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Old September 13th, 2012 (7:31 PM).
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    Information: I am a 15 year old male having the ambition to make a Pokemon video game based off the manga, I will be using RPG Maker XP. This will be an instant turn off to a lot of you but I'm a beginner at this and though I am experimenting with RPG Maker XP A LOT I still have little experience. I need help, I don't need permanent positions if you don't want to make a commitment (Trust me I don't blame you, we have personal lives) but a teacher/teachers who could teach me to Map and Script would definitely be appreciated. I have problems learning by reading and with a program with so many options is overwhelming.

    Story: This will be the story of AT LEAST the Red, Blue, and Green saga for the Pokemon Adventures Manga. You are Red, a boy from Pallet Town who is a self-proclaimed Pokemon Master. One day he and his pal Poliwhirl suffers a major defeat, which gives him even more determination for his dream.

    Planned Features:
    No Poke Balls?! WHAT?!?!?!:
    I want the audience to decide this but I was thinking for this game you'd be unable to buy Poke Balls. Instead, Red will be capturing Pokemon in cut scenes in order to make it canon. The same will go for evolution. Bad idea or good idea?
    Added on content:
    Personally I think the Kanto Manga was short compared to all of the others. So I was thinking of adding extra "chapters" as the manga would call them. Basically in chapters it revealed Red had caught Pokemon off screen this game will explain how.
    Re-mapped Kanto Region:
    This is the reason why a mapper would be MUCH appreciated. I plan to make Kanto more fancy kind of how they made it appear to be in the Manga.

    Why I'm doing this: The manga has always been my favorite Pokemon merchandise out of everything including the games and the TV Show. It's story line was so well thought out and it seemed to be more realistic. It's charming dialogues and characters won me over. I was so obsessed about it during my childhood I'd write down all the battles of the Manga on a sheet of paper and play them on my Pokemon Stadium. I'm not just doing this because I think it'd be cool for the game to come out, I'm doing it to let others who prefer not to read things to feel the charm I felt reading the Manga as a little kid.

    Progress: The last 2 weeks have been me trying to learn RPG Maker XP but sorry to say not much progress has been made besides a title screen and lots of Midi files, and a ton of PNG picture sprites added.

    Teachers: If anyone is willing to teach me how to script and map it would be highly appreciated. I'm not asking for anyone to make a commitment out of this but I do hope this isn't much to ask. I would prefer to talk back and forth, not IM or Email please. I would like to TALK on something like Skype if that won't be a problem. PM me Skype info. I'm not 100% sure of this site's rule book. You will be credited for your help.

    Team Members:
    Me (TheAgentBrandon) - Leader
    No one else.
    If anyone would like to volunteer to temporarily help me with the project (Or if you really want to, you could for the whole project) I would appreciate it. And of COURSE you'd be credited. Mappers and scripters would be AWESOME right now. Sprites wouldn't hurt either.

    This is all the information I currently have on Pokemon Adventures: The Indigo Showdown. If you'd like to help with the project PM me or post below. Thank you for reading this start of a thread and I hope to hear what people think of my ideas for this project.
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