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Old September 3rd, 2012 (9:27 AM).
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    With a resounding click, the Poke Ball sealed itself shut. Amelia breathed a sigh of relief. The fight was difficult, but worth it. She picked up the Poke Ball lying on the deck, and rolled it around in her hand, pondering what to name her new catch. She went through several in her head, until settling on Dupin. Adler was exhausted from the battle, and Dupin likely was too, so she decided to heal them at the Pokemon Center.

    By the time they were fully recovered, the sun had set. Since it was evening, Roxanne's lessons were over, so that would have to wait for another day. There wasn't too much else for Amelia to see, since she had explored the ship earlier. Eventually, she just decided to have dinner and go to bed. Hopefully the next day will have more exciting things to offer. Perhaps someone will steal a valuable treasure from a rich lady, and she could figure out who did it. Or maybe people will mysteriously disappear? She mused over these scenarios as she drifted off into sleep.

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      Gracie smiled softly at him, hugging him back.
      "Alright, see you later then Malik," James waved and stretched, picking Flint up so that the sentret could get onto his shoulder and then picked up Gracie, "I'll see you ladies later," he waved to the girls with the hand he had their numbers written on.
      James made his way back to his room just as the first stars were appearing in the night sky when he realized the Taillow was still on his shoulder and realization struck him, "You don't have a master, do you?" he grinned as he sat down on his bed. The bird pokemon gave a tired shake of her head. "If I beat you would you like to join my team?" this got a nod from the taillow. James smiled and quickly got all his clothes on before heading back onto the deck.
      "Alright Gracie, you're up first," he grinned.
      "Cynda!" she jumped up and down a few times, her back flaring up eagerly.
      "Taillow! Tail!" the bird called as she circled around a few times and then dove towards Gracie, using peck.
      "Gracie! Protect!" James ordered but a little too late and the cyndaquil was sent skidding backwards. "Hmm... Ember, now!" he called out and Gracie released the little flames towards the bird, knocking her out of the sky for a brief moment but she quickly regained her composure and dove towards Gracie again, her wings glowing white. "Protect again!" this time the timing was perfect and the taillow slammed into the barrier. She recoiled away and shook her head but before she could get her bearings, Gracie fired another Ember.
      "Alright Gracie! That's enough. Pokeball, go!" he threw the red and white sphere towards the taillow. It hit he head and opened up, engulfing the swallow tail pokemon in a red light and sucking her in. "Alright, come on..." James urged.

      (I have a question. How will evolution and leveling work?")
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        Collecting Zubat and Charmanders pokeballs, Dante couldn’t help be proud of the two, they had done admirably in their first fight against a trainer. Walking out of the pokecenter and onto the deck, Dante noticed the sun just as it was about to set. He decided to stay there and watch the sun setting, something he hadn’t done in a long time. “And… it’s night time,” Dante said as the sun went away, not to return for another day.

        From out of nowhere, someone tapped Dante on the shoulder. “Excuse me young man, I request a pokemon battle”, said the voice behind Dante. Dante turned around to see an elderly gentleman wearing a brown suit and hat, white scarf, and a cane. “Does a 2 on 2 battle sound appropriate young man?” said the old timer. “Absolutely!” Dante replied as he and the old timer took position, 30 feet opposite from each other to begin the battle. “Charmander, Zubat, I choose both of you” Dante said as he tossed their pokeballs up into the air, releasing the 2 pokemon from their pokeballs in front of him. “Alright, go Raticate and Mankey” said the old timer, as his pokemon appeared before him.

