his body,and promptly invaded his open mouth, as the boy was letting out a cry. The boygot up, wiped his eyes, spat out the dirt, wiped his eyes again, and looked athis attacker.

                  "DOOF!" it said cheerfully, shaking its head. It seemed to loveirritating the boy. The creature was small and brown, with two large buck teethextending out of it's upper lip. The boys pokedex promptly responded in a roboticvoice: "BIDOOF." and proceeded to say something else that the boydidn't quite pay attention too. Instead he just looked at the 'Bidoof' andgrinned, looking rather silly.

                  "GO SIFUHOTMAN!" the boy called out, the nickname of the smallfire monkey. He threw an empty pokeball, that opened and THUMPED! in the dirt,without doing much else. The boy nearly facepalmed as he remembered that hisChimchar was walking besides him, instead of being a good little monkey andstaying in its ball. The Bidoof stared at the empty pokeball, nose twitching,beady eyes studying. It looked up at the boy, back at the ball, then at the boyagain, before letting out a battle cry. It trotted up to the boy, raised a paw,let four black claws extend out of it, and scratched the boy, drawing blood. Thetrainer let out a cry, trying to swat his attacker, but it nimbly dodged theoncoming palm and trotted backwards out of the boy's reach. The trainerobserved the wound, and heard a the small pokemon give a small cry out. Whenthe small figure looked up, it saw the Bidoof pawing at the ground, silentlysaying: YOUR TURN.

                  "GO POKEBALL!" the boy cried out, and in desperation, he threw hisfirst ball. A beam of red light came out of it, promptly swallowing up theBidoof and stuffing it into a tiny little red and white ball, before closing.The ball started wiggling, and the boy got up and tried to make his getaway.Limping away, he called out, searching for his Chimchar. That's when he heardit: a small CLICK! He headed towards the sound and found anothertrainer, who had recently caught a starly. This second trainer was female, andabout the same age as him.

                  "Um...have you seen any Chimchars around here?" the boy asked her.She shook her head, before a DOOF! pierced the air. The boy spunaround, and saw a Bidoof, which promptly picked up the top half of a brokenpokeball. Its beady eyes told the boy everything: the pokeball failed, and theBidoof still wanted to fight. The boy rolled his eyes, and threw a secondpokeball. He turned to resume limping away, before he heard a CRACK! of abreaking ball and a DOOF!

                  "LEAVE ME ALONE!" the boy yelled at the small monster. Its earsperked, and its head tilted. Then it trotted up to the boy, sniffed his leg,and backed off. The female laughed.

                  "Why'd you yell at it?" she asked as it walked away, and the boy'sface went plum red. Suddenly, the pokemon turned around, ran at incrediblespeed, and sent itself into the boys hurt leg, causing the trainer to oncemore, greet the dirt. The Bidoof trotted backwards, and the girl burst intolaughter.

                  "Well, you're a great trainer, aren't you! Your pokemon won't even showup to fight!" she snorted.

                  "Shut. Up." the boy said, angered, before calling out forSifuhotman. Nothing seemed to be going his way. The Bidoof pawed the dirt,before the boy, fuming now, threw the pokedex at the creature. It hit theBidoof square on in the head. The pokemon shook its head a little, beforeglaring at the boy and letting out another cry.

                  “Uh-oh, now its angry!” the female chuckled, as she watched the events forher own amusement. The Bidoof charged at the boy, took its paw, extended fourpaws, and then jumped. The claws camecloser and closer, and the trainers eyes widened, making them easier to target.Then, there was a blur, and a loud THUD!

                  “Sifuhotman!” the boy called out happily, nearly hugging his savior as themonkey faced the Bidoof, completely focused. Suddenly, the girl was astoundedas she saw a complete change in the boy: from a complete and total idiotblubbering around with a Bidoof to an in-charge, cheerful trainer skillfullycommanding his Chimchar, as the fight unfolded. The female suddenly found heramusement lost. She stuck her tongue out at the boy, who rolled his eyes.

                  “Well, you still threw your Pokedex.” She taunted, as the Bidoof let out aweak and feeble: Doooof.

                  “If it’s no fun for you anymore, then you should leave.” The boy said, noteven bothering to look at her. This, of course, annoyed the small girl and shecalled out:

                  “Well…Sifuhotmans weak anyway! Mrs. Pipply-Lippers can destroy him anywhere,any place, anytime! Your pokemon is a coward, and my pokemon are the best. You’rea complete kid, I’m a complete…well I’m also a kid, but I’m a better kid! Soyou should jus-“

                  A pokeball greeted her face, before bouncing off, hitting the ground, andopening. As the Bidoof charged in for a tackle, it was enveloped in the redlight, which dragged it into the tiny little capsule that miraculously managedto close and start wiggling.


