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Should Schools have Securities on duty?

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Old August 23rd, 2012 (11:21 AM).
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Only really for schools with mad kids or teenagers. Do you think they should have security since things can be stolen and kids can run away.

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Old August 23rd, 2012 (10:04 PM).
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I think it would depend on the kind of institution, since I'm not exactly sure what kind you're suggesting. But ultimately I would say no. Security guards to me, albeit with good intentions, provides an unwanted intimidation factor that can't really be positive with kids or teenagers. I'm not saying lower all your defenses or anything, but there are adequate ways to handle security without having actual people in uniform on the premises.
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Old August 24th, 2012 (7:38 AM).
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As someone who's in high school right now, I believe it is absolutely necessary. Even though my high school is on a rural area and one of the best in the county, we still have the occasional trouble-makers. We often need the security to break up fights that happen weekly, to keep an eye on kids at the lunch line for thieves, to prevent kids from running away during lunch hours, to do drug searches, and more. The problem is getting so bad to the point that last year, an idiot brought a damn gun to school, but thankfully was arrested without causing any harm. What we needs isn't just security guards, we need harsher penalties against the rules breakers. It's silly to believe most of these kids who will likely drop-out in the future actually care about being suspended, to them it's just a free holiday. At least I'm starting my last year next week, so I won't need to stand this bull for any longer.
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Old August 24th, 2012 (10:15 AM).
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Can't we just hand teachers a stick and let them spank the deviousness out of these kids? That's all we need, teachers given rights to raise those mad teens and kids we are getting nowadays. Since parents aren't doing anything to control their lousy children, then the school should. I wish hitting was allowed just like back in the days...I can see the difference at least between me and my parents as they were young. I can see how this tough ability of teachers shaped them as respectful beings.

So I really don't think security guards are necessary, just let the old teachers be back.
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Old August 24th, 2012 (10:56 AM).
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Not in all schools. For tiny towns it won't be necessary. I live in the Sub's of West side Chicago and Aurora schooling has metal detecters cuz shooting kept happening and people kept getting stabbed. Those schools are more hispanic tho. Then some schools in Chicago have the same thing except it's actuall gangsters all over the school. Schools like that should have security guards, the rest not so much.
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Old September 6th, 2012 (9:07 AM).
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In larger schools that are located in ares of higher crime rates, then yes, I think there should be a mandatory Security Guard/Police presence. You can never be too careful.
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Old September 6th, 2012 (10:46 AM).
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No. God no. Never. Nonononono. Nada. Definitely not. Other negative words.

Yeah I... really don't like this idea for similar reasons to the "Should Teachers be Armed?" (or something like that) thread a while back. Security in schools would only associate a learning environment with tension and violence - therefore, possibly teaching that violence is acceptable and almost certainly terrifying students. Further to that, how often do kidnappings occur actually inside the schools? I'd imagine that they're most prevalent between the school and home, where children might be walking alone. The only reason for security would be to help with these people who go into schools and shoot everyone they see who crop up on the news on occasion, and I think that there are much better ways around that (i.e. gun control) than, in essence, fighting fire with fire. Why fight fire with fire at all when just put both fires out? Not that I feel it's a big enough issue to intimidate every single school child.
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