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Old August 19th, 2012 (8:00 AM).
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hello stranger, i'm a disaster
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    Dear Mia Clark,

    We at the Steam Academy are seeking new and talented trainers to become part of Team Steam. We are an organisation who seek to find talent in trainers and nurture it. We created the Academy which grew from our simple idea. As such we have chosen you to become part of our small and select school.
    You will remain here for at least a year until you are able to join the ranks of Team Steam. Our Academy is much more intensive that your current school and we promise you'll be stretched the limits physically and mentally, as will any Pokemon you take with you.
    You can take one Pokemon with you but we have strict rules and regulations regarding the type of Pokemon you may take. If you do not own a Pokemon currently then you will be given one.

    You will be under instruction from our four highly skilled tutors: Shelly, Matt, Courtney and Tabitha.
    As you have been allotted a place in the Magma house you may only take any of the following Pokemon with you:

    Please find enclosed tickets to take you from SLATEPORT to our Island located in the south west and an itinerary. Be at Slateport Harbour for 7am on Monday for the ferry. If you arrive late then you will not be accepted onboard.

    We hope to see you soon.

    Headmasters Maximillion and Archibald.

    It is 2 years before the events of R/S/. A group of trainers have began to crop up; named Team Steam. They pride themselves on finding new and talented trainers to be part of their team. Or so that's what it seems on the outside...
    Team Steam are actually an evil organisation. They are lead by two men named Max and Arch, who both share a common goal - tear the Hoenn region apart. They have learned that there are two orbs atop Mt. Pyre capable of unleashing the power of two mythical Pokemon, Groudon and Kyogre - said to have shaped the Hoenn region eons ago. It will take a lot of time and effort to pull this off alone so they are recruiting innocent teenagers to mould them into members of the organisation, so they can do their dirty work for them.
    Team Steam decided to set up a new trainer's school, one that is only for the elite trainers out there. They haven't just kept the scope focused on Hoenn, they have recruited pupils from all regions to promote 'diversity'.

    You receive a letter and are invited to join the prestigious academy. Will you manage to stay the full year to become a member or flee as the cracks start to show?


    The academy is located in the South East of Hoenn, east of what will be the Battle Frontier. The Academy is a huge sprawling building, divided into two campuses, Red and Blue. There are many amenities such as: battlefield simulators, a Poke Centre and Mart and daycare centre - as well as the school building which is equipped with the latest technology.
    The island is surrounded by a huge force field, so any one trying to escape will be caught and severely punished.


    Magma House / Aqua House
    Charmander / Squirtle
    Pidgey / Pidgey
    Vulpix / Psyduck
    Zubat / Zubat
    Growlithe / Poliwag
    Geodude / Slowpoke
    Cyndaquil / Totodile
    Sentret / Chinchou
    Slugma / Remoraid
    Magby / Mantyke
    Torchic / Mudkip
    Poocheyna / Lotad
    Taillow / Wingull
    Numel / Carvanah
    Chimchar / Piplup
    Tepig / Oshawott
    Pansear / Panpour
    Darumaka / Tympole
    Larvesta / Frillish

    There will be opportunities to catch new Pokemon, don't worry!

    [If you realllllly want a water/other type that's not on the list then ask :3]

    School Uniform for Magma is a red shirt with black trousers/skirt.
    School Uniform for Aqua is a turquoise shirt with white trousers/skirt.
    Battle Uniform for Magma is a long red top with the 'M' emblazoned on it, with black trousers.
    Battle Uniform for Aqua is a short sleeved hooded top with a white 'A' on it with light blue trousers.

    Name Pretty simple, nothing too weird.
    Age 13 - 18
    Gender M/F
    Description Physical appearance. You'll be in Uniform 90% of the time so you don't have to describe your clothing.
    Personality 4 lines + no gary/mary sues.
    Team Magma/Aqua
    Pokemon Pick from above list, dependent on team
    From Each town has its own trainer school. Unova and Sinnoh are considered ~ foreign ~.
    History Short and sweet will be fine here.
    Other Anything else?

    Starter Post Getting letter via post ect then going on the boat.