        "Charmander smokescreen, Zubat use supersonic!", Charmander unleashed a cloud of smoke onto the deck as Zubat unleashed a confusing attack onto the raticate. "Mankey, use karate chop on that Charmander, raticate, hit the Zubat with a hyper fang." Mankeys attack hit Charmander, slightly injuring the pokemon, however the Raticate ran into the side of the ship in its confusion, unable to find its enemy. "Charmander, hit the Mankey with an ember, Zubat leechlife the Raticate.", Charmanders ember hit the Mankey hard, and Zubats leechlife somewhat weakened the Raticate somewhat. "Mankey, Raticate, karate chop and hyperfang again!", the smoke had reduced the Mankeys accuarcy and Charmander was able to dodge the karate chop, although Zubat was hit by the hyperfang, the Raticate had snapped out of its confusion. Zubat was visibly angry at being bitten, before Dante could say anything, Zubat attacked Raticate attacked Raticate, not with leechlife, but with Bite attack. "Wow, looks like Zubat's becoming a lot tougher" Dante said. "Charmander, finish the Raticate off with an ember", Charmanders ember was enough to finish of the Raticate, who was quickly returned to its pokeball. "Mankey, take out that Zubat with karate chop, it greatly injured your team-mate" said the old timer. Although the attack hit Zubat, the type advantage insured that the attack did almost no damage. "Lets end this, Charmander use ember, Zubat, use bite!", the combo of attacks was enough to finishing the fighting-type. it was out for the count. "Mankey, return" said the old timer as he returned it to its ball. Dante did the same to his pokemon. "Good show young man, that was a tougher battle than i thought", said the old timer as he pulled something out of his pocket, "I'd like you to take this", he said. It looked like a pokeball, except blue instead of red on the top, with a red center and 3 yellow stripes. "It's a lure ball, works better on pokemon you fished out of the water than a regular ball, hang on to it, I'm not sure if Kurt is still alive or not, so it may be among the last apricorn pokeballs out there, have a good evening young man" said the old timer. The old timer left before Dante could thank him. "He's pretty quick for his age", Dante thought aloud.

        After 2 big battles, Dante started to feel tired again, so after running his pokemon by the pokecenter, he returned to the room, crawled under the covers, and fell asleep.
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        Somewhere! By the swimming pool...

        Jack lays on a plastic lounge chair, ostensibly sunbathing. Except he's still fully clothed, is under an umbrella, and the sun has already sunk below the horizon. His soft breathing betrays the fact that he fell asleep hours ago, and all the other passengers left a while back.

        A soft fluttering of wings wakes him up, and he stares ahead in confusion, wondering when it got dark. "When did it get dark?" He looks around, seeing a Wingull eating a tiny sandwich off a plate on the table beside him. "Hey! My sandwiches!"

        Jack swats at the water bird, making it squawk indignantly and fly away. He scowls after it, grabbing his drink off the table. "Aww, man! The ice melted! Now it's gonna be all watered down! This is what I get for sleeping all day. And now it's too dark for any activities to happen. Guess I'll head back to my room..."

        As he gets up, the Wingull comes back, again going for the plate of sandwiches. "On second thought, Pokemon fight!" He throws Vermont's Pokeball, yelling out a command as soon as Turtwig fully emerges. "Tackle that thieving bird!"

        Vermont leaps onto the table, ramming into the Wingull. Wingull responds by pecking Vermont in the head.

        "Use Absorb!"

        Vermont's leaves glow red, creating a beam of red energy that strikes the water brid, healing Vermont slightly. Wingull flaps it's wings, flying above Vermont and growling at him.


        Vermont jumps again, but Wingull dodges to the side. It moves in to Peck again, but Vermont falls back down, landing on Wingull, then hitting the table, which promptly collapses. Vermont rolls off Wingull, who lays dazed and unconscious on the deck by the pool.

        "Hey, you spilled my drink! And broke a table... We'd better go. Return!"

        Jack stuffs Vermont's ball into his shirt pocket, moving away from the pool. Before he gets too far away, another bird comes in to try and take his food. A small spherical owl lands on the deck, happily pecking at the plate on the floor. "Hey, what's that?"

        Jack removes his Pokedex, scanning the creature. "It's a Hoothoot! Firecracker, come out and Tackle it!" He tosses the ball, sending his Ponyta into battle.

        She charges forward, trampling the plate underhoof as she kicks Hoothoot. Hoothoot reacts in shock and alarm, which quickly turns to anger. His eyes glow blue, and an invisible wave of force washes over Firecracker, pushing her back.

        "A Confusion attack! Counter with Ember!"

        Firecracker spits a fireball, but Hoothoot dodges, swooping in to Peck at her head. She snorts in annoyance, rearing up on her hind legs and flailing her hooves at Hoothoot.

        "Good idea! Use Stomp!"