                  And hence, Doofus the Bidoof had joined the team for the time being . Theboy went to retrieve the pokeball, but a certain female picked it up first.

                  “That was mighty rude of you to hit me with a pokeball.” She said, stickingher nose up in the air. The boy however noticed that the girl had never pickedup the Starly that she caught when the two first met. The trainer picked up theball, and smiled.

                  “That was mighty rude of you to kidnap Doofus.” He said, in a high-pitchedvoice, as he attempted to imitate her.

                  “Well…that was mighty rude of you to take Mrs. Star Lee! Give her back rightnow!” the girl fumed.

                  “Well…that was mighty rude of you to take Doofus! Give him back right now!”the boy said, still mocking her.

                  “It isn’t funny!”

                  “It isn’t funny!”

                  “STOP IT!”

                  “Stop it!”

                  The girl then proceeded totackle the boy, attempting to wrestle Star Lee out of his grasp. In the end oftheir struggle, the girl walked off with a grin.

                  “I have them both! HA HA!” she said, holding up the pokeballs. She thenwalked off.

                  The boy waited until she was out of sight and then turned to Sifuhotman.

                  “Well, we should welcome Star Lee and Doofus to the team!” he said,grinning, holding up two pokeballs. He wondered how long it would take untilthe girl noticed her pokeballs were light as a ping pong ball. So, he no longerhad his five empty pokeballs(two broke on Bidoof, one success on Bidoof, othertwo given to the girl during the struggle.) The boy walked off, whistling amerry tune, resuming his journey, eager to see more pokemon!

                  A few copy-paste errors are in there from copying from my Word document. um...yeah.
                  My Chainsaw Meowth is currently missing! If you have a lead or think you know something, PLEASE PM ME! I am desperately searching, and I dread the possibility that I may never find him...
                  On a side note, if anybody can answer the following question right, then they get a mystery prize! *Must have a Gen V game to claim prize*
                  Question: What the heck did Jinora do in the finale?! I don't get it! I know 90% of you won't know what I'm talking about, but I need an answer!
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                  Pokemon Odyssey:
                  Dragon Blood
                  Short Story/Character [T]
                  “Outrage is both a blessing, and a curse. It grants its user unfathomable power, but at the terrible cost of self control…”
                  -Erratt Chronos, Keeper of Lost Knowledge

                  My name is Vera Fayos. Many years before the advent of the Silver Tribe, I lived in the city of Albia. I was born to a family of noble Blaziken who were very prominent in the city. When I was born, my parents were shocked to find that I was smaller than most Torchic and had pale feathers. As a result, my family despised me, viewing me as something inferior. I was treated badly and was often neglected. My sisters, who were the very model of perfection, received much attention, and were spoiled to their heart’s content. It was hell growing up in Albia. I was only let out of the house to attend school, and even then I had to use an alias, to avoid bringing embarrassment on my household.

                  But this is not a story about my childhood in Albia. After eventually growing into a Combusken, I ran away from home. I waited on the outskirts of town for someone to come looking for me, but no one ever came. And so I left Albia, vowing to prove them wrong. I was not weak. I headed into the mountains to the north in order to train. I eventually came upon a pit of lava at the bottom of a hole. Despite being a Pokemon of fire, It was still way too intense for me to handle at my age. So I decided to train on the edge of the hole to build my endurance.

                  I trained for months, getting stronger and stronger. Until one day, I slipped and fell into the opening. I barely managed to grab onto the ledge as I fell. The heat was far more intense than up above, and I could not build up the energy to pull myself up. Just when I was about to give up hope, a small figure appeared at the edge of the pit above me. It reached down and grabbed hold of my arm. It pulled me up with incredible strength. I was safe for the moment. But who was this person who had saved my life? After I got over my exhaustion, I turned over to look upon a small figure with a green hide, red belly, and a single horn on the top of his head.

                  My education told me he was a Larvitar. I should have expected as much, since they prefer to live lives of solitude in the mountains, away from society. I stood up, and he looked over to me. He motioned for me to follow him into the mountains. He eventually led me to a cave that appeared to be dug out by hand. Once I got inside, I could see that it was very minimal, with a stone slab as a makeshift bed, and a pile of rocks in the corner. The Larvitar walked over to the pile of rocks and picked up two of them. He handed one of the rocks to me and began to bite chunks off the rock he still held. I stared at him for a while, and then stared at the rock. He paused for a moment and then took the rock back.