    - This is a T rp so nothing too gory/huge romantic scenes.
    - No one liners.
    - No god modding/powerplaying/limelighting ect.
    - Pokemon can't evolve without my permission, same goes for catching new Pokemon.
    - No going off plot with out my permission, if you have a suggestion then by all means ask me!
    - If you decide to drop out for whatever reason then please tell me so I can give the space to another user.
    - Keep OOC to a minimum, if this takes off then I'll make a topic for it.

    I'll edit my form in if this gets interest c:
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    Old August 24th, 2012 (5:23 PM). Edited September 9th, 2012 by <Challenger>.
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    Goodbye PC...for now.
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      Name: Denzu Shaka
      Age: 17
      Gender: M
      Description: 5'10, 180 pounds. He has long golden hair and innocent golden eyes. He has a mascular build and a chiseled face. Girls absolutely adore his looks and won't leave him alone.
      Personality: He's a stereotypical pretty boy. He's a player, a bully, a jerk, and he pretends to be cool around girls. He's dated almost every single girl in Petalburg and Oldale Town. He's a cruel guy, and he picks on anybody weaker than him. He hates it when other guys try to "steal" his popularity, his groupees, and his goons. He puts what he calls "insurrections" down with violence and emotional wrecking balls. He is a terror to anyone not popular. He has a battle cry that he uses whenever he's about to beat a kid up, or when he's battling. "Denzu the King!"
      Team: Aqua
      Pokemon: Lotad
      From: Petalburg
      History: Not much to say. He grew up in Petalburg a trouble maker. He's a bit of a bully, but he's extremely attractive physically, so girls have been throwing themselves at his feet. He got the letter at age 17, and decided to come.
      Other: I hope this takes off. I just saw it and it sounds interesting.
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      Old September 1st, 2012 (5:22 PM). Edited September 1st, 2012 by sfzen.
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        Name- Samuel Grey

        Age- 18

        Gender- M

        Description- Fairly average looking. 5'7", so just a hair on the short side, and 145 lbs. Lean build, skinny but athletic. Jet black hair cropped neatly medium-short. His only really distinctive feature is his bright green eyes, with a ring around the iris of a rusty-gold color, but his eyes are always hidden behind glasses, since he is basically blind without them.

        Personality- Sam is a pretty typical teenage guy. He mostly spends his time slacking off and avoiding work, and is a bit of a nerd. He is brilliant when he puts forth effort (which admittedly isn't often), and is clever enough to find loopholes and get around rules as well as talk/think his way out of bad situations.

        Team Magma

        Pokemon- Pidgey

        From- Viridian City

        History- Grew up in Viridian City and had a pretty normal life there. Always slacked off and just barely got by in the trainer school, which aggravated his parents, who then in turn aggravated him. He was perfectly happy coasting through school until he heard about the Steam Academy. This got him thinking about his future, and how if he couldn't get in to the academy, he would have to... work. Sam immediately picked up the slack in training and just barely made the cut and received his letter.

        Other- Don't mean to be obnoxious, but it's been getting at me. Heretostay123, 5'10" 100lbs is ridiculously skinny. You said he has a muscular build, so maybe 180-ish lbs?
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        Old September 1st, 2012 (5:39 PM).
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        Goodbye PC...for now.
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          Woops. I fixed it. lol. How's that?
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          Old September 3rd, 2012 (8:55 PM).
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            Name Koga
            Age 16
            Gender M
            Description A guy with black and white hair and demonic red eyes that he hides with his black sunglasses. Koga is known for being a small fry because he is only 5'3 but once he takes off his glasses you'll want to immediately bow down to his eye level. Being on the skinny side, Koga is always wearing an extra black shirt under his uniform to stay warm. When he prepares to battle he will put on one white fingerless glove on his right hand. "I'll grasp a great taste of this battle with this glove so pure" are his words of choice when he puts on his battle glove.
            Personality Koga is a very distant teenager who does not like being around people, but does love Pokemon battling and contest. He has a serious attitude which usually prevents him from cracking even the smallest smile. Never wanting to do anything half-heartedly, Koga is always ready to keep going till the end. Koga rarely gets mad but when he does he reveals his red demonic eyes and a terribly demonic aura that scares all engulfed inside it. Being the loner type Koga is always short on friends.
            Team Aqua
            Pokemon Oshawott
            From Littleroot Town
            History Koga grew up with two parents that loved him regardless of his red demonic eyes. They were always quite cheerful and engulfed their son with love. Unable to understand why they would love such a freak of a son, Koga started to distance himself from both his parents and other people that saw him as a freak with his eyes. he never really enjoyed being around Pokemon, but with his mother being a coordinator he soon learned to love the coordinating and battles with Pokemon. Koga also has a taste of Pokemon Connoisseur "tasting time" through watching his father's battles and career. Because of this Koga has been torn between what career with Pokemon to take. By the time Koga received his letter from the academy he decided to combine both parts of his parent's style to become a Coordinating Pokemon Connoisseur.
            Other Hates showing his eyes because of hidden fear of rejection from his peers thus he is always wearing his black glasses