        Firecracker slams her hooves down on Hoothoot, knocking him to the floor. He bounces when he hits, using the momentum to flap back into the air. His eyes glow blue again, and he stares into Firecracker's eyes, making them glow blue as well.

        "Huh? Pokedex, explain! ... A Disable attack? So, he's prevented you from Stomping? That's actually kinda cool!" Firecracker glares back at Jack. "Right! Sorry! Tackle him, but gently! I don't wanna knock him out!"

        She tosses her head in annoyance, but charges forward anyway. She leaps into the air, driving her shoulder into Hoothoot. Hoothoot takes the hit, unleashing another Confusion. Fire ducks under it, and the wave of force hits Jack, knocking his hat off and making him stagger back a step.

        "Whoa! Alright, eat this!" He tosses a Pokeball, striking Hoothoot and converting it into energy. The ball hits the deck, shaking as Hoothoot tries to escape. Firecracker steps toward it, ready to defend herself if Hoothoot breaks free...
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        Marty Towns

        Marty sat on the deck, his short childish legs kicked up against one of the last few remaining tables. He had seen the sun set, and it was by far one of the most beautiful things he had even seen. Although in my Marty’s young mind, the sunset was more cool or awesome than say, beautiful. It was one of the first he’d ever seen alone, but it was no time to gloom on the fact. Night was now upon the young boy and he had been stationary all throughout the latter portion of the day. He looked around, watching people depart from the pools, trainers returning to their rooms, and new staff members emerge for the night shift. A year ago, he would be asleep right now, wrapped in a warm snug blanket, resting upon a Salamence’s back. A tear dripped down his cheek at just the thought of his past, he smiled as he wiped it away. Things had changed so much after the span of one year, now here he was, passenger on something far from a Salamence, with pokemon of his own, feeling the breeze of the cold ocean night. Normally at this time, he would be tired, drifting between the realm of dreams and the real world. But due to all the recent chaos with the world, he was familiar with sleeping later than nature intended.

        As the night furthered, boredom began to sink into Marty. The ship’s deck was now barren of human life, part from the few night workers that appeared and disappeared. Somewhere else on the ship, he could hear the distant noises of pokemon. But without much else to do, he decided to head to his room for the night.

        Marty fumbled with the room key, taking several attempts before finally placing it into the hole. Opening the door he came upon a rather small room, although large to him, given his small size. Marty released both his pokemon once finding himself comfortable. He scooped up Minny with both of his arms, carrying her into the bathroom. He turned the nozzle to the tub, filling it up to the brim with water. Minny neighed, realizing what her trainer had done. He gently placed her into the tub, as he did so the water’s steam assaulted his face, causing a sensation of weariness to overcome him. He wobbled back into the main room, rubbing his eyes and yawning. Marty quickly removed his hoodie, throwing it on the edge of the bed. Archer followed it, climbing atop the bed only to access the boy’s clothing, making a proper bedding out of it. Marty, himself, collapsed onto the bed, finally giving out from the jammed-pack day he had.
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          @ zapdos926 Simple, I decide when your Pokemon are able to evolve

          @ Godzil

          Hoothoot was caught

          Expect an update for the chapter anytime soon...

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            Several hours had past. Trainers going to their rooms, many of the appealing stalls shuting down for the night. Even the Pokemon Centre seemed as if they were ready to call it a night. Patrick, Phanpy and their new friend Hoppip were dishearted about not being able to find the food thief. They were walking through the hallway until they came up to Patrick's room. He sighed and tried looking for his card key. He looked at Phanpy and Hoppip who both were nodding off and nearly ready to fall asleep.

            'Aww crap..I think I lost my key..' Patrick muttered to himself. He peered down the hallway to see a ninja girl asleep in the hallway with the containers still in her possession. 'HEY!' Patrick yelled, realising how loud he was, he whispered again saying 'HEY! YOUR NINJA YOU BETTER HAVE MY FOOD!' Patrick runs up to the girl who is quite deep in sleep, so deep that the snot bubble was expanding and constracting in sync with her breathing. He lifts the containers and opens them to find a 1/4 of the food gone. The young trainer was so happy that he finally got his food! But it was cold...But still seemed edible. He also notices the card key stuck to the bottom of her ninja shoe. 'I'll be taking this.' As Patrick's hand grabs the card. She awakes, 'MUK! NOW!' Patrick jumps not knowing what's going on, only to have a large pile of smelly slime drop on top of him.