                  After digging around the pile for a bit, he produced a hunk of meat. It was bloody sill and uncooked. He held it out to me. I accepted the hunk of meat, and proceeded to create flames from my hand, cooking it. The Larvitar stared in amazement as if he had never seen such a thing in his life. When it was done cooking, I tore the meat in half, and handed some of it to him. He touched it curiously and smiled. I took the meat to my mouth and began to eat it. He watched me for a bit, then took the meat from my hand and dug into it like it was the best thing he had ever eaten. The meat was pretty bland and tasteless really, but to someone who had never had cooked meat before, it must have been like heaven.

                  We mostly kept to ourselves for the next few days, until I got up the courage to speak. I approached him while he went through his usual regiment of consuming hot magma, a feat which deeply impressed me, and asked, “What is your name?” He stopped suddenly, and looked up at me. “Name?” He had no idea what I was talking about. “Yeah,” I said, “what did your parents name you? What do people call you?” He looked down with an expression of confusion on his face. “My mother called me a worthless burden. Is that what you mean?” said the Larvitar. I was shocked. His mother had apparently abandoned him. “What about your father?” I asked him. “I’ve never met my father,” he responded. It was amazing. The first person I met after leaving home had experienced the same neglect that I had.

                  We got to talking and found that we had a lot in common. I never would have expected that I would ever meet another individual who understood what I had been through. We both decided that we had to surpass those who had looked down on us, and so we took to training together. He was incredibly strong for his size. Even more so than I had anticipated. I had read about the Tyranitar line and understood that they were powerful, but I never expected the kind of challenge I got out of fighting with him.

                  After two years of training, our strength had increased ten fold. We fought during the day, and talked during the night. The only friend I ever had.

                  We were taking a break from our usual early morning sprint one day, when it happened. A voice from out of nowhere. “Well, well, well… What have we here?” We looked up to see a Gengar with a gang of Machoke on the top of a cliff. “What a lovely couple.” He had a sinister grin on his face as he looked down on us. It was disgusting. “Guahaha! Yeah boss. I bet they’d have some cute babies too!” The Machoke sounded like an idiot, laughing at his own jokes. “Silence!” the Gengar screamed. The Machoke cringed, as if he had been stabbed.

                  “Well now little kiddies, it seems as though you’re encroaching on my territory.” He sounded so superior, like he thought he owned everything. “This is our mountain! Not yours!” I responded. He frowned at me. “Do you know who you’re talking to? I’m Deadly Varren! Leader of the Deadly Dredges!” I recognized the name. They were a real problem in Albia. And now it seemed they were expanding their territory. “Never heard of you” said my Larvitar Friend. S#@t! “Shut up. We really don’t want to mess with these guys,” I whispered. “I don’t care,” he yelled, “this is my territory. Not yours!” Varren looked absolutely furious that someone would stand up to him like that.

                  “EVERYTHING IS MY TERRITORY!” Varren was screaming at the top of his lungs. I understood why the Machoke had acted the way he did. Varren’s voice was sharp, and painful. Before I had a chance to recover, two of the Machoke were around me, going for the kill. I managed to just barely dodge the first on, allowing him to strike the other with a deadly punch. I turned to see that my friend was already down. No. We can’t lose. Not after everything we have been through. But then, Varren phased in front of me. “Just go to sleep…” Then everything got quiet, and darkness descended…

                  I awoke to the sound of screams. I opened my eyes to a horrifying sight. A black sky framed a terrible beast. It was several feet tall, and was made of purple energy. I recognized features resembling a Tyranitar, but I couldn’t identify it completely. Black energy flowed through the air, and the monster’s eyes were glowing yellow. He was tearing the Machoke to pieces, as I stared in horror. I could not move for some reason. They had likely beat me up while I slept. When the beast was done with the Machoke, he turned to look at Varren. The fear in his eyes was disturbing. “I’m sorry! I’ll leave you two alone now. Please, just let me go! I don’t want to die!” As the beast stared at Varren, he began to growl. He suddenly let forth a roar so chilling that it still gives me nightmares to this day. It was fierce, but distorted. Like nothing I’ve ever heard. I could not see what he did to that Gengar, but the sound he made almost brought me to tears. I had never felt this kind of fear before.