            Starter Post The sun was rising in Koga's room and its light was slowly creeping onto Koga's face. Not wanting to face the morning just yet, Koga tries to use the covers as a shield from the sun's light. Just as Koga can stop feeling the shine from the sun, his shield is ripped away from him by his mother. Koga's mother is smiling down at him with a smile that is much bigger than usual. "Koga, sweetie, look what you got in the mail! It's a letter that wants you to go to this academy to become a member of the prestigious team steam. So now is the time to get up and start packing and preparing for our trip to the port" Koga stares at his mother and grabs the covers from her. "It's too bright in the day for me to go out and be productive. I'll leave when it isn't so bright out." Koga places the covers over his head again. Koga's mother smiles at her again then release her Poliwrath from a Pokeball. "Sorry, my sweet son, but you seem to have thought that was a suggestion, but it was actually an order!" Koga looks at the demonic aura surrounding his mother and her Poliwrath as he is lifted out of the bed with a Seismic Toss. Koga falls to the floor. Koga looks up and sees that his father's Politoed was dragging him out of the house. "Come my boy, a new adventure awaits you and yet you just lay around" Koga does not attempt to struggle as he is dressed and washed by his parents' signature Pokemon. Once Koga is dressed, he and his family head out to the port to board the ship. Koga receives the letter from his mother and walks on to the boat. However, before he boards the boat, he looks back at his parents. "I'm going to become a son you can be proud of...I'm going to be the greatest member of team steam to repay you for all the love you have given a demon like me!" Koga's parents rush up the ship's board and slap their son. "You were never a demon son to us. You were and always will be our most precious gift of a son!" Koga's parents push their son along with his suitcase and other luggage onto the ship. As the boat departs, both Koga and his parents wave goodbye to each other with tears in their eyes.
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            White FC: 5200-1735-1142

            Full Power comes from their hearts!
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              Name Daniella 'Dani' Jones

              Age 17

              Gender Female

              Description Long dusty-blonde hair that is mostly always tied in a high ponytail, eyes can be described as a rather dull grey, pale skin with a small splatter of freckles upon her cheeks. She's considered rather short, with her height reaching 5'2, and her weight isn't described as anything 'big.' Her stomach is barely bigger than a small bump, a little extra weight on her thighs, and has only the smallest amount of muscles. Across her right shoulder, not that anyone would see it really, are faint scars left behind from an attack caused by a Meowth when she was young (this caused her to be frightened around cat-like Pokemon.)

              Personality Dani, although a little shy, speaks her mind quite frequently and with boldness when familiar with the person she happens to be speaking to. Along with being shy, she also happens to be a little socially awkward when it comes to being in big groups so accepting the invitation for the school was a big step -and pushed a little by her family. In her spare time she reads, writes and grooms her Growlithe -a present given for her tenth birthday. She tries to study hard, studying majority of her nights, and although her academic scores could possibly be high enough to stay in, her battling experiences could use a little work. Due to being raised in a water-street town, Dani developed a special love for water and would have happily taking up in Team Aqua but she didn't want to part from Amana. Apart from having a rather shy and docile personality, Dani hates being woken up by people in the mornings.

              Team Magma

              Pokemon Growlithe, which she calls Amana.