            'What do you take me for fool? You wanna take my food? Ninja's never sleep!' Janine bragged. 'YOUR FOOD?!?' Patrick began pushing the floor for him to get back to his feet, Muk began laughing, then it was surprised Patrick was able to lift it. Muk then spread itself over Patrick somemore which made a stop to his efforts as Janine laughed. 'Yes kid, my food!' Janine lifted a Buffolant wing from the container looking at it, tempting Patrick eating it. Patrick started going crazy.

            Phanpy and Hoppip ran to his rescue to get Muk off of him, although the 'Stench' was too powerful for Phanpy to handle with his nose. Hoppip began giving him an idea an Phanpy nodded. Phanpy curled up as Hoppip tackled Phanpy with all of it's force giving it more momentum for Rollout. The rollout hit right on mark but it kept stretching Muk's face until it was right in front of Janine's 'causing her to start choking on the wings. Muk bounced back Phanpy which ricochet'd off the wall, ceiling, floor then into Janine's stomach which made her cough up the food. However she fell to her knees as Muk grabbed Phanpy with an unhappy look in it's complexion. Phanpy began tooting for help, but Hoppip was too scared of the Sludge Pokemon.

            Suddenly, a human hand emerged from Muk's...does he even have a head? Well a hand emerged from that, then the human form as Patrick pulled himself through twitching with how awful he smelled. Muk looked even more horrifed than Phanpy, it changed this feeling into anger as it flung the elephant towards the wall as it used Poison Jab on Phanpy. The impact left a hole in the wall, with the poor blue elephant hanging from the hole. Muk went over to Janine and comforted her. 'P-p-P-p-P-phanpy? A-a-A-are you o-O-o-Okay?'. Patrick said as he fell to the ground, attempting to crawl to Phanpy who was wedged into the wall. Janine looked at the trainer in pain an distress for the Pokemon, she got up and walked over to him. 'W-w-What a-A-are y-Y-y-Y-y-You doing?' Patrick jerked out of his body. Janine took out a needle and jabbed Patrick. She slowly injected the needle's contents into his body, which made him not twitch as much and calmed down his heart rate knocking him out.

            Hoppip who had been hiding in the corner had finally found the courage to get closer! She ran over to her comrades as Janine gave it quite a serious look. Hoppip hide behind her leaves as Janine walked past it and opened his room, and carried him inside. Janine came back out and ordered Muk to carry the leftovers in the container and the Phanpy into the room also. Janine crouched beside Hoppip, and looked at it eye to eye. 'Look, Hoppip. You seem like a Shy Pokemon, and that is perfectly fine. Not all Pokemon are supposed to be tough. But I need you to be a strong Pokemon for your trainer in there. He put his life in danger by climbing through Muk's body, which was incredibly stupid, but most boys are...' Hoppip lifted her leaves and looked at Janine as Muk came back to her side. 'My joke had gone a little too far. So I need you to make sure he stays sleeps right through to lunch time this morning.' Janine reaches in her bag and gives Hoppip a box. 'Here take this for your trainer; it's a box of Lava Cookies. These are tasty treats but they also help treat poison side effects. Make sure him and Phanpy have at least 2 for breakfast. Oh yeah...' Janine begins to blush and embarrassed. '...I put him in the bathtub...You gotta wash him...pronto...'. Hoppip looks at Janine in curiousity. 'WHAT! I can't do it?! It's a guy! I'm a girl! I can't wash him! He's got... EUGH NO!' With that Janine and her Muk vanished.