                  Then, the beast turned to look at me. I froze up. I couldn’t even breathe as he took step after step closer to me. Now, he was standing over me, bloodlust in his eyes. He lifted his arm up to strike, when suddenly, a dragon burst forth from underground. When I saw him, I recognized the features he shared with the beast. A fin on his head, yellow eyes, hooked blades from his hands. All characteristics shared with the beast. He then slashed across the monster’s back. It roared once again before falling to the ground.

                  As the energy began to dissipate, I realized that the monster before me was the very Larvitar I had been friends with. He lay on the ground now, motionless. I was finally able to stand again. The dragon before me was a Garchomp, and a very old one at that. “Take care of him, little one,” he said to me as he walked away. “You’re his father, aren’t you?” I asked. He stopped, and looked back. “The time for us to meet has not come yet. This intervention was not supposed to happen, but I had no choice but to take drastic measures. He cannot control his dragon blood. Not yet.”

                  My friend and I trained for a few years after that day, but he was much more distant after that. He couldn’t quite remember what had happened, but it had still changed him. We eventually came to the end of our training, with me becoming a Blaziken, and him becoming a Pupitar. We bid each other farewell, and went our separate ways. I headed for Albia, while he traveled deeper into the mountains.

                  I was standing in front of a barren house in Albia, trying to put the pieces together in my head. My family wasn’t there. A Murkrow happened to be passing by at the time, so I asked him, “Where is the family that lived in this house?” “You didn’t hear?” he responded, “They were all murdered some years ago.” I couldn’t believe it. All that work, all that effort, for nothing. “They never did find the youngest. Quite a shame.”

                  I did some research and found out that Varren’s successor was the same man who had taken away my satisfaction. I tracked down the Deadly Dredges’ home base and started tearing it apart, screaming for their leader to come out and face me. In a single night, I had destroyed the Deadly Dredges. The Dusknoir finally came out. He talked big like Varren did. “You think you can scare me?! You’re nothing! Nothing I say! No one could be afraid of someone as small as you!” I gave him a fierce look. “You will never know what true fear feels like. Even when you’re crawling on the ground, begging me for your life, you will never know the fear I’ve felt…”

                  I eventually built myself a house on the plains, far from the city. I tried to find my friend, but to no avail. And so I lived a life of solitude, just like the Tyranitar of the mountains. Until one day, I heard a knock on my door. It was quite a surprise since I never got visitors. But what was on the other side of the door was an even bigger surprise. Much bigger. I opened the door to find a Tyranitar looking down at me. He had a scar across his left eye, and blood stains on his hands and feet. “Vera,” he said with a smile on his face, “my name is Sovereign.”

                  This story is based on SuperVegeta's Pokemon Odyssey.
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                    Short Story {Rated [T]}

                    "Normal Lives"


                    Henry checked his computer. No emails, or skype alerts, or even a chat update. Most people in the chatroom he opened two years ago were probably either dead, or insane. Which really sucks, because there were some cool people. Even with all of their powers, Henry and his friends couldn't do anything for the rest of the population, only wait it's lifespan out and start repopulating. He guesses he could just kill them all off now, but that seemed cruel, even if they were all going to die anyway. He got up and went into his lab, and checked on his DNA simulater. 79%. He had to wait for this to finish, before seeing if it was viable. The machine had a habit of making imperfect coding, not knowing how human DNA had to fit together. On the bright side, there were only a few successful DNA structures left to make before Henry could begin, and he had infinate time to wait. On the dark side, this could take a millenia to even get one done, as it was pretty much all about luck. Henry remembered when he had a few hundred of these going at once, but an invasion from the Depraved Ones had wiped out all but two, and the second started malfunctioning. Henry could fix them, but he needed parts, which he would have to leave his "home" to get. The Depraved Ones sickened him, and he was actually quite afraid of them, despite his immortality. But it was kinda his fault humans had lost all of their morals. He could have stopped this himself, instead of letting his brother do it. Obviously, that was the wrong choice, and Henry should have gone instead. Evan was too...confidant. He misjudged the American's cunning, and they trapped him while going through with their plans. Oh, he broke out not too long after his imprisonment, but the wheels had already begun to turn. He failed to forsee that, didn't he?


                    Henry turned to find Bradley and Sydnie. Bradley had his arms crossed, whereas Sydnie looked more relaxed.

                    "Hey. What's up?"

                    Sydnie spoke up, "There's a bunch of Depraves in the storage facility, and they have heavy artillery. We need you to lock all of the automatic doors, and trap them in there before they finish raiding and head here." Henry nodded, and started typing in his computer. He didn't understand why they couldn't do this. They were some of the most computer illiterit people he knew.