              From Alto Mare, Johto

              History Dani grew up with her father, two elder brothers and younger sister so she tended to take the role of mother when not studying; cooking, cleaning, washing and making sure everything was perfect in the household. She went to school like a good girl, going to work at the local bakery for extra money for the family then returning home to do the 'motherly chores' she had taken upon herself. Her time at school wasn't anything bad, a few teases from boys and snide comments from girls, but she tended to ignore them and, as a result, they haven't effected her in any form. However, there's always one thing from her early childhood that keeps coming back to her -her mother leaving, twice, with the same man.
              When young, and had time to herself, she would wander around the stone streets of Alto Mare, splashing her feet within the cool water that came directly in from the sea. On one such occasion, before getting her beloved Growlithe, a Meowth -obviously startled by something -openly attacked her which caused her to scar upon her right shoulder and obtain a dislike towards cat-like Pokemon.

              Other She has a saying that she uses quite frequently, whether it be battling or just doing something; "I will be like the waters of Alto Mare; calm."

              Starter Post
              Her father kissed her cheek before patting the overly fluffy creamy-white fur on top of the Growlithe's head. Dani smiled gently, brushing a stray piece of her hair from her face and behind her ear, one hand clutching at her younger sister as she was held against her hip.
              "I still feel bad about leaving you all, who else is going to keep you all alive?" Her eldest brother, Lazarus, laughed while waving his hand. "I'm sure we'll survive, Dani. You just go do what you want to do."
              The other brother nodded in agreement. "Laz is right. You've done a lot for us, it's only time you get to be greedy for one."
              She smiled, a faint pink forming upon her cheeks. "O-Okay, if you guys are sure," she stuttered, placing her sister Emily to the floor, kneeling down to her height. "Now, you be good for the boys, right? I'll call you every night before bed, so you know I'll be thinking about you."
              Emily nodded, hugging Dani tightly before moving on to Amana, the Growlithe whining at having to leave her play-mate.
              Dani turned to face her father once more. "If anything happens, just call me, I'll be on the next boat ride back home."
              Her father rolled his eyes, crossing his arms over his chest. "Don't think we could survive you being gone a year, missy?"
              She smiled. "Honestly? No. I don't think so."
              At that moment, a loud bellowing horn registered to the dockyard, Dani turning her head to the boat in time to see the small steam from the top, giving a small sigh before picking up her two medium size blue bags and whistling for Amana.
              "Looks like we're leaving for Staleport. I'll miss you guys."
              Laz rolled his eyes, smiling. "Miss you, too, little sis. Now hurry onto that boat. No more come for another four days."
              She nodded, giving her family her last smile to them for a while, before turning around and heading towards the boats entrance, Amana following closely behind her, wagging her fluffy tail and the tags on her collar jingling with each step.
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                Name: Skye Beryl
                Age: 18
                Gender: Male

                Skye is not the most physically fit person ever. At 6' tall and 258lbs he really can't run for more then ten minutes without getting winded. He keeps his dull brown hair buzzed short, because when it gets long it curls into a natural afro. You wouldn't normaly see his hair though because he always wares a red bandana with a white lotus pattern. It was given to him by the one person he truly hates. Why he wares it is a mystery to everyone he knows. Dispite his being really unfit, he was almost always outside. He therefore has a noticable tan. He also has a scar on his chest. It goes horizontally across. The only other feature of any real interest are his eyes. They don't really catch your attention right away, but if you look at them closely you'll notice that the pupil and the iris are the same black color. it gives him the apperence of dilated pupils.

                The first thing you'll notice about Skye is that he always seems to be happy. No matter the situation he always tries to see the bright side of things, and people. To him, all people are inherently good. "Some people just want to hide it for some reason," he says. This dosn't make him weak though. On the contrary, he can sometimes go to extremes to find the good in people. He is loyal to those he cares about, and will do anything for them. He's not the most social person though. Dispite the fact that he sees the good in everyone he doesn't really open up easily. But when he does, you can always count on him for helpful advice or assistance. Dispite all this though, there are people he thinks have been corrupted beyond all reason. This list has only one person on it so far. Lizz Lester.

                Team: Magma
                Pokemon: Charmander
                From: Lavender Town

                At age 4, a girl, 6 years older then Skye, moved to Lavender Town. Elizabeth Lester had pale skin and hair black as midnight. Even being as young as he was at the time, Skye instantly fell in love. Lizz also enjoyed Skye's companionship. They went everywhere togather. Lizz even helped Skye save a baby Vulpix one time, which then followed them for the next eight years. Their friendship continued for eight more years, untill the night Skye went looking for her because she was late to their meeting. He eventually found her in Pokemon Tower still a cemetary at the time. He can only remember one thing from that night after going to fourth floor, and that is Lizz standing over him holding the bandana, folded into a square, and saying, "Please always ware this. I'd hate not to recognize you the nexttime we meet. It would be bad for both our wellbeing." That and the pure terror of the moment. He figures the rest of the night was too traumatic for his young mind to fully comprehend. After that Lizz disappered with the Vulpix and he had the scar, he went through a year of fear and depression. Eventually he recovered, but Lizz was forever on his list of hated people.

