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New Monster Catching Game on Kickstarter - Deozoa: Legends of Eden

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Old August 28th, 2012 (3:12 PM).
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Hello everyone!

My name is Lauren Ellis and I am the art director for Ignis Studios. We just launched our first game, Deozoa: Legends of Eden, on Kickstarter.

Here is our Kickstarter link:

Deozoa is a monster catching game with over 100 monsters and 11 playable characters. Instead of sending the monsters out to fight for you, you get to pair one monster with one human and fight together on the battlefield. It will be released for iOS, Android, PC, Mac, Linux, and Ouya.


It is a time of bandits and knights, where settlements are only small ventures into the wild landscape. Vor, the capital of Voren, is the most prosperous city in the world, and has always been the leader in Deozoa research. It has reached this position of prominence because of the trade from Vor’s greatest treasure, a very small fruit tree. This mystical tree doesn’t grow any larger than its size and only sprouts several fruit at a time, but will regrow whatever is taken from it in a matter of hours. It has provided Vor with an unending source of healing leaves, rejuvenating fruit, and branches that can be carved into small flutes. These flutes have expanded Deozoa research greatly over the last hundred years, because their notes calm a Deozoa and allow it to be tamed. Humankind has learned to tame Deozoa to be pets and even accompany and assist them on the battlefield.

The highest authority on Deozoa behavior, Dr. Smauds, resides in Vor. Dr. Smauds has theories trying to answer why Deozoa seem to leave all human settlements completely alone. The Baron of Vor has decided to commission Smauds to explore some of the highest populations of Deozoa and study their actions firsthand. Cadyn and Jerrith, two young mercenaries, are hired to travel with Dr. Smauds as the travel the country of Voren...


We are especially excited about using a community driven development approach for Deozoa. We grew up playing a lot of Pokemon and Monster Rancher games, the whole time wishing there was some way to get our own monster creations included in a real game. We are very excited to provide that kind of channel with Deozoa. Obviously, we can't include every monster in the official title - we will probably have some contests and polls to pick the best, but we are excited to make it available for our backers to be part of making Deozoa!

More features:
  • One time game purchase for all monsters, characters, and story.
  • Join a community and submit your monster creations for them to be in the game.
  • Capture and befriend over 100 monsters
  • Evolve your Deozoa between 2 and 4 stages
  • Recruit 10 characters to your team
  • Level up and upgrade human classes
  • Use 12 elements to your advantage
  • Fight in a free-form battling system
  • Rich RPG storyline - this will not be a casual game - it will be a full blown RPG!



No credits.

More info:
For more info, please check out our project and like us on Facebook!

Thanks everyone!

I'm working on the newest monster catching game for Andriod and iOS: Deozoa! So excited!

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Old August 28th, 2012 (7:21 PM).
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No but seriously, this project looks baller. A lot more clean and professional than other new monster-catching games that I've seen floating around. The art in particular is very clean, and I'm very interested in seeing the finished combat system in particular.

Actually, question, is this a custom engine? You mentioned that this wasn't flash (thanks for that by the way, all power to the non-flashes), or is this a premade engine?

Still looking for spriters for Pokemon Azure! If you're even the slightest bit interested, contact either me or DJClass. More information available on the Azure thread.
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Old August 28th, 2012 (8:27 PM).
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This is really cool, good luck with everything, although feel like you should maybe take down the 35K+ options from your kickstarter thing, it just seems a bit unreasonable to have up there, I think it would be better to just say that if anyone donates more than 1,500 then you'll conjure up an appropriate prize for them.
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Old August 31st, 2012 (1:06 PM).
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Like I said on the previous thread, this game is a very neat idea and I will be watching it closely for updates! (I love iOS monster collector games; I have at least 6 of them and am always on the lookout for more.)

Just a quick suggestion, since the game is still very indev: I don't really like the patterned background for the text boxes and the font makes it hard to read at great distances. Since the game will be on a smaller screen, I'd simplify your patterns and maybe use some more harmonious color palettes for the heroes and the HUD, just to make it more visually appealing.
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Old September 1st, 2012 (6:05 AM).
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Hey guys! Thanks for the suggestions! I'll keep the pattern in mind for sure. Less is more.

As for the game engine, we are building Deozoa on top of Moai, an open source game engine that handles graphics, sound, etc.


I'm working on the newest monster catching game for Andriod and iOS: Deozoa! So excited!

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