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Old August 17th, 2012 (4:41 AM).
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    I've decided to scrap my other Fanfic and start anew. This time it'll be more focused on Human-Pokemon melee combat, with swords, brass knuckles and many other blunt weapons invented by Mankind.


    The once peaceful village of Shadowdamned , known for its abundance of Dark-Types, now reduced to ashes. The carcasses of the fallen Pokémon who had struggled to protect their masters’ village scatter the streets, painting the pavement with blood. The villagers either perished during the struggle for freedom, or hanged. Even the children were not spared.
    The newborns were torn apart, either amputated or decapitated, while the juveniles watch. The remains of the newborns were fed to them forcefully, and the ones who refuse are devoured by their kin. After they have been fed forcefully, the slavemasters pit them against each other in a Free-for-All slaughter fest. The survivor of the massacre is then branded as a slave champion, and transferred to the Keep for training.
    Only one tribe of murderers are known for this manner of brutality. They call themselves “The Purge”, and they claim that they have been purifying the unwashed masses of this foul world while they conceal the brutality they forced upon the secluded region of Mors. After their carnage of the innocent. They leave but one sign, a flag emblazoned with the symbol of Omega (Ω).
    Many villages have been wiped of the face of the earth at the hands of The Purge, for they seek but one thing.
    And that is the death of all Mankind.
    Soon, their members will spread. Their bases will multiply, and soon the world will be overwhelmed by the forces of The Purge. What will you do to stop them? Will you simply wait, delaying your death by a little, or will you fight for your freedom, for your dignity, and for your people? Or will you join their ranks, slowly climbing the ladder, and lead this foul organization yourself?

    I'll be releasing the First Chapter tomorrow.

    ~Daniel Evans || PC's Phoney Photoshopper
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