                    "Okay, done. What was in there?"

                    Bradley answered this time, "Bullets. Rations. Military crap. They should kill each other off in no time. I'm surprised they managed to organize this far."

                    "How many?"

                    "Eleven." Depraves were not known to keep anything alive long enough to co operate an attack like this. Maybe a Manipulater had survived somehow? Henry voiced this observation.

                    "Yeah," agreed Sydnie, "Thats what Evan thinks too. Or rather, that what he knows." Evan was weird. He pretty much knew the future, but he always replies, "Its not so simple," whenever the others ask him what happens after all of this. He can also read minds, or rather know what's on them, and see everything, no matter where or when it is. Henry guesses that's what Omniscience is like, though Evan doesn't seem to know everything. He didn't know about America's trap, right? He said that was because he never looked for it. Henry doesn't get it, if you know everything, you know everything, right? But Evan swears you have to actually think about it to know it.

                    "Oh. Should we kill the manipulater?"

                    "No," Bradley said,"Taylor and Harrisson are. They should be back by now."

                    Sydnie changed the subject, possibly trying to lighten the mood.

                    "So, uh, any progress on your baby maker?"

                    "No takers today, closest one is a DNA code for a one armed midget. A normal midget would be fine, but the one arm makes his code non-viable for healthy repopulation."

                    "Oh...." Bradley stood awkwardly. "Uh....wanna play cards or something?" Henry laughed. Cards. F*cking cards. He knew every official game by now, and even a few Bradley had made up. Six years of f*cking cards everyday.

                    "Honestly? No. I don't. Maybe later. How about something like...monopoly."

                    "We don't have Monopoly..."

                    "Yeah but, we can make it. We have construction paper and cardboard. I think a box of markers is in that drawer over there."

                    ".....nah. We can do that later tonight. Its not like we have anything to do for the next few hundred years." Sydnie smiled. She found Bradley's laziness very humerous. She had an idea too.

                    "How about soccer?!" Everyone except Henry was American, even Evan, his brother. Only Henry had grown up in their hometown in Quebec.

                    "Oh yeah! We can play football, though whoever's on Brad's team would have an unfair advantage. Well..... I guess Taylor and Sydnie together can equal it out..."

                    We discussed the best way to balance teams, before calling Evan and the others.

                    "Hey guys. Footb- I mean Soccer. Courtyard. Me, Bradley, Evan, and Larry versus Sydnie, Taylor, Derek, and Harrisson."

                    On the field, Bradley's speed managed to outdo Sydnie's skill and Taylor's elasticity. Evan blocked anything that was blockable, which was not that much. Larry's endurance proved helpful in the late game, when everyone else was dripping sweat and short breathed. In restrospect, they would have been better to combat Bradley's offensive power. It was 2 A.M. before they stopped. They all headed in side to cool down a regain their strength.

                    Larry threw an empty gaterade bottle at Bradley, who proceeded to throw it at Evan. Evan frowned, and threw it at Larry, bouncing it off of Bradley's head. Sydnie giggled, and Henry threw his own bottle. Soon everyone was throwing bottles, before eventually settling down. Laughing and enjoying each other's company, the eight kids almost forgot the hell outside their doors.

                    Parody! Rated M

                    "Guns of the....what is it called again, Otacon?"

                    Parody of Metal Gear Solid 4

                    Snake crawled along the ground, sneaking past enemy troops. Rolling underneath a car, he slowly pulled out his knife. He could see the feet of the soldier just on the other side of the car. Snake crept forward, knife at the ready. Suddenly, he swept his arms to the side, knocking the man over. The enemy's head fell near the car, and Snake grabbed it and yanked him under. Using his knife to solidify his kill, he stashed the body beside him. Nobody heard a thing....

                    Snake crawled out from under the car, and quickly ran out of the room. Wait. Why was there a car in here? Damn Russians, and their crafty ways. They were trying to psyche him out! Snake felt his psyche drop dramatically. Damn, it worked. Gotta find some Regain™ to Regain™ his psyche. He crossed over to the other side of the hallway, stopping at a corner. Nobody saw him. Pressing against the wall, he controlled his breathing. He had lost his gun somewhere along the way, he can't really remember. But he had his knife...his knife. Snake heard footsteps around the corner, nearing the corner. He waited for the right time, than sprang from around the corner. Grabbing the guard's head, he pulled him around and slammed him against the wall. He buried his knife in his stomach for good measure. Snake heard someone scream. A scientist, no doubt. You're not supposed to kill scientists, that will raise alarm. Wait. Wouldn't a dead guard raise alarm too? Oh well. Time to wreck some stuff. Snake burst into the reception area, err, I mean weapons research area, and threw his knife into the guard closest to him. He rushed the last guard as he grabbed a handful of pens.