            Hoppip ran into the room which seemed basic, yellow carpet, white walls, bedside table, big green bed and a few chairs. It then rain into the bathroom where Patrick and Phanpy were laying in the tub. Hoppip checked the water valves and turned the hot one round twice and the cold once to make it a nice temperature. The water began washing away the slime that was still covering those two and they started looking cleaner, none of the slime went underneath his clothes fortunately so his frostbite wasn't infected. Hoppip dragged Patrick out of the tub by his wet scarf, which caused Patrick to go face first onto the floor causing him to be dragged to his bed. Hoppip pulled off Patrick's scarf, shirt and pants as best as she could, and finally got him into bed. After all of that effort, she flew back into the bathroom and started rolling Phanpy out towards the bed. She left Phanpy at the foot of the bed. Tired and exhausted, especially since it hasn't rested properly after the Murkrow encounter Hoppip tried her best to stay awake but fainted beside Patrick's head. Although throughout the entire time Hoppip had been helping Patrick and Phanpy it's leaves were pumping and rotating generating a beautiful aroma which was beneficial to Patrick and Phanpy's recovery.
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              OK, yeah. I haven't posted in a while so...

              Chapter Three Part Something

              Bored, Chaos hung over the railings at a side deck, watching a Mantine swim alongside the boat. It had been three hours since she beat the Joey gang. Sighing, she sent out her pokemon. Pidge the Pidgey flapped to the right of her head, Hooty the Hoothoot to the left. Bulby her Bulbsaur stood to her right, and Odd, the Oddish to her left. When she looked back where the Mantine was, it had gone. She sighed again, then saw three Tentacruels near. Hooty flew down there, hitting a Tentacruel repeatedly with it's wing.
              "Hoothoot learned wing attack." droned Chaos' annoying pokedex. Chaos switched it off. Pidge flew down there also, also hitting the Tentacruel with it's wing.
              "Pidgey learned wing attack." mimicked Chaos, in a bad pokedex voice. The two bird pokemon carried on with their wings, eventually provoking the now weak Tentacruel to use acid, which stuck Hooty to the deck. Pidge hit it one final time, and it fainted. Chaos returned Hooty and Pidge to their pokeballs, the aid dripping on the floor, then picked up Odd and Bulby. She ran straight through to Reception, demanding that a wounded Nurse Joy heal her pokemon. Chaos smirked, she had done that. While waiting, Chaos saw a small teleport light, and frowned.

              Yeah, I think you figured, it's the Abra Chaos has seen a lot so far. She won't catch it QUTE yet though, just when she's in a spot of bother.
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              Jack pumps his fist as the ball clicks shut, containing his new owl inside. He returns Firecracker to her ball as he retrives Hoothoot's. He casually tosses the ball into the and catches it as he heads back inside. "Now, what should I call you? You'll need a name, after all." He ponders it as he hands his Pokemon over ti the night shift Nurse Joy. After healing them, she returns them, advising that Jack return to his room for the night.

              "Let's see. You're an owl... you don't sleep... Pokedex says you have psychic powers and an innate sense of time. Hmm... Maybe I'll call you Tick Tock or something... nah. I know! You'll be Doc! Welcome to the team!" He rturns to his room, letting all three of his Pokemon out to relax in comfort. "Get some sleep, everyone. Tomorrow's another day."
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                OK, have a post.

                Bulby tried Razor Leaf on Abra, but it teleported out of the way. Chaos dived for where the Abra was, but the psychic pokemon teleported, and Chaos smashed into a metal beam. Chaos slumped, then the beam cracked! She was falling headfirst into the freezing water! Bulby and Odd couldn't save her, and Pidge and Hooty were in their pokeballs! Suddenly, the Abra appeared again, using psychic on Chaos, lifting her back onto the boat. Chaos saw Abra for a millisecond, then she blacked out.

                A while later, Chaos awoke in a hard rotten bed. She had a piece of metal for a pillow, and there was slme dripping from the ceiling. She saw Nurse Joy leaning over her.
                "Why am I in this rot, I thought the pokemon center wards were supposed to be nice?" Chaos moaned.
                "It seres you right for doing this - " Nurse Joy pointed at her bandaged nose "To my nose." Outraged, Chaos reached out to punch Nurse Joy but discovered she was restrained.
                "My Ratatta's in the top percentage of Ratatta!" came a noise from the doorway. It was Joey, and the other five Joey's. They all sent out their Ratata, which bit Nurse Joy so hard, that she ran out of the room screaming.
                "Time for our revenge on one who beat us." sneered the pack of Joey.
                "All I ever catch is Magikarp!" came a noise from the other doorway. T seemed to be a pack of Fisherman Ralph, just like the Joey! Thirtysix Magikarp burst from their pokeballs, splashing the Ratatta to the ground.
                " It's our rivals, the Ralphs!!!" cried the Joey, ho returned their pokemon and ran out. A Ralphcast out his line, catchinga Joey, pulling him back to them.
                "Give us the key to the chains." Ralph said, taking the keys and ltting Joey go. They unlocked Chaos' bed, gave her her pokeballs, and were on their way.