                He has a saying for when people ask him why he's so happy. It's "All fat people are jolly, didn't you know that?"
                If you don't believe in yourself, then don't worry,

                because he will, no matter what.
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                  ;n; I made a whole post and it logged me out on its own...STUPID COMPUTER D:<
                  SPREAD THE FAIL WHALE!
                  So awesome that its a win
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                    -Nameeth Argoz
                    -Town of origin: Mossdeep City
                    -Physical appearance: Tall, and reasonably well built. Seth has deep purple eyes and shoulder length black hair. He usually wears a black trench coat over his clothes. Seth is a bit buff, but not too much so. His jawbones are slightly more pronounced than normal.
                    -Personalityeth is calm in most situations. When he isn't calm, he still looks so. Usually quiet, he rarely talks. Seth is a mind reader and usually talks to people through his mind. Occasionally, Seth will get very scared, but no one knows why. He makes most people uneasy when they first meet him. He has a preference of using ghost types.
                    History: Seth lived an average life, until he got a Ralts for his 11th birthday. He then trained at the local Pokemon Gym for two years. During his second year, his Ralts, who he had named Belle, died in an accident. Traveling to Mt. Pyre, he discovered the Team. After burying Belle, he went off to this academy.
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                    Old September 10th, 2012 (11:55 AM).
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                      Name: Richard "Ritchie" Hadron
                      Age: 17
                      Gender: M
                      Description: Ritchie is a blond-haired, not too muscular teenager, he is 184 cm tall and weighs 67 kg. His pale skin gets easily sunburnt, so he usually wears long clothing. His arms and legs are visibly marked by countless scars from numerous fight he's been involved in.
                      Personality: He's very determined to pursue his beliefs. He wouldn't accept anyone's truth, his thoughts are all that matters for him. That's why he constantly gets involved in foolish fights. He thinks that Pokemon are not meant to be our friends or companions, he believes that Pokemon are to be straightforwardly controlled and used by us, the dominant race and the fall of Team Aqua/Magma made him feel deep sorrow. He couldn't help himself and kept becoming weirder, so that his very own family sent him on his very own Pokemon journey, given a Charmander, that led him to finding out that a new team was forming up...a perfect opportunity to fulfill his dreams!
                      History: Ritchie has never wanted to train Pokemon. He used to secretly catch, when he was 10 and then tried to enslave his catch. Children from his neighborhood wouldn't stand to such behavior and made sure he would never forget their anger. Numerous lectures that they gave to Ritchie only made his heart fill with wrath. His parents have tried to befriend him with Pokemon, but all attempts failed. The last try was to set him off onto a new adventure, just him and his Charmander...
                      Town of origin: Slateport city
                      Favored team: Magma
                      Pokemon: Charmander

                      ポケットモンスター RULEZ!!!
                      Gotta experience 'em all!
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                      Old September 10th, 2012 (8:21 PM).
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                        Name: Minato Namikaze
                        Age: 17
                        Gender: M
                        Description: 5'11, 170 pounds. Minato is a fairly tall, fair-skinned man with bright blue-eyes and spiky blond hair and jaw length bags framing either side of his face.
                        Personality: very intuitive and clever from a young age.Calm, collected, and highly perceptive. He is respectful of those around him; he doesn't like freely speaking about others' pasts, and is said to be a very nice person. He deeply cares for his friends and family. He also enjoyes reading, and takes a special liking to reading Jiraiya's work his uncle in particular.
                        Team: Magma
                        Pokemon: Larvesta
                        From: Johto
                        History: He grew up in johto for a long time and deeply values the friendships he's made there. He's a very reliable guy, values teamwork. He decided to come after his girlfriend moved away from the country, deciding to start things fresh.
                        Other:Has a penchant for redheads.
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