                    "David?! What are yo-AGH!"

                    Damn Soviets, knowing his name. Nobody knows his name. Not even that son of a b*tch Ocelot. My pens in your neck will show you not to say my name! An alarm went off, and females started screaming and fleeing the building. Good. Now they wont get in the way- Oh no! Its Meryl!

                    "Meryl! Come with me!"

                    "Wha- No, I'm not Meryl, David! Meryl's dea-"

                    Snake grabbed her arm, and pulled her to him. Lifting her on his shoulders, he carried her to another room, "Meryl" screaming all the way . Bastards brainwashed her. Gotta get her to Naomi fast. A group of guards with machine guns burst into the room. Sh*t. Snake tried to run past them, but they took Meryl and threw him to the ground.

                    "Snake? Snake?! SNAAAAAAAAAAKE!!!!!!"

                    A local news reporter recaps the incident on the channel seven news.

                    "Also, today an American hero kills three of his country men. While being treated with post-traumatic stress disorder and advanced lung cancer at Regional Hospital earlier today, Legendary 'Solid Snake' had a relapse of his encounters in Manhattan. He supposedly made a makeshift knife out of his hospital bed, and hid underneath. While a nurse came to check on him, he pulled him down and stabbed him to death. Solid Snake then proceeded to rush the reception area, killing a doctor with his knife and another nurse with a ball point pen and two pencils. He then kidnapped a woman, believing her to be his lost love Meryl, who died and triggered his stress. It is under debate whether he will suffer penalties or not. Thank you, I'm Jenna Silla with News Channel 7."

                    Mr. Aladdin sir! Have a wish or two or three!
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                    Caught In A Loop
                    Escape! [K+]
                    As I finally came to the realization that I was going to die, my adrenaline began to pump. I was being drawn ever closer to the star as every second passed. I quickly ran to the bridge and booted up one of the computers. After running a diagnostic, I found that I only had fifteen minutes remaining.

                    The engines were out of commission. Maybe if I could get to them in time I could figure out a way to jury rig them. I rushed down to the engine room which was air-locked due to damage to the hull. I found a breathing mask nearby and fastened it to my face.

                    Ten minutes left. I was working with very little supplies and almost no tools. But after some work I managed to throw together a system which could work. In theory at least. With five minutes left I huuried to get the computer to start up the engines. I typed in all the necessary commands to start up the engine.

                    -Access code required
                    - |

                    No! Not this. Anything but this. The heat became unbearable as the white light engulfed the ship.

                    I woke up, back in the same iron room. I looked out the window again to see the same star coming at us again. What was going on here? I once again ran to the computer in the bridge. Eighteen minutes. I had a head start this time. I started hacking the systems, looking everywhere I could for the access code. When I found it, I committed it to memory. Thirteen minutes left. I ran to the engine room again, grabbing up the mask as I ran into the air-lock. I quickly started jury rigging the engine again.

                    Ten minutes. I noticed a copy of Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass next to the computer in the bridge. Odd considering there were no other signs of life on the ship. I ignored this and continued to enter the necessary commands once again. 5 Minutes.

                    -Access code required
                    - 405411187
                    -Access granted! Engines activated.
                    - |

                    My heart flew as I heard the engines start up. Then, once again, I was engulfed in that same white heat of the sun.

                    The same room again. I decided the engines were a waste of time. I once more booted up the computer. I determined that my best course of action would be to get the shields online. If I could do that I could buy myself more time. I headed for maintenance in the hopes that there may be a spare core drive for the shield generator. But the door was locked. Fifteen Minutes. I banged against the door several times until it finally gave. Right there on the table was what I was looking for. The core drive to the shield generator. It was sitting next to a picture of me standing with a woman. I felt like I should know who she was, but I just couldn’t.

                    Ten minutes. I rushed into the engine room with the Drive core and fastened the mask to my face for the third time. I quickly removed the old drive core and began to install the new one. It took much longer than I anticipated and had to sprint to make it to the bridge. Five minutes. I logged into the computer and began the process for what I hoped would be the last time.