                That was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Take that Joey!!!!!!! Being caught by a fising rod
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                  Old Groudon was hopping around
                  Saffron City like a big playground
                  When suddenly Chaos burst from the shade
                  and hit Groudon with a Chaos grendade!
                  Groudon got pissed and began to attack
                  but didn't expect to be blocked by Malik
                  who proceeded to open up a can of Malik Fu
                  When James Vendet came out of the blue

                  And he started beating up Malik Grizz
                  Then they both got flattened by the Bulbasaurz
                  but before it could make it back to the Pallet Town
                  Joey came back out of New Bark Town
                  and took an Pokeball out from under his hat
                  and blew Chaos away with a Rat-a-tat-tata
                  but he ran out of Pokemon and he ran away
                  because Ginny Dustellar came to save the day

                  This is the Pokemon Showdown of Ultimate Destiny
                  Time, Space, and explosions as far as the eye can see
                  and only one will survive, I wonder who it will be
                  this is the Pokemon Showdown of Ultimate Destiny

                  Groudon took a bite out of Ginny this time
                  like Poochyena took a bite out of crime
                  and then Malik came back covered in a tire track
                  but Totodile jumped out and landed on his back
                  and Chaos was injured, and trying to get steady
                  when Joey came back with a machete
                  but suddenly something caught his leg and he tripped
                  Dominc Jones took him out with his Pikachu's Tail Whip

                  then he saw Groudon sneaking up from behind
                  and he reached for his Nidoran which he just couldn't find
                  'cause Chaos stole it and he threw and he missed
                  and Totodile deflected it with his fist
                  then he jumped in the air and did a somersault
                  while Joey tried to pole vault
                  onto Ginny Dustellar, but they collided in the air
                  then they both got hit by a Marty's Teddiursa's Stare

                  this is the Pokemon Showdown of Ultimate Destiny
                  Earthquakes, Storms, and explosions as far as the eye can see
                  and only one will survive, I wonder who it will be
                  this is the Pokemon Showdown...

                  Regal Gemini sang out an immaculate chorus
                  down from the heavens descended Magikarp Norris
                  who delivered a Flail which could shatter bones
                  into the crotch of Dominc Jones
                  who fell over on the ground, writhing in pain
                  as Chaos changed back into ChaoticLapras
                  but Magikarp saw through his clever disguise
                  and he crushed Chaos's head inbetween his thighs

                  then Salias the Grey and Reshiram the White and
                  "Monty Python and Zekrom's Black Knight and
                  Dante Powers and The Blue Phanpy and
                  Charmander and Solarbeam Shinxy,
                  Minccino, Turtwig, Patrick McC, and Jack Hanon
                  Roxanne, Janine, every single Poke Professor
                  Eevee and Ponyta,
                  Beedrill, Starly, Torchic, and Ameila Stone
                  all came out of nowhere lightning fast
                  and they kicked Magikarp Norris in his fishy ass
                  it was the bloodiest battle the world ever saw
                  with civilians looking on in total awe

                  and the battle raged on for a century
                  many Pokemon were claimed, but eventually
                  the champion stood, the rest saw their better:
                  Professor Oak in a bloodstained sweater

                  this is the Pokemon Showdown of Ultimate Destiny
                  Time, Space, and explosions as far as the eye can see
                  and only one will survive, I wonder who it will be
                  this is the Pokemon Showdown...
                  (The Ultimate Showdown)
                  this is The Pokemon Showdown...
                  (The Ultimate Showdown)
                  This is the Pokemon Showdown...
                  Of Ultimate Destiny.

                  Live on Time and Space! Thank you and Good night!
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