                    -Activate shields 75%
                    -Access code required
                    -Access granted! Shields at 25%
                    -Error! Meltdown in main engine room 1
                    -Error! Meltdown in main engine room 2
                    - |

                    I screamed in agony. All my efforts were for nothing. But what could I do. And, just like the last two times, the sun’s white light consumed us…

                    I must have tried it a hundred different ways. I thought about the objects I found. Through the Looking Glass. The photo of me and that girl. I couldn’t figure out what it all meant. But then it hit me. I knew what I had to do. Once more, I booted up that wretched computer terminal.

                    -Input commands please
                    -Terminate simulation
                    -Access code required
                    -Access granted! Have a nice day!

                    As the ship plunged into the sun, it began to disappear, I was left to drift in the void of space. I closed my eyes tight, and when I opened them again, I could see the inside of the simulation pod. It opened up and I saw the worried face of my wife. She quickly embraced me and told me that something had malfunctioned inside the simulation pod and that it had been caught in a logic loop. They were worried that they may never get me out. It didn’t matter to me. I had escaped.
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                      Rescue {Rated K+}

                      Rescue Mission!!!!!!

                      4:32 P.M. Thursday, July 31st, 2012.
                      Saffron station.

                      It was 12 o'clock midnight when it had happened, stereotypical. My dear friend Professor Oak, who had guided me on my journey to become the PI (Pokemon investigator) I am today, was kidnapped from his office. I had heard on the news earlier today, but the train had taken longer to arrive than usual. I was to board another train shortly, this one to Pallet Town. The locals Leos were amateurs at best, a real detective had to come settle the matter. I just hope they didn't screw up the crime scene too much. My train arrives, and I board, along with my suitcase full of sleuth devices. Any self respecting PI had an over-sized magnifying glass, as well as a pipe, trench coat, and detective's hat. Mine was plaid, the highest of all hat pedigrees.

                      Arriving at my destination and home town, I proceeded to view the crime scene. Cops had taped off the area, and were guarding it. The morons would not allow me to pass, so I waited for nightfall to make my move. I passed the time visiting old friends, and sharing my tales of adventure. My cohort and prodigy sidekick, slowpoke, made quite the company. His classic tales of adventure light up my old pals' eyes, even though nobody could understand his speech. He is always saying "poke", making it hard to tell what he actually means. No matter, playing cards were also in the equation, so the hours passed quickly.

                      At nightfall, I snuck into the lab, tricking the police with a well-thrown pine cone.I released my comrade Pokemon, for both assistance and company. Pulling out my magnifying glass, I took a preemptive scan of my surroundings before investigating. Numerous tossed papers and overturned bookshelves decorated the interior. Foot prints, most the trademark Hand Crafted Shoe prints of the dear Professor, lined the floor. The others were of cheap, low-life-criminal's salary shoes. There were varying sizes, which mean more than one kidnapper. I counted 3 different sizes of shoes. So three or more people. I studied the area where the professor had been supposedly knocked out. A little blood was on the floor.

                      "Medical examiner!"

                      My assistant Slowpoke diagnosed the blood.


                      "You think so?"


                      "My god, man! Do you understand the gravity of your words?!"


                      "Righteo. It seems this blood is.....human."

                      *dramatic music plays through my head.*

                      Such a hanus crime can only be committed by....Team Rocket! A criminal organization, led by Giovanni himself! This could be the single most important discovery of my career, no! The decade! Team Rocket had to pay! But where were they? The crimes scene must be further evaluated.

                      "Medical Examiner! We must dust for prints."

                      My quick-witted assistant and I dusted the area, finding numerous glove-prints.

                      "The ruffians used gloves! Clever girl!"

                      More dusting revealed a torn glove.


                      I quickly made a sketch of it.

                      "What do you think, assistant?"




                      "You mean to say, Giovanni himself were here?!"


                      So, the mastermind himself had to do this. Of course, Professor Oak was a tough one. How did I not see this earlier? all there is is to find the location of their hideout! I studied the grass near the entrance. Yellow. And long. I looked at the dirt on the walls and floor. Dusty, almost as if....darn. I have no idea.

                      "Assistant! What do you make of this dust and grass?"


                      "The safari zone?!"


                      Hm. So the criminals had taken refuge in the late Warden's Savannah Resort. Poor Warden, if he were still alive, he would be furious. But now is the time for action! We strike them now, before they have a chance to ransom Professor Oak!

                      "Assistant! Good work. Now we must confront the hooligans!"

                      I quickly left the lab, and boarded the train for Fuchsia City. I arrived very quickly, about an hour or so later. Not even stopping at the Pokemon Center, I went straight to the Safari Zone.

                      "Ah! A night owl! The admission fee is 500 pokedollars....thank you! Enjoy the wild adventures on our Safari Zone™!"

                      Slowpoke and I made our way into the Safari Zone, careful to make the most of our 1000 steps. I explored far and wide, even caught a Rhyhorn, and never found the hideout. Stopping at a rest area, I struck up a conversation with one of the gents in there.

                      "Hello sir! How are you this fine evening?"

                      "There's nothing suspicious behind that poster."

                      "Huh? Are you mad, man?!"

                      "There's nothing suspicious behind that poster."

                      I found this interaction very suspicious. I walked over to the poster, and tore it off. A secret button!

                      "Stop, man!"

                      The gent in the room tackled me before I could push it, the released his Pokemon. I gave Rhyhorn a chance to shine.

                      "Rhyhorn! Go!"

                      Rhyhorn huffed and puffed, psyching himself up. The enemy's Raticate gnashed his teeth.

                      "Rhyhorn! Use Double Edge!"

                      Rhyhorn charged at his opponent, and tackled him full on. Both Pokemon went tumbling into the wall, tearing it down. Rhyhorn got up, and reared. His feet slammed down on the ground, where Raticate had been lying a second before. The speedy rat Pokemon bit Rhyhorn with iron teeth, hindering his back leg. Rhyhorn kicked, sending the mouse flying.

                      "Rhyhorn! Use horn drill!"

                      The dazed and confused Raticate could not dodge the horn of it's foe, and was instantly knocked out. The gent returned his Pokemon and fled.

                      "Rhyhorn! Good job, man! Return!"

                      My new friend was absorbed into his pokeball. He needed time to rest his injured leg. Slowpoke was more than capable than defeating any enemy. I pushed the button on the wall, and a secret staircase opened up. Classic. I went down stairs, and was ambushed by three Rocket Grunts. To make a long fight scene short, slowpoke dispatched each of their pokemon mercilessly, in a glorious gambit of prestige and honor. His daring psychic and water attacks were unstoppable. The three grunts turned tail and fled. Proceeding deeper into the hideout, I took a more stealthy approach. As a guard turned to look near my hiding place, I punched him out, and he lay of the floor unconscious. I handcuffed him to a heavy machine nearby. Venturing further, I disarmed several grunts in this fashion. The very last room had only Oak in it, tied to a chair and duck taped over the face. I untaped his mouth and he yelled.

                      "Look out!"

                      With the lightning fast reflexes of a Slowpoke, I dodged a blunt instrument attack, directed towards my head. I swept the floor with my foot as my natural fighting style kicked in. Ha ha. That was a pun. Get it? Because it was a sweep kick, and I said "kicked in?" I'm hilarious. None other than Giovanni himself stood in the doorway as I took out his last remaining grunt. He laughed, and evil, ominous laugh, and sent out his monstrous pokemon, Nidoking. Slowpoke stepped up in a bout of Chivalry, only protecting his master instead of the fair lady.

                      "Mwahahahahaha! You think your little, dumb Pokemon can beat Nidoking?! Ha! We'll see."

                      Slowpoke quivered. Dumb? DUMB?! I AM A GENIUS INVESTIGATORS ASSISTANT!!!!!!!! SLOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!! At least, that's what I think all of that "Pokeslowslowpokepoke. Poke? POKE! SLOOOW!" meant.

                      Slowpoke turned white and started trying to evolve. Poor fellow, he needed a Shelder to evolve! But he tried and tried anyway. Finally giving up, he stopped. Tears filled his eyes as the two evil goons laughed at him. His rage turned into fury, and his eyes went red. His mouth gushed with water, and blasted a beam of pure water energy at the opposing Pokemon.

                      It's super effective!

                      Nidoking was sent flying through several layers of walls. Giovanni's jaw dropped.

                      "I think I'll be taking the professor now."

                      The rest is history, Team Rocket was exposed, and became known throughout the world. Giovanni escaped, and rebuilt his empire. But the public knew, and reckoning was just around the corner, in the shape of the Professor's new prodigy. A ten year old boy, with a Pikachu at his side.

                      Mr. Aladdin sir! Have a wish or two or three!
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                      The qualifying quick queen quoted the quirky quilter.
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                        My Chainsaw Meowth is currently missing! If you have a lead or think you know something, PLEASE PM ME! I am desperately searching, and I dread the possibility that I may never find him...
                        On a side note, if anybody can answer the following question right, then they get a mystery prize! *Must have a Gen V game to claim prize*
                        Question: What the heck did Jinora do in the finale?! I don't get it! I know 90% of you won't know what I'm talking about, but I need an answer